Saturday, November 12, 2005

3rd issue of the magazine of jihad and militants in Afganistan

Issue third: Rises [xraasaan] - Ramadan 1426[h] (new)


In merciful poison of God the uteri.

Praise be to God of many scientists and prayer prefers and delivery is complete on Mohammed reigned and on his family and his friends ['ajme'yn],

Founded lefts zipper of branch [xraasaan] that progress punch magazine:

Rises [xraasaan]

Informational magazine periodic. Matters of the jihad and the militants in Afghanistan mean in  .[rmDaan] 1426[h]

Issue third

To loading Issue of the third hope the next pressing on the ties, and God blessed in from raising straightens in her on new ties.

The folder in form PDF

[tnswnaa] from Saleh the prayer

Make brotherly you immigrating Al-Hakim worshipped
Organization of zipper, branch [xraasaan]

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The hope mentioned name exported at the transfer

((thinker of the jihad))

Credibility in the transfer

Transporter statements of the militants and news family of the mouths

What his movement thinker of the jihad does not cross necessarily about opinion of the forum