Saturday, November 19, 2005

Police chief assassination and Ramadi attacks on US

Helping assassination of commander of police “[tle ' fr]” and recognition in killing and injury 19 American soldiers in the ashes

Was complete you the militants in area “[tle ' fr]” near city of offered Mosul north of Baghdad from assassination “Hussein on” assistant commander of police “[tle ' fr]” in his attack of waging the militants on cars numbered from Kent decreases offered “Hussein on”, and lowness your after his exit in minutes from his house in the middle of “[tle ' fr]”.

On connected level, bomb morning of Saturday on queue of for the American force of west exploded “[tle ' fr]” without to hits her in any harms, where mistook aimed her, except that she Iraqi killing and wound of four other in different wounds of the gravity resulted in, according to what announce him the doctor of reconciliation connective the physician in hospital of the city.

Military spokesman Iraqi in city of happening Ramadi announced from a distance about 110 wound west of the capital Baghdad, during conference contract of Saturday for group from the Iraqi journalists inside conservative building, that seven American soldiers [qutlwaa] and hit 12 other from the team

98 airborne the follower for pedestrians of the American navy [the marines], and that during intense clashes of jar Friday between from describing their in “rebels” and the American forces in street 17 in the middle of the city.

The offered added “loyal Jasim” from the journalistic army the Iraqi specific before the occupation in the conference in Ramadi that 30 from elements “the rebellion” [qutlwaa] in that clashes, on border his of allegation.

Journalistic official in hospital Ramadi after the conference transported about: Indeed four Iraqi the clash become a martyr during all them from the militants. You arrival of any bodies for martyrs from the militants denied official about cemetery of martyrs Ramadi.

Considers this recognition conflicting with recognition forces the occupation in killing of three soldiers only during the clash, and contradictory what claim him the occupation about number of the casualties from the militants