Saturday, December 10, 2005

OBL's audio message is close in coming, new plan of action for AQ expected

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Sheikh Osama bin Laden sonic message directs close. Plan of action new for organization Al-Qaeda

Jerusalem – the country - moving since the war on Afghanistan between several states reminded

learned sources that leader of organization Al-Qaeda Osama bin Laden not far about the Afghan

lands, and that he the cure in place received what from lands of state Islamic without

acquaintance regime of the governing and the authorities in her.

Said where sources adducent from organization Al-Qaeda according to paper (the landmark) issued

in numbers Palestine occupied that Bin Laden rises firstly Powell on the renewing in the

scientist through reports from assistants for him widespread in number of states the world, and

that he occurs connections across limited from the messengers nor depends on the

communication-electronics, and discovered the sources that organization Al-Qaeda return

arrangement rows vacant his in Afghanistan, and entrusted leadership his to organization leading

from three persons his sharp their Afghan supervizes on the coordination with cells movement the

students meets commanders the organizations from where the goals and the financing and

occasionally the moving.
Addition of the sources that the financial financing not Al-Qaeda forms obstacle in front of

organization, and that there companies and men of operation and rich the financial supporting for

organization present in continuation, you that for rule her arrows and allotted her in some the

companies under names not promotes to her the doubtfulness.
The sources that organization confirmed Al-Qaeda month in the work on form started since acetic

for him in military rows the devices and the wish in some the states, and request to this cells

in lack of the moving in the stage current. To the instructions waits thereby, receiver, you the

organization in establishing of armed groups succeeded secret not endurance name of organization

Al-Qaeda, in number of the countries. The organization depends and across intermediaries on

companies of selling of the weapons in the Black Market.
The difficult sources operations of specificity expected executes her cells of the organization

in Afghanistan, and states members in the union were Soviet previous and some the Arabic states

from between her African internationalized in north of.
The sources that organization say Al-Qaeda failure acknowledges in his in [twyr] and enlarging

range his operations in the kingdom of Arabic Saudi Arabia, other than that commanders

[aaltmDHym] say that Riyadh did not succeeds until Alan in status of program
Accurate for struggle of the organization and that she any Saudi Arabia did not status her of

hand on all the points manages after from which from want her plucking out vacant the

organization where some the points relation have fun and connected in areas outside the kingdom.
The sources discovered about that Osama bin Laden eight from assistants chose his, for leadership

of the organization, four their widespread blessing in different arenas and two his hardheads

evaluate and two on direct relation with him by means of messengers
Their communications in form permanent between Bin Laden and between those assistants, and signal

of the sources to that Osama bin Laden, his assistants ended with new make a plan to did and

installation of the organization the work will start in her in coming beginning the year, and

that leader the organization of son Laden televised word during the little weeks of the comer in

the roadsign will direct only, and maybe returns that to that Bin Laden already other than from

prepared him after [aaxtfaay'h].
The sources that the doctor make sure Ayman Al-Zawahiri informational position the adviser for

organization assumes and his leader Bin Laden and that he not evaluates with him.
Allah know.


Bring good news you Allah in thousand welfare of brothers in Allah O God seats the throw of jump

of the feet

Great Allah swore in who the sky with no intent promoted will not America softens and for

security America in the security lives in before to live him reality in Palestine and before that

graduation armies of the hamlet from land Mohammed peace be upon him
O God Abd christianize your Osama O God christianize him in your victory and ascribe him [be'zk]

and support him in soldier from stubborn your O God seats threw him turning jumped his and

greenhouses his of arrow O God faithful


Your cutting Allah welfare of brothers O God our Sheikh keep grazed him O God seats strikes of

the militants