Friday, December 30, 2005

Al-Zarqawi to King Abdullah of Jordan

Thread on a message from Zarqawi to the King of Jordan. Also a new site revealed (new to me at least)

Abu [mSe'b]

Apologized from you nor introduce that Kent this message [mwjwdfy] [aalmntdYwlkn] at [qraathaa] fewness wills carrying her to rejoices the all in her
From refused [mSe'b] [aalzrqaawy] to [aalTaaGwt] son [aalTaaGwt] Abdullah Bin the Hussein: Bring good news in what [yswu'k]


From refused [mSe'b] [aalzrqaawy] to [aalTaaGwt] son [aalTaaGwt] Abdullah Bin the Hussein: Bring good news in what [yswu'k]

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

From refused [mSe'b] [aalzrqaawy] to [aalTaaGwt] son [aalTaaGwt] Abdullah Bin the Hussein…

As for after:

So did not run when [tnaahY] to hearings news of consultation your of government in matter of clouds sexual Jordanian semen ['a'aDHk] mother cry.

['a'aDHk] sarcastic mother cry for indeed your stridulous replicates matter of nation controls in Mohammed Allah prayed on him and peace of peace; Faisal from wants and cuts from wants and to Allah the defendant.
Left me whisper [fY] your deaf ear about hearing orders followed in:

Firstly: I be associated - [shy't] mother refused - to generous clan [aalmHtd], dear the ratios not desire about her, nor human being possesses important was to extracts me from this ratios with ['amte'aaDy] and pull of sadnesses and my pain family blame follow him prevented them when entered under [e'baay'tk] frayed and soldiers for your state and soldiers became after unification were for guards and to men followed witnessed to the date love in white the deeds under banner of the sultan Salah the debt.
Arabic lineage of core rejoiced in him and to are honorary [bdynY] and my Quran.

The Islam refused not father [lY] level off him * if Qais prided in or [tmym]

As for the Jordanian state, so the affiliation to her disgrace and dishonor
So internationalized you - any her the King - picked up ['anshaahaa] [Glaad] sixty minister colonial British who was [yfxrfy] British council the uncles that he state in day built this state she your of state any her the owners English
[aatdry] why punching built?

Put me say her direct clear “for protection of state Israel”
That she the truth which introduces her far my fathers [wythaams] the people in her in the umbilical cord assaulting frightened from [zbaatytk],
Lac of well-wisher say: That you and your father medal of the honor deserve so to rose in this task efficiently and ability. On the devil [jzaau'kmaa]

Secondly: I and that daughter-in-law bed of childhoods destroy to and longed to families and my brothers and friends of the childhood and the youths

Hit me scientists not for me please her names my of countries
National here or decreased over there where sends her the caller

To migration of land already male, and land emigrated to security which evaluate in her religion of many the land and the skies
To countries of the Afghans in obedience Al-Rahman
I be soft in Iraq strive with make brotherly me to Islam evaluate for country and for Quran state

The insurer – any her the King – period from to tightens him the dirt and turning hangs his in pens drawing her borders of Sykes and Bico so that matter of the cattles which the grass and the pasture and the fence and the herd congregates on, and either the divine insurer so the insufflation of the highborn which bends of she and his rejoice in his ton and qualified him and his clan in her continues and separates and from become clear her [ywaaly] and returns me

This helped not knows her your replicates – any her the King - for that you and in shortness Made in England
This helped put to sleep understands her sons this nation and family this creed, and bring good news you that she Quranic plant will continue [wsytDwe'] his fragance in the nation once again important preventing tried her – any her the owners – [faanY] for your idealizations to light of the sun in sieve covers?!

Grate in what [yswu'k]…
Nor forget before [aalwdaae'] to lac say: Pull her nor pay attention so your nationality under antiquities and my shoes…
To meeting at the King of the truth ..... any her the King.

Black site of the unification