Saturday, December 17, 2005

From Gaza with love, to Zarqawi

Seems the Gaza strip is pledging their alligence to Zarqawi. They feel badly that the Jordan families have disowned him, so they're willing to take him as their own. Isn't that special?

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym] praise be to God many the scientists and the prayer and

Al-Salam on the last Mustafa the guardian of the prophets and the senders represent us Mohammed peace be upon him and on his family and accompanied him ['ajme'yn] and in acne.
** from families and clans Gaza Strip to Sheikh of the prince Abu [mSe'b] [aalzrqaawy] **

To our ears informed on [fY] [aal'awnt] last [maaqaamt] in him group from “clans structures of goodness” on screens of the information and the papers and the magazines from announcing of the acquittal from you [yaa'amyr] the jihad after invasion of blessed hotels uncles, consequently
indeed us families Palestine especially denounce this coward verb [aaltY] stature in him group from traitorous and coward and special befriends the services of the advocates

For government the deserted Jordanian and your hands sought on that road of the jihad and the martyrdom walk on and continue [fY] the jihad on way represent us good Mohammed peace be upon him and the advances Ridwane Allah on them, and to [laathtmwaa] for these idiotic so you sons this great religion and you from the nation and her defend Izzat dignity [fY] the time [aaltY]
[txaadl] in him these
The traitors and the apostates from Arabic rulers and the muslims about victory this religion and the defense about Muslim widths and weakened [fY] Iraq and the skewers and Afghanistan and

Palestine [rGmaaAA] on nose all spiteful alkylated witnesses thereon [fY] [mshaarq] the land [wmGaarbhaa] that you nation of the jihad [fY] this time and blessing load them their the nation on your shoulder, so indeed renunciation about you the family

[waal'aqrbwn] so indeed us will not abandon about you and be soft punching say your said " structures Israel " to peace be upon him reigned Moussa you go and suggest doubt you so lethal ['inaa] here seated, yet punching say Allah walked on pool [w'aqre'waa] my doors of the jinns in skulls of the Jew and Al-Nassar and grandsons son of the colocynths [aal'andhaal], [y'amyr] the anginae and Allah indeed you you in blessing big and perhaps the some envies you on her [ly'nkm]

[fY] blessing of Rabat and the jihad [fY] way Allah and banner of the unification were easy under banners not under [aalqwmt] Arabic [aaltY] scab for nation [aalxzY] and the disgrace and Palestine and Iraq for Jew hand over and Al-Nassar my and the governments of the agent in all the regions established.

About obstacle Bin full so the: Peace be upon him heard messenger Allah says: “not gang from nations ends Allah fight on matter, mighty for their enemy, not damages them from contradicted them until the hour and they resulted thereon”. {see him muslim}

So we introduce you “maybe are [qlylY] the wounds hit you blood leave for to his article says” so to lead belief of the allegiance became and innocent in this days of stratification on the militants and not on jogs of the debt

Ah [yaa] nation of the Islam ['aykwn] [sydY] Bin Laden chaser. [waalnjs] the impurity elevated honored?
['aykwn] the militant strange. The immoral [aalzndyq] darling?
['ayHkm] on Ayman in the execution. Adulterer promotes for the knowledges?
['ayTaard] family [aalThr] and the purity. Family of the [fsq] and the singing celebrates in?
['atdns] page God-fearing the bone marrow. Page refines dissolute the foundlings?
['atshwh] photo Gaith refused. Grow up him the rabies [baallyth]?
['ayqtl] family of the jihad. Family of the decaying hand over?
['ahdhaa] way of the rationality? ['ahdhaa] way of the rationality? ['ahdhaa] way of the rationality?

Big Allah [wllh] the glory and for his messenger and insured helpers Al-Qaeda [fY] land Rabat families and clans Gaza Strip