Monday, December 12, 2005

Aegis Opsec and the jihadis

I know that if this contractor were working for me and putting videos like the ones we've seen this past week up on their site for the world to see, I would either have a long heart to heart with them or I would immediately cancel their contract.
I don't care about people sharing this stuff with each other, lord knows I can't imagine what it must be like in a war zone, but to put it out on the web, um not a good idea

Here's an example as to why..

Video: Nor wonderful martyr explodes himself in partition for army [aaaal'amryky], killing of three pigs afflicted to from


Prayer and peace on honorable the prophets and the senders truthful commander the militants of pains Mohammed son of father Abdullah and on god [wSHhb] and blessing follow them [whtdY] in their way to day send.
Either after: _
To you cut Alan nor wonderful martyr explodes himself on partition of securities
[laatnswnaa] from pure the praying