Thursday, November 17, 2005

Post Jordan PR campaign from supporters of Al-Zarqawi

A PR campaign is how this reads to me, most of it is fairly clear but it's a long read.

In the light of invasion of uncles: Supporter [wmnaaSHt] for prince the militants of fathers

Musab Al-Zarqawi

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

Al-Salam on you and his mercy of Allah and Barakat:

Praise be to God goats of the Islam in his victory, and degrader of the polytheism in his

subjugation, and bank of the matters in his matter, and extra the blessings in his thanks,

[wmstdrj] the socializations in his visciousness, who the days of states in his appraized

justice, and making of the consequence [llmtqyn] in his casual dress, and the worshipers flood on

from emerge him and fall heavily him. Who religion on the religion appear his all him, and the

prayer and Al-Salam on represent him who [aaSTfY], Mohammed Imam of the right path and meet, and

on his family and his befriends ['ajme'yn], and following and following their in Ahsan to

Judgment Day.

((nor [thnwaa] nor sadden and you [aal'ae'lwn] indeed insurers were, indeed [ymsskm] ulceration

losing touching of the people of ulceration his of replicates, and your hill of the days

[ndaawlhaa] between the people, and to Allah teaches who believed and takes from you martyrs, and

Allah not likes oppressive))

Not [yaa] brothers so not decreases her her trotted roadsign of the Nidal

So our struggle saving attacked [waalwGY] eternity of contest

Our road the diversity our pronged of harvester high the mountains

You who knew this universe of umbilical cords [aalnzaal]

Cry not not for despots and already body hunting of the men

So leaving invades [aaldjY] star [tl'al'a] in the superiors

So to the [nDaal] to the [nDaal] to the [nDaal]

Ignores a lot of who the acquaintance call, nature our of struggle with jogs Allah, think him

triumphs, and openings of openings, and prizes, and glory, [wnswaa] that Allah [syblw] the

militants, and helpers of the jihad, in what not ease them,

(([wlnblwnkm] until the militants know from you and patient [wnblw] your news))

The killing, happy, the displacing, the deformation, the failure, the slander, this she road the

prophecies, this what befit him praise, peace be upon him, until and his clarity in the magician,

and untrue, and crazy,

To already [EEdhwh] in his family, in Fatima, bruises Allah about her, infancy of small Mohammed,

until slapping her Abu ignorance, so went weeping walks in roads Mecca, her fathers searchs


When messenger be new Allah Allah prayed [e'yh] and peace, complain him, so what answers her Abu

her, gentleman of character Allah, from [lwshaa'] to Allah cover [aal'axshbyn] on head

disbelieving Quraish,

Says Abu have fun her: Fathers go to [sfyaan], and complain me for him,

To prevent [wlaaqwt] except in Allah,

Fatima guides to head of the hamlet goes to in approached her, fathers [sfyaan], [fyrq] Abu

[sfyaan] to Mohammed built, so taking her and said have fun:

Father slap ignored you you slapping your, so his slap and custom,

So the prophet reported Allah prayed on him and his family and peace thereby, so raising his of

hands to the sky and said: “O God not her tennis to refused [sfyaan]”. Grim son says: So what

think that Islam of fathers [sfyaan] except response for invitation of the prophet Allah prayed

on him and his family and peace this.

This he the Islam, seductions and ordeals, test and testing, until Allah triumphs soldier, and

they writes for [aalaastxlaaf] in the land,

Invasion of one be soft in, welfare of consolation, so because of fall of the throwers from on

mountain of one, conversion of victory Muslim to real defeat, until killing from benevolent

befriends messenger of Allah more than 70 man, on their sovereign head of the martyrs Hamza Bin

Abd the request, and [mSe'b] Bin [e'myr],

To peace be upon him found, body Hamza already like in her, and cow so his ton and young man his

of nose,

So said: Allah [maa] situation stood enraged on from this, or you peace be upon him said, and

already ['ajhsh] in the crying.

Came [yshmt] Abu [sfyaan] in Muslim, chesty in the victory on army conceded, and what knowledge

that the consequence [llmtqyn], so mountain of one came and call:

: ['afykm] Mohammed? So did not [yjybwh].

So said ['afykm] son refused [qHaaft]? So did not [yjybwh].

So said ['afykm] age Bin the speech? So did not [yjybwh].

So said as for these losing [kfytmwhm]. So did not age possesses himself that said: [yaa] jog

Allah indeed who mentioned them live and lead lac kept Allah with them what [ysw'k].

Then said rise [hbl].

So peace be upon him said messenger Allah: “not to [tjybwh]? ” said: What say?

Said: “negotiated: Allah superior and period”

Said: “negotiated: Allah financed us. Nor [mwlY] punching”

Then said: Day in day of full moon. The war of contest

Here did not the Farouq waits to instructs him messenger Allah peace be upon him of the answer,

losing consciousness of the lesson, bruises Allah about him,

So said: Not whether killed us in Heaven and killed you in the fire.

['atrwn] this lessons read her for late night conversation and [aaltsly], and [dhrf] some the

tears of effect in what meet him Muslim first,

Mother that she method, return, and rabbinic year for each from wire of path these, and proof of

struggle for each from invitation confronted for and the jihad,

Is think that victory comes without [mSaabrt]?

Or that nation give birth without childbirth and blood and pain of pain?

Abdullah says Sheikh [e'zaam]:

“indeed who think that religion Allah be possible to deadly jihad and combat and blood of blood

and limbs of limbs triumphs without, these [waahmwn] not nature know this debt”.

Indeed were think that battle Al-Qaeda with ['ae'daay'haa] she exclusion about all the battles,

so you and Allah [jaahlwn], negligent, did not the old date understand and modern on limit


Yes, feel [baal'asY] for kneeling fall the militant in hand of forces of the Jordanian occupation

the wealths, and and Allah indeed enveloping my the heart of torment not knows in her except

Allah, and to are this she battle,

Day be soft, and day on us,

Is the impeccable women from the harm in way Allah?

What story woman of pharaoh about you in stranger, then said: ((many sons for me stubborn your

Heaven stay over in, and pharaoh pick from and worked him, and the people pick from oppressive))

This Zainab the deer, the good woman of the militant, release on her the hungry dogs, in [znaazn]

Abd the Nasser on him from Allah what deserves, so says: Indeed intestine of hills will guide!

Teach that we turpine on education (if), and we the matters analyze if and her sisters, and

forgot that she work of the devil opens,

Will speak will speak about rejoice her subsequent in permission Allah,

Is days forgot tough [Hlkt] from today? In this era, when killing more than three thousand

monotheist in mother-in-law [aal'abaat], during week one only,

In execrable silence Arabic worlds,

The chaste silks seized, the nobles, on hand of forces [aalnSyryt] deserted, and our Arabic world

and the Islams in [Gybwbt] tall, to convert for him nor strength,

Will not carrying punching how was [ytDaaHk] sons [aalnSyryt] disbelieving, and she alternate on

free conceded, seize her ten [aalmraat] before [yqtlwhaa] in cold blood,

So is wins you (Muslim Brotherhood) in education of the patience? Did not serious their blessing

are patient in spite from all negative their

Were patient [yaa] mother [e'myr],

Were patient [yaa] sister of the militants, [yaa] horseman of the Islam,

[fwaallh] indeed echo you [nHwr] and necks, and men not Allah fear in [lwmt] fit, so patiences

Were patient [yaa] circumcize, [fwaallh] as that I the Mansour see in the horizon of army Osama,

came capitals of the hamlet and the defection tear down, capital of capital, country of country,

blooming in the enlarging [waalthlyl],

Allah and as that I father see Musab on his horse [aalmHjlt], returns [ll'ardn], victorious

beginners, and lead [T'aT'a] headed him humbleness [llh] became strong and wander.

Were patient and harbor the mulla of age see Allah accepted about him, prince insured, builder

came, to holy city of Mecca, and be liberated from all [TwaaGyt] Arabic [waale'jm],

Were patient, [fwaallh] and as that I ['araaky] first of husband from his follows in your family,

have mercy him Allah and his acceptance, so patiences, [fwaallh] indeed merchandize of valuable

Allah, indeed merchandize Allah Heaven,

Surprised from liked us, who ['ashhrwaa] their swords and said:

From said that mother [e'myr] family cut headed him, prevented him eyeliner of age Bin the speech

Yet gold some them to distanced thereof in describing our of sister that she old woman, or

represented, without to field for return leaves while if clarity that she she our sister the


So to grabbed [yaa] liked us, and blame any statement for organization issues the order after

passage more than 20 hour from the story denies,

So your affections [yaa] liked us, your affections.

This sad matter, hit him possible the incidence, in light of this violent war on the Islam and

the muslims and the militants.

Nor passes this matter, without to some the orders extract, for example, until avoid her in the


[mnaaSHt] for organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn

The order first:

To battle of the statements lost this bitter, and updated [kbwt] for mighty the flags of the

crucifixes, fathers available Iraqi,

So to already became the statements rush, without elaborate zealous student for reality, and

grant ['ae'daay'naa] information, did not and be soft can that collect on her in single their,

So the previous advertisement, about strawy delay advertisement of invasion of the obstacle, for

period 3 days to withdrawal of the militants to Iraq becomes easy, benefited from him the

Jordanian regime whatever use, so the borders closed the explosions instantized after, to

withdrawal any unity of predication strengthens the martyrs exists with,

This matter, occurrence orientation blessing of we grow in, and because of showing of details not

inviter from reminded her in the statements, in pilgrimages not suffice in order to walk of the

operations damage in,

Did not harbors for kneeling to the returning boundaries to Iraq expresses, after statements of

Sheikh Iraqi easiness refused.

Yet did not the organization pay attention to consequently the error, so repeated him in martyr

announcing cut, in short period, without any clear repairer, or enough for justification of the

announcing, and detection about presence Iraqi brand her mother [e'myr], between martyr, of which

pushing their for research about her body, and for except did not [yjdwhaa], and suspected

clarity that one of the body in her she [lGyrhaa], especially after confirmation witnesses of the

view that the explosions Kent only three, and blame any explosion updates fourth even though in

dividing timed short, [wlaaywjd] any favored on-site to fourth exploding,

After this valuable information, and with closing of the boundaries, was happy inevitable amounts

for our sister, so Allah Allah [yaa] liked us, [laatdhkrwaa] [l'ae'daay'naa] what simplifies did

them, especially that you believers at your jog…

So what considered him brilliant successes in puncture of the devices of the Jordanian wish,

partial conversion to victory for they, and informational defeat defeat for organization


The order second:

Some the military operations, already is [aaltrwy] in the advertisement about her or her big

adoption wisdom, and speed adoption of the organization surprised for this explosions, with the

flag that the organization eternity was [ytrwY] for period of day one or days on less estimate

before big operations adopts his.

So all work not straighten in him forced on his adoption, or at least, his strawy advertisement

in short period without to the results examine,

Who saddened me, that this he actually Al-Qaeda was method, so observe when Manhattan adopted

explosions - September 11 -! Look when London adopted explosions?

Yet organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn, when name was under: Group of the

unification and the jihad, did not Al-Hakim announces frankness about his adoption for killing

Baqer except after big passage time, and that for field wisdom of tactic, and from from door dam

of the means on the jog,

Were the orders leave clears up, and plenty widen for whereof Al-Qaeda and the muslims defends,

that Al-Qaeda exploit lack presence of direct advertisement from eye,

This surface, narrowed her on a lot of the just analysts, in hurry of the announcing about this

explosions, and to noon of for each follower already, that the explosions did not harbors

successful from where (accuracy of the goals), disassemblies [aal'aHrY] [aaltrwy], before her


The order third:

Al-Qaeda became organization, considers that helpers of the jihad, widespread in the forums, big

sides from the normal street of the muslim idealize, and these helpers, carve many for enlarging

[waalthlyl], without zealous student the matter from where his effect on walk the battle with

jogs of the nation and accounts of the profit and the loss,

Helpers of the jihad, for de their knot (the sitting about the jihad), effect many on their

thought and their analysis their of analysis, comprehending seek to silencing all opposite or

ignorant, from door:

These their benevolent militants of blessing, and the orders in form understand generous

blessing, nor give a fatwa seated for militant!

Forgot that the loyalty in the advising, duty on all muslim of for each muslim, for general the

muslims and special their, and Al-Qaeda be necessary on organization to understands that for his

helpers, and helpers of the jihad be necessary on that understand that also,

So the advice of acceptance from [mfDwl] for generous…

Hereby only, the militants are with, in their row, in their side. , instead of their Turks

([lwHdhm]) in the field, and the sitting of the sitting on amphitheaters of the onlookers.

For militants viewpoint field welfare of blessing, and this truth, especially in the accurate

details on land of the battle, so the militants and restricted them teach generous timing for

attack, and they likewise know generous the influential goals on the jog in land of the battle,

to other matters are need in her for who consults with them, and extends them in the relevant

opinion, who be sociable in him,

So maybe the muslims in Jordan, their ['adrY] the people in effect of explosions of uncles on

legislating normal in Jordan, and the Sheikh Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi kept him Allah, not the

encirclement can complete thereby favored,

Who teaches that the explosions bottle the people of step towards the regime already, and

distanced him step from the militants, their Jordan qualified, and men of the organization in

Iraq not,

Changed him a lot of the important matters, already is seated about the jihad, introduces in her

good acquaintance, information of the organization enrich, so narrowness time of the militants,

elapses on them a lot of the informational followers of the Arab and the crusader, and their

presence and their downpour afar about the people of the Arab Muslim, makes them in need for who

they reversals the conceded street moves for, who Al-Qaeda idealizes the real stored for


So we [laannsY] that our cultural battle with our jog she battle, social, political,

mobilizational, more from her military,

This what understood him the enemies, so machine of the informatory for effect mocked their on

the Muslim people, and sequenced a series of and the television programs export, to the jihads

hunt the people on cerebration of organization Al-Qaeda.

So our battle in the truth, she for gain that conceded street, and spreading education of the


To started a lot of the organizations [aaljhaadyt], in the dependancy on the forums [aaljhaadyt],

to normal pulse legislating Muslim touch, and pioneers of the forums this, from helpers of the

jihad and the militants of the militants, special faction little, locked on himself, not

assimilation except parts easy from legislating normal, and these helpers, their on complete

knowledge in statements of the militants, field from her and legitimate,

They idealize (the prime [aaljhaadyt] cultured), and this prime, comprehending can a lot of

justifications the work of the jihads which the mankinds be unable normal on understood her and

[hDm] her [hDm] her,

Perhaps politics upright on all the forums [aaljhaadyt], eradication straightens on all from

[yjru'] on the noticing objection or showing, not to agent end or slipped or your prostrations

you accuse him, yet to end did not the cultural level of the jihads connects to who connected to

him helpers of the jihad, [fysthjn] what be used to on him helpers of the jihad, and surprises

what agreed on him, because of ignored him, and his fall his fall of victim for information


So upholstered the extension shrink instead of, [wnnHsr] consideration to spread, of which prime

creates [jhaadyt] far all far about legislating conceded normal,

This deadlock, the militants makes sail afar about conceded coast Arab street, in small boat

brand him (helpers of the jihad)

Indeed the their militants the nation headed, and peak their of hump, and Ali their that

connection in the body stay on their, important alternative [e'lylaa], heavy, so the vanguard

[aaljhaadyt], indeed the separation about body of the nation chose, perishes, and the nation

perishes, so cautious cautious,

Indeed the operations [aaljhaadyt] which intendance Sheikh of clear Osama bin Laden Kent in line

were under, between, so forearm that on spreading cerebration organization of Al-Qaeda between

all rows of the nation, and on organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn, adoption self of

the line,

Al-Qaeda be necessary on organization to pay attention to therefore, and be necessary on upright

on the forums likewise that the field to make room, for swimmer of the people, to cultural

communication of lawsuit updates, between old in the forums [aaljhaadyt], and modern modern,

whereof [laaymlkwn] education [jhaadyt] in level other, so this mixture will be for good our, so

the truth [aablj], and invalid [ljlj],

Pays us that for retreat step, hit him the nation of steps and steps presents,

Indeed that not situation of the retreat about the principles means in, yet he tactic jihads

deporting, Al-Qaeda helps on spreading cerebration of organization.

From this tactical examples of politics of fathers Abdul Aziz emigrated Bin the connector, prince

of Al-Qaeda in Al-Jazeera, who announced that he will not forces the security of start targets,

and that his gun of directed against American, disassemblies and still reasons strength to

spreading of cerebration of Al-Qaeda in Al-Jazeera, with our apprehension and his apprehension,

that killing of the soldier [aalslwly] who the regime helps and his corporations guards. He from

the jihad in way Allah, to the people are already [laaydrkwn] that you know him we…

The order fourth:

AlRafidayn be necessary on organization of Al-Qaeda in countries, to the personal preparing for

executors of the operations increases from military, so from confronts to represented this

invasion, be necessary that prepared of preparings is good, for each the possible possibilities,

What all what orphaned him [aalmru'] knows him

The winds occur in what not the ships desire.

So the martyr sister, did not learning harbors what does indeed did not the explosive belt


Lack [aanjaar] the explosive belt, expected matter very, and rare occurrences not [laaytkrr]

bitter percent year,

Perhaps feminine nature, made her easy prey for inquiries the Jordanian, so the woman power of

the man on the behavior not in, and this perfectly one of reasons of the partial failure for

Russian operation the stage was, where did not [tstTe'] any woman explosion of the bombs in the

middle of the stage,

This this what testimony of the woman makes testimony of the man in the Islam not as,

Clear that she did not learning what be necessary to does him indeed did not the belt explodes,

and did not learning also what be necessary on her his verb in order to hold of the inquiries

releases from Jordanian,

Indeed security and Salama of the separation, [laayql] in situation about security and Salama

[aalqaadaat], and special indeed you you harm! Accountability of the individuals shoulder signs

on [aalqaadaat], [flaayjb] never the carelessness in destiny of any muslim.

To the plan and the preparing the preparing in invasion of uncles already Kent, end at [kbst] the

button, where suffering of the sister started, and to convert [wlaaqwt'ilaa] in great Allah the


The order fifth:

Sheikh of the militant ask, father Musab Al-Zarqawi, kept him godly Allah his, to any military

operation avoids falls in her a lot of Muslim innocent, and this duty of Islamic law, and

[brGmaatyaa] - tactical,

So repairer of the militants, that their goals choose accurately limited, with choice of the

method related,

To killing already [aaldqaamst], the soldiers Jordanian, more than 7 Israeli children [Shaaynt],

on the borders, disassemblies and still Jordanian hero in sight legislating and conceded,

To already critical this [haalk] order the monarch whatever embarrassment, until feet

straightened under ['asyaadh] the Jew, [me'tdhraa] [mbthlaa],

The people sympathize with any work American casualties in rows and the Jew falls and until the

apostates, nor hide you [yaa] Sheikh of the militants,

That the people were understanding for attempt [aaljywsy] to exploding buildings of the Jordanian

calls, which attacks her the mankinds normal whatever hatred,

The full people of spite on this regimes [aalmtjbrt], and this order reports us whatever

usefulness in our battle with [aae'daay'naa],

To happy output the people in riot of spontaneity of joy already in September 11, so to our jogs

hit [bmqtlt] big, with small presence ratio very from innocent,

As for the operations which falls in her a lot of the Muslim innocents, makes us lose a lot of

drains of the assistance bronchial for our cerebration of the jihads,

The people not understand that [maa] uncles updated in from [mqtlt] for swimmer did not harbors

intentional and that he wrong expanded, did not contain that the goal was change them,

comprehending knowledge in truth organization of clean Al-Qaeda not on, the adhering in the book

and the age. .[ft'amlwaa]

Understood that the matter of underestimation [bdmaay'hm], [wtjr'aa] on their wives, and this

except intends him the martyrdoms in solver, receive him Allah,

Muslim casualties, the innocents in this invasion, not so blessing informational from the

Jordanian government, yet fact lives him all Jordanian, so the funerals the mosques in uncles

spread in, and we here not concealment of the information deny on a lot of the important

casualties from American members the inquiries, and the Iraqi intelligence, nor concentration of

the information on the conceded casualties in the operation deny, for deformation photo of

Al-Qaeda and her Sheikh in Iraq, Sheikh of fathers Musab Al-Zarqawi.

So the Islam be interested many in the informational battle, and this role was plays him poet the

messenger of good peace be upon him Bin return, and this also becomes clear in walked him peace

be upon him when did not the hypocrites kills despite from their dangerous rigor, and said:

Say that Mohammed his befriends kills!

Alan, their say that Al-Qaeda kills (the innocent muslims), and this entrance for they be

necessary to lock him, and informational substance substance in their hands to show from pulled


On the organization that [ylmlm] his wounds, and recovery confidence of the people does on in

him, and is that in what follows:


The announcing that killing these muslims the organization saddened, and that the organization

Allah asks to they forgives for and have mercy them, and that organization Al-Qaeda did not

harbors [lystHl] conceded blood unjustly, already is this order comprehensible for me and to

helpers of the jihad change from, and hit him not likewise for remainder of the people,

On them that statement export, dissect some the errors which date of the muslims updated in

first, to the people nature of the battles understands, and that the preservation not formation

for human or for weapon,

How much saddened me insisting of the organization on saw him in 3 consecutive statements with

regard to the operation did not [ystfd] from her except jogs of the nation. In the field military

and informational informatories.


In the places which increases in her swimmer Muslim, advize liked us in related choice of the

timing and the place for attack, so methyls, the hour of 9 evening, did not suitable timings for

explosions of uncles harbors, for abundance of the joys and the scientific conferences the

conferences and cultural and efficient social at that the time, and this important matter very,

[f'axTaau'naa] [laatmr] [k'axTaay'hm], in light of the big excellence the informations for good

the enemy.


Choice of the method related in beating like this goals, as use the machine guns in killing of

elements of the inquiries, so like this weapons not mistakes aimed her, and not have fun that

[aalaathaar] side which [nraahaa] when falls innocent, important was favored her less from change

her, except her success is brilliant custom,

So falling 30 [bryy'aa], to killing ten from elements of the inquiries and the agents, legitimate

repairer not from our and [aaltktkyt], and Allah ask to the organization pay attention to to

represent this orders,

[fwaallh] indeed the standing in scientific [jhaadyt], [laayfhmhaa] the people, and their

forecast in the confusion, repairer of the militants in their holy battle against jogs of the

religion not from,

Even though [bdY] the road difficult, [fwaallh] indeed him he the road, so your jihad not except

[lmrDaat] Allah became strong and wander.

Example of the weapons light example not except only, and the organization teach in what verb for

omission be possible his big number of the jogs, and the preservation on souls innocent. .[fhm]

family of the weapon, their victory Allah.

All what ['aslfth], not means that explosions of uncles Kent evil any more on the jihad,

[Haashaa] and Allah, and hope that objective retreat:

In light of invasion 9-11 in uncles: Calling to fathers Musab Al-Zarqawi

So to writers already in him a lot of interests attack of uncles, so not there something any more

in avidness or his welfare,

In the end, not say except what Allah pleases, disassembly Allah rejoice you [yaa] circumcize,

Allah as clapping widened your, and indeed Allah wanted, hand of fathers falls in Musab

Al-Zarqawi, prisoner of war from hook of the Jordanian regime, so dismount rejoice you,

This from [shym] the Jordanian regime, the submission for order happening…

Your cutting Allah welfare [yaa] lions of the unification,

[fwaallh] [laantrkkm] in your day this,

What hit in him so from Allah, and what mistook so from myself,

Allah from behind the intention

Truimphant Allah on his order and to more the people are not know

His books of the guide


Movable from the guide:

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