Thursday, July 07, 2005

Statement from Islamic Jihad in Iraq

I guess they either lost or fired their internet communications person, that's what this post appears to be about. Whatever - it's strange.


Net Basra

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

{{indeed Allah likes [aalladhiyna] his way fight in describe as that them [bunyaaanUU] compact} {the row of paradigm 4

Allah believed [aale ' Dym]

Praise be to God many the scientists and the prayer of the prayer and Al-Salam of sender Al-Salam on gentleman Mohammed knowledgeable Allah and peace of peace prayed and on on his family and accompanied him his befriends ['ajme ' yn]

As for after;

Losing lengthened on us agencies the news and pages of pages the Internet in news of spokesman designation of drawings smiling army Islamic Jihad other than the well known spokesman in name of bayou and between between the evidence and the expulsion of the expulsion the some exploitation of the subject tried [lltSyd] in the water the turbidity and trier of lighting of seduction between leaderships of factions of the militants and to are but [hyhaat] [hyhaat].

Losing thinks the some whereof the peels pleases in and seeks winning seeks for [brDY] the information in to the named and the drawings of the drawings the militants have fun about what sold from magnificent his their souls and [dmaay ' hm].

To are to are to knows the all that the militants not want except Allah and his messenger his accepted of messenger on him the prayer and Al-Salam Al-Salam. Will not will not deceives them the life and her adornment her of adornment. Indeed our answer about all that the verb will be in not in the statement.

So indeed us not [nrjwaa] from human being something. Will not will not stands us [shy '] in permission Allah rose until right Allah on us in one of [aalHsnyyn] either the victory and either either the testimony. The praising praise be to God of insured Nasser.

The general leadership to boiled the Islamic jihad

Baghdad in 1 [jmaadY] second 1426 him

Corresponding July 7, 2005 [m]