Thursday, December 01, 2005

First in the series of "Story of invasion" out

Appears to be a book telling the story of the attack on the hotels. Will try to translate the book later today

For now though, here is the posting

The informational department [yqd] the equipments first of series “story of invasion” (Thursday)


[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]
[yaarbb] seats the throw of jump of the antiquities
Praise be to God of many the scientists, and the prayer and Al-Salam on Imam of the militants

represent us Mohammed, and on his family and accompanied him ['ajme'yn]… After:
The number loaded first of series “story of invasion”; Allah ask to benefits in her the muslims,

and revives in her their selves, and cuts me her publisher about the militants of welfare of the

Ties of the loading:

Big Allah of big Allah [wllh] the glory and for his messenger and for insured

29/ Shawwal/1426 for migration December 1, 2005

['abwmysrt] Iraqi (the divisions the informations in organization of Al-Qaeda in countries


The source: Thinker of the calculation (forums net of the calculation)

The number first of series “story of invasion” [bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

Praise be to God of many the scientists, and the prayer and Al-Salam on Imam of the militants

represent us Mohammed, and on his family and accompanied him ['ajme'yn]… After:
Was to " nests " the hamlet and the defection in ([e'shtaar] – Sheraton), (and Palestine –

[mrydyaan]), special interests before the heads military in organization Al-Qaeda.
The work started the brother Abu Ismael on her after several months from invasion of armies

[aalSSlbaan] land AlRafidayn, but sight to the experience form did not harbors enough, whether

field of the plan and the preparing am in, mother in field of the devices and the possibilities,

losing postponement beating of the goal was complete to other approached.
Then following after him the brother Abu the martyr (Abu Mohammed) the Lebanese have mercy him

Allah, the work on her his time period of undertaking for task [aal'amaart] military for

operations Baghdad, and to father of the martyr are [EEthr] [aaltryyth] in the execution after

months from observed, for reasons [rEEhaa] at that the time and agree him the brothers.
For what according to Allah battalion “mother insured living” bruises Allah about her, in several

audacious operations and masterpiece, from Allah be exalted mentioned him on the brothers, so

operation hotel of the first Sudair came, to opens first steps of the success and the challenge

for this battalion, and first wonderful fall to grown-up aimed. Then according to the brothers by

virtue of Allah execution a series of of the operations rose to [aalnnaajHt], from her strange

invasion of jail fathers or invasion “fathers ['ans] Shami” have mercy him Allah; Invasion

“Al-Amiriyah” for headquarter struggle of the terrorism, and invasion “the retaliation to Sunnis

in Baghdad qualified”, which side fell in [aalkrx] in district the information and the message of

revelation of the jihad.
Then invasion nest of the hotels came “full moon Baghdad”; Kent for orientations the prince of

Sheikh of fathers already [mSe'b] [aalzrqaawy] kept him Allah, the important role in execution of

the invasion on the perfect face who witnessed him; Losing clear Sheikh his orders issue, that he

to renewing of work show from the jog shakes and confuses him and disperses strengthen him, and

proposed therefore several goals, was from between her hotel ([flsTyn]-[mrydyaan]) and


Sheraton), with his carefulness on continuation of the operations of the specificity, and

eternity his of connection and his continuation for brothers was for fruits, from her lack of the

laziness in requested investigation, and any defect obstructed the work originates during.
Deporting the inquiry
Inquiry of the goal from the leaving was complete firstly, and used therefore several knock, some

the successes and she yielded:
- possibility inquiry of the goal from interior.
- acquaintance ['ann] for goals periods timed different from the vitality perfectly, so blessing

eighth morning and until second in the afternoon appears the goal empty perfectly, and the

movement to him and blessing his little very, and movement the enemy formation in photo civil not

military, and blessing the hour second in the afternoon to the morning appears the status

different, through observer lights the hotels from where number the rooms lighted and

extinguished, and equipments the rooms which illuminate first the night and be extinguished other

his, and movement elevated electrical exposed, and equipments automatic which enters to the goal

from directions different.
- acquaintance of the partitions external which the goal surrounds in, and possibility of the

approach from her and despotic the effect in her.
After the inquiry from interior and who many processes was complete in, not field for her

detection; The concentration was complete on:
1- Aquatic specification of the present goals in interior.
2- Observer [aalddaaxlyn] and outside from and to to signed accurately.
3- Acquaintance what the origins from aspect of the constructional fortification renewed on.
4- specific acquaintance of the present partitions inside the building, and possible range the

retardation if the external militants on the partitions dominated.
After the inquiry of clarity that hotel ([e'shtaar] – Sheraton) joins important the goals and

1- Concentrated formulation of the constitution, in the stories first and second.
2- Vows gathering of the information and the assassinations [aalttaabe't] for my device of the

inquiries American and " Israeli ", and noticed that them the Arabic clothes take out in, the men

[be'qaal] and " [shmaaG] " and the women
In gown and veil. You their blessing end from the Arab excels, and that headquarter this vows in

the stories: Third and fourth and fifth.
2- The story end sixth headquarter for rest take working in the stories the five lower.
3- After the climbing to the surface discover ['ann] there huge telescopes her of wave towards

the area green.
4- Big presence number from the electronic devices, in the stories higher and the specified for

observer [waaltSnnt].

5- Presence detachments hunting on surface of the hotel, and designation of places was complete

existed her, and evaluation range of the readiness and the attention.
As for hotel (Palestine – [myrydyaan]), favorite disassemblies confessor to number not courage in

him from the special companies security, from different nationalities, and lead the story

exploited first before companies of aviation ends did her in the hour second back. Foreign

addition for number of offices of the information, and which did not aimer her harbors of


Charging collected of the interior inquiry in penetration of the goal was complete more than

once, and after the discussion in presents of the military head, clarity what comes:

- that the interior fortifications for goal big to her transgression are impossible not; She

formed from partitions main, first cements “as hill [xraasaanyt]”, and second earthy screen,

addition to partition third and he collected “anvils” cementitious grown-up for flowers, all goal

encirclement of the bracelet in the wrist surrounds in, and blame harbors there from opening

except that which the incomes from pulps perform to.
- designation of equipments automatic which the goals guards, and which appeared that she five

ten mechanism approaches, between tank and armored vehicle and wheels “poured”; The confirming

from range of readiness was complete this strength, and times [aalttHfz] and the relaxation of

the securities have fun.

Stage specification of the suitable style for beating of the goals and preparing of the

possibilities fulfilled suitable therefore. The agreement on the plan was complete initial as the


1- Surrounding gap in the wall in the goals opened, from the contributing side to street of

fathers [nwaas].
2- Hotel hit (Palestine – [mrydyaan]) in installer medium the volume leads her martyr.
3- Hotel hit ([e'shtaar] – Sheraton) in huge installer leads her martyr.
4- Fighting presence detachment with the headed car for hotel ([e'shtaar] – Sheraton), to fiery

line opened protects motor obtrusive at the approach from the goal.
After the consultation, clarity that he renewing of refills be possible able in barrier cross-eye

Allah on destruction first, and barrier rarefaction second in less estimate, or his destruction

indeed be possible. Constructive on him preparing of refill was complete from this kind and her

experiment on building, [fdumrt] in complete and three partitions penetrated, so Hamad our Allah

on the result and our bills in the preparing.
[w'auHylt] motor [aalmrshshHt] and the substances to vow [aaltfxyx], [wshukklt] workshop of work

condensed; In spite from some the shapers which operation of the preparation updated during,

except that he in praising of Allah and his reconciliation preparation was complete motor the

three in standard time.
The stage started important and she choice the suitable timing for important execution, and

zealous student knock of the arrival to the goal, so motor addition was complete fourth leads her

martyr, and armed detachment to removal of obstruction any prevents without investigation of the


Deported the execution
Bar time of the execution, where dropping of the choice on the uncle [dHHaam] receive him Allah

in the martyrs, in order to the truck leads, and other person for practice chose on leadership of

the truck with him to avoid any transient, sight for fewness of number of the brothers who

leadership of the shippers improve.
Allah affords to the brothers obstacles of solver faces without practical execution for several

days, until sadness the brother the head about the invasion of tough sadnesses, and catechu to

leaves this responsibility of completeness saying: “had it not been for that I guilt accompanied

[maa] the matter be hard to this limit with the taking in the reasons”, and reached the

narrowness his of peak
Especially with approach of the ten the hereafter for month of blessed Ramadan. Fulfilled that

[aal'athnaa'] human being the brother of the head in several visions important her:
1- That the uncle Naim, the martyr first, saw that he his house take out from, so received him

his saying sister for him: To where you [dhaahb]?
Said: Lesson will instruct America will not his tennis, then convoy [Tyyaart] so if in my tower

of the commerce in front of him, hit him said: Interior in airmen in turning of the White House.
2- That one of the brothers the brother of the head saw sitting wall permits in front of, and the

wall of opening was in until if connection to: “witness that [mHmdaaAA] messenger Allah” cried,

so came him sharp the brothers from behind him and dress him “[Gtrh]” on headed him, so sight to

him and integral the ears.

3- That one of the brothers – and did not harbors order of the invasion teaches in - breath of

the building saw destroys and barbecues in him the disbeliever in entering motor; [faastbshr] the

all welfare.
At last; Change appointment of practical execution on the manner was complete who were complete

in him, and the brothers in their congregated prince where said: “indeed in the matter of sin nor

alternative to the repentance renew, so the intention be loyal to [w'akthrwaa] from

[aalaastGfaar], mouth hostel of calamity except in guilt and what raising except in repentance”,

then order in orientation motor to her goals, and kisses of the convoys Abu said Naim have mercy

him Allah: “any days Allah this today”? So said produced his: [aal'athnyn], said: “glory Allah,

invitation Allah to bestows me the testimony of day [aal'athnyn], Allah ask that is likewise”.
The convoy rushed and in the road several dignities updated, from her that he some check points

the in the road were to the dealing show from with her, and before arrival of the brothers to her

in meters rushs and the place leaves to caused not knows him except Allah, O God except the

praying to Allah for they of the road to make room [wye'aafyhm] from retardant.
Morocco fulfilled during call to prayer and with first [tkbyrt] where decreases passing in the

streets, progress blocked Abu Naim to big gap in the wall opens, then progress make brotherly him

the hero Abu [dHaam], in direction aimed him important, hotel ([e'shtaar] – Sheraton), and

[shaahd] the scientist all him view of fathers [dHHaam] and he the jinns return, tenacious not be

interested to shooting the during his penetration of the goal, not, yet maneuvers and advances

then returns, trier of avoidance some
The cementitious lumps in his road, and at last truck from a distance twenty meter from the goal

explodes his, and to photo of resemblance destroys in complete four ten story, while Abu destroys

[juhymaan] what Allah from hotel wanted (Palestine – [mrydyaan]), who concentrated on him the

information of the crucifixes, to losses in the hotel covers on his first, and to the jog

acknowledges reluctantly in volume of the disaster and ferociousness of the strike, after his

leakage of some the film on attacking from him.
To chose this goals of addition for her importance as nests for heads of the hamlet of which

reminded, for that the disbeliever succeeded somewhat in misleading of the people outside, and

delusion of the scientist that them dominant on their nests in the capital for administration of

matters of the countries from this areas which [DHnnwhaa] safe. That through preventing agencies

the news from coverage of walk of the battle which runs her the militants against [aalSSlybyyn]

in houses conceded family of Sunnis in length of the cities and her accident, so dropping of the

choice on beating their in turning Baghdad, falsity exposed for and the illusions which

circulates mass mediums the have fun, for coverage on truth of the incidents on the land.

Likewise destruction for soul the spirit for disbeliever and the apostates, through confessor

beating their chaste, which expected that she prohibitive their from sufferance Allah in this

Allah ask to martyrs in superior receives our [e'lyyyn], and promotes graded them stubborn his

you heads in the life promoted our, and to martyr brothers have mercy our, and forgives blamed

the attack on nest participated in [aalSSlybyyn], and Allah prayed rose and peace on Imam of the

militants of messenger Allah and on his family and his befriends ['ajme'yn]…

Big Allah of big Allah [wllh] the glory and for his messenger and for militants