Thursday, March 17, 2005

New AQ site

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also a new jihad sound site

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

2 groups give their allegiance to AQ

The anger brigades and Al Mdaeni 's battalions declare the joining to the Al-Qaeda Network


Witnesses : two groups from the groups of the Iraqi resistance declared, in a statement that was spread on the Internet, that they decided the joining to the organization of the jihad rule in Mesopotamia, and he is what be considered a response for the call that the Al-Qaeda Network leader Osama Ben Ladin shot before several months, and in it Abu Mosaab Al Zarkoi 's appointment a prince to the Al-Qaeda in Iraq declared, and called on the resistance men for the hearing and the obedience of it .

And the group of the brigades of the Islamic anger said that it joined Organization of Jihad's Base in the Country of the Two Rivers execution of an entrustment from Allah and its prophet with the seeking for the unity and the intimidation of Allah enemies . And a statement of the group clarified that it pledged the loyalty to Al-Zarqawi and that it obeys it and obeys it for better or worse and that it does not calm down or submits . And the statement added that the group will go on the jihad way and will not abandon it or the fight till that Allah sharia rules the homeland and the people .

And in the context itself, Abu Al Yaman Al Mdaeni 's battalions said that their fighters work in Salman Pak region southeast of Baghdad and pledged the loyalty also to Al-Zarqawi . And Ben Laden appointed the Al-Qaeda Network leader Al-Zarqawi a deputy of him in Iraq after the pledge of the Jordanian of the loyalty to Ibn Laden in October and the name of his group changed the monotheism and the jihad to Organization of Jihad's Base in the Country of the Two Rivers .

On the other hand, the Al-Qaeda Network in Mesopotamia declared its responsibility about setting a double ambush to the American occupation forces in Al Amel District in Mousel City, in the north of Iraq, where the explosion of a car bomb took place at the passage of an American group, which led to a killing and the injury of a number of the American soldiers, and during doing the American forces of the transfer of dead and injured, the explosion of a second car bomb took place .

And in another statement, the group declared its responsibility about targeting a patrol of the National Guard by a car bomb in the region of the glorified door near El Rasafa district in Baghdad

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Monday, March 14, 2005

A map of the coming AQ operations.


A map the operations of the coming Al-Qaeda


Some presents the next question : what he is the Al-Qaeda Network future ؟ and what she is the coming operations؟
And for the answer I say that the Al-Qaeda Network future is a promising shining future after the Arab regimes went bankrupt and the another one of mulberries leaf ceased to exist against it and they became naked that a thing does not conceal them in front of their nations, and the lie of Palestine liberation that was Ttrdha fell when they were throwing all their opponents that they are agents of the Mossad and Cai and they hinder the liberation of Palestine, all of the masks and the falseness and the lying have fallen and the people knew their truth except from a blind the Allah of their insights, knew that they are betraying Allah and to its messenger and to pro-crusaders the Islam and the Muslims drowned in the swamp of treason and collaboration, and was the greatest scandal systems he is Saloul 's family system that was claiming that it is the country of the monotheism, by it if he takes refuge in the adulterer American recruits !! Any country an unification this that the adulterer American recruits protects ؟ ؟ !!

As for the operations of the coming Al-Qaeda then who follows up a thought and the militants in the Al-Qaeda Network operations it can know the answer that is summarized in the statement of sheikh Abu Abdullah Osama Bin Mohamed Bin Laden that said : I swear by the great Allah who raised the sky without an intention that America will not dream and no who lives in America with the security before we live it an ongoing in Palestine and before they yield all unbelieving armies from Mohamed 's land peace be upon him, and Mohamed 's land peace be upon him it is not the Arabian Peninsula only but she is all Muslims land, then the target is hitting the American power through directing strong blows to the joints of their economy in addition to its sinking into the swamps of the attrition wars as Iraq and Afghanistan, and the coming operations will focus on the achievement of this target through :

A greatest operation inside America
A group of operations against the American forces and the American interests and the allies with them are from Arabs and others .

And for the greatest operation that will be God willing inside the American lands and that its date approached after it passed on an operation 11 / 9 / 2001 the blessed three years and four months and she is a sufficient opportunity of the American nation so that it repeats its look and its thought, but it did not do and therefore, the coming hitting will be strong and not traditional to a greatest amount of rhythm the material and human losses in a message to the American nation and she is that its government failed in its protection and she is unable that, and that it will not dream of the security under the continuation of the crusade project and the criminal policy to its government against the Muslims .

And the sheikh Abu Abdullah has sent a group of messages to the American nation that their last was the message that he sent before the presidential American elections and that said for them in them : your security is not but Kerry or Bush or the Al-Qaeda your security is in your hands you and he has suspended some of the fools and the fools : ( that the sheikh retreated from his convictions and started following a political way ), and this comment is resulting from their understanding for a politics that they are related to the submission and the submission and the concessions 's offering of the crusaders and the abandonment of the constants, as for the policy that he follows the militants then they do not understand them then the militants exercise the political work since a long time as exercise the jihad and media work, then any organization can not restrict to the military action but he should exercise the political and media work, and the organization that can not mix between them can will not achieve his targets, and therefore they scheduled Madrid explosions with the Spanish elections, as that the sheikh sent a message to the American nation before a short time who started the American elections, and this message is a warning and warning and a call to the American nation for the change of his government policy before the torture befalls them the result of their silence and their acceptance on the crimes that their government carry out, and she is the last message or before the

And for hitting that will dwell in the American forces and their interests and the allies with them then she consists in :

First : the exhaustion of the American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan through the escalation of the operations against them with the repayment of more hitting painful to them .

A second : hitting the American interests in the world countries and on their head the oil facilities in Arab Gulf area and that represent the life artery of the American economy, and hitting the oil facilities were not a declared target from but it was an existing target, but the avoidance of the statement takes place about it until the sheikh Abu Abdullah has called publicly to shooting the oil facilities, that will result from their hitting of several results from them :

1. The affliction of the damage on the American economy is the result of the rise of the oil prices, as that the success of the militants in pieces part of the oil supplies will reduce the oil shown in the world market and this will lead to the cutting off of part of the oil supplies about the American economy and the world market, and this will lead to a great damage by the American economy in addition to America 's loss of the control on the oil markets that control it throughout the control of the international supply and demand through the insinuations and the orders of its followers in the Gulf and specially Saloul 's family system the apostate .

2. Hitting the oil interests will embarrass America in front of the world countries that will make sure that America is unable on securing the oil supplies as claims, and therefore, these countries will try securing their needs herself away from America of what it will lead to economic and political losses to America .

3. Hitting the oil interests will lead to they lost America the confidence in the ability of their slaves in the Arabian Peninsula on the protection of their interests and consequently they will carry out the attempt of the protection of the oil facilities by their forces which requires the exit of their forces from their holes from inside their rules by the Gulf and the depth of the Arabian Peninsula and their direct skirmish with the citizens of what it will lead to the increase of these systems scandal that will submit to all America requests specially and that the Americans will come to the madness stage after targeting their oil interests of what an establishment will facilitate a new front and sinking America into a new swamp that will be severer than Iraq swamp and Afghanistan .

This is the operations map towards America and its interests, or towards the allies with it, the hitting will be an expression about assassination operations to the tops of regimes and police officers, and it consists in the assassination of some presidents and the kings in addition to an assassination a number of the undertakings the security matters as the intelligence officers, who form in their countries what resembles the mafia gangs, then they beside their security work drowned in the corruption disregarded about it the in return for of their loyalty to the regime top and therefore, targeting these will be a strong blow to these regimes, and the militants in the Al-Qaeda Network conscious therefore, and therefore training units took place from the militants in the preparation camps in Afghanistan on doing the assassination operations, as that the militants carried out in year 2001 Ahmad Shaah Masoud 's assassination that was assassination it political work and strategic, then Ahmad Shaah Masoud its time has come after the control of Taliban Movement of Mazar-Esharif and Qnzs state and the completion of the control on 95 % of Afghanistan lands, while Ahmad Shaah Masoud was controlling 5 % of Afghanistan and its presence was hindering the peace process and the security in Afghanistan as hinders the transfer of the jihad operations to Central Asia region and especially in all from : Tajikistan that the Russian forces devastated and prevented ا

And the emir of the believers Al Molla has called - Muhammad Omar - Ahmad Shaah Masoud is several times to sparing the blood and the delivery of his weapon and the homage of the Islamic emirate, but he refuses and he demanded by a share of the referee in addition to staying a Mlishiath ( oh that a country is inside the country ), and this what the emir of the believers refused, then Massoud has cooperated with the rejecting and the communists in Afghanistan and the rejecting in Iran and the Hindus and the Americans and the Russians and the French and the Europeans and went in an European tour that carried out in him the incitement to the Islamic emirate and the Arab militants, and therefore the order of his clarification was on the request of the sheikh Abu Abdullah then the execution took place as he is known, then Massoud sold his religion by his world and became representing a danger under the American war to the militants, then if he remained alive he was would exploiting his experience and his military cleverness for the service of America against the militants in Afghanistan .

And therefore she will be the coming assassination operations operations serve a political and strategic target and pours into hitting the American project through targeting who America tries the dependence on them for the making a success of their project, and Saloul 's family regime devours the list of the targeted systems in the Arabian Peninsula and Al Lambark system in Egypt and the regime in Jordan in addition to the America's agents in Iraq from a rejecting and others, and targeting these systems and the agents it will incite America to the attempt of the preservation on them from the fall and the search for persons they continue the collaboration, and this requires a time that will indulge in the arrangement of those regimes situations that Stnkfi to the inside and their activity in the service of the American project will stop in Palestine and the represented in the pressure on the resistance movements and the provision of support and coverage to the traitors in offering the concessions to the enemy and the submission to it and therefore then with targeting the symbols of these returned systems it will lose America their agents who serve their policy and seek the making a success of their plans as that they will deprive with targeting the intelligence officers an important source from the information sources, in addition to the protection that these provide to the American interests in the region .

And God willing will is the * * * * High Bin Abd the English are Saloul 's family at the top of the targets then he is for him a difficult consideration at the militants, as the regime top will be in Egypt on the targets list and will not can * * * a single is his rescue from his inevitable fate God willing, I have seen in him a frank vision in his death that will change the table at the top of his crusade masters and his role stops Al Khiani in Palestine .

This is for the Arab systems and part Aziz remains from the Islamic land and he is the captive Palestine that the unbeliever Mahmoud Abbas Mirza who does not keep speaks now in their Baha'i name until the Chapter of the Opening, as that the * * * * the ones who served the monkeys brothers and the * * * * * * throughout Oslo years they were still alive, and a revenge lives Ayyash and Mohieddin Al Sherif and Adel Awadallah and all of the martyrs who were killed by these traitors were still waiting that he takes it until the believers issuing Chtfi from the blood of the criminal traitors that their affiliation to Palestine will not protect, then the traitors have not ratios and their reward a favour and specially * * * ي Zion is Dahlan and Al Rajoub, and a message is to Palestine people organizations and individuals on them that they take the lesson into Ahmad Shaah Masoud and Burhanuddin Rabbani and Sayyaf who their fight of the Russians did not save from them a thing after they returned and allied with the rejecting and the crusaders against the militants, then the Islam and the takeover of the oppressors do not meet, and does not gather us by the criminal traitors a brotherhood at all, and a people became miserable that left their order of my beauty .
To they resolve their matter and so that they choose Allah and its messenger and the Islam and Palestine or these criminal traitors from Palestinians and Arabs .

Translated into the interest is to the writer Abdullah a Muslim

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Statement from AQ in Iraq to AQ in Saudi

Bunch of babble as far as I'm concerned.


A statement from the Al-Qaeda Network is in Mesopotamia to its brothers the Al-Qaeda Network in the two Holy Mosques countries


In the Name of Allah, the Benificent, the Merciful

Oh Allah the throw aimed that the feet jumped

The praise of Allah the Lord of the Worlds and the consequence of the pious and no aggression except on the oppressors, and the prayer and the greeting on the militants imam our prophet Mohamed and on its family and its friends as a wholes .

As for till now :

Our hearts with you O the brothers of belief and jihad in Mohamed 's island peace be upon him, then you go on your jihad and Allah with you and not the Ytrkm of your works, then you are the religion protectors and the right supporters and the monotheism knights, you have supported us in your standing against the agents of Jews and Christians from Saloul 's family and it recruited them, then you withstand and be patient you Allah guided your throw and supported you with its support and its support

And whatever the countries became far but your bullets are she our bullets and one of our leaders from and Allah has said that we with our fight in Mesopotamia defend Holy Mecca then the cross slaves purpose and their dream that they eliminate the Muslims and they hit the militants on their own ground as the militants hit them on their own ground .He how far that how far then we make taste them the misfortunes thank God that rose

And Allah of them by the observation and will bestow on them their cunning of only Khsara, and Mesopotamia of what they entered overturned on them volcanoes boil and boils over praise be to God and the favor .

O the belief brothers in Mohamed 's island peace be upon him Allah Allah in your religion and your fight is Allah Allah in the advice of your prophet peace be upon him they brought the polytheists out of the Arabian Peninsula, then this Mohamed 's will had you not you answered the messenger .

From he wanted the arrival to Mesopotamia then Halla district by it is a generous brother between its family and its brothers from emigrants and supporters, and who not could then on it with stationing the ports in the two Holy Mosques land then the duty a Sharia it pushed the polytheists and the unbelievers and their dismissal from the Place of Revelation from Mohamed 's land peace be upon him

And does in the killing of an unbeliever he consult one of, then you do not leave our square and they formed for us an aid that Allah helped with Nasr and the enabling

Oh Allah the clouds course is the religious school house the Conqueror of the parties defeat America and their customers in the Arabian Peninsula defeat them and shook them and support us against them

Oh Allah on you by the tyrants of Arabs and non-Arab oh Allah taking them capable noble taking the May God grant us victory you that promised O an alive O an Eternal

And the Allah is the greatest Allah is the greatest and to the honour Allah and to its messenger and to the militants

Monday 4 / from the zero of the agreeing 1426 14 / 3 / 2005

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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Missle attack on US base in Samarra

Again, Islam Intellectual


The wildest is two months ago ..An unprecedented missile attack hits the American base in the west of Samarra
Sunday 2 zeros 1426 H - 13 March 2005 AD updated of 1 : 05 AD in the local time of Mecca

The Islam intellectual [ is special ] : the Iraqi resistance launched today Sunday a missile attack it was described that it is unprecedented that targeted the headquarters of the American occupation forces in the west of Samarra city the located in the north of the capital Baghdad .

The mentioned rule has been exposed at eighth in the morning by the local time, for the bombardment in about 42 Mortar Shell it targeted all Al-Qaeda axes .

And the Islam intellectual correspondent in Samarra said : the bombardment resulted in the rise of terrific fires so that it enabled the city peoples its watching from the street without the ascension to the surfaces of their houses, as the dense plumes of smoke rose and the fire flames at a distance of are estimated at about 20 metres, and heard also the explosions sounds that destroyed the glass of the most of houses located at a distance of a single kilometer about from the Al-Qaeda .

And our correspondent pointed that more than of 15 American helicopters hovered over the American base, where it has transferred tens of bodies and the injured from the place under the sight of the city peoples all, and the transfer operations continued about the hour and the half Zhaba and a return and up and down from and to the Al-Qaeda .

This, and until now any authority did not declare its responsibility about the operation that is considered from the wildest missile attacks that afflicts an American base all over Iraq since about a month

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F-16 hit with a surface to air missle?

Another one from Islam Intellectual. Take it for what it's worth.


The Iraqi resistance an American fighter gets to F kind 16 by a missile is in a country
Sunday 2 zeros 1426 H - 13 March 2005 AD updated of 1 : 59 AD in the local time of Mecca

The Islam intellectual [ is special ] : the elements of the Iraqi resistance could injure fighting American plane from F kind 16 in the sky of Balad city located at a distance of about 70 km in the north of the capital Baghdad .

And the correspondent of the American fighting Islam intellectual has watched that the fires burn in its back parts only, and that at a distance of not distant from the earth surface .

And the Islam intellectual correspondent clarified that one of Iraqi resistance groups and she is the Salafi Abu Bakr brigades have declared its responsibility about the injury of the American fighting after its targeting by surface-to-air missile from Sum 's kind 9 making Russian .

And our correspondent said : the injured American fighting has deviated to outside Balad city and she is in residence state to the land, while the eyewitnesses confirmed that the fighting set could descend by an umbrella near the existing American base in the west of a country .
And the Islam intellectual will give you by the developments another one around this operation God Willing the present of its availability from its present correspondent in Salah Al-Din 's governorate .

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South Korean Iraq base attacked

Not sure if AQ is claiming this one, or if someone else is. Please note that even the jihadis have a hard time believing The Islam Intellectual.


The its first of its kind ..A missile attack hits the southern Korean forces base in Arbela


The Islam intellectual [ is special ] : the Iraqi resistance launched a missile attack, targeted the military base belonging to the southern Korean forces in Arbela city in the north of the capital Baghdad .
And eyewitnesses to the Islam intellectual correspondent in Arbela reported, that the mentioned rule was exposed to shooting four missiles of surface-to-surface from Katyusha kind, where the dense plumes of smoke were watched they rise from the place .
And the correspondent pointed that he heard the rumble of two explosions inside the Al-Qaeda that followed the missile bombardment, while the Korean occupation forces shot the warning sirens and the forces of the Iraqi police and the Peshmerga were watched the Kurdish he heads for the Al-Qaeda place, as American helicopters hovered over the place circumference .
This, and he did not become possible for our correspondent of knowledge the size of the losses that the Korean occupation forces suffered until now, and considers this attack he the his first of its kind on the Korean forces since their arrival at Iraq .

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Unmanned spy plane downed by AQ

At least that's what they're claiming, and there's a video.


The Al-Qaeda Network in Mesopotamia a tape presents dropping an American spy plane


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Explosive site

At least this is one of those sites where they keep their information on how to make explosives, etc.


In the Name of Allah, the Benificent, the Merciful
AlSalam Alaykoum and Allah and its blessings had mercy on it

..With your reading of this file you recognized consequently ..
1- For God's sake they used these files except while satisfies Allah Glory be to Him .
2- We call as witness Allah that we are free the one who uses these files in other than the satisfaction of an Allah Glory be to Him .
3-The non use or the files contents try it by your isolated and you must the severe caution very specially with the explosives and the chemical substances
4- The non the use of these files against yes an accepted and witness Allah we are free the one who does that .

And finally ... She put these files to the interest for spreading the good between the Muslims and their preparation for the jihad then avoided Allah in us and in yourselves and sought the caution and no they advanced a grilling except after the seeking guidance and the consultation of the people of wisdom and the sound opinion then the devil in the sons of Adam the bloodstream takes place and it may master water idea then the one sets out for them motivated by the enthusiasm and this is the danger eye .... Finally ask Allah if it guides us and you to what loves and it is pleased and that it guides our steps and that it grants us a certificate in its sake next and not economical that it is guardian that and he capable of it glory be to and AlSalam Alaykoum and Allah and its blessings had mercy on it ....

The illustrated Abdullah Zu Al Bgadin encyclopedia
Styles and suggested ways for the camouflage of the charges

The mines the bombs the explosive missiles
The industry of Al-Qassam Missiles
The security and the intelligences
The explosion by the mobile
The hollow fillings
The poisons
Al Karteh
The explosives
The explosives
The sensitive explosives
The explosives are in the European markets and their appendicies
The explosives
The physical collar
A tactic
Directing and military advices to the militants
The cities' war
Security lessons
A simplified explanation of the way of the shooting of R.b.g- weapon 7 ) )
The industry of an Al Rmout
The industry of the weapon
The industry of the shots the lead
The industry of popular bombs
The making of charges and bombs
A making hiding a gun
A local charge
Military sciences
The kidnapping art
How she brings the explosive devices
How she becomes a military commander
Istrtigia the militants
Mojahed 's manners
Aids and warnings
The organized ideas according to the beneficiaries to 100
The sport before the jihad
The trigger
The charges and the temporary ones
The mayor is in the preparation of the equipment
The payer explosives
The dividing explosives
The explosives are half the sensitive
The biggest weapon encyclopedia
The physical collar

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