Thursday, December 08, 2005

Being sent to various mailing lists

I'm sure its propaganda, so I didn't even look. I believe I've seen this before though, Aegis sounds/looks familiar. Anyhow, for what it's worth..


Today's prize will be given to the team managing to hit the most targets during a complete circuit of the ring road around Baghdad. The points system: 10 for jeeps, lorries and oversize vehicles, 20 for normal cars, and 50 for small cars under 3 metres in length.
Only a cynical exercise in very bad taste, it would seem. However, it could well be also the very rule followed by the people that you will see - or rather not see - in this film clip. Not only will you not see the assassins, you will not even see the fatalities, who unfortunately seem to be many more in number. You will, paradoxically, only see the cars.
According to the various websites that have clandestinely put the film clip into the Internet, those who are entertaining themselves in this manner are a small group of American contractors from AEGIS (civilians from one of the corporations involved in arms manufacture and throwing their weigh t about in Iraq right from the early days of the invasion).
They are clearly doing it in broad daylight without even worrying about being seen, and therefore with the evident connivance of the occupying forces and the local Iraqi authorities. At this point it would be actually too easy to ask ourselves if this is the kind of culture that we are exporting, but by now such a question would seem to be obsolete. The only thing that remains for us to do, perhaps, is to resign ourselves once and for all to the type of people that we have decided to ally with, and ask ourselves what price history will exact from us for having made such an abominable choice.