Friday, November 25, 2005

Threat to western leaders

Very interesting, but we've seen these types of threats before.

“[brlskwny], John [haawrd], Koizumi, Blair, Bush” already near [nHrkm] any her vile! [Bin [wlyaamz]]

“[brlskwny], John [haawrd], Koizumi, Blair, Bush” already near [nHrkm] any her vile!!

Allah will not your crimes goes roared!!

[wwaallh]… will not benefits you your armies, nor flying your, nor your weapons, nor your intelligence!!

[wstlaaqwn] the terrors in single your mouth of you except shoe wore him the Jew then [xle ' wh]!!

['ar ' aytm] worn out shoes guards in him accompany him!! Mother in the garbage throws him!!

As that you in the garbage dump throw!!

The examples dismisses in: (from security of the punishment the literature harmed)! As that you any her the villian!

Horse punch that you safe from the punishment [f ' as ' atm] the literature with conceded!!

To are how punching that guarantee?!

['atDHnwn] that lion Al-Qaeda about you negligent!
Or about killed you unable!

Indeed blessings said!!

So you and Allah did not Al-Qaeda know from she!
Did not teach how thinks basic after!!

Will say: (if [qadirtum] [lafae ' altum])!!

To are from said that we will do now, or that slaughtered you bar already!
The suitable time will slaughter in the suitable place fulfilled and in the process which suited!

Not think that we in the nerves play or in the statements [nshqY] and tire!

Emptied you the million on your security not [yxfaanaa]!
Exerted you the gaul and valuable for the sake of your protection not worries us nor means us!

Allah indeed you foolish villian!

[t ' atwn] to Iraq on [Girrat], and take out from her on [dhlt]!
The cars install chaste and the houses live [aalmu ' ammant]!
Nor come out except after dangerous possibility is. Zero in the hundred!!

To are did not all this?

Is think that lion of foolish Al-Qaeda to this degree. In order to [ysthdfwkm] now?!

How much operation of assassination will cost one from you in this atmospheres?!!

['alyst] million many!
So is deserve any her the insects to exerts in you all this?
Not and who splits of the sea for Moussa not deserve nor less thereof in thousand bitter!!

To are in opposite

How much operation of assassination will cost one from you after termination his state and his exit from palace of the presidency?!

Question of embarassing extremely, isn ' t it likewise?

As that I dumb and started [ttHsswn] your filthy necks!!

Informed now that you foolish villian!

Informed now that you did not Al-Qaeda met after!!

['ar ' aytm] how much she the life short!

Calculate what remained from live your!
Indeed her little years and divided you for regret counted months!

So not think that [bqaay ' km] on shackle of the life to now was because of skill your of guards!
Yet Allah was in pot firstly then for that Al-Qaeda did not targets you after

So Al-Qaeda not ended termination period your waits of presidency [ltdhyqkm] from the glass who ['adhaaqt] from him change you!

Will not can that [tHmwaa] yourselves from her in permission Allah so not the life contemplated in many nor your crimes increase from so Al-Qaeda starts mutes of lion!

You now in the welfares, and did not the term end after
Corrected ['axTaay ' km] and your crimes removed [lte ' Smwaa] [dmaay ' km]!
Your necks keep! [wthnu ' aa] in live your!

Otherwise so you and what chose him your brains. Executed him support you!
Will not benefits you Jewish bruise the lobby about you!!

For knowledge so this message for chiefs of the west ['ajme ' yn]
To are pertained you in the male for that you filthy

Wish that were formed understood the message
To are did not end after

The villian (Silvio [brlskwny])!!
Filthy President the Italian

Regrets me to lac indeed our say appointment with you April will start in (April) the Mukbil!
Think you certitude teaches what intend him in specification this historiography!!

Will not untrue your narrative indeed fewness of lac:
Indeed plan of the abducting ready and place [aalnHr] constrained and blame matter remains except one did not empties from him after!
['atdry] what he?

Indeed him process stir any her the chesty old woman!!

As for I so prefer her on the process [aalzrqaawyt] to dry in her our chest from you!

To to appointment of the storyteller destroys call you to listening sustained this words:

(any her the chesty old woman to pose already yourself and your countries in nozzle of the volcano for the sake of (2900) soldier only!

So is can to reports me in interest these opposite what approaches from (200000) fighter from America and British!
Except legitimate projection on invasion Iraq! American rescue the gentleman!

Yet and what your interest of insisting on [bqaay ' hm] and your expected successor (Romano coldness) leader of left middle announced that he the Italian strength from Iraq in solver his will pull of election!!

Why announces that?
Isn ' t it proof on lack of bruise of the people [bbqaay ' hm] in Iraq??!!
So did not disagreement desire your of people any her foolish?!!

For gum [malalta] from the life so chose Al-Qaeda hurried opposite road to the death and he!!

For your flag so I ([raakaan] Bin [wlyaamz]) desire in to previous situation bundles on your and withdrawal of the strength from Iraq refuses until your state end!!
In order to our chest dry. [wnth ' ar] for our debt and represent us from you any her foolish chesty!

Nor harm retardedly withdrawal your forces of counted months!!
For that we insisting will gain in your orders:

Floods your of blood filthy. Withdrawal your of forces on hand Romano!

As for withdrawal your forces from Iraq in period your of remnant presidency
So reason of orders will lose in his also:
Will be compelled us for to plan of the assassination cancel after costed us some the amounts material!
As for our loss the second so she loss of opportunity of the retaliation from you any her the old woman
For that we we the muslims not be possible be soft to the promise leave behind.!
Promised from his errors corrects and his crimes removes to neck in her keeps his place changed to guard in her we in barrel sweeper! ).

As for you any her the Italian people so teach that Al-Qaeda did not prevents her from the Roman beating in streets to now except wait for will what result in him the coming elections!

So indeed corresponding nominating on the war on Iraq and the supporting rose in Silvio have fun examples [brlskwny]
So not blame except yourselves!!
The blood of the blood and the [hdm] of the [hdm]!!
Will not national countries from men executes your services their country and their people of examples of chief of city serve [mraanw] (([maawrw] my beers))!!
For your flag so what [saalt] the blood in London except after cold the branch of fascine of the war on Iraq and supportive have fun so chose for valuable your what want
The retribution from type of the work

Allah ask rose to be possible us from occupied blood, and treacherous necks and truimphant Allah on his order and to more the people are not know

His eager books for cruciferous blood of secret soldier Al-Qaeda [raakaan] Bin [wlyaamz] Rakan ben willyamz Italian (Vatican).

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