Thursday, November 10, 2005

Helicopter down with statement

There is a video of a helicopter that they supposedly shot down.

There is also a statement that appears to take claim for taking down the helo.

Official statement of the 1 shawal 1426

Praise with Allah, Seigneur of the worlds, the good end with the piles, and no transgression that that on the unjust ones, and Peaces and Blessing on the Imam of Moujahidines, Mouhamed and on its family and all her companions

Your brothers of the Organization of the Base of the Djihad to the Country of the two rivers have yesterday Wednesday 30 Ramadhan 1426 cut down a helicopter of the type "super cobra" in the town of Ramadi, using a ground-to-air missile "strella" and the Praise returns in Allah.

And Allah is Largest, Allah is Largest
And the Pride returns in Allah, to Its Messenger and Moujahidines