Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Zarqawi faxes death list to Lebanon leaders

Two links here, one to an english language newspaper with the story, also the posting from a jihadi forum in regards to this.

English language story:

Jihadi link:

Pertaining statement for [aalzrqaawy]


“the seated jihad in countries Al-Sham” killing of land threatens in and favor of God and personalities
Newspaper received Lebanese
27 - 7 - 2005
Organization promises “the seated jihad in countries Al-Sham” in killing head of the council representative discerning land Mohammed [Hs] favor of God, and last personalities on the Lebanese arena, accused [aayaahm] in " the employment with enemies the Islam from the Americans and British and Israeli against the resistance

[waamraay ' haa] the bones " Osama bin Laden and my father [mSe ' b] [aalzrqaawy].
Statement mentioned [mdhyl] smiling “the seated jihad in countries Al - Sham battalion brigade of age state of bricks”, sent across “the Internet” to office of the mark favor of God and scents of the fax to house of the delivering legal opinion the rivulets in city images (harelip “the future” that the security strength began the investigation for defined source of the fax), list in names 9 personalities “allowed” fathers [mSe ' b] [aalzrqaawy] “killed them”, their [e ' lY] [aaltwaaly]: President of land, and the gentleman favor of God, and head as hill “the loyalty for the resistance” the deputy Mohammed is thunder, and deputy head of the council Islamic Shiite high Sheikh of Abd the prince [qblaan], and substitute Secretary General to” Hezbollah " Sheikh of Naim is dividing, and sovereign on the guardian, and the scientist Sheikh of Hamed the pumice, and member of the deliberation in “Hezbollah” Sheikh of Mohammed [yzbk], and responsible area of the south in the party Sheikh of noble [qaawwq].
The statement accused this personalities in “the employment with enemies the Islam from the Americans and British and the Israelis against the resistance [aalmDHfrt] [waamraay ' haa] the bones. Financed us the Imam Osama between Laden and the sheikh the militant is fathers [mSe ' b] [aalzrqaawy]”.
Added: “that financed us Sheikh of fathers [mSe ' b] [aalzrqaawy] allowed after the leaning to arbitrator God and his book and his age [aalTaahrt], killing of all rejecter in countries the Muslim dealing with the crusaders and the Jew against soldiers God allowed who the Americans and the Jew in [blaad] [aalraafdyn] and Al - Sham fight”.
Following alpine that “all rejecter in countries Al - Sham bring good news in straying our and battle deprives [aalnSaarY] and the Jew on ground Iraq and changes her from Muslim Bekaa and receives [aae ' daay ' naa] and our battle calls to, close goals for our will be militants who numbers of groups in state of bricks began their”.
Indicated finally to “that last names from enemies of the Islam the agents who the cover with the enemies cooperates from behind [aalkfrt] subsequent statements will return in”.