Friday, November 18, 2005

Say hello to the 2 latest martyrs

So long scumbags, good luck in hell

Your brothers in forums of the Islamic victory [yzfwn] follow you news martyrdom of two from lions the Islam and Hamites followed, two whereof sold themselves cheap in way Allah Allah granted for victory of religion and propellent about land

Width conceded, [lythaarwaa] but to suggest doubt and religion.
Her she association the helpers last wedding last from weddings of the testimony and convoy from convoys of the martyrs evaluates today [tne'y] follow you martyrdom of the brotherhood informed:
The martyr in permission Allah Abu [Hdhyft] _[nDaal] Mustafa and the martyr in ear of Kurdish Allah Abu commendable
Who Allah become a martyr in rational land of land AlRafidayn lint to receives them in the martyrs and to follows us in they next other than arranged.
Their acceptance Allah so right stubborn his and making their intercessors Judgment Day be soft and Allah prayed on reigned Mohammed

The martyr the commander of Kurdish Abu Mahmoud

The martyr of the militant Abu [Hdhyft]