Thursday, December 08, 2005

A martyrs will video?

Two things, it's hard for me to tell if this is a martyrs will video or several wills at once. Also, are these people dead already or are they getting ready to strike?

Tough to say..

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

([qaaatiluwhum] tortures them Allah in your hands and pierces them and grant victory you on them

[wayashfi] [Suduwra] people [muu ' miniyna])

Praise be to God of many the scientists, and the prayer and Al-Salam on Imam of the militants

Mohammed reigned, and on his family and accompanied him, and from straight way to Judgment Day walked on his.

[yaa] any her who believed truth feared Allah [tuqaath] nor die except and you muslims…
To already [tkaalbt] on us the nations and gathered [yHdwhaa] head of the evil and pioneer the

disbelieving gathering America, to attack on the nation uncovered Islamic (countries AlRafidayn)

[DHaanyn] that them [bqDaay'hm] on
The scum who was mists that [aale'ryn] wills [ytrbe'wn] their and their guilt, followers [ksrY]

and Caesar to dream realize ['asyaadhm] grandsons of the monkeys and the pigs [wyqsmwnaa]

countries [wyje'lwnaa] girl,
To are, [hyhaat]… [hyhaat]… mouth knew that them in their verb this the curtain removed

[w'amaaTwaa] [aallthaam] about [lywth] desiring Allah and his swords to [lqaay'hm] [lyshfwaa]

chest of people insured,
So quickly what their happy scene vanished and his curtain lowered to next soldier Allah in the

scene shines and go to extremes in them [tqtylaa], so and Allah will not calms to Allah enlist

pay attention and hills be soft to canal until the fingernail love in one of
[aalHsnyyn] either the victory and the empowering and either the testimony and the winning in

paradises of many the worlds, comprehending in right path Allah adhering and on road walking

followed, their clear invitation and their method between.

So indeed us brothers the militants in movement of Islamic Resistance and the walking in path of

the jihad entrust our with us in the coming orders:

1- [aalaae'tSaam] in the disinfecting Quran great and the age, and comprehending their on the way

who was on him lent this nation and their arbitration in all cases of the life.
2- The confirmation on belief of the allegiance and innocent and the invitation to grain Allah

rose and grain his messenger of peace be upon him.
3- The carefulness on group Muslim and unity spoke them on the truth and the distance about

passivities of the partiality which so Muslim thinness and did not their gathering yet distanced

them about Islamic serenity the brothers.
4- - education Muslim on their debt of the truth, and their invitation to the work in his

arbitrators and the sweetening in his virtuous persons and his literatures which they to Ridwane

explains in Allah rose and actualization for they of the happiness in the houses.
5- Presentation of the solutions legitimate for shapers the current modernity, and the grown-up

striving towards renewal Islamic life on method of the prophecy and rabbinic establishing society

and application governing of Allah in the land.
6- Liquidation [maa] life get stuck in conceded from the deviation on disagreement his of

appearances, and their warning from the novelties repudiated and the foreign cerebrations.

Nor forget that valuable blood Muslim at Allah, so not her permission be possible except in her

Lastly say:
This our will and the muslims call all to our assistant in load this loyalty to spreading of

immortal message the Islam in truthfulness of the brotherhood and serenity of the friendliness,

certain in victory of Allah and his empowering for his good slave.

Big Allah… big Allah… big Allah… [wllh] the glory and for his messenger and for insured
Consoled that big Allah following of folder in volume of 17 mica than his wanted endurance of

interjoining [aalHsbh] 12 mica consequently was complete [taaxyr] loading of the film hope from

[aal'ixwh] loading his in last sites and his width here likewise and be possible you Allah