Thursday, December 15, 2005

New Osama video out. Interview between OBL and a journalist

There are two postings at one site and multiple others I'm sure. I'll update with new links to the download as I get them. Tough for me to tell when it was done, but
thanks to Threat Matrix thread at (British Chick and Cindy) for leading me to this posting over at the Counterterrorism blog..

Please do note though that there has been talk for about a month now about a new video coming, so it's not a complete surprise.

All this led to finding the videos being put up by the jihadis. Anyhow, here's the two postings and the links to the video.

This he the meeting who the journalist of facilitation appoint as ruler on [e'lwny] in his reason in the jail for period of seven years, [maahw] this meeting and what house between journalistic facilitation [e'lwny] and the Sheikh Osama bin Laden?

Why the western scientist of the your feared civilized journalistic meeting calls from?
Why force of canal Al-Jazeera spreading this meeting?

How leakage of the meeting for canal of the CNN [aan] [aan] American and deficient spreading rose in his?

Why journalist imprisons founder works in informational remarkable like journalistic canal Al-Jazeera because of meeting?

[aas'alt] many her answer in spectator this wonderful meeting who smiling conserving the goal broadcasts [llmshaahdh] direct

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Prayer and peace on commander of the militants Mohammed reigned and on god and accompanied him and from followed them to Judgment Day either after to you lodg her

[aalaaxwh] the part second of meeting [e'lwny] with Sheikh graze him Bin Laden kept him Allah for conserving [aalmflm] [llmshaahdh] direct

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