Monday, December 26, 2005

Attack on Iraqi National Guard by AQ in Iraq video

Posted it: 27/Déc/2005 02:19 Subject of the message: Video of Al Qaida: Fixings with the apostates

“O Allah guides the shootings and hardens the steps”
Praise with Allah, Seigneur of the worlds, the good end with the piles, and no transgression that that on the unjust ones, and Peaces and Blessing on the Imam of Moujahidines, Mouhamed and on its family and all her companions

To download video fixings which takes place between Moujahidines and the Guard paienne in the Al Adhim area in the province of Diala, saturdays 2 Dul Qa3da 1426, when Moujahidines attacked a patrol of the Guard paienne, composed of two vehicles, which were destroyed, then a convoy greater east been able to avenge the killed apostates, but the young people of the Base of Jihad left to hang them, the operation was bénite, 8 vehicles were déruits and between 30 and 40
apostates were killed, the brothers then took their weapons like spoils and otn captured a group of them officers and the Praise returns in Allah.

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26 مdul qa3da/1426 H
27 /12/2005