Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Translated text of Al-Zarqawi audio tape

A poster on one of the jihadi forums transcribed the latest audio tape by Al-Zarqawi. Here's the translation of their post.


Word of prince dictated [aaldhbbaaHyn] - kept him Allah: ['ayanquS] the live debt and I!!

The informational department for organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn

Word for Sheikh the militant of fathers [mSe'b] [aalzrqaawy]
- kept him Allah rose -
She entitled:
['aayanquSUU] the live debt and I

Praise be to God goats of the Islam in his victory, and degrader of the polytheism in his subjugation, and bank of the orders in his order
[wmstdrj] disbelieving in his visciousness, who the days of states in his afforded justice, and making of the consequence [llmtqyn] in his casual dress

The prayer and Al-Salam on from superior Allah landmark of the Islam in his sword

As for after…

So indeed Allah glory his and character the slave and they in degrees of the determination rose different, so from them from charm in him worried him to notifies in him rein of the sky, and from them from shortens in him their determination until immortalizes in him to the land

So solves that in his land [btsfl] *** and solves that [bsmaay'h] [btSe'd]
Effective the determination [yjwd] in the self and valuable in way collection his purpose and investigation his of wish and wounds of honorable Kent the selves and the determination of superior fatigue was obese save and his luck from the comfort less

Boy not the turning joins [hmaat] turning his *** even though annexing her turned annexing blame her issued

Indeed high the determination not [ystwHsh] from fewness passable, nor [y'abh] in fewness of the survivors, nor abundance turns for [aalmxdhlyn], nor [yktrth] in opposite [aalnaakbyn], turning his not introduces [aaltthaau'b] nor the comfort nor the calm nor extravagant.

Vile the determination spoke them their to brand [lle'waaly], and to degrees advance in dependant, his seal of the devil on turning, and taking on his forelock and said for him on you tall night so lie down, and wounds advancement sought for in his determination and ousting found him urgent his armies of the confusion and the safeties, and call him himself [aal'amaart] in the evil ['a'ant] big happening mother

When the human relapses the bottom airs to who not airs to him creature of cat
When the cattles becomes high than him and straighten

When [yrtks] with air him to bottom not taking possession of the cattle that [trtks] to him, and if died in him the envy on himself and on the unmarriageable person becomes under from the animals

Nor evaluates on [Dym] explores in him *** except [aal'adhlaan] taunted insist and the stake

This on the tied rope twisted him *** and that tightens so not [ydry] in him sharp

To acquired the Saleh cane the antecedence in height of the wanted determination and His Highness lent and they in all door from doors hit for this religion in arrow and took from all favor in share

So in the worship: Not [traahm] except kneeling kneeling [xaashe'yn] weeping [mxbtyn]

Way request of the knowledge fulfilled: So the family and the children make sleepless, and the countries transport in and deserted delicious [aalrqaad] and spend [aalTaarf] [waaltlaad]

The expenditure fulfilled: Expenditure spent from not the poverty in his fears life, [wybtGy] accepted finance him

As for in the jihad: So the narrative having [shjwn] so indeed them blame viewed that for him preferred not matches, and benevolent not [ytnaahY] feature their of breaths to him, and determinations for his raised their collection [fshmrwaa] for jihad about leg of the effort, and estrange to fighting family of the hamlet and the stubborness; So armies and their prepared their secrecy [wbdhlwaalaa] in way that their moneys [we'Taayaahm], and her breaths sold their for Creator and faithful her so be possible them thereby from the jinns her of superiors

Conserving already many date from your hill of the situations and the stories be soft our which height determination of the people indicates on [wsmwmTlbhm]
So in ordeal prohibitive the charity: Indicate them the speeches and the ordeal intensified, [waaltbs] the order until on growns-up Companions of the Prophet Mohammed, so stop of the friend - bruises Allah about him - the observation post have fun in and said: Allah not the prayer and the charity divide between [wl'aqaatln] from teams between them

Age said Allah accepted about him so fought with him so saw that reason.
About fathers of hope [aale'Taardy] interior of the city said so the people saw gathered and man saw head of man kisses [whwyqwl]: I [fdaau'k] had it not been for you to perished, so said from next and next blessing? Said [e'mryqbl] first head fathers in combat of family of the defection then the charity strengthened until came in her [SaaGryn]

About mother insured living - bruises Allah about her - said the first prophet of peace be upon him so hostel in fathers died what if descent in the mountains [lhaaDhaa]; [aashr'ab] the hypocrisy in the city and wanted Arabic [fwaallh] what point differed in except first Abu in her flew luck [wfnaay'haa] in the Islam
Her day the friend stood - [fdaah] fathers and my mother - as the mountain [aal'ashm] flagrant dams inaccessible in front of stream of the defection from his depths of turning [mtwklaaAA] on suggest doubt him saying:
((cut off wave me and the religion was complete ['aynqS] the live debt and I!!! ))

((['aynqS] the live debt and I!!! ))

[yaalhaa] from word flooded in her for San his and ranges in her his jinns of word clear methods draws blame be necessary that is on him all individual from separation this nation of height in the determination, and strength in the dependence, steadiness on followed.

((['aynqS] the live debt and I?? ))

Said her tongue situation Imam of family of Sunnis Ahmed Bin [Hnbl] [aalshybaany] the friend second day that stopping unify him [kaalTwd] [aal'ashm] in ordeal character of the Quran, so as gauze Allah in him the sorrow, and rescue in him the nation

((['aynqS] the live debt and I?? ))

Her assimilation the Islam of son aged [tymyt] have mercy him Allah day that rose the nation on combat incites [aalttaar] and as to - have mercy him Allah to tell the truth be authorized him on Allah and his certitude in promised his Allah swears in not excludes that Allah help them on [aalttaar] so dismisses for him: Decreased indeed Allah wanted so investigation says not commentary so reply Allah antagonized them and overturned on their losing heels

((['aynqS] the live debt and I?? ))

Cried in her Mohammed turn over Sheikh of the Islam Bin AbdulWahab disassemblies the father circulates as [aalthklY] between the cities and his eyes [tdrfaan] in the tears call: [yaa] for Islam [yaa] for Islam

Indeed the sadnesses and the misfortunes the determinations and artificiality of the men whets so indeed did not catalyzes us the misfortunes and raise the pains and the sadnesses worried so what who raises us??

What who wakes us??

[yaalh] from religion. Only that for his men

[haaqd] impurity worshipers of the crucifix of book suggest doubt [w'alqwh] in their toilets according to planner tight for destruction of fear all what he sacred in selves of sons this nation, and her already [tjr'a'ixwaan] the monkeys and the pigs and worshipers of the cows of the Hindu so did like their verb
[waaHsrtaah] on nations indeed did not [yqm] ['abnaau'haa] for retaliation for book suggest doubt them so when straighten??!!

When [ystyqDwn]??!!

Indeed did not their movement of examples this [aalxTwb] and the misfortunes of mouth who stirs them??!!

Be about to to lowers on us quarrier from the sky [nstnzl] the victory from suggest doubt and what book and his envied on his wives!!

Indeed worshipers of the crucifix already [Saalwaa] on our houses [waastbaaHwaa] our wives and our accidents tore and our wealths looted in big cruciferous campaign introduced her our date the juicers of mouth who waits him sons this nation?? When their hibernation start from??

[waaHsrtaah]. How they their deteriorated in determinations except from uterus of hills the sitting about victory indented in this religion [waaldhb] about widths Muslim

[yaalh] from deprivation [wyaalhaa] from loss.

People stature of market of the testimony in their land [w'anaaxt] riding her in their door of illusion [maazaalwaa] in their asleep hibernation, their amusement fulfilled [saamdyn]

To are Allah required age to harbors for him worshipers [ySTfyhm] on bitter the ages to carrying of banner this religion and her notification for scientists

Peace be upon him said: “not class from nations ends apparent on the truth not damages them from disappointing their until Allah comes order”
So cries of the horn rushed from [haahnaa] [whaahnaa]:

[yaa] horse Allah ride

[wyaa] banner Allah rise

[wyaa] campaign of the banner straightened

So responded from sons responded from this nation calling responded for, horn granted for and shook about them dust of the lowness and cumulus of the disgrace, residues of the life and her started adornment [wraay'hm] leaving estranged behind them their family and their houses and their moneys, and to eat one from them story and to individual eat from them tragedy

Their poetries dishevelled. Earths [ru'shm]. Little ['ae'daade'hm]. Weak their number

To are. Their full hearts lovingly this debt, and their desiring breaths for neighborhood of many the scientists, Allah believed with so tell the truth them, [f'adhaaqwaa] worshipers the crucifix of the defeat, and categories of the sufferance and break feared them and as cypresses pronged them, and Allah perform on support them from the dignities except promises hides on all this eyes

For what saw my son the yellow volume of the deadlock who got involved in him, and bone their of losses and their victims pagan formation of forces the army and the guard hurried for to was formed [aalrd'] Hamitic for cruciferous, and the hand striking on the militants; So stature of market [aalaabtlaa'] and the testing once again, so respond [lndaay'hm] from [xst] in him worried him and span his of debt in other his, disassemblies governing of the militants in them clear showed not clothing in him; He necessity deadly their and their their jihad for their retraction about the debt and supporting for crusaders, [waaltbs] ['amrhu'laa'] on some from the worlds of favor describe in about change them from the common people [aaldhmaa'] so legal opinions in lack of deadly legality issued their these preservation on wife of the Iraqi blood and preservation his of family
This and real Allah crisis her of many living from the working groups for Islam in this time not to and she:

((crisis of the separation between the external jog and the interior enemy))

So the external enemy [tustnhD] the nation for deadly his, [wtustnfdh] the energies for his jihad, until if [maa] our countries came out from and represent about him deserted from my son patient our [y'atmrwn] in his order, and his wisdoms master in, and his whip hit in; Ill-got on the their deadly nation and their jihad even though intensified [blaau'hm]

If the enemy was that [bshrt] blond, and blue eyes his combat be necessary, as for indeed the enemy was tan [aalbshrt] lions of the eyes so this not solves his combat
So this to national Allah combat built not combat unified, and combat from wants urgent not from [yrwm] the afterlife

{['akufaarkm] welfare from ['awly'km] mother punching of innocence in [aalzubur]}
These apostates did not [ynshu'aa] their armies originally except to fighting of religion Allah glory his and rise and to the hand is striking which assaults in loyal from sons this nation

Nor indicate thereon from their continuous operations in eradication of family of Sunnis; As operation telegraphed and the spear, and the dagger and the sword and changed her

This armies not hear [Hsyshaa] except in combat family of the faith and soldiers Al-Rahman:

So this their attacks in Pakistan on the Arabic militants and the Afghans

Fulfilled Jordan on the welfares from helped family

Riyadh fulfilled and fragile and Mecca on family of the unification of the truth

Then their after peace on the disbeliever [mdaahnwn] for dissolute

We announce:

That the Iraqi army of he defection and prefecture boiled and to the crusaders and came to Muslim [hdm] of the Islam and war, will and fight him war of the nation [llttaar] who ['ajlbwaa] on the nation their of miser and their man and were with that [yste'lnwn] in the testimonies, and as to in boiled them Imam [wmu'dhnwn], fulfilled them serous and fasting until order on the people resembled their, and confusion in them the scientists how fight them illusion associated for nation spokesmen in the testimonies, until [qyD] Allah for this ordeal of sun from suns this nation and lighthouse from her lighthouses: The Islam of son aged [tymyt] - have mercy him Allah rose - so give a fatwa cooled them and their necessity their warrior for their deviation about arbitration of law of Al-Rahman and deviating about governing of the Quran to governing (([aalyaasq])) Who his status for they [jnkyz] betrayed and delicious my gathered him to arbitrators of the Torah and the evangel and the Quran and customs love from [aalttaar] perfectly your he constitutions the regimes of Arabic prevented this days

Of which said him the Islam aged: Indeed these people of the head about them their disbelieving soldiers including on people from [aalnSaarY] and the polytheist and on people associated to the Islam illusion of audience of the soldiers the testimonies if students pronounce in from them and the messenger glorify and not in them from connects me except little very, [wSwm] Ramadan more in him from the prayer, and Muslim stubborn their great than change him, and for good from conceded stubborn their afford them

Until said:

Combat this essential beating in unanimity conceded nor custom religion the Islam and custom of truth their suspects at that from of order, so indeed this peace who their on him and debt of the Islam not congregate never


If the ancestor was brand prohibitive the charity deserted with their universe fast and arrive and did not are group fight conceded; So how in [mn] jogs of Allah and his became with messenger lethal for muslims. His wounds ended have mercy him Allah
We on certitude that we our grocer for armies of the defection tough condemnation and resentment from the simpletons from sons will face in this nation; Then in their underage measurement how the militant his of brother and son of wandering and son his fights of clan, and what [drY] these that the prophet of peace be upon him grow started firstly in deadly from rock of stumble in road was this debt from straighten him before [yjaald] my son yellowish, and on sharpened him Allah occurred Companions of the Prophet Mohammed bruises about them

So this father [e'bydt] Bin the wounds killing his fathers of day of one, [wmSe'b] Bin [e'myr] killing his brothers of slave Bin [e'myr] day of one, and age Bin the speech killing his of disobedient uncle Bin Hisham day of full moon, and raise and Hamza [we'bydt] Bin [aalHaarth] day full moon doorstep and hoariness of sons killed [rbye't] and new Bin doorstep fulfilled them lowered say him rose:

{not people be new Allah insure in and today the other [ywEEddwn] from [HEEdd] Allah and his messenger even though were [EEbaay'hm] or ['abnaay'hm] or their brothers or their clan}

So this their path and this their age blamed explore [aaqtfaay'haa]

Output some them in division did not precedes to him for jihad in Iraq so says:
Indeed the resistance – and this with reserving our on this word – vows divides to: Honorable resistance of she which the occupied disbeliever and resistance resists other than honorable which the Iraqi fights ['ayaaAA] were so say for these:
Indeed who know him from our religion that the prophet of peace be upon him said:
From killer to word of high Allah she so he in way was formed Allah

Indeed the honorable resistance of she which Allah fights on matter until not formation of seduction and the religion forms all him [llh]

Not the resistance which deadly stop of listing withdrawal of the external enemy stipulates for her until if monument after him government agent of control [bGyr] Islamic law Allah and follow me ['ae'daay'h] and return me ['awlyaay'h] folded under [lwaay'haa] and as to something did not harbors.

Indeed the honorable resistance of she which blood become in ['abnaay'haa] and exerts valuable and valuable and be exposed to various [Snwf] [aalaabtlaa'] and sharp her at that:

O God take from [dmaay'naa] today until please

O God from results of the bird and bellies [aalsbaae']

Not the resistance which the Salama and fight on principle of investigation of self services perceived, and compressions papers on the enemy takes from her occupied to her statuses feel, and allowing of the opportunity her in form big in the political participation in the life

Indeed the honorable resistance of she which her unification freed [llh] [fwaalt] from and except him Allah and his messenger even though was from the people distanced, and returned from returned him Allah and his messenger even though was from close the people

Indeed lineage separates composes between us *** religion built him established the father

Man from the muslims for Khalid said Bin happy - bruises Allah about him – and already was exit prepare for with fathers [e'bydt]: If daughter-in-law cousin your take out with increases Bin fathers [sfyaan] was your exit idealized from with change him, so said: Son blind loved to from this in his relationship, and this loved to from son blind in his debt, this brothers in religions on reign of the messenger of peace be upon him and custodians and nasiri on son was blind before today, so I in him tough [aasty'naasaaAA] and to him tough assurance.

Indeed the honorable resistance of she which jihad of jihads makes from her worldwide other than connected in color or vein or land, so the religious of nation one [ttkaaf'a] [dmaau'hm] illusion of hand on from level off them
{and the insurers and the insurers some them custodians some}

{and indeed [aastnSrwkm] in the debt your verbs of the victory except on people between you and in their yen of covenant and Allah in what foresight work}
Not the alleged resistance which boundaries of Sykes and Bico makes from released for her goals and her jihad

Allah was toothless Abu of bruises about him in Damascus, and peaces of bruises Allah about him in Iraq, so books of toothless Abu to peaces that come on to the holy land, so books to him peaces: Indeed the land not sanctifies someone, and grow the one sanctifies did him.

Indeed the honorable resistance of she which indeed hit her ulcers and surgeons and [nqS] in the cadres and the preparers of resurgence and discriminated on himself and be authorized on suggest doubt her and did not frightens except to him you did the prophet peace be upon him and his red befriends day of the lion

Not the resistance which if what hit her disaster or [aabtlaa'] [aastwHsht] the road and be afraid to from extends hand of the pubic regions in her have fun road until even though was whereof deviates Allah and his messenger

Indeed the honorable resistance she befriend noble goals of Semite and intentions of great legitimacy and for that so indeed and liquid her all her legitimacy on right path of the book and Sunnis; Not the resistance which stubborn her the purpose the method justifies, so not critical stubborn her in the alliance and the cooperation with from sharp Allah and his messenger in way of investigation (some) the services and the purposes

Indeed who [yuqaal] about them that them from other than resistant honorable their who Allah strive in way since what increases on general, and lead sacrificed in valuable what stubborn their for the sake of [rfe't] this religion, losing presented [e'lmaay'hm] their stoker and their cadres

So on abutments from stature of battles Al Qaim??

Blood from [saalt] in Ramadi and Fallujah and modern??

Necks from accuracy in [tle'fr] and connective??

Souls from Baghdad destroyed in [wdyaalY] and Samraa??

So is rose in all this except sons organization of Al-Qaeda from emigrants and helpers and changed them from the truthful militants of befriends of the method clear who [EElwaa] on themselves not to the weapon leave fulfilled them extremism and sweat assigned beats

Of which the turning of regret and pain what family increases to him some family of the flag prevented whereof [nHsbhe'm] from truthful the lovers for jihad and his family expedition lost to some them lack indicate on in [aalaastmaatt] in deadly in Iraq and lack crowd of energies of the nation in this battle

Allah knows how much hit me from the worry and the sadness from their article, ['ahdhaa] [maa] connected for him killed, ['ahdhaa] what serious in him [qryHt] [e'lmaay'naa], to when family of the flag remains exhibited about arenas of the jihad their rules issue and far advice direct their about happening who his living of the nation, so indeed him not alternative for correctness of the wisdoms from knowledge in the bills and experience in happening

Says gentleman - have mercy him Allah - indeed doctrine this debt not emerges except in land the movement, nor takes about jurist seated where be necessary the movement, and who be occupied on the books and the papers in this time in order to devize from her rules juristic renew in her the doctrine Islamic or develop him and they far about the movement which targets liberation the people from the slavery for slave veins their to the slavery [llh] unify him in arbitration law Allah unify her and eviction laws [aalTwaaGyt] these not [yfqhwn] nature this religion, and hence then not improve formulation doctrine this religion. His wounds ended have mercy him Allah

So if that our jihad jihad of request and defied on us some fortresses my son the yellow of which follows [aalDrrbjysh] the militants to said indeed in the matter for capacity, and hit us fight to pay about killed and about our dangerous debt of jog [Saal] on houses conceded in this eras and the wives violate [waastbaaHw] the houses and the wealths looted and benevolent, and their jails filled in conceded and conceded, yet and filled conceded intestines in their filthy sperms

Indeed the nation as long as remainder [tjwd] [bfldhaat] her livers and blood spills from ['abnaay'haa] defense about this debt so indeed the nation all-right, and if [Dnt] the nation about the sacrifice in blood ['abnaay'haa] in way ['ie'laa'] word Allah [tkaalbt] on her the handsome nations of the lowness [waalhwaan], and mastery on her ['araadhl] the people; [fbqd] what the militants advances in deadly their with their jog and touched triumphs in amount realize what the injustice promotes [waalDym] about the nation, and the reverse on the contrary

So when [nstmyt] in propellent about accidents conceded and Muslim ['ae'ndmaa] Al-Sham enters worshipers of the crucifix to land!!

Mother to Mecca and the city and our accidents violate so stubborn her was formed [aalaastmaatt] in deadly!!

So what our sisters pay attention Iraq from selves harm [aalxdwr] chaste [aalTaahraat] [aallwaaty] Allah in bottom their earthquakes from injustice of enemies bellow to Allah

Allah knows that fingernail of woman from family of Sunnis in general Iraq and special family Fallujah loved to from the life and what in her

[wwaallh] only that organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn [yfnY] about pulley his of fathers [e'Y] that liberation of the women from jails cruciferous and the rejectors spiteful blame instant hesitated at that one

How and the prophet of peace be upon him says: “dismounted [aale'aany]”

So how [baale'aanyt] weak, yet so how [baale'aanyt] which violates expanded her morning of evening

[yaa] regret [e'l] killed…

Indeed did not [nstmt] in this homes so say for me in many you when and where [nstmyt]!!!

Convoys regiments of nursing pass between *** and sadnesses [thklY] or [tbaaryH] ['aym]

Between boys [yaa] to lowness her of tears *** and regiments of infancies and regiments is complete

Convoys pass and she stepping pulls her *** humble on thorns [mdm] [wmwDm]

Eyes of the child be about to I asks from *** to where pass [yaa] [fyaafy] speak

Sustain me turned [llnSaarY] and transaction *** and arenas of polytheism or houses bargained

To semen of instinct and purity removes *** and plants in me polytheism and seduction [m'athm]

Is justifies that formation welfare of nation people take out for less envy and diet for her capture from the Jew!!

Losing the Cordoban said - have mercy him Allah - said [e'lmaau'naa] Allah was taking already on them - any the Jew – four agreements: Turks deadly, tightened you the taking out, tightened you the riot, tightened you [aaftdaa'] captured them so avoid about all what ordered him except the redemption, so reproach them Allah thereon reproach follows so said:

{['a] so some the book guarantee in and disbelieve in some} fewness - any Cordoban - and to Allah build already demonstrate us we about the all in the seductions so demonstration some us on some not in conceded yet in disbelieving until our brothers left ['adhlaa'] [SaaGryn] occurs on them the socializations governed nor around nor strength except in great Allah. His wounds ended have mercy him Allah

Divided them blessing wants to AlRafidayn stand our jihad in land and alleges that the jihad in Iraq he combat spite grow not combat of empowering and that he then from [syqTf] fruit this blessed jihad and rises seat the wisdoms on account of blood of the militants

So say: Indeed Allah glory his and rose imposing on his worshipers of observance his of matter and application already legalized him and did not [yte'bdhm] in what vanished about them and fear me prevented him on them, and indeed Allah glory his our order already in deadly disbelieving until not formation of seduction and the religion is all him [llh] and this in your jihad the request of worn mouth in like prevented and the jog already [Saal] on us said rose:

{so killer in way Allah not affectation except yourself and the religious incited [e'sY] Allah to courage refrains who expiated and tough Allah of courage and praise torture}

Said [aaljSaaS] in his rules: Known in belief of all the muslims that he if family of the mouths from the enemy feared and did not harbors in them resistance for they so their country feared on and puerperal their and their progenies that the imposing on all the nation to estranges to them from refrains antagonized them about the muslims and this not opposite in him between the nation then statement not from sharp than the muslims authorization of the contracts about them until [ystbyHwaa] blood conceded and their progenies. His wounds ended have mercy him Allah

Sheikh the Islam of son said [tymyt]: If income the enemy of countries of the Islam so not doubt that he pushing be necessary his on close so close then countries of the Islam all her in sent down the city the one and that he the horn be necessary to him with no permission of father nor [Grym] and direct texts Ahmed hereby

Said also: The enemy [aalSaay'l] who the religion and the life spoils nothing the his be necessary after faith from pushing. His wounds ended have mercy him Allah

So we ordered in pushing this enemy [aalSaay'l], yet and believe accordingly [maa] sinful speech our of Imam that the nation in falling behind and sitting about victory of the militants preceded from her her [e'lmaay'haa] and called her and her swimmer, so only that that all muslim of taking according to this suspicion stature for Islam blame pillar, and what promoted for conceded banner

Is the taking means in this his article apart from the discouragement about the combat in way of Allah and breakdown of the jihad and stopping and delivery of the countries and the worshipers for crusaders and their aids from the apostates to they do in what want

Is the statement that then from [syqTf] the fruit other than the militants except cairns from the absence and beating from the borders!!

When harvesting the fruit proof on health of the verb from his was lack!!

So in correct about [xbaab] Bin [aal'art] bruises Allah about him said emigrated with the prophet peace be upon him want face Allah so dropping leased on Allah mouth our from passed did not harvests from lease him something from them [mSe'b] Bin [e'myr] killing day one tighten you [nmrt] disassembly our if covered her her headed him [bdt] men his, and if covered men his [bdY] headed him so order our messenger Allah peace be upon him to cover headed him and make on men his something from ['idhxr], and blessings from ['ayne't] for him fruit his so he disciplines her

Indeed who introduce him from debt Allah that we our matter in obedience his order and the horn of pumice and heavy in his way then the his results her connection to Allah of glory and rose and not to us

So on you the love wasted not harvesting [aaljnY] *** and Allah [llsaae'yn] specific welfare

To already [tmaal'at] alliances of the bad and strength of the hamlet [e'l] the city eradication wants [shaaft] Muslim day of the parties and hit Muslim from the fear what hit them until that the prophet of peace be upon him said: “not to man comes us in his news the people of making Allah intestine [yw] [m] the resurrection” repeats her repeatedly nor answers him sharp, and as to the prophet of peace be upon him with that all him befriends in palaces of the confusion and cities grates his [ksrY] so says hypocritical: Not to admire? Happens you and counts you and sustains you invalid reports that he sees from [ythrb] palaces of the confusion and cities [ksrY] and that she punching opens, and that you the trench dig nor can that appear!!

Indeed the one blessing not be possible him to isolated about past his ancestors so our date of the prospect lives contained hundred the clear incidents and the luminous pages be soft which take from her after Allah the aid and the steadiness rose on what we in him you said rose:
{to already cuts of example for ancestors of the pulps was in their}

Departure from this ['aHbbt] that mention to cut from cuts kill [aale'z] [waal'ibaa'] and photo from photos of the honor and the pride [e'lhaa] formation aid on shaking off of dust of the lowness who cheat us, and ways to raising [aalDym] and the disgrace who coffee with compared lowered simple in her occurrences and her incidents and situations her of befriends with reality of nations today and situations ['abnaay'haa]:

So in year 463 accept owners Roman ['armaanyws] in legions examples the mountains from Roman [waalkrj] [waalfrnj] and equipments great his and be beautified huge and with him 35 thousand from [aalbTaarqt] with all penguin what between 2000-500 horseman and with him from [aalfrnj] 35 thousand, and blessing [aalGuzz] who are behind the Constantinople 15['alfaa] and with him 100 thousand veil and excavator, and thousand [rwzjaary], and with him 400 wheel endurance the shoes and the nails, [w]2000 wheel endurance the weapon and the saddles and the godfathers [waalmjaanyq], from him catapult extends him 1200 man, and blessing resolved him [qbHh] Allah to extracts the Islam and family his and lead cut [bTaarqth] the cities until Baghdad

Say: What more like the night [baalbaarHt], isn't it this [hnw] situation worshipers of the crucifix today?? When Iraq in Kamel their came to of number and returned them [bbaarjaathm] and throwing their and flying their and his tanks and armored their, and in what increases on 150 thousand from soldiers their in supporting more than 30 state from nations of the hamlet and the atheism in big cruciferous campaign witnesses her the cities [yrwmwn] the judiciary on the Islam and his family under named of the judiciary on the terrorism and seated, and warrior proper rigorous and other than that of which returned not [ynTly] except on from blind Allah in his bundling and seal on turning his

[waastwSY] her deputy in the successor of welfare so said for him accompanied thereby Sheikh so indeed him accompanied then if [aastwthqt] kingdoms Iraq [wxraasaan] to love Al-Sham and his financed on family [mylt] one [faaste'aadwh] from hands conceded [waastnqdhwh] while allege and the amount says

{for your age that them enveloping my closed them [ye'mhwn]}

Said: Pain harbors this their planner after their invasion to AlRafidayn please?? That Al-Sham hope on and qualified him in pilgrimage ['iywaay'haa] for Baathist and lack [mne'hl] to sneak fighter had it not been for that Allah reply rose be about to them and frustrate their visciousness across strikes of the militants truthful illusion [maazaalwaa] on their eager execution planned way his investigation of walking for empowering fulfilled for state of Israel from Euphrates to the Nile and blessing [ydry] so the days [HbaalY] and indeed tomorrow for his observer for close

So meet him the Libyan Sultan Arsalane in boiled him and they close from 20 thousand in Wednesday for five bugs from this [aalqe'dt], and secret the sultan from abundance of soldier of owners Roman, and as to the owners Libyan Turkish Arsalane Sultan Iraq [waale'jm] [ywmy'dh] gathering faces his already of kingdom and said: Taught [maa] the muslims lowered in so what saw you?? Said your opinion saw for followed and this [aaljmwe'] not before to restrict in her. Said and where the expeditious?? Did not [ybq] except the death [fmwtwaa] generous improve, said as for then allowed yourself so our selves redemption hit for, so resolved on [mlaaqaathm] and said: [nlqaahm] in first countries my, so output in 20 thousand from the glories brave elected, film walked stage accident on soldiers his so found them 15 thousand and returned five, film happy deporting second width soldiers his so then their 12 thousand, film face them at the morning saw what astounding the brains and confusion the pulps, and as to Muslim as the beauty mark white in the bull black, and for what met [aaljme'aan] [wtraa'Y] the hamlet and the faith and collide the mountains request the sultan the ceasefire, said ['armaanyws] not ceasefire except in suits the irrigation - any the cities -

Said: Pain harbors this situation ['armaanywshm] (Bush)?? First his invasion for Afghanistan and Iraq of disassemblies not thing twish on, not ceasefire accepts nor reconciliation pleases; Until if what taste him Allah and his soldiers the lowness and the defeat on hands his of worshipers of the militants vaccinated [w'awlyaay'h] truthful went call in necessity opening door of the discussion of mud of the question about road of the negotiation

Coaly the Sultan and burnt so Mohammed said his Imam Abu victory Bin steamy Abd the wealth: Indeed you debt promise of Allah in his fights about victory and perhaps this opening in your name their of splitter the disappearance kept and day of week was said so indeed him the speakers on the forums is and indeed them militants call for

Say: Here role of the Imam and the scientists in their fixation for commanders comes and the princes and stimulated them on their combat of the jog and his war and reminding in corroboration of Allah and his party and his victory [l'awlyaay'h] and his soldier, and as what chief:
Support this debt in book guides and in sword christianizes {god of guide and helper sufficed in your}

Contemplation say him: So indeed him the speakers on the forums is and indeed them militants call for

Then the field to make room damnable your [ltjwdaa] in the tear of sadness and pains on what family to him nation prevented today

So kink our of Imam [wxTbaay'naa] then did not estrange in valuable their in victory weakened and blame tongues enemies of the debt strive in their and blame grant victory [bde'aay'hm] unified tongues about the militants refrained their and blame aids are for cruciferous and deserted

Allah indeed nation rebuff and despairs on benevolent ['abnaay'haa] the militants have fun nation of abusing

Indeed nation rebuff and Yousef despairs on [aale'yyry], and coupled AbdulAziz dear, and my Turks [aaldndny] and commendable Hamad, and Issa [aale'wshn] and Abdullah [aalrshwd], and good [aale'wfy] and change them from the militants have fun nation of abusing

Itemized and the Sultan of shells cried [w'ammnwaa] and knelt and boars direct him and said [yaa] princes from wanted so to mouth leaves [haahnaa] Sultan, and knots tail his of horse in his hand and egg-laying clothing and embalms and said to leaves all one accompany him and to entrusts, so did that and said indeed me resolute on that Hamitic so intestine load [wtwaaqf] the teams and the boys hostel of the sultan about his face Persians and knelt [llh] became strong and wander and frother direct him in the dirt of shells Allah [waastnSrh]

Say: This year Allah glory his and rose to the opposition with strength of the bad show from and to instant of the Saddam with alliances of the hamlet show from indeed him will not the raising is for this significant which her living of the nation today except [b'ie'laa'] banner of the jihad [waastnzaal] the victory from many the worshipers, and be soft tree hits this religion her of roots in our land until water her the nation from blood ['abnaay'haa] you [sqaahaa] the ancestors and be soft straightens be soft what ancestors rose for until exert what [bdhlwh]

So victory on the muslims and their grants their lower Allah his of abutments so blessing of characters killed their many and theirs capture ['armaanws] and sit Libyan Arsalane on chair of the owners in striking in his pavilion on his mattress and food from his food and clothing from his garments, and the owners between his bring hands neck of rope fulfilled his so said: [maa] maker were [lwDHfrt] in me? Said: Or suspects so killed you killed you you at that moment? Said Libyan Arsalane: You less in eyes from to kill you, go [fbye'wh], so circulated in him all the soldiers and the grain in his neck call on him in the Dirhams and the fils of mouth buys him sharp until other of the soldiers to man ended in so said indeed

[be'twmwnyh] hereby the *** bought him [f'axdhwh] and took the *** and worries came in to Libyan Arsalane [w'axbrwh] in what made in him and in what pushing in him, so say: The *** welfare from him for that he benefits and this not benefits take the *** and enforce payment for him this ***, then indeed him afterwards his order in releasing and to makes the *** his tied spouse in his neck [wwkl] in him from connects him to his countries of film and to [e'zlwh] about the owners and as sweet his. .[fllh] the Hamad [waalmnt]

This message to the silks from women AlRafidayn especially and to women of the nation general:

Where you from this blessed jihad and what presented for this nation not to Allah fear in yourselves??

['aturbyn] your children to tables slaughter on [aalTwaaGyt]??

Pleased [baalxDnwe'] and the sitting about the jihad??

['alaatryn] that the men already ['adhaalwaa] the horse and weapon left for and said not jihad??

So financed you not instruction your of children in furnace of the battle until [ySTlwaa] in her fire and defend this debt??

Why not deserted husbands and your children on jihad cruciferous and combat and suits their incite your of selves [wdmaay'hm] cheap in way this religion??

To the woman from the polytheist in day of one and they already Kent on invalid endurance with her [aalmkaaHl] and the swivel so wounds man followed or [tke'ke'] handed him ['iHdaahn] swivel and say for him you woman grow, [fmaabaalkn] and stinking on followed

Allah ['allh] in yourselves liberate her from the fire

Will the prophet of peace be upon him to are: “[yaa] inseminated the women believe so indeed me saw you more family of the fire”

Allah ['allh] [yaa] granddaughters mother of building and what run you what mother of building??

Said about her the prophet peace be upon him of day of one: “for her denominator today welfare from denominator so for that [wflaan]”

Mother of building said: To saw me and peace be upon him become uncovered the people about messenger Allah so [maa] remained with him except estranged what [yutmwn] ten and I and my sons and mated me between his hands [ndhb] about him and the people pass [mnhzmyn] [wraay'y] the prophet of peace be upon him nor gear of intestine so man saw [mwlyaaAA] and with him shield so said for him: “your gear find to from fights” [f'al'aqaah] so took him so made ['atrrs] in him about messenger Allah peace be upon him, and verb of coffee grow [aal'afaae'yl] befriends of the horse if infantry men our were of methyls hit them indeed Allah wanted so man on horse kisses so hits me [wttrst] for him film makes something and followed hamstring his of Persians so dropping striked on endorsed him so making the prophet of peace be upon him screams: ” [yaa] son mother building your of mother your of mother “said so assist me on him until mentioned him people - wants that she killed him –

Kent Allah accepted about her not the danger sees [ydnwaa] from messenger Allah peace be upon him until pertinence and [ml'a] for his harbors his pit until the prophet of peace be upon him said: “what turned to the right nor northward except and I ['araahaa] fight echo me”

Allah witnessed bruises about her [aalymaamt] so lethal until piece her of hand and hurted double ten wound

Indeed the woman the militant of she which her newborn raise not to lives

Yet to fights. Then to kills. Then to lives. So forms heat

What glorify her from determination, and what graze her from intention

Male family the walk that immortal Bin the newborn - bruises Allah about him – informed him that tough armies big from the Romen lowered [b'ajnaadyn] from south Palestine and to [nSaarY] Arabic and family Al-Sham hurried in the joining to him so say output immortal so line up forces and accepting [yuHrDu] soldier and enthuses them, and build women Muslim behind the army [ybthln] to Allah and call him [wystGthnh], and wounds bitter in them man from conceded paid to him children their and for him fought without children your [wnsaay'km], you matter their immortal to hover on the men what was allowed with them, then pregnancy immortal and befriends his on Roman mouth patience Roman to love hiccups and be defeated defeat and killing their conceded how wanted, and hit camp their and what contained

Allah Allah [yaa] pure granddaughters and names and Al-Khansa

Not to see that the nation [unHr] from the vein to the vein [wtustbaaH] from north of her to her sides and blessing her of east to her west be acquainted with [ybaaGkn] what meet him your sisters in jails of the subjugation of the crucifixes, terror felt ['iHdaakn] that if Kent their place how will be prevented her and that she sons of the nation wishes from [aastnqaadhhaa] and disassembly rejoice her

To expedition already for me many from the sisters of the militants in land AlRafidayn the martyr standing in operations request [wylHHn] in request that

Writers already for me ['iHdaahn] message lined her in mix her of tear and last her and lowness your after martyrdom of the brothers in strange operation fathers which were [yrwmwn] from her [aastnqaadh] the prisoners of war from jails [aalqhraalSlyby] writers insists on in her in martyr execution operation saying: Indeed the life not killing make good after these, [waastHlftny] in tall Allah to respond have fun in requested her, and ever since that today and to this your hour and lowness of relationship of eight months and she continued [aalSwm] not [tfTr]

Impressionistic Allah quantity in her knows words and what [tmaalkt] myself so in ironing of sorrow on solver this nation

['alhdhaa] the limit of connection degraded in my nation is technician of the men [faaDTrrnaa] to recruiting of the women, isn't it from the disgrace on sons of nations to our sisters requests [aalTaahraat] chaste that [yqmn] in the martyr operations and men of nations in their asleep hibernation their amusement fulfilled play

This message to jog Allah Bush:

To envied you before strengthened you, and filled in invalid exported you, and waded the war on Afghanistan

Alleged that you war wades holy and that your god of he from pass you in this war

Then [swlt] lac yourself so the war on Iraq for empowering doubled in for state Israel and thought that the matter will walk according to what wrote for him and aired

[maa] eternity that Allah revolved in your lac saved what [ysw'k] on hands of faction little from sons of the belief and soldiers of the unification from emigrants and helpers who nose rolled boiled you in the dirt on outlook and earshot from the world gather

So where your god who alleged?? [fltde'h] [flynqdhk] and your soldiers from this swamp who sank in him indeed daughter-in-law from truthful

To fewness already before that the god who worships him these militants he of pagan god so your lion alleged

What [dryt] in to the god who worship him [wnlwdh] in him and be authorized on him he who the horror in hearts your of soldiers and binds on hearts threw [hdhhaalfy't] patient otherwise so say for me from who .......

The word other than complete your you she from the conserving connected AlRafidayn hope from for informational vow for organization of Al-Qaeda in countries that load remainder of the word