Friday, November 11, 2005

Almokhtsar news briefings in English

The Summary of the News 1524 Friday 09/10/1426 === 11/11/2005

Iraq: -

In 6 operations : 9 American soldiers were killed

The missiles attack on the Ukrainian Base in the north of the Kot

An attack by the missiles on the U.K consulate in Basra

30 were killed and dozens are wounded in a restaurant exploding that the policemen went to in the middle of Baghdad

A medicine source : The hospital of Qaeim is not capable on presenting the services because of the military operations

The forces of occupation plunge into the rest of Qaeim restricts

The American occupation assassinates a 4 years child and his mother in Al Ramadi

32 Iraqi civilians were martyred and wounded in American bombardment in Tagy

Associated Press : Iraq bombs were the most complication

Armed men in the Iraq army kidnap Hagem Al Hosney , the brother of the Iraqi parliament head

The previous assistant of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry : The participation of the Iraq Sunnis in the elections will not weaken the resistance

Afghanistan and Pakistan : -

An Afghani soldier was killed after his attacking an American Base in the east of Afghanistan

Between them a military official .. Taliban kills 11 policemen in attacks in the south of Afghanistan

Ryess : Iraq and Afghanistan stability is difficult

The prisoners : -

The International indulgent organization confirms that the captives were extorted and tortured : American maps reveals 18 positions for the secret arresting in Iraq

The U.K papers : The torturing was the black secret of America

The Kuwaiti foreign minister : America promises to end the Kuwaitis detained file in Guantanamo

Bahraini endeavors for releasing Guantanamo prisoners

America : -

It is as a slap for Bush : The democratic party wins with the Governor job in Virginia and New Jersey

Arresting a man shot a mosque in an American state

The American multiplicity : The photocopies for one origin / Josef Samaha

In America , the crocodile writes the history !/ Rashad Abu Dawood

Palestine : -

It has a round lasted for an hour and photographed some of the positions : The Israeli Intelligences plunge into the Al-Aqsa mosque

Al Zahar negates Hamas readiness for negotiation with Israel

Palestinian commanders : The resistance of the occupation is prior and the threats do not frighten us and the reports about an American support for executing « Hamas » and « the jihad »

A report.... Israel violated the calming 18 thousand times!

The Arab : -

The Syrian president : The resistance price is less than the chaos price

The Israeli Maussade prepares a new scenario aims to change in map of the surrounding countries of The Hebrew country

The Hebrew papers : The Israeli foreign minister saw Meles's report around al-Hariri's murdering before Anan reads it !

The General Kemet warns Syria : Do it want 25 millions of « the Muslims Brothers » on its borders with Iraq ?

A leader of the Syrian Brothers : We will not be a substitute for the system . But we participate in a national government with wide national publicity