Tuesday, December 13, 2005

HaCkErS aL AnSaR

It appears bomboyaircraft.com has been defaced and in it's place is a message from HaCkErS aL AnSaR. If you look at the page source you'll see that they changed the mailto: field to be osama.

I wonder if this is just the first of many or a one time deal.

Here's the text of the posting that led me to this:

This site of agent for crusaders and signed penetration magazine was complete [wllh] the Hamad

From here http://www.bombayaircraft.com/max/journal

[laatnswnaa] from [de'aay'km]

Here's the info on the defacement itself:


used to look like:



What it says now...

Big Allah

Signed penetration was complete [wllh] the Hamad

O God on you in the crusaders and their tails

O God their dammar and throw the horror in their hearts


O God not they airplane in the sky rebuffs for except dropped her

Nor ship in the sea not to drowned her

Nor tank in the land not to so occurred her

In your strength and appraized you [yaa] Aziz [yaa] strength


O God so as shackle shackle of the prisoners of war and tie on their hearts

O God grant victory from victory of the religion

Let down from disappointing of the religion


q_I_I I __ _ AL AnSaR __ _ q_I_I I Groups

HaCkErS aL AnSaR

Not [tnswnaa] from pure [de'aay'km]