Wednesday, December 21, 2005

US forces arrest Iraq's Interior Minister Bayan Jabr Solagh

Bayan Jabr Solagh has been arrested this morning on charges of torture. Although I can't find any english news sources yet, I did find an informative article from yesterday in english that you can read here

Otherwise, here's the posting

Forces of the occupation arrested American this morning interior minister of the designating Iraqi from before her and leading in legion of full moon “statement of forcing [SwlaaG]”.

[nql] of correspondent “thinker of the Islam” about special sources that the detention purpose of the investigation in case of torture came for Iraqi interior Sunnis in jails.

Comes that one day after attack of the American ambassador Khalil increased him on the minister [SwlaaG], and delicious my who accused him in her in sectarian and the criminality.

From his side correspondent of the occurrence on official statement from one of of officers tried our interior except that he did not manages, descriptive status of the ministry now in the anarchist after that news.

Will come you in any latest developments around the subject of situation be available her, indeed Allah wanted rose… [mnqwwwwwwwwl]

[mdrY] news [HqyqY] nor movie [hndY] as always (pardon of movie [aamrykY]).