Saturday, May 28, 2005

Japanese contractor, Akihiko Saito, killed by terrorists

This came via the ansar-jehad mailing list.

I don't know what happened exactly, we see Mr. Saito's personal belongings, passport etc. Then we see Mr. Saito lying on the group surrounded by blood apparently dead. As the tape continues to roll though, you realize the poor man is alive. If the timestamp on the video is real, this man was alive in this condition for hours. Sick bastards.

Japanese killing who was complete rejoice him on hand the militants of the heroes of west Iraq

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

Praise be to God of many the scientists, and the prayer and Al-Salam on Imam of the militants, and on god and accompanied him ['ajme'yn] as for after

Departing this forces so stature the forces in evacuating all bodies deserted, and when returned to him after departing the forces found him dead from puppies bleed him the blood this she summary event capture Japanese

In permission Allah rose will be this she end all from the American forces in her war of the crusader against the Islam assigns and qualified him, and big Allah [wllh] the glory and for his messenger and for insured

Allah prayed on represent us Mohammed and on his family and accompanied him and peace

The military organization to boiled helpers of Sunnis
20/ Spring second/1426
28/ May/2005

For watching of the tape hopes the next entering on the ties

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Friday, May 27, 2005

Missle fight west of Baghdad?


Intense row rocket rule targets “eye blocked” the American in [aalbGdaady]

Thinker of the Islam [special]: The Iraqi resistance of noon raided today rocket Friday attacks rule of the American forces in city targeted [aalbGdaady] happening west of the capital Baghdad.

Pondered eyewitness for correspondent of the Islam confirmed in [aalbGdaady] that 10 missile [mwrtr] and 7 [Swraayx] from kind as repellent tumble on rule “eye blocked” American, and lowness your at the hour 1:30 evening in the timing sweetened, of which burning of the fires inside Al-Qaeda performed to, while subsidiary explosions echoed, and dense withdrawal the smoke of sky of the city covered on after brittle who relationship the half of hour continued.

Brittle heel, fighter stature the American and the helicopters in the flight in sky of the city, while did not correspondent from specification of volume of the losses inside Al-Qaeda manages our except that he indicated until the American soldiers inside Al-Qaeda brittle case from the terror puppies hit in.

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Al-Queda and Zarqawi

This post is long and a tough read but has some good insight into their thinking. It goes over the good and bad things of the mess this week in regards to the Al-Zarqawi news.


Slowness any her [aalmtxrSwn]. Indeed her rule of the jihad and sufficed. (buzzard of the jihad)

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

Slowness any her [aalmtxrSwn]. Indeed her rule of the jihad and sufficed.

[maade'aanY] for writing he abundance the analyzes [aaltY] spread and the statements [aaltY] released. After spreading of the department [aal'ie'laamY] for organization seated the jihad in cities AlRafidayn for news of injury our of grain and crown the prince Sheikh of the militant headed refused Musab Al-Zarqawi.

Differed this analyzes and the statements and the commentaries. Between beauty mark [mtshmt] on Sheikh and the militants. [wmrjf] sinking sun Al-Qaeda after injury her informs close to of commander [wHaadY] rode her. Third [qaa'] [maafY] his declared interior of American termination lie brand her Al-Zarqawi Kent from reasons invasion of weak Iraq. [hdhaaklh] was [fY] side.

On the last side unified Hezbollah was.
The militants their of blessing and the supporters.
So Al-Khobar in the patience received.
Tongue their of solver and their article say him rose {who if ['aaSaaabathum] misfortune [qaaaluwaa] ['iinnaaa] [lillhi] [wa'iinnaaa] to him [raaajie'wna]} [aalbqrt]156.
So Allah on all solver praised and retrieved [wHwqlwaa]. Were patient. Yet announcing their of stop with Sheikh of the militants hurried to and their order followed [fY] his ordeal and his injury.
[wllh] the doctor revolve [aal'islaamY] where take right and the misfortune [aaltY] blackness turning all monotheist for invitation of the brothers of the militants [fY] [baaqY] the disbelieving groups of the militant to announcing of the condensation and the stop with angina [wnHaar] deserted…
[wmmrG] nose American Sheikh refused Musab Al-Zarqawi kept him Allah rose. Hereby news injury our Sheikh of income for Saleh of the invitation and the jihad is not you explore him [aalmxdhlwn] [aalmrjfwn]. Attenuant for resolve and harmful our [b'infraaT] the knots.

To are [lY] direction [nDHrY] special [aaltY] show her [fY] the subject and on according to [e'lmY] [waaTlaae'Y]. On despotic [aaltY] thinking in her rule of the jihad and deals in her with the occurrences. Put her between support you [le'lhaa] dismounts something from [Tlaasm] the occurrence [aaldhY] perceived for him hearts unified and sound befriends the instinct [wsaalt] for him tears of the lovers. The her yearners for return of the nation to Izzat.

Question mind occurs for with dropping Al-Khobar: Is Al-Qaeda in spreading mistook her consequently Al-Khobar??

[aalmtbaadr] for mind that the divisions [aal'ie'laamY] error mistook gross.
In spreading his for news injury their of prince and their commander.
Yet gold of the brothers to loading of the brothers in the department [aal'ie'laamY] for accountability about the their chaos the event of result for spreading Al-Khobar.
[wlaayxfY] volume of the corruptions resulting hereunto Al-Khobar whether on the level [aalmydaanY] and his effect on spirits of the militants.
Or on the side [aal'ie'laamY] and he strike inquired for good occupied the American forces.
Her effect on spirits of the Islamic people [aaltY] eagerness look forward in [wlhft] to the brothers christianize [fY] Iraq. To refute this allegation and Najib on the question acquaintance be necessary [aalEEtY]: -

Firstly: -

Upright on the vow [aal'ie'laamY] for seated the jihad possess all qualified [aaltY] manage them from administration of battle in volume of the occurrence (and he news injury of Sheikh refused Musab Al-Zarqawi).
Nor indicate thereon from resistance their in spite of the siege and in spite of the war operations [aaltY] confronts her the cruciferous brothers from several fronts so blessing of front to front of the guard [aalwthnY] and the rejectors and the policemen of the agent.
To front of the line fifth of [aalmndsyn] and the agents. Jumps of the brothers [fY] the divisions [aal'ie'laamY].
Comprehending for nature of the battle informs about [wmaatHtaajh] from necessary [wGstraatyjyaat] and tactics.
For that the high goodness see [aaltY] be distinguished in her their audible issuances and legible.
The evolution [aal'ie'laamY] astounding [aaldhY] walk of the operations accompanies field [btwaalY] the statements and cutters of the operations [aaltY] information of the crucifix exposes yet and until the canals of the agent [aaltY] accepted [bxaaynt] the creed and the nation [fY] opposite accepted alpine black [aal'amrykY] and suggest doubt him.

Secondly: -

This from the importance in place. All us blessed operation Al-Mahya mentions and what resulted in him from astounding results.
To seated plateau that information of the jihad are and on headed him Sheikh Issa [aale'wshn] have mercy him Allah rose.
Decided that [yHnwaa] headed them for stormy informational [aaltY] the occurrence accompanied. [wmaaSHbhaa] from crippled legal opinions and crippled stressing of the sultan came out under.
Shade of blackout fulfilled ['ie'laamY] deliberate to liable wiping out truth in practical.
Until if ['ijtme't] all the comparable with and the reply on her and elements attraction the attention and seizing of the lights spreading of tape of full moon Riyadh.
[aaldhY] shook brown family [slwl] [aal'ie'laamY] and shaking their of credibility. Not family of Al-Jazeera so according to say at yet all muslim cases of the nation continues and feel pain have fun.
Hereby last debt reason that the department congregates for [aal'ie'laamY] maybe strike arranges for directs her for information [aal'amrykY] [waalSlybY].
I here not uncovering umbilical cord for surnames of closeness of sight ['ixwaanY] unified to important point omit her at shock of the occurrence.
[whY] despotic investment of the occurrence for good our with that he [fY] apparent his against us or coffee damages (or [maaySTlH] on him in politics convoys of the wave) return followed for this point.

Thirdly: -

Daughter-in-law American filth the game indicated for [waaltY] rubbing [fY] vestibules of Central Intelligence Agency, the war mental your reminded [fY] previous saying and his politics [fY] her exhaustion anger of the people and pulling [llrkD] behind occurrences makes her pants and depletes endured her for pure her about field of the battle [aalHqyqY].
Until [laayDHhr] [e'waar] [aaljndY] [aal'amrykY] [aalmnhzm] mental.
Weak and worn out [aaldhY] waits hit him last and he sways to falls.
Nor indicate thereon from operation ([aalmaatdwr]) [aaltY] her direction for city dear Al Qaim of Allah in his victory.
[waaltY] was it is assumed that falls in her the militants under pressure of American strikes agitated.
To are [aaldhY] occurrence counter to all visions of the commanders military American and visions and their detach their accounts.
So they the bull and the their became militants from the strikes directs.
In praising Allah rubbish of the bull rose [aal'amrykY].
To mental department the war of seizing of the visions are [fY] the instant last to falling of the bull.
In her dismissal to scandal of dirtying Holy Quran..[thm] after her to photos Saddam [aale'aarY] [fY] his prisoner [waaltY] represented for many strike of directed for dignity (Arabic) [fY] one of her of symbols.
Al-Qaeda in spreading her for news injury her of commander the carpet from the information pulled [aal'amrykY] yet made him [fY] confusion Al-Khobar waits her justification of Al-Qaeda for spreading.
Until that the surprise reins of commanders of the army [aal'amrykY] who were [ytbaarwn] [fY] releasing their of statements in happy and helpful injury and killing for Sheikh [aalzrqaawY] kept him Allah rose.
Until if came [maayfrHhm] and he injury their enemy enemy hit them left-handed the comprehending and palace of the sight to end Al-Qaeda came from organization himself.
[fY] informational strike distinguished [fY] suitable time.

Did not calculates American account have fun not from where the timing nor from where the occurrence and the side [aaltY] released him. [w'ae'jbnY] part from saying his sharp books of the brothers said in him: -

Organization Al-Qaeda today collective leakage to the feeling for nation [lywjjhhaa] towards important… injury gentleman of youths of the militants in first Iraq of the tyrannical interest suits disobeyed [jlaaaadyh] after obey them to tall pledge.

Fourthly: -

['istTaae'] the divisions [aal'ie'laamY] in this blow successful accumulation of hearts Muslim around commanders of the jihad nor indicate thereon from to get excited the million from Muslim in the praying for Sheikh refused Musab Al-Zarqawi in urgent the cure and his keeping for jihad cruciferous.
Breath the time of dismissal of the attention about Saddam could in and portrayed him bare.
To situation commander the militants and making of the people waits and awaits ['aY] news with regard to solver of Sheikh healthy and this victory ['ie'laamY] new.
Al-Qaeda then overwhelming in her reputation and reputation her of commander and prevented him healthy.
Grow self method of America when suit followed heard her for the sake of dismissal of the vision about battle Al Qaim.
This measuring with the disparity.
For that men Al-Qaeda know that this adventurer habituation wills on them in the plentiful gain and that their case the case will remain first important the occupier tried [aalSlybY] dismissal of the visions about her and wiping out her of truth.

Fifth: -

His organization gained of Al-Qaeda in spreading consequently big Al-Khobar credibility [fY] selves of the people until the your enemies arrived [fY] some the analyzes and the statements.
For that them hereby announce that them not Allah worship except rose.
That injury their of commander and their Sheikh or until martyrdom his will not double them about continuation their of road yet stimulates them on the propelling of foot. Towards the goal [aaldhY] ['ixtTh] to love and swallow you his blood to his investigation postpone.

Sixth: -

All [maasbq] confirms truth her be soft of moral that for seated the cup [aalme'lY] [fY] administration her of war against the crucifix and his family and blessing and important.
Confirms other truth be soft [hY] height of heel upright on the divisions [aal'ie'laamY] for organization Al-Qaeda [fY] the comprehending and estimate the orders and account of the profit and the loss [fY] the situations and the news [aaltY] spread her.
That them qualified for important [aaltY] entrusted to them. That them will obstruct this mouth and will not fall behind about him or [ytxaadhlwaa] [maadaamt] in them extremism assigned.

After this ['ixwaanY] generous indeed liquid will punch why Al-Khobar spread. What want from behind him so answered them [bshy'] of which antecedence perhaps in him rich. Indeed came you [mrHf] [mxdhl] or [mtxrS] [raajm] in the absence. .[fqwlwaa] for him slowness indeed her rule of the jihad and sufficed.

With this Al-Qaeda wait statement so in him the statement of the chapter

O God learning of I our Sheikh like refuse Musab and make [nHwrnaa] without [nHrh]. [wlaayhn'a] worn our and lived us and wail teach that thorn hit him.
Hit her your tax of the road reported [wwSaanaa].
So O God you for him and lightened about him.
Abaca O God [fY] build him [maaysw'] in him faces [aalTwaaGyt] and the crucifixes.
O God keep him in conserving your.
Write for him the wage and Ridwane make his reward your [yaarb] the worlds. Acceptance O God from our brothers who [sbqwnaa] to the jinns of eagerness follow you and lover for your bruises.
O God their patient heal [wdaawY] their victim and acceptance their of martyr.
Seats threw them and the right path their gather on of hearts and their row unified and accumulate spoke them.
Lower O God your knife on them. [waalxzY] and the horror on their jogs.
O God christianize them in your victory and extended them in periods from your hardheads and soldier from your soldier.
O God their vanguard of the nation..[wr'as] her bayonet and her armor of the guns about her.
O God indeed perishes this gang so will not worships [fY] the land. So O God you for they nor harbors on them.

Last put us that praise be to God of many the worlds

* hope tape of wills reviewed [llmjaahydn] veins on [aalmxdhlyn] to the angina aged so in him amusement of punching.

Buzzard of the jihad [aal'ifryqY]

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AQ training video

I hadn't seen this one before. Most of it happens in the desert, with either oil field fires or bombings going on in the distance, but one interesting part has the jihadis swimming, I've never seen them swimming before this.


Dependant horsemen

When saw [hdaa] the video for the first time make sure in to end America hand will be on killed as long as grandsons immortal Bin new [waalqe ' qaae '] brigade of the jihad promote.

Dependant horsemen for group of army of the militants
For loading ['iDGT] here

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20 US soldiers, injured or killed?

Obviously, not confirmed, this is just a claim from a web poster. On the other hand, sometimes they're correct in their reporting.


[llh] [aakbrhjwm] on gathering of for the American force demise and injury of twenty soldier results in in modern
The summary/

Thinker of the Islam [special]:
Fell more than twenty American soldiers what between casualty and victim in attack before elements the Iraqi resistance on gathering for forces of the occupation in preliminary the occupational industry in modern.

[nql] of correspondent “thinker of the Islam” about source in the resistance that:

Forces of the occupation after gift to in the middle of the northern city from the aspect and took from preliminary headquarter have fun targetting rose in her [b] 16 missile of mortar, so drop us from them many from the casualties and the victims.

Male our of correspondent source in strength transported about [maa] suppressing met in “the terrorism” that more than twenty soldier of killing and the attack hit at that.

This, and helicopters from class descended [shynwk] in arena of the teacher rear to carrying of the bodies.

Your pulps [yaaflwjt] [aalshhd ']

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Protest in Beirut after Friday prayers


[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]] already [badati] the hatred from their mouths and what hide [Suduwruhum] big [

American assailing [aalhmj] on the generous Quran [fadannaswh], and what big chest disguise their.

Expression about anger Muslim, and their feeling in the insult and wounding of the dignity, for violating in book their of god,

Party of the liberation - state of yogurts Calls you to [aalaae ' tSaam] in front of the governmental palace in Beirut

Victors for Quran the highborn, honorable book of raising Allah the Quran above the heads Holders of banner one, banner: Not god except Allah Mohammed messenger Allah.

The place: Courtyard [aalssraay] big – in the middle of Beirut.
The time: Friday 19 from spring second 1426 [h] – May 27, 2005, after prayer of direct Friday.

The ninth transportation services insured start from the hour morning for accomplishment of prayer of Friday in Beirut indeed Allah wanted rose,

Centers of the departure:

The country and the port:
Round the roasted playground native and cold: Side of mosque Companions of the Prophet Mohammed (reddish)
[aalbdaawy] and my valley of the bee and the afflicted: In front of mosque of the pool
Fathers tan: Arena of the martyrs
The dome: Arena of the mercy
Jog: Mosque of enemy
The death: Mosque of the village (the death)
The galaxy: Side mosque of war [mryaaTt]:
In front of mosque of the martyrs

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Sunni Army fires mortars at hotel in Samraa

Supposedly, the hotel they attacked houses CIA. That could just be their paranoia though.


Helpers of Sunnis boiled/beating camp of the cruciferous forces in Samraa in four rockets [sy] 5 ironing (Friday)
[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym].

Good praise be to God of many the scientists custodian and disbelieving Nasser his worshipers of the religious on the people and the prayer and Al-Salam on the envoy in the sword between hands the hour of mercy for scientists represent us Mohammed and on his family and accompanied him ['ajme'yn] and in acne: -

Victory from Allah and close opening

The confessor brotherhood the militants the heroes in beating of the American forces rose (cia) in hotel of the lake in Samraa in four rockets [sy] 5 ironing in the hour fourth and fifty minute and as you [aa] for successful injury [wllh] the Hamad and the American strength rose in periodic condensed in the city with flight for helicopters research about source of gunshots of the rockets.
[yaa] worshipers of the crucifix extra blessing waited.

Allah prayed on represent us Mohammed and on his family and accompanied him and peace
The military organization to boiled helpers of Sunnis
19/ Spring second/1426
27/ May/2005

Bringer of good news of Sunnis (army helpers of Sunnis)

The source: Thinker of the calculation (forums net of the calculation)

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Al-Zarqawi is ok and runs the jihad once again

Or at least that's what the jihadis are now claiming. At this point, I'm so confused!! LOL


Big Allah. .[byaan] from organization of good Al-Qaeda our Sheikh in health and the work of the jihads runs himself (Friday)


[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

Said rose {want to blossom of Allah in their mouths and Allah extinguish [mtm] his light and for his disbelieving nest}

The substitute argument in methods the flags around naming for Sheikh increased fathers Musab Al-Zarqawi (kept him Allah) and teaches the all that what broadcasts him informational enemies Allah in their methods [maahw] [aalaalGrD] passage of planners malignant

That we say and in Allah the reconciliation that organization Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn in blessing and favor from Allah rose connected your you described the prophet (peace be upon him) situation insured in [twaadhm] and mercifulness their, ask Allah that are from them, and to Sheikh our in health good and he runs the work the jihads himself and continues details the work to border hour numbers this alpine and to for Sheikh during general elapsed leadership by virtue of Allah [e'zwjl] tenacious and for him deputy and consulted and to the follower for statements our teaches that

So devices of the flags say for not inviter for confusion returned backwards and the statements read [w'asme'waa] the registration of the roadsigns for substitute Sheikh (Abu Iraqi Abd Al-Rahman) and inform that our jihad past until formation of word of high Allah she and the religion is [kaah] [llh], not from reason of the chair and the leaderships, that we [nbGy] bruise suggest doubt and to our jihad of past as for the victory and mothers of testimony and eat them [nbtGy] said rose {decreased is [trbSwn] coffee not to ['aHdY] [aalHsnyyn]}

Allah prayed on Mohammed reigned and on god and accompanied him and peace
The informational department in organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn

['abwmysrt] Iraqi (the divisions the informations in organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn)

The source: Thinker of the calculation (forums net of the calculation)

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Carbomb explodes near Tikrit


Urgent statement urgent and Alan

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]
Any her [aalaaxwh]

In completeness the hour seventh evening today [aaljme'h] [aalmSaadf] May 27, 2005 exploded car explosives-laden his in the public road in Tikrit on cars for intervention fast and performed the incident to killing number of this strength and appraizes number their between five to seven and as lowness your performed the incident to killing some [aalmaarh] from civil who [kaanw] in street the physicians and as lowness your to burning motor the intervention fast and motor civilian and to deviate Alan did not allows for photographed in incomes signed for lock his before the strength occupied

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Helicopter down in Iraq

I'm sure this is in the english news as well.


American Allah big of shooting the on helicopter in Iraq and falling her
Baghdad (Reuters) - the American army in statement American Friday that helicopter of tumble in Iraq after shooting the said on her and that destiny her of crew still other than well known.

The army that helicopters said ['auSybtaa] in light fires weapons near Baquba from a distance 60 kilometer of north of Baghdad of evening Thursday. Descended ['iHdaahmaa] in peace in rule American.

Said alpine that “the other airplane of tumble nor [yue'rf] destiny her of crew in this time.”

Added alpine “response forces of the alliance and stature in signed insurance.”

Said that he investigation occurs concerning the incident.

Military official in the Pentagon in Washington that the helicopter from class said or [aatsh]-58 [kywaa] OH-58 Kiowa. Did not de harbors for his news about any injuries.

The source: Agency of Reuters

Your pulps [yaa] [flwjt] the martyrs despite nose ...........?????

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Saudi Arabia on alert - King Fahed rushed to hospital


Urgent urgent situation transient in Saudi Arabia

Thinker of the Islam: Fahad moved issued agency of the news Saudi Arabia about statement about the royal office that Custodian of the Holy Place of the King Bin AbdulAziz family Saud income of era today Friday hospital the King of specialized Faisal in Riyadh.

The agency said: Statement from the royal office issued today Friday this dictated him:

'statement from the royal office
Fahad entered Custodian of the Holy Place of the King Bin AbdulAziz family Saud kept him godly Allah his hospital the King specialized Faisal in Riyadh of era this today ninth Friday ten from month of spring second current corresponding May 27, 2005 [m] for measure of some the examinations medical '.

This, and did not [tshr] agency of the news Saudi Arabia to extra from the details around the order.

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Interesting new to me site


Didn't find anything I haven't seen elsewhere, but it's a good site to keep an eye on I think.

Here's what the front page has to say.
(below the main image)

In poison Allah and he of according to and blessings of the representative

Praise be to God goats the Islam in his victory and degrader of the polytheism in his subjugation and bank of the orders in his order
[wmstdrj] disbelieving in his visciousness, who the days of states in his afforded justice, and making of the consequence [llmtqyn] in his casual dress,
The prayer and Al-Salam on from superior Allah landmark of the Islam in his sword, as for after
To the muslims truthful in land Allah wide to the brothers truthful patient who ask Allah glory his and haughtiness to follows them in brothers their the militants in arenas the jihad put this site between support you and he phrase about mosque for subjects and the articles and the magazines the magazines from the signers and the forums with male names befriends the sayings or the transporters which pertains the jihad and the militants and phylogenesis Allah glory his and rose that is this work pure for face his the highborn and part Allah all from was forearm in spreading this signer
O God taught what benefits us, and self-seeking our in what taught us O God ['arnaa] truth followed and bestow us his observance, hide us invalid invalid and bestow us his avoidance
Honor us O God in the jihad, and convoy of the martyrs followed in and your obedience used in [wmrDaatk]
O God bestow all from read this lines of testimony in your way
Urgent not delayed urgent not delayed
Last put us that praise be to God of many the worlds and Allah and peace prayed on represent us Mohammed and on his family and accompanied him ['ajme'yn]
Al-Salam on you and his mercy mercy of Allah and Barakat Barakat his
Your brothers in Allah
Site of the jihad in way Allah

Here's what the bottom part of the front page says
(the part with a picture of OBL and Zawahiri)

Organization Al-Qaeda

Not to like this name?
Not to tightens you any address or article or newspaper of writers on her those words?
Not teach about you and to are to are whenever saw this watercresses [“aHsyt] in ecstasy strange!

[“aflaa] remember with “[aaltaa”]” explosion Nairobi and house of house Al-Salam!

Mother not to remember with “[aalnwn]” marines of Kohl in Aden surpass!

Firstly remember with “[aalDHaa”]” appearance followed and [zhwq] invalid!

Remember remember all with “[aalyaa ']” [yrmwkaaa] and [mu ' th]!

With with “[aalmym]” Manhattan burns and Washington Washington [tnSe ' q]!

With with “the thousand” Osama… In forehead [aale ' z] beauty mark!

With with “[aallaam]” not for injustice not for subjugation not for hamlet general!

With with “[aalqaaf]” convoy followed and wandering wandering Mansoura!

With with “the thousand” Ayman Al-Zawahiri and fathers refused Musab Al-Zarqawi

With with “the eye” justice and security of security!

With with “indicative” the hamlet destroyed and qualified him his family and prepared Islam returned for became strong him!

With with “[aaltaa ']” [tkbyraa] and praised praised!

What turning knit for and what what dear your and what what ['aqwaak] [yaa]

organization Al-Qaeda [nql] her sharp the brothers in forum Al Qala ' a

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Campaign of a million curses against Bush, Sharon and Blair

Well, at the same time the jihadis are campaigning for 1 million prayers for their injured militant Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, they are now also on a campaign for a million curses for Bush, Sharon and Blair.

The entire thread is posted here, with each reply seperated by ______________


Campaign of the million curse on Bush and Sharon and Blair [wHlfaay'hm] from far or close.
[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

Al-Salam on you and his mercy of Allah and Barakat

Campaign of the million curse on Bush and Sharon and Blair [wHlfaay'hm] from far or close.

That Allah be exalted his magnificence cursing of the polytheist and the hypocrites already and oppressive and untrue in his great book.
On him…

Curse of Allah on Bush and Sharon and Blair [wHlfaay'hm] from the socializations and oppressive and hypocritical and untrue and on all from wants [ll'aslaam] evil to Judgment Day.


O God damnable their cursed grown-up


After your ear wills transport her for last signers


[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym] Al-Salam on you and mercy Allah [wbkaath]

Fraternal Abu [djaant]… carrying what lac make good….Allah blessed in you.


Curse Allah on them whenever appeared the light


Curse of Allah on Bush and Sharon and Blair [wHlfaay'hm] from the socializations and oppressive and hypocritical and untrue and on all from wants [ll'aslaam] evil to Judgment Day.
Curse Allah on them whenever appeared the light

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Guess they just put up the login stuff for a little bit today and then went back to normal - strange.

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Statement from army of helpers of Sunnis Abu calls for Musab Al-Zarqawi in the cure


Statement from army of helpers of Sunnis Abu calls for [mSe'b] [aalzrqaawy] in the cure


O God wheel in cure of Sheikh of the militant Abu [mSe'b] [aalzrqaawy] and keep him from all abusing

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

Praise be to God who worshipers made for him his way strive in [wydhwdwn] about [laaEElh] except Allah, and the prayer and the peace on sent commander the militants of mercy for scientists represent us Mohammed and on his family and his befriends ['ajme'yn] and in acne:

Said rose (and not [tahinuwaa] in wanting of the people indeed are [ta'alamuwna] so indeed them [ya'alamuwna] you [ta'alamuwna] and Allah hope from what not hope and as to Allah [e'aliymAAaa] [HakiymAAaa]) the women 104

That from Allah sharpened rose [aal'ibtlaa'] you [aalbaary] said [e'zwjl] ([walanabluwannakum] until know [aalmujaaahidiyna] from you [waaalSSaaabiriyna] [wanabluwa] your news) Mohammed the paradigm 31, until loved the character to Allah represent us Mohammed peace be upon him tried [b'inwaae'] the calamity from denial and siege and injuries and change her, and this solver of family all time and place followed in.

On him not in stranger to hits Sheikh the militant Abu [mSe'b] kept him Allah and making his thorn in eye ['ae'daay'h] and he who snowed chest insured in ['ithxaanh] in operations his against the strength cruciferous and blessing aid her from deserted since the occupation and to deviate now, and indeed us as leadership and militant my boiled helpers Sunnis ask Allah great many the throne great to hurries in cure Sheikh Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi to continues path the jihad and to continues in operations his blessed which ['adhaaqt] the jog destructions and destructions, and to makes in this injury forgiveness for tails [wrfe't] for degrees.

[fyaa] cruciferous [wyaa] deserted [wyaa] hypocritical ['abshrwaa] in delicious my [ysu'km] so our jihad of past and increased until land of the Islam disinfect from you and blessing ['imthaalkm] no matter where were, and wail you law of many the worshipers so either the victory and either the testimony and Allah on [maanqwl] martyr.

Allah prayed on represent us Mohammed and on his family and accompanied him and peace
The informational department to boiled helpers of Sunnis

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Al-Sunna Army claims carbombing in Baghdad


Helpers of Sunnis boiled/explosion car bomb on queue for forces of the deserted police in Baghdad (Thursday)
Helpers of Sunnis boiled/explosion car bomb on queue for forces of the deserted police in area of the torch in Baghdad

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

Good praise be to God of many the scientists custodian and disbelieving Nasser his worshipers of the religious on the people and the prayer and Al-Salam on the envoy in the sword between hands the hour of mercy for scientists represent us Mohammed and on his family and accompanied him ['ajme'yn] and in acne: -

Said rose (human being [aalmunaaafiqiyna] that for them [e'adhaaabAAaa] ['aaliymAAaa] * who take [aalkaaafiriyna] custodians without [aalmuu'miniyna] ['aayabtaGuwna] at them the glory so indeed the glory [lillahi] all) the women of the paradigm 138-139

In the hour seventh of morning this today, was complete you your brothers of the heroes from explosion of car bomb in area of the torch in the capital Baghdad, the car of queue for police targeted the deserted Iraqi the agent and by virtue of Allah rose burn was complete motor their blessing and killing what [laayql] on seven other apostates and wound [fllh] the Hamad [waalmnt].

This he retribution from cruciferous Nasser the forces and bruises that they is for served [fdhwqwaa] and worn your order, and big Allah [wllh] the glory and for his messenger and for insured.

Allah prayed on represent us Mohammed and on his family and accompanied him and peace
The military organization to boiled helpers of Sunnis
18/ Spring second/1426
26/ May/2005

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Jihadi reports from the fight in Al-Qaim

I hope our troops remain safe there in Al-Qaim and kick some jihadi butt!


After so paralyzing her in Al Qaim forces of the occupation and Iraqi forces modern city plunges and kills Imam of mosque and matter

The organization of net – May 26, 2005

Forces of the occupation rose American supports her Iraqi forces Wednesday 25/5 in modern penetration city of one of conservative cities Al-Anbar armed west of Baghdad in pilgrimage presence from helpers [aalzrqaawy] resorted to her after operation of last Al Qaim which failure make sure her in her failed quick.

Publication already this participating forces her of elements in the city and intersections of the knock focussed in and the high houses occupied and took her sites for her snipers who kept on kill all from moves.

Was whereof their killers this forces of Sheikh (crippled Ismael Abdullah) comprehensive Imam of the sword during his exit from his house to raising of call to prayer of the dawn, you women from family killed one and infancies road to the school for accomplishment of the exams were in their final.

This and the joint forces of modern hospital plunged and sonic bombs threw inside her so medical publication of the horror between the patients and the cadre.

Nor ended this forces continuity of campaigns enemy their and the random detention and the hunting rightly the families in aspects of the city.

Resulted this operation in context of the continuous operations in the siege and enemy their and the random detention and the killing on the citizens in the cities of the safe Iraqi.

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Right in the middle of looking through the posts at
one after the other they started asking for a login. ARGH
Usually that is the first thing I do is register when I find a new site, but this is one of the older ones and I wasn't as bright about this stuff when I first started looking around.
If anyone wants to send me their login, that would be great, LOL, though not suggested.

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AQ in Iraq statement on Zarqawi for Thursday


Statement from organization Al-Qaeda accuse of lying what our Sheikh spread about refused [mSe'b] and the nation grates in good prevented him (Thursday)

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

Praise be to God of many the scientists and the consequence [llmtqyn] nor jogs except on oppressive and the prayer and the peace on Imam of the militants represent us Mohammed and on his family and his befriends ['ajme'yn].

As for after:

For department the following informatory for organization of special Al-Qaeda his canals of the informatory in him and the poisonous favor at the muslims and he Iraqi easiness refused, and accountability about all the statements and the analyzes deny our which repented her the some footsteps or wrong devisals about injury our of Sheikh ['iby] [mSe'b] kept him Allah rose.

You deny what and reply from designation what fathers rises in [HfS] and any other name.
, will and hear what eased you [yaa] brothers of the faith.

Will hear what enrages you [yaa] custodians of the devil

What wounding our Sheikh of the highborn announced about except to credibility our fix of information and in order to the brothers feel reassured after spread that our Sheikh killing already.

Will not striction of countries AlRafidayn capacity in the militants and all emigrant load him in our eyes and our hearts, and Allah ask the acceptance and the plug rose.
Your brothers in organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn will not doubles them about the jihad in way Allah thing rose, last in fighter of enemies Allah rose curved the debt is all him [llh]. So either to the victory above [aal'anaam] and either to Allah in immortal and smooth in the testimony from sent down.

Big Allah of big Allah. [wllh] the glory and for his messenger and for militants.

Thursday 18 from last spring 1426 corresponding May 26, 2005

['abwmysrt] Iraqi (the divisions the informations in organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn)

The source: Thinker of the calculation (forums net of the calculation)

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Economic problems in Saudi Arabia today?

I'm not sure, but this post sounds like there was a run on the banks and/or a stock market crash/big dip today in Saudi Arabia. Thread replies are seperated by ________


The million Saudi Arabia leaves today 00 thing [mryb] very
The million Saudi Arabia leaves today 00 thing [mryb] very

Million and enables one billion [aalywrwhaat] Saudi Arabia left today urgently and fast very and several banks of currency in far endured her in the conversions today 00 and ask influential big in faithful founder the cash of some the banks big indeed were know some them!!

You huge amounts monetary emptied very in liquid form ([kaash]) from some the banks and in shackles confuse her [w'iDTr] some her for pure breakdown to when arrangement of the notifiers!!

[maahdhaa] who updates??

The Euro today from ['itfaae'] to height!!

Wanted [mryb] very and vague very the country updates in!!


[yaa'ixwaan] [maa] restrict stubborn his justification blame updates??

This [me'naah] that thousand the arrows which was complete sold her today and collapsing market of the arrows afflicted to 00 conversion was complete evaluated her outside!!

This means that the arrows wills witnesses extra from the deterioration and the collapsing 00 so will not reinstating of the purchase is complete your the custom so the moneys of evasion for leaving occurred!!

This means that [aalhwaamyr] big object of slippers know in not knows him the people 00 otherwise [maaldaafe'] to trick all this moneys for outside in shackles sharp and sudden!!


Brothers of the government there notification says that Fahad already [fTs] and for lowness your so the arrows Saudi Arabia descent to the bottom this and Allah teach


The government

The your headed coward money you dismisses

In what that the scientists in this economic news grave their penetrative

Befriends of befriends this converted moneys for leaving their also insult penetrative

So indeed them confirming information occurred on the palace pertains, in notarized form and not not mere widespread your you she stubborn our we, and [le'lhaa] widespread death Fahad or level off her

There there awe from disturbances security economic losses become organized so was complete the conversion

At the Egyptians like admires me, formed him almost as next:

([yaa] news today in first fils [bblaash])

My salutations

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New rumors of King Fahad's death

Since I started searching the forums and translating, I've seen various rumors about the death of King Fahad in Saudi Arabia. I doubt this one is true, but some day, one of the rumors will be true.


Death the King of widespread Fahad. Sources of sources entering make sure his the hospital
Footsteps about newspaper of Arabic Egypt

Fahad denied Saudi sources day widespread Wednesday of Saudi death the King of the King Bin AbdulAziz.

Said the sources for journalists said that the King Fahad medical inspection after his yielded for poetries “in the fatigue” and to are did not the his order of [nql] to the hospital requires.

Fahad suffers the King who ['auSyb] in light clot in year 1995 from illness screamed him in the knots benevolent and hesitates from when for other in the widespread years last about prevented him healthy in the kingdom world markets the petroleum fulfilled.

The contract fulfilled benevolent administration of the matters moved daily in big Saudi Arabia of source for petroleum in the world to the prince Abdullah crown prince and the brother other than the brother for King the Saudi.

Saudi source said after afflicted widespread about satisfactory intensification of the Saudi King and maybe and elapsed him to descent madness the arrows Saudi Arabia in manner of five percent in dealings of morning of day Wednesday “did not the hospital transports to. Medical inspection yielded for. Did not object changes.”

Other source in the royal palace that the King and he said in the eighty from the age of poetry that he “tiring”.

Diplomat of west said also that he heard “cutting expulsions” from officials Saudi big for widespread about deterioration health of the King Fahad.

The King of praising said gulf agencies news that the Saudi King telephone speaking of day of Wednesday with King Bahrain. The agencies that Monday added the gulf top discussed which Saturday in Riyadh complicates.

Saudi Arabia retreated financial prices of the arrows in market of the papers in a ratio of 4.69 in the hundred in the circulating morning of Wednesday to 11959 point. Some the tradesmen of the retreat to correction ascribed natural in market height throughout years witnesses while other became strong that to fears on health of the Saudi King.

Indicator the market of 100 point in the minutes regained the ten first of the circulating in period in the afternoon

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Complete text of the will of a martyr - with message to US soldiers

Tanthem-alqa3edah mailing list

The complete text for will of the martyr/

Resolute Kashmirian

“['abwe ' mr] wandering”

Praise be to God and the prayer and Al-Salam on honorable the prophets and the senders represent us Mohammed and on his family and accompanied him ['ajme ' yn] as for after:

Her we live this days after the cruciferous war on Afghanistan ended, then today on Iraq and eyes of the spite saw in our cruciferous on nation Mohammed prayed 1609; Allah on him and peace, from killing for Sheikh and for women and the children, and destruction for hospitality and the cities, said rose: “and will not please about you the Jew nor [aalnSaarY] until pursuit financed them”

[yaa] youths of the Islam:

To the Arabic crusaders in their rules in island spread, which our order of messenger Allah their peace be upon him in taking out from her in say him: “the Arabic socializations from islet take out” and his statement: “not islet congregates in Arabic religions”

General faces of messages to the Islamic nation and they say for:

Great Allah swore in will not the Jew comes out [waalnSaarY] from islet Arabic, except in the your jihad come out them the ancestors, so not [tHtqrwaa] yourselves, nor your powers lessen from, and the weapon load, and the Jew kill [waalnSaarY] where [wjdtmwhm].

So you grandsons Companions of the Prophet Mohammed; Grandsons of fathers first the friend, and age Bin the speech, and Othman Bin pardon, and on Bin fathers demanded, and immortal Bin the newborn, and Osama Bin increased, and Amr Bin disobedient bruises Allah about them ['ajme ' yn].

Who noses of the Jew broke [waalnSaarY], and their feet paved in horseman possessed and Roman, and the historiography in the championships line; From the east in China become remote, to the west in Andalusia become remote, said rose: “[yaa] any her who believed indeed Allah christianize christianizes you and your feet fixs”

So to blessing your harbors their of casualties you casualties in Palestine and Afghanistan and Iraq and the skewers and Kashmir and Phillipines and Bosnia be soft, an eye for an eye and the age in the age, said [te ' aal] 9; : “so from attacked on you so attacked on him in replicates what attacked on you”

Call you to what in him benevolent punch, in the life and the afterlife: The jihad in way Allah, said rose: “[aanfrwaa] pumice and heavy and your moneys strive in and valuable your in way Allah that welfare punch indeed were teach”

[w ' abshrwaa] in promise of Allah for militants where said: “indeed Allah the insurers bought from themselves and their moneys that for they Heaven [yqaatlw] [n] in way Allah so kill and promise kill on him truly in the Torah and the evangel and blessing carried out after him from Allah [faastbshrwaa] in your sale who [baaye ' tm] in him and lowness your he the winning great”

[fyaa] youths of the Islam:

The jihad started to, paradise started to expanded her [aalsmwaat] and the land; In her what not eye saw, nor ear heard, nor dangerous on turning grated.!!

Nor the prizes forget which martyr returned for at Allah losing peace be upon him said messenger Allah: “indeed for martyr at Allah seven tufts: Forgives for him from first payment from blood , and seat from Heaven sees his, and ornament of the faith beautifies, [wyjaar] from sufferance of the grave and the fear guarantees from big and say good-bye to on headed him crown [aalwqaar] the corundum from him benevolent from the life and what in her, and marries in two and sevenths of wife from the poplar of the eye, and seven human helps in from approach him”

Warn that Allah present the life on love Allah and the messenger of peace be upon him and the jihad in way, said rose: “decreased indeed was [EEbaau ' km] [w ' abnaau ' km] and your brothers and your husbands and your clan and moneys [aaqtrftmwhaa] and commerce fear as obstructive her and touch you please her loved to you from Allah and his messenger and jihad in his way so lurk until Allah in his order and Allah comes; Not the people guides dissolute”

[w ' abshrwaa] in to youths of the Islam Allah swore in, that present themselves cheap in way Allah on that the Jew take out [waalnSaarY] from island Arabic, and on that nation return for become strong her and diligent her and to [yshfwaa] your their chest in killing you Allah said rose: “lethal their tortures them Allah in your hands and pierces them and grant victory you on them [wyshf] chest of people insured”

As for our brothers of the prisoners of war in oppressive prisoners in all place so guide them this work and they say for:

[“abshrwaa] so indeed close victory Allah, and his promise great patience blamed, so our martyr operations military will not Allah cut off in permission, [l ' ie ' laa”] word Allah, and dear Allah he the strength, and his blessing the pubic regions and the payment takes.

As for men of the topics so they say for:

Curse Allah on you ['ajme ' yn], losing frightened [nsaay ' naa] and our children, [w ' abkytm] our mothers, and private parts and our accidents and our tore our houses, [wEEdhytm] custodians of Allah and the militants, and the worlds [waalde ' aat], so Allah ask to curses you above the land and the land and day of the accident were easy.

As for messages to the fathers and the family and the children so she:

Say him rose: “nor inquired who emus killed in way Allah yet districts at their god bestow”

Message to the soldiers American:

In the English language of the translation:

Know that your government [mme ' nt] in the criminality: The innocents kills, and the houses be destroyed, and the moneys steals, and sons in the jails put our.

This promise of blessing: That you will not living safely, and will not blessing to the explosion sees, and the burn, and destruction of the houses, and cutting of the heads.

Indeed our militants for comers to you, and wills see you close, except [trwh] before.

O God indeed me ask you in all name of he hit, poisonous in him yourself, or taught him someone from your character, or seized in him in flag of the absence stubborn your, to brothers of the militants in all place grant victory our, and to banner of the jihad in land of Arabian peninsula raises, and that graduation of the Jew [waalnSaarY] ['adhlaa'] [SaaGryn] from islet Arabic, and the mosque returns far to the Islam and conceded.

This and the praising [llh] and the prayer and the peace on honorable the prophets and sent.

Make brotherly you

Resolute son the brigade of the retiree in the topics general happy Mohammed of Kashmirian Abdullah

“['abwe'mr] wandering”

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The Islamic army in Iraq video - attack on the Baghdad airport as a plane is coming in

Pretty stunning video claiming to be from today. Seems to be several explosions, unknown if they're from car bombs or mortars or what.

ansar-jehad mailing list

The Islamic army in Iraq

So did not American bombing the enemy in airport Baghdad 25-5-2005

To next loading the movie connecting

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Pictures of our troops made it into the hands of the jihads

It seems the jihadis are using this pictures to say that they killed these soldiers today in an attack on a base. I find it hard to believe myself, especially since the pictures appear to just be typical soldier type photos.

ansar-jehad mailing list

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

Statements of organization Al-Qaeda consequently today

Wednesday April 16, 1426 for migration - corresponding May 25, 2005 gregorian

Statement from organization Al-Qaeda photos spreads found with alkalified American in one of the invasion
[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

[yaa] many seats the throw of jump of the feet
Praise be to God of many the scientists and the consequence [llmtqyn] nor jogs except on oppressive and the prayer and the peace on Imam of the militants represent us Mohammed and on his family and his befriends ['ajme'yn]
As for after

Was complete in praising on Allah the attack queue American north of Baghdad and after battle ['astmrt] in hour complete sufferance in her the jog losses big did not manages after her from withdrawal bodies soldiers his dispersed and automatic his burning and lead was complete you the militants from the seizure on some the weapons and the preparers which left in land the battle and this photos some the soldiers the casualties which found with them and this this photos she for soldiers killed in that battle and brothers your in organization Al-Qaeda last in jihad their and deadly their jogs Allah rose until is the religion all him [llh], so either to the victory above [aal'anaam] and either to Allah immortal

Big Allah of big Allah. [wllh] the glory and for his messenger and for militants

Wednesday 15/last spring 1426 corresponding May 25, 2005

The photos in folder one

For loading choose either the ties [aaltaalyh]

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More posts questioning the Zarqawi injured story


Is fragile organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn his cruciferous noon the information in announcing of news injury of Sheikh?

Sitting the last night in the reasons think which leadership of the militants paid to spreading news of injury of Sheikh permits in [aalfaay'd] Abu [mSe'b] [aalzrqaawy] his peace Allah and his gauzes of lips.

Minds instants of the dazzle paged in which western spreading Al-Khobar in the canals followed, so did not one from the correspondents harbors security expects to news spreads as this from nevertheless they is for in him leaking from their sources the wish and devices of the inquiries preceded which not [t'al] effort in observer all wandering and mentioned endorses here or there after translates her and her disengagement.

Important that element of the surprise present was strongly [mbhrt] of which performed [baalSSHfyyn] to the gathering in front of ministries external in official Europe to hours late from the night of hope in the occurrence on statement around Al-Khobar, [wybdwaa] that [mwDHDHqy] the inquiries did not be new more than observer forum of the wisdom (transgression number the visitors in the yesterday of 2500 visitor) and change him from the forums [aaljhaadyt] perhaps one of the brothers something about the subject will indicate to.

Noticed the all that all the informative canals of the universality [bmaafyh] following sites the Internet for canals and the worldwide newspapers and agencies of the news in all states of the scientist Abu be agreed on making injury of the commander [mSe'b] [aalzrqaawy] news of chief with his observance in analyzes expert and interested sittings with guests in Iraq and change her.

Contemplated in this order many

Universes confident that the militants will not crusaders make for way for happiness and the delight in announcing of ruling injury [aalfe'lY] to Iraq, not yet until American themselves confident from this order so initiate to the advertisement about their suspicion in the order since the beginning

Universes confident thereof so I sure that work of the militants will not part from their jihad on all the levels for cruciferous funnel the crawl is except who all the forms takes [bd'aa] in the attack military to the falsity of the informations
Newspaper [aalSn] which owns her [aalShywSlyby] the Jewish Australian of the Australian [rbrt] [mrdwx] one dear friends Tony Blair dog Bush, publication end the week of the pasts of photos [llTTaaGyt] Saddam Hussein and he the detention resemblance of disgrace mortgaged… the goal from spreading that photos was maybe to the intense sights about wave the anger dismiss which the world of the Islams around insult invaded American for Quran generous in Guantanamo and remaining my arrested American.

Gold a lot of the Arabic analysts [mstrslaa] in illusive details the slap which received her the nation in insult American for tyrannical their prisoner for de, and spread that photos in all place and the people between [mtrHHm] to Saddam prevented [wmtshff] in him.

Meanwhile news injury of Sheikh comes [aalzrqaawy] to the nation to hard worker of the correctness returns, absorbent blame the information of the crucifixes is causing already in him from illusive retractions because of blow [aafte'lhaa] after quiver methods of humiliation of the nation run out from his.

Organization Al-Qaeda today collective leakage to the feeling for nation [lywjjhhaa] towards important… injury gentleman of youths of the militants in first Iraq of the tyrannical interest suits disobeyed [jlaaaadyh] after obey them to tall pledge.
In the interest in the anticipating for news of commanders of the militants the cruciferous interest in the campaign increases which the participants tries in her their effort that the far nation about the occurrences remained until they becomes easy for small fraction from body of nation of the Islam to beginning of last part digested after him.

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Another questioning poster re: Zarqawi being injured


Big Allah of Sheikh [aalzrqaawy] all-right and as to [maaqyl] about him accuse of lying lying of lying

Al-Salam on you and mercy Allah and Barakat his be soft reputation Al-Khobar from one of rooms [aalbaartwk] and which was speaks in her aged from Sheikh the jihad and lead connected in cities AlRafidayn [lytaakd] and Allah big Sheikh [aalzrqaawy] all-right and as to [maaqyl] about him lying your you were release the rumors about Sheikh Bin Laden that he killed more than once so Alan alternative the role on Sheikh [aalzrqaawy] kept him Allah to beating determinations black [aalzrqaawy].

[bSHh] good his and praise be to God [llh]… so not tell the truth what spreads him methods the knowledges and the newspapers and what youth his [dhaalk] ...... the commander the hero fathers [mSe ' b] moves marine his in land AlRafidayn and praise be to God [llh] and Allah big Allah big [wllh] [aale ' zh] and for messenger his and for militants

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Is Zarqawi dead?

This post seems to say he's died. With all the rumors going around about Zarqawi in the last couple of days it's tough to really say what's going on.


From was worships Al-Zarqawi transient Al-Zarqawi died and blessing was transient Allah of live Allah worships not dies
From was worships Al-Zarqawi transient Al-Zarqawi died and blessing was transient Allah of live Allah worships not dies

Solid praise be to God many the scientists strong and the prayer and Al-Salam Al-Salam on his messenger of the guardian and on his family and accompanied him his befriends [aajme'yn] and blessing from walked on their right path to Judgment Day

(and what Mohammed except messenger Khallah already from before him the messengers ['af'in] died or killing heels and blessing overturned on your his heels overturns on so be soft Allah damages something will and cut me grateful Allah) ['al] ages (144).

When hearing Abdullah Bin young donkey of bruises Allah about him about death of the messenger informed Allah prayed on him and peace of peace said:
Not to so straightened and [mwtwaa] on what died on him
O God that I [aabru'] follow you of which verb these (the polytheist) and apologize apologized follow you of which verb these (conceded)
Then killer until become a martyr and what what knew him his sister not to from his ring from abundance his of wounds
Until Saad said Bin Muaad:
Allah what could [yaa] messenger Allah verb [maa] did (any Abdullah Bin young donkey)
So Al-Qaeda blessed Allah in organization that he injury Sheikh of the militants of fathers reported in Musab Al-Zarqawi doors of he and my mother of illiterate
Until wake up little
Return to ourselves little
Is Al-Zarqawi impeccable from the killing?
Is he impeccable what the injury?
Is our Sheikh of exclusion on remainder of the militants

Not and Allah Allah
He put to sleep worshipped [llh] use him in his religion
Dies and [yHy]
Be true and sickens get sick
Rejoices and saddens notch

So not crack the garments
Nor slap the cheeks for injury our of Sheikh
Yet straightened and [mwtwaa] on what explore to dies on him

[trktmwh] [yaa] inseminated seated
[wxdhltmwh] yourselves and your money financed you
Until that sharp punching said their militants donated for
Thought that bats of the hamlet wills extracts you from your place
Inheritance the jihad and supporting of supporting of the jihad
So not cry today on Sheikh of the jihad

Yet rise
On what explore that [ywt] on him

To organization Al-Qaeda about injury our announced of Sheikh and did not intends to grates American successfully practical their yet intended that [ywqdhwaa] Vienna the manhood and the chivalry of the chivalry and be opened [e'naa] lowness of the sitting

So is from respondent that daughter-in-law not endures that listening [bnbaa] killing of Sheikh kept him Allah seals to land AlRafidayn and diligent in way of Allah in the breath and the coming money the money of Sheikh of the Islam in your possessing soul and your money not the women or first the harm harbors as and what in you from harm not to what turning was in your from weakness

Know that Sheikh kept him stricken Allah and perhaps the offered cure for him other than security Kamel for reasons so claimed for him and be loyal to the praying be loyal to and that daughter-in-law wants to Sheikh pleases more so come on to transaction of the death Allah fight in way until find one of [aalHsnyyn]

AlRafidayn gelled to land # # # yet hear to say him rose:
[aanfrwaa] pumice and heavy and way of Allah in your strive in moneys and valuable your yourselves))
Truimphant Allah on his matter and to are to more the people are [laaye'lmwn] and Allah from behind the intention ................................. [mnfwl]. .[lldktwraalaaslaamy]

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Campaign of 1 million prayers for Zarqawi

Replies to this thread are seperated by _____________


((campaign participated in the million praying for cure for Sheikh fathers Musab Al-Zarqawi))

((campaign participated in the million praying for cure for Sheikh fathers Musab Al-Zarqawi))

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]
Battalions of the terrorism informational
Unity fighter of the terrorism [aalShywnY] and the crucifixes

Praise be to God of many the scientists and the prayer and Al-Salam on gentleman of the character and Imam of the militants Mohammed peace be upon him and on his family of the scents [aalTaahryn] to Judgment Day and in acne

((here [fY] this forum registered [de'aay'km] in the urgent cure for Sheikh refused Musab Al-Zarqawi))
((campaign participated in the million praying for cure for Sheikh fathers Musab Al-Zarqawi))

['ixwaanY] generous [laatbxlwaa] in the praying and the prayer to Allah the urgent cure for Sheikh rose in refused Musab Al-Zarqawi and to returns him Allah to arenas [aalwGY] safe " successful " between his brothers of the militants.

Moved from forums of the wisdom

O God our Sheikh recover refuse Musab Al-Zarqawi many the urgent scientists other than delayed O God make this wound of cold and peaces O God make him in balance good his O God keep him between his hands and blessing behind him and about his right and about north of him O God emerge in build him and make him thorn in hearts [aae'daay'h] and prayed O God on represent us


[y'axy] this novelty

In poison Allah
Great Allah great many the throne ask to heals you [y'amyrnaa] Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi
[y'axy] your cuttings Allah welfare [maahdhh] the novelties which [aabtde'tmwhaa] million praying! This novelty Allah blessed in you so the collective praying hereby the form he novelty put to sleep did not Companions of the Prophet Mohammed returns about that number for praying determined and did not the good ancestor returns about this process in the allegiance ...... the director [yaa] Aziz my to the people amount of the possible for praying stimulates [l'axwaanhm] either that be specified or orders so this did not Companions of the Prophet Mohammed returns about and faithful your Allah in you.


O God heal him and count him guardian be soft [yaarb] the scientists


O God

O God [yaa] have mercy [aalraaHmyn] [yaa] having the magnificence [waal'akraam]

[yaa] suggest doubt you you [shfyt] eye on Bin fathers day demanded [xybr]

[wyaarb] you [shfyt] immortal surgeon your sword Bin new in pool of praying represent you Mohammed on him and on his family of the prayer and the peace

Healing Abd your Musab Al-Zarqawi in conceded praying weak… Amen

O God not trick you be soft except unified you

Not his family except Allah Mohammed messenger Allah

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Message of the militant Izzat Ibrahim to leadership the front and her militants of the heroes


Message of the militant Izzat Ibrahim to leadership the front and her militants of the heroes

Message of the militant Izzat Ibrahim to leadership the front and her militants of the heroes:
Ties of the lover deepened [waaltEElf] and the cooperation between all the factions fighter in the field from our companions Baathist and organized their and their Islamic factions and their battalions and their secrecy and factions and national and national.

Special net Basra

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

That who [ybaaye'wnk] grow [ybaaye'wn] Allah hand Allah above support them so blessing of violation so grow violates on himself and blessing carried out in what promised on him Allah [fsyu'tyh] great wages.

Believed great Allah

Any her the dear companions and the brotherhood of leadership of the front and her militants of the heroes.

Salutation the faith and the jihad and the redemption, salutation from at Allah blessed good dumb [yaa] honor the men [yaa] heroes the Arabism and the Islam glory high and special in jihad your and championships your and sacrifices your, live your Allah dear your Allah and descending the knife in hearts your [waathaabkm] openings close, victory from Allah and opening close and in bad insured and inform any her the men the militants that [llh] the order before and after after [wywmy'dh] rejoices insured in victory Allah grant victory from wants and he dear merciful, promise Allah [laayxlf] Allah promised him and to are more the people not teach.

To arrived me decision the highborn and indeed me for Saeed proud in this weights confidence valuable in spite of loads heavy within my our ? our ? Fighters the date on the gunshots for the sake of the freedom and the Izzat and the dignity and the truth and the justice after the informed prophet Arabic peace be upon him and accompanied him generous, and know any her the men the heroes that this transaction blessed she stubborn my idealizes part dear and sacred from transaction the jihad big which [baaye'naa] in her the country and the nation fight and defend the fever fever the Arabism and the Islam and about holy and the wives until obtain [aalHsnyyn] the testimony and the victory [aalmu'zr] for branch and kill us or ones, and inform that she pure transaction loyal [llh] and in Allah fulfilled her way

Allah not for de our share nor [l'amr'at] [nnkHhaa] and put to sleep selling and purchase with Allah be exalted want him possessing valuable and the souls and the moneys on road and guided insured first who bought Allah from them themselves and moneys their in to to love Heaven fight in way Allah so kill and kill promise on him truly in [aaltwaart] and the Angel and the Quran, From carried out in agreement his from Allah [faastbshrwaa] in sale your who [baaye'tm] in him and lowness your he the winning great, so not say punching today except you you said reigned Moussa peace be upon him indeed me not hope you not to myself militant in way Allah and money my he financed the branch and the nation and the country so that I granted myself [llh] since time far ['asaalh] rose to receives her in admission goodness and to bestows me from prefer him the testimony in way ['ie'laa'] spoke him [waae'zaaz] method the message immortal in expedition the life and renewal her for nation.

So spent any her the men free brave in road diligent [waale'z] and the balconies and the championship examples fiducial [jhaadyaa] heroic [nmwdhjaa] Iraqi appropriating and distinguished about the his methyl and the examples lightens road diligent for nation and humanitarian and this he amount Iraq and quantity and fate men and quantity since character Allah rose and as enveloping kill them in his load messages to human, so to sold you his this she transaction for branch of and the nation and the country yet she transaction [llh] and messenger peace be upon him, and inform that hand Allah above support you so blessing violation so put to sleep violates on himself and blessing carried out in what promised on him Allah [fsyu'tyh] wages great so are patient [yaa] became strong the nation and crown her [wyaaqrt] eye the country valuable and conserve and connect and feared Allah [le'lkm] succeed, and inform for sure the that from [ytq] Allah makes for him exit and bestows him from where [laayHtsb], makes for him exit from narrowness

Needs to the determination [aale'zwm] and the steadiness in [Hwmt] [aalwGY] and you any her the men the heroes insured truth so you qualified Iraq and you qualified the date and the civilizations and you campaign the messages. So you choice sons the nation and men and you became strong her and honor her, and know any her [aal'aHbt] that the jihad needs to the men and the money and not be soft today not to men Iraq [aalaashm] and money his good so live Allah Iraq and men his [wnsaay'h] and dear Allah Iraq and men his [wnsaay'h] and faithful your Allah in Iraq and men his [wnsaay'h] so to benevolent all him in men Iraq and money his so Iraq in the universe he treasure the rights in Allah and in messages his and messengers his and Iraq he speared Allah in the land and family Iraq and men his their who were and to removed guard the mouths on extension date kill them tall and extend [aal'amSaar] in moneys their, so return any her dear and phased programs inclusive and deep to preparing the men on rules the rights in Allah and in the country

The nation, all men Iraq from become remote north of him to become remote [lhdhh] sides Arabic and Kurds and accumulate us their muslims and Christian year and all them Iraqi ['amaajd] not favor for Iraqi on Iraqi today not to in the rights and the jihad and the redemption, renewed for this nation debt renewed for this nation live her agitated for their this nation propellent her, to put to sleep sect eyes coward, concentrated any her the Iraq militants on the youths comprehending sons the revolution illusion soul propellent revolutionary fiducial illusion less pollution and seduction from change them illusion more readiness for sacrifice and the redemption and many protection on and ton and kill them jihads illusion designating the the markets who [laaynDb] if what their improve education and numbers and leadership and inform any her the militants wherever were on land Iraq [aalTaahrt] that money Iraq the drawings he financed you the Islamic laws and you the militants unify you the side legitimate only in which have fun followed starting in the behavior In him where wants for service propellent the jihad and the liberation and you the side legitimate only which pronounces Basem Iraq and lead propelling Iraq, and from wants that is Iraqi truth so to follows under [mHdd] banner the jihad holy for fulfilled eviction occupied and liberation the country, and either the [fy] money his popular the persons verbs tax the country when threatens the country and violates wives and sacred and with that already occupied imposing religion orthodox truth in him for jihad in [waaltSe'yd] way Allah open other than to includes the money all him if requests the matter that, all the solvers incited the Iraqi on the expenditure in way Allah and the country and to teaches family the moneys who be stingy in her on and ton and people and religion [wyDe'whaa] in specific service and aids [we'mlaay'h] so not insure on themselves and moneys will be goal for militants will and be moneys prize for jihad, and return yourselves any her the men [llmTaawlt] and the escalation because appraized today We qualified Iraq he the jihad permanent inclusive deep until be liberated country and killed from all strength the injustice [waalTGyaan] and forms lengthened obligated mother palace, we Iraqi unified family the country and wail family the jihad and wail family the reigns and the covenants [laanqyl] nor resign not for branch our nor to killed welfares other than that she live our which live in her free dear and he debt our who removed in him and die in him [e'lYaalaaymaan], so are patient and inform that Allah with patient and inform that the victory close in ear Allah because Allah with us and he the strength dear and for that we religious and Allah defends who insured and for that we fight disbelieving and traitorous and indeed Allah [laayHb] all buffet hamlets and for that we fight in country our and said be exalted want him:

(ear [lldhyn] fight that them wronged and indeed Allah on their victory for able) and for that we Allah fight in way and disbelieving way fight in [aalTaaGwt], so custodians of the devil fight indeed the devil be about to was weak and for to Allah finance us and to disbelieving [laamwlY] to love and inform that Allah commitment in your already victory since [aal'azl] so said be exalted want him: Common, lethal their on extension land our [aalTaahrt] and lethal their on extension obligated [laatde'waa] to love opportunity pick up in her breaths their nor rebuff to love spanned from land our [aalTaahrt] realizes to love security and comfort [aaDrbwhm] where exist inside the cities and outside her on the roads fulfilled confessor their in rules their in camps their in circles their in analgesic their lethal their on extension hours the night and the day, agitated on them the time and the place agitated on them the land and the sea agitated on them easy and the mountain agitated on them the sand and the rooms agitated on them the palm and the trees [laatqtlwaa] from sought protection mutes nor kill repentant returning to guide him and religion his and country his, open door the repentance [lldhyn] betrayed them themselves and wake up consciences their and inform that from repented from the tail hid [laadhnb] for him and inform that Allah forgives the tails all.

Live live Allah the militants live assistive Allah the Arab Allah Palestine the granule and her people of the militant.

Live on the jihad and the martyrdom [yaa] [e'raaq] [aale'z] and diligent

Live on the jihad and the martyrdom [yaa] nation Arabic [yaa] nation of the glories

To meeting place of the victory and the liberation [yaa] brave men Iraq, road of the rights and the jihad and the redemption and the glory lasted on [llh] and for his messenger and for insured.

Al-Salam on you and his mercy of Allah and Barakat.

Faithful secret leadership of region Iraq

For Arabic party the expedition of the socialist agency

First May 2005

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Final post questioning Zarqawi being injured


Organization announced seated the jihad in countries of AlRafidayn in statement on his site on [aal'intnrt] injury his of leader Abu [mSe'b] [aalzrqaawy] in wounds without to volume of the injury determines. While did not any official commentary from the United States exports after, many gold from the analysts until that already paving for announcing is about and elapsed him.
Moved from Al-Jazeera

O God healing [aalzrqaawy] and length lengthen in build him nor was complete you the jogs from him. Like to hear that he become a martyr improve from that handful is in American and [aalraafDHt] in order to not [ytshfwaa] Vienna in his photography or [te'dybh]. Faithful [yaa] many the worlds


For worry healing [aalzrqaawy] and length lengthen in build him nor was complete you the jogs from him. Like to hear that he become a martyr improve from that handful is in American and [aalraafDHt] in order to not [ytshfwaa] Vienna in his photography or [te'dybh]. Faithful [yaa] many the worlds

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3 reasons behind the Zarqawi injured claim

These are the 3 reasons for the Zarqawi being injured claim according to the jihadis


News of injury rose [aalzrqaawy] for him several readings:

First: That he profound verb and wounding and the news hit his which spread her paper [aalSn] British Time before ten days from that [aalzrqaawy] the cure in one of hospitals Ramadi and taking of medical prescription received with him not [stmraar] the cure, she news correct

The militants saw that marquee gather insured for praying for him, and preparing for what results about him [aal ' iSaabh] from martyrdom his, and advertisement for remainder of the following factions for seated the jihad in countries AlRafidayn across methods of the information that order any instant on the leadership occurs in.

The second: That injury not adult and saw seated the jihad to returns the leadership to front the information for attraction the sights and turn the attention and this from their interests her spreads wide outside Iraq mouth worn your In countries AlRafidayn himself.

Third: Fabricated Al-Khobar [wlaa ' asaas] for him from the health and the purpose from [aal ' irjaaf] investigation of triumphs for American [wHlfaay ' hm] illusive for confusion the row of the militant and the supporter in all place.

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Post seem to deny recent Zarqawi injured claim

I could be reading these wrong...will post each one seperately.


Statement from organization Al-Qaeda claimed for our Sheikh refused [mSe ' b] to wounding hit him (Tuesday)

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

[yaa] many seats the throw of jump of the feet

Indeed [ymsskm] ulceration losing touching of the people of ulceration his of methyls and your hill of the days [ndaawlhaa] between the people and to Allah teaches who believed and takes from you martyrs and Allah not likes oppressive [wlymHS] Allah who believed and eradicates disbelieving

Praise be to God of many the scientists and the consequence [llmtqyn] nor jogs except on oppressive and the prayer and the peace on Imam of the militants represent us Mohammed and on his family and his befriends ['ajme ' yn].

As for after:

Nation the Islam of brothers of the unification, our Sheikh call for refused [mSe ' b] [aalzrqaawy] in the cure, from wounding hit him in way Allah rose.
Your gauze Allah [yaa] [qrt] eye of the militants, and return you and blessing on you in the obstruction and the admission.

To peace be upon him already wounding of messenger Allah and as navel quadruple his and for how much in messenger Allah and his befriends of good example for who was Allah hopes and today the other.

To teaches far my fathers that wounding our of commander honored and reason for increase of the angina on jogs Allah rose, and reason to increasing of the attacks on them.

To Sheikh that the belief and the unification taught our they cheapens for all GAL and valuable way fulfilled Allah meal of the sacrifice and the redemption rose.
Abu established our Sheikh [mSe ' b] generation his of obliqueness on creed Ibrahim peace be upon him, the hamlet disciplined on [baalTaaGwt] and the his faith in Allah and the eagerness for Ridwane and his paradises so be possible him Allah [e ' naa] all welfare and acceptance from him and making her in balance good his.

Bugs to say that were formed [taalmwn] so that them [yaalmwn] you [taalmwn] and Allah hope from what not hope,

O God dressing of many the people go and you healing heal not cure except [shfaay ' k] cure not leaves [sqmaa].

Big Allah of big Allah. [wllh] the glory and for his messenger and for militants.
Tuesday 16 from last spring 1426 corresponding May 24, 2005

['abwmysrt] Iraqi (the divisions the informations in organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn)

All the preserved truths of for each militant and militant in exported condition male

To prevent [wlaaqwt] [aalaabaallh] O God ['ashfh] [we ' aafh]

Big Allah [wllh] the glory and for Islam and for militants

Your brothers collected of organization Al-Qaeda

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Iraqi Mujahideen Claim To Have Killed CIA Shadow Director in Iraq

Funny, this is written in pretty good english and their message is a challege to the White House to revel this guys true identity (so they say) and they also claim a new scandal is coming. See the site for the video.

also their previous statement on this...

Below is the statement from today:

Rafidan – The Political Committee of the Mujahideen Central Command Baghdad.

Communiqué No. 1

Exclusive: Iraqi Mujahideen Claim To Have Killed CIA Shadow Director in Iraq

From the Political Committee – Rafidan

(The Political Committee of the Mujahideen Central Command)

On the 14th of Safar 1426H, the 24th of March 2005M

In the Name of God Most Merciful Most Graceful

Congratulations to our Great Army

We congratulate you to the Demise of Dale C. Stoffel a CIA Shadow Manager in Iraq, and a close friend of George Bush. He is more important than Bremer and his lot of Generals. He was killed on the 8th of December 2004 after close monitoring of our moles on the hands of the Islamic Jihad Brigades. This was at the hour of 1630

He is the engineer of darkness to the destruction of Iraqis Army assets forever. We have in our hands thousands of documents which have been assessed over the past few months.

We will present these documents translated and will declare them internationally.

We reserve the right as Iraqis to bring to justice all the war criminals & the traitors like Chalabi, Allawi, Shalan, Bader, & the Peshmirga Militia.

Rafidan with the arms of it ' s military factions will not fall short of bringing justice to those. For each Iraqi killed, we will kill ten of the invaders and the traitors.

This Criminal was eradicated, there was to be a film directed by Hollywood for this criminal ' s adventures by orders from Bush.

We will release in the coming days documented evidence to a new scandal. God has given us this graceful land of all prophets, & our victory will come eventually, & our army will return to be the protector on the people with god ' s will.

We hold the prophecy given by God.

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