Thursday, July 28, 2005

Zarqawi's group absolved of killing diplomats

This is an odd one at least to me. It seems that there has been a statement from Al-Queda in Iraq stating that they did not kill the Eygptian and Algerian diplomats.


Statement for Al-Zarqawi be acquitted from killing honorable [wble'rwsy] [wblqaaDy]


Statement for Al-Zarqawi be acquitted from killing honorable [wble'rwsy] [wblqaaDy]


Leader statement pertaining to ['abw] [mSe'b] Al-Zarqawi alleged organization the seated jihad in [blaad] [aalraafdyn], and received “[aale'rbyt].[nt]” copy from him Thursday 28 - 7 - 2005, innocence of the organization from killing all from Egyptian head the delegation in Baghdad the honorable ambassador Ihab, and Algerian head the delegation on [ble'rwsy] and his colleague the diplomatic appendix [e'z] [aaldyn] [blqaaDy].

The statement added who the realization does not [tsn] from screamed him that “the rational militants in capital [ytbru'wn] colleges of which attributed him to them enemies of God from swallows you blood Muslim the three, and families in Egypt and the islands ascribe their and God asks to God forgives and coins them spacious his paradises indeed him forgiving merciful”.

This statement contradicts with [maa] take care in him Al-Zarqawi in killing extra from the diplomats in Iraq. Losing criticized statement in name Al-Zarqawi on net the Internet in the leaders who denounced killed him for diplomatic head the delegation the Algerian in Iraq on [ble'rwsy] and appended diplomatic [e'z] [aaldyn] [blqaaDy]. This and mentions that group of organization Al-Qaeda in [blaad] [aalraafdyn] way sending her of statements in direct form does not depend yet spreading persevered on her in signers on net the Internet.

Noticed that the statement who received him “[aale'rbyt].[nt]” contained on what indicates until Al-Zarqawi still the injury suffers from which followed in him since several months and acknowledges in her the organization, where phrase used” wheel of God his cure ". You that he said indeed him directed “to the Muslim all around the last occurrences related [bsfk] blood diplomatic the the three Egyptian and Algerian Algerian”.

Transfer of alpine about him [aaltbru'] from killing the three, and to “all statement or tape of video pertains these three lineage to group Al-Zarqawi, pure slander and lie of lie and acquits all statement acquits from or person attributes him forged to us”.

You noticed that the statement used the war named which raids her that she “jihad and the jihad the jihad the disbeliever are not except against and from from [ytwlaahm]” negligent enemies of the group on “occupied all and the Iraqi government the government in her army and her policemen her policemen and [e'mlaay'haa]”.

Describing all “bullet or missile releases on all citizen Iraqi” that she “hand of criminal”. You alleged that both “from the Egyptian intelligence and the Algerian Algerian learning that income for group Al-Zarqawi from relative and from far in this case”.

Allegation of alpine also that he occurred “secret meeting between the Algerians and the group in her one of of hiding place in Baghdad” and that the group “swore on [braay'thaa] from the pertaining accusations to her and presentation hand of the assistance promised on”

The statement came in also that that “the sitting documented in the sound and the image the image” and that the group “detection strings of the crimes get close from, where stature in abducting one of elements of the Iraqi army”. Allegation of alpine that this element “acknowledged that political teams expensive in observation of personalities definitive, he from for the American force of direct after their steps to area near airport rose in abducting of the victims and their delivery their delivery Baghdad”

Across the statement about “their surprise of the group in news of assassination, and the allegation that group of ['abw] [mSe'b] Al-Zarqawi she the head about that”. Challenger [aalaatyaan] “in guidance the group in the cases ties”.
The statement accused “American in killing their” indicative of that “tapes of the video is guidance thereon, so both from the tapes does not appear in them either swift men of the group” and the group considered that this “accustomed behavior contradicts her where all tape appears in the element responsible direct about the operation and he he reads his statement [mlthm]”.

Male of alpine “that them does not innervate never eyes of the seized in front of the camera” claiming that he “use thereof and they their hostages, and that them the permanent seized in address of people call to prayer for their and [ru'saay'hm], and this this the tapes do not happen in”.

The statement asked about “their images of killing for that the group is visualization the practical killing always” indicative of that killing their was “by gunfire you expert their from and his row in the prisoner of war at the group”. Proceeded that them legitimate judges possess or religious court” you their statement came in of killing, and that” method taking out and photography of photography of the victims differs colleges about what does him the group and that her tapes is available blamed the investigation in the matter wants ".

Alpine describing the goal from the operations that he for deformation “image of the militants and the jihad the jihad on ground AlRafidayn in the scientist Islamic” saying indeed Egyptian” ['adrY] in the groups between the jihad and the colonization the colonization, and the Algerian Algerian people in schemes know the hamlet, and to targetting nations of Arabic growns-up for guidance thereon " host in to “the group if she was the subject to ambassadors of the nations started in other than the Muslim”.

The statement repeated targetting his “for soldiers of the occupation and the Iraqi government the government and her army boiled her and all all person ties him relation in they only, and all all operation targets police stations and the army the army so we from implementation her until and [ntbnaahaa]” repeated his innocence from “targetting innocent from the women and the children the children and the unarmed isolation in the mosques and the markets the markets”.

The organization announced who heads him ['abw] [mSe'b] Al-Zarqawi who reward pertained the United States 25 million dollar for who the arresting helps in on him, his responsibility about plenty from the assaults and operations of the seizing and the killing in Iraq since collapse of a political system of Saddam Hussein in April/April 2003.