Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The book of jihad operations in Iraq, first 3 pages

Since there's over 80 pages to this document, I will only put the first 4 up here. If you wish to see all 80 pages, please email me.

Posting of the book

Carried now the valuable book who [yu'Sl] the operations [aaljhaadyt] in Iraq and returns on [aalmxdhlyn]


Al-Salam on you and his mercy of Allah and Barakat…

This book who returns on [aalmxdhlyn] and discouraging about the jihad and he of valuable book [yu'Sl] the operations [aaljhaadyt] in Iraq [wydhb] about widths of the militants and he book to Sheikh of the wakefulness restrict [aaljhaadyt] and he book returns on [aalSe'lwk] (AbdulAziz Al-Rais) in his tape (from to Iraq).

Spreading hope his in the signers and all the forums for what in him from welfare and enforcement for truth and disproof for invalid and the inviter for welfare as his subject.


First 4 pages of the book....

The reply on AbdulAziz Al-Rais
In his tape (from to Iraq).

The author
Generous slave Bin happy [aale'wf]
Allah forgave for him and for his fathers and for all the muslims

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]
Praise be to God who blessing the religion and making of peak his of hump of jihad am complete in his disbelieving
Breaking praise be to God [aal'akaasrh] and underage [aal'aqaaSrh]
Saying praise be to God in his book ? and say came followed [wazahaqa] invalid indeed invalid was [zahuwqaaAA] ?
Witness that not god except Allah and restricted him not partner for him word of inventory the swords and piece have fun in her the heads and scattered in her the limbs
Witness that Mohammed Abd his and his messenger ? saying “delegation between hands of the hour in the CIF until Allah worships unify him and making bestowed me under shade of spears and making of the lowness and small blamed matters contradicted .....” Imam of the militants and reigned inexperienced [aalmHjlyn] who frying pans and his situation that the jihad of peak of hump of the Islam indicated in his and to Heaven under shades of the swords and to the jihad of past to judgment day the .........

As for after:
Losing try us in this era and with abundance of the occurrences and composed him [wtkaalb] the Islamic enemies on the nation and in special on the militants who christianize this religion in people from patient our our tongues speak in but strange that them the jihad mistake and to this his time not and to family the jihad of family illusion ignored the nation will pull Islamic to battle other than equivalent and that them and. [w]… and ....... to last his.

They thereby the people in their clothe on speech - gratification [lru ' saay ' hm] who their please thereby organization of the nations disbelieving - so the food dare and the poison insert in him and this she their process [ybd ' wn] grocer Allah and the messenger said then infer [bGyr] his place to the people wear on so not around nor strength except in Allah.
To reputation already this tape from to Iraq (for Abd AbdulAziz Al-Rais) who the people and taking of the tape wore on plenty from the places spreads in.
So found him the people stimulates in order to the jihad in Iraq in time stop about are want from the people on continuation of the jihad in Iraq stimulates all place fulfilled and that pumice estrange and heavy to lands of the jihad in order to pay [aalSaay ' l] on countries conceded and to the militant for him either the victory and either the testimony and other than that .....

To regret are for in this critical time speaks this [aalrwybDt] and money says [yse'] the Scott about him.
So Allah be authorized on in order to shown this dressing from this who his kink coined so week some statements of family of the knowledge for reply hereunto [aalrwybDh].

There several stands with this tape: 0
• Male the tape accompanied - [hdaah] Allah - initially necessity of the invitation [llmjaahdyyn] and the invitation on American… to last his and this speech of truth wanted in him invalid ((losing tell the truth you and he as solution)). This she their process to invalid spreading their ['axzaahm] Allah.
• Mentioned that what hit because of our correct tails and he and he as previous his.
Mentioned that the jihad in his kinds and summarization say in:
1- Jihad of request sufficiency at the capability and chief imposed passed him in Sunnis and he the audience and chief negotiated the capability be necessary at and the keeper said this statement of strength and this our subject not now therefore not wanted [aal'aTaalt] in him.
2- Jihad of the pushing: Sheikh the Islam if income of the enemy of conceded countries said so pushing be necessary his on close so close then that Muslim countries in sent down the country the one… male that in [aalmstdrk] on the legal opinions [mjld] third.

To befriend the tape making of jihad of the hanging pushing in the power are so indeed did not can so indeed the jihad falls the hanging jihad in the power of he of jihad of the request say as for the pushing so duty air Sheikh of the Islam said “deadly mother of the pushing so he tough kinds of pushing [aalSaay'l] about the wife of fathers so essential unanimity”.
So the enemy [aalSaay'l] who the debt and the life spoils [laashy'] the his be necessary after faith from pushing so not stipulates for him condition yet pays only the possibility and text lead thereon the scientists our of befriends and change them so the separation between pushing be necessary [aalSaay'l] oppressive and in yen requested him in his countries.
Sheikh of the Islam said “combat of the pushing like that the enemy is many uncapability for muslims in him to are fears indeed jog compassion of the enemy left about their on from the muslims leave behind from so here edifice our of befriends that he be necessary that exert [mhjhm] [wmhj] from fears on them in the pushing until hand over”.
Similar her to the enemy on countries attacks Muslim and fighter formation less from the half so indeed [aanSraafwaa] the harem seized on, so this and his examples combat of pushing not combat of request not the departure be possible about him in solver, and happening his took from this pulps
So heard for what said this magnificent Sheikh have mercy him Allah from that the pushing not stipulates for him line yet according to of the possibility and male pays that that unanimity.
So where what said him the tape from to Iraq accompanied in that the jihad falls and other than that from the dressing.
Then say how speech Sheikh of son takes [e'thymyn] and say him he in jihad the request not the pushing is this dressing from you on Muslim ([hdaak] Allah to road followed).
2- Speech Sheikh of the Islam of son hear for [tymymt] said not the departure from the jog be possible [aalSaay'l] even though did not harbors for him energy on them
So is [yse'k] [maayse'h] or catch on you for San your.
Fewness [yaaSaaHb] the tape: 0
Indeed the Sheikh mentioned that he not stubborn our power on the jihad so say lower with you….
1- If pushing of the enemy was [aalSaay'l] not power otherwise rubbish is except in [q'aqwl] [maaqaalh] the rabbinic scientists: 0

Sheikh of the Islam said: Said Sheikh Abd God AbdulAziz - disassembly Allah rejoice him - that preparing making his Allah rose divided us between the religious and the hypocrite.
So say [yaaSaajb] the tape: Not stipulates for him condition yet according to enforce payment [aal'amkaan] so not wears on conceded.
In the ratio for jog who Muslim countries entered say:
Welfare of skeleton said Mohammed: In his book of the jihad