Thursday, July 07, 2005

Reminder from a poster that OBL's ceasefire for Europe ended a while ago.

I find this to be a very interesting post, since there are threats, comments about London and what AQ may or may not have in terms of weapons. I've bolded some of the more interesting pieces.


“attacks London” and promise of Sheikh grazed him after termination period of the ceasefire.

Big Allah Big Allah Big Allah Big Allah

To America enlarged on [wHlfaau'haa] four. Bar time of the burial


Bring good news me [yaa] nations so still in the life. “ [qe'qaae']” and still in the life. “immortal” and still here. “refuse [rwaaHt]”. Still ['antqaamnaa] and our upright retaliation. Still our brothers [yy'nwn] under pressure of the torture in “[Gwaantnaamw]”. What smell of blood ended ['aHbaabnaa] castle perfumes “[jaanjy]” and what her fragance ended valleys be sent from “[twraa] uncultivated” what Sheikh ended “age Abd Al-Rahman”, and what ended “immortal Sheikh”, and what ended “symbols of the hoariness”, and " Abu emigrated Iraqi “, and their brothers the walls stay behind… what our hearts ended the retaliation yells in… and what ended bloody our which [e'hdtmwhaa] leads us for overdoing in the killing and exaggerated in the torture…

Here London:

Urgent news: London in morning be exposed this today seventh 7 from month of July for several attacks and explosions…

Big Allah in today 7 and the month 7 punching of explosions 7 the morning fulfilled. [yaallh] what wonderful this Al-Khobar… [maa'arwe'] view of blood my son yellowish [tsyyyl]. What wonderful this morning. .[SbaaH] the fire their hill their of bodies and their security assassinates. .[SbaaH] the hot blood [tmlu'] their roads and dyes her in red. .[SbaaH] [aalddmwe'] and the fear and the anxiety. .[fy] metro “the tunnels and full of”.!

Morning of the death and the blood [yaa] disbeliever [yaa] from allowed for valuable your our land [aalTaahrt] breeding ground [te'ythwn] in him so obstructive in your armies [aaljrraart] [yaa] from [saal] your saliva on benevolent our so blood our of people for seizure sharpened on her!

Punching guide all operation… “attacks London”… and colleges hoped to falls big amount from the innocents from you for that [bryy'km]: Criminal of war in knew as long as our land calms and loots benevolent our..[klly] hope to nations after tear of bodies sees [aabnaay'haa] hot tears on and your paradises… their little tennis their pains. To see how withheld [aabnaay'km] [aalkfrh] their seats on [aaldrjw] “first” on station of transit “London” to “[jhnm]” [wbs] the destiny

So you people [laatSHwaa] not to in the belts [aalnaasfh] nor [tstfyq] not to from blows Al-Qaeda. Pain warns you Sheikh “grazed him” pain requests from you the reconciliation to date 4-7 - 2005 [m] did not [thaadnwaa] if load. Strikes [aalaaxwh] blessed. For your flag what seated cells Al-Qaeda ended. Rule for execution of the operations will continue [aaljhaadyt]. Heroic. Historic. Which not. Will not. [ynsaahaa] the scientist permission accumulate in Allah rose..[whkdhaa] Al-Qaeda continues horror. !!

Huge crowds. Gigantic airplanes. Air launchers. Intelligent bombs. Other aciniform. Destructive bombs of heavy self the weight. Lethal weapons for the first time uses. Marine fleets. Industrial moons. Collective eradication. Informational crowds. To the houses destroyed. Bench of the mountains. The pulling research on foot and leg. The demand of he “Sheikh Osama and accompanied him generous”. So what who happened until this instant? .

Is actualization for they of the arrival to hunted them valuable. Both obliqueness [aalke'bt]. Yet converted [aalaalaathm] and their weapons to war of mass destruction on them understood possess [maaymlkwn] and the Sheikh the bombs possesses [aalbshryh] and vacant bacterial. [faalbktryaa] commendable kind and useful to enrich about him. Kind of killer the body destroys in and positions decays ['ae'Daay'h]. .[wlkn] Sheikh Osama discovered that for bacterial kind third he useful and harmful in self of the time rises “cells of organization Al-Qaeda”. .[fhdhaa] the kind from bacterial return to the nation materialize vital her and her vitality and strengthened her and her power.

Return to the nation materialized feared him and strengthened him and his standing.


Return to the nation materialized " cells “blessed Salah the religion and son and Imad of the religion [znkwy].


Return to the nation materialized “as irrigations” gentleman of pole and Ayash and Imad of brain revives.


Return to the nation materialized “in needed” Abdullah [e'zaam] and Yousef [hwaash] and quartzes iron

This harmful kind from the bacterium and lethal and demolishing for bodies disbelieving and from and important. [fhwlaa'] the men who live there in mountains of Algeria and hills Eritrea, Al-Sham fulfilled valleys of countries, Cairo fulfilled alleys, gradens of the level fulfilled, jungles fulfilled ['andwnysyaa], Baghdad fulfilled Iraq Europe fulfilled capitals..[hm] who [yrtfqwn] their weapons, and the glory and the victory and the corroboration feel, that for that I believe that those their people - in spite of nose [aalshshaany'yn] and spiteful and hypocritical - their the party Mansoura. For that them party of truth and combat. Men of the jihad understood who nose of America in the dirt compelled.

So what falling beautify “the towers” and what wonderful destruction “Kohl” and what beautiful collapsing of Nayef at explosion “Al-Khobar” and what brilliant [tTaayrjththhm] in “Madrid” and this triumph register of the date for organization registers in Al-Queda “attacks London”

[yaallh] [maa] glorify strengthened you and your power [wmaadhlt] [aae'daay'k] [wmaae'zt] [aawlyaay'k] [yaallh]… how much I happy for this explosions how much I joy for this blood [aale'fnh] [aalnjst] disbelieving. Kink of the birds load me for Sheikh “grazed him” to kiss headed him after this blessed attacks… after that they said for the reconciliation and the reconciliation punch and that did not make peace nor [thaadnwaa] so your explosive money not to the killing and the CIF and the belt [fhaahy] [DGTt] button and follow:
In ear Allah…

In your war against nation of the Islam [fwaallh] that you [jnytwaa] on yourselves so your war to removed and the cruciferous operations of pillar to now on leg and sharp his after the last comers because of grave sickness decayed rises “bacterium” organization Al-Qaeda branch of countries AlRafidayn!!

Will not hinders this cruciferous operations in permission Allah heroes Al-Qaeda about continuation of the tall road and difficult and about completion propellent their [aaljhaadyt]..[lDrbkm] on delayed your. So in the months last heroes of the Islam in the trip and the departure started after their belongings tied and family to produce of the Naim say good-bye to their after transit in countries of Fallujah descend to complete afterwards propellent their difficult and difficult to countries of the joys. .[e'br] gates your of airports and deliberate your expenditure.

Indeed for jihad men his banner carried [lyGrswhaa] in turning America and on mountains Kurdistan Phillipines fulfilled jungles. Fulfilled [e'aaSwt] house Al-Salam indeed for jihad commanders introduce how the Islam on platform of the crowning put to win by virtue of men tell the truth what Allah promised on him . .['in] for jihad lions their heads put on refrain them and banner of the Islam promote above important the soils to world say for " all the scientist:

The nights of night after night promise. Era lived to be infected the nights
So either life of composition wave me walked her. Either so death not lefts normal


Prince prince of the men and his screamed in companions and preach “indeed Allah christianize christianizes you and your antiquities secures “so eagerness tore for their hearts. So cud from the love of the eyes” [fsaalt] valleys in her pot “..[lqd] screamed sharp their and he holder his weapon. The bodies walks between:

[yaa] America. [yaa] [nSaarY]. [yaa] Jew. Had it not been for your jihad and your combat what souls the martyrs to interiors of bird of green rose. [wlaatshrft] the life benzole of the marked contrast between white and black. Nor so smells corrode “the color color the blood and the wind of greedy wind”..[snmDy] in this road until obtain one of [aalHsnyyn]. Either the victory and either the testimony.

The end fulfilled. Resolute brothers the heroes on the trip to Fallujah in big taking quantities say for my from [aalfyaaGraa]. For that [aalsbaayaa] there on condition you [wlaatnswaa] that [tqwwaa] your fingers [lDHGTt] the button so her blessing to Heaven in ear Allah.

This registration for Sheikh grazed him was in him reconciliation and reconciliation with the European states for reminding:

What beautify that faces [aalnyrh] tongue prevented you after “attacks London” he:

Servant commanders of the jihad “Abu Zubair [aalmqhwr]”