Friday, June 03, 2005

Message to the American Embassy in London


The message which her peace of Sheikh ['abwbSyr] to the embassy American in London

The message dictated which rose in her American delivery to the embassy in London

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

Praise be to God of many the scientists, and the prayer and Al-Salam on ring of the prophets and the senders, and after.

Losing asked me some the brothers of the briefing on the message which her delivery rose in office of the attorney general about the adhering to the American ambassador Al Qaim on works of the embassy American in British. Fall at their desire lost and returned them in spreading her in signers, flag that the message agencies the information and the journalism in end of the demonstration distributed on [waalaae ' tSaam] who the embassy was complete in front of American in date May 20, 2005, and in the languages of Arabic and English, you that the message which [sulmt] for embassy [sulmt] in the languages of Arabic and English.

text of the message

The ambassador Al Qaim on works of the American embassy; Representative the American government in British.

Not doubtfulness that he already [tnaahaa] to your ears what took him mass mediums the about committing your of soldiers and achieved your in jail “[jwaantnaamw]” when generous throwing the Quran in the toilets dared on ['ime ' aanaaAA] in the underestimation and the assault on wives and belief and holy conceded. This abominable verb gruesome you believe what was to presence of the light falls had it not been for green before burning stablemen Washington, except if our persuation wanted in to the administration American in Washington not authority her soldiers have fun on and founded her outside the American lands!

Therefore so indeed this conceded violations flagrant for truths and beliefs which jail collects in “[jwaantnaamw]” and jail “Abu Ghraib” in Iraq, and change her from the jails. Accountability and her results in the American degree first the administration in Washington sustains her, and government George Bush. She damages nor benefits. Nor her consequences insure even though after when.[ldhaa] so indeed us warn that like this gruesome behaviors and irresponsible the pit and the apartment and the hatred increases between legislating the Islams. Between Muslim audiences and their governments not and in yen of the administration American and her oppressive politics towards the Islam and Muslim, more of which she on him now, and expansion of the distance between the people.

Teach that the nations and the states straightens and the justice turns with not the injustice and the oppression; So if [baGat] and wronged and be oppressive and the land become arrogant in [waastkbrt] ended and perished and destroyed important Kent strengthened her and descents in her sufferance of Allah and his revenge in the life before the afterlife, and date of the nations and the [haalk] states from before you all her tell this truth starting, you said rose:(and how much [haalk] our from village [baTirat] [mae ' iyshatahaaa] twisted you neighbor their did not calms from after them except a little and are we [aalwaaarithiyna]. What god your slowness of people was your until her mother sends in [rasuwlaaAA] follows on them our paradigms and what are annihilating my people except and qualified her [DHaaalimuwna]) the stories:58-59. Said rose:(and your hill of people [“aahlaknaaahum] blame [DHalamuwaa] and making our for annihilating their [mawe ' idaaAA]) the cave:59. Said rose:(and if return us that drank you village our of order [mutrafiyhaaa] [fafasaquwaa] in her so enclose on her the statement [fadammarnaaahaaa] [tadmiyraaAA]) [aal ' israa”]:16. So the destruction and the ruin comes always after the injustice and the oppression, [waalTGyaan], and this year from Allah sharpened his character rose in which not fall behind, nor [tuHaaby] someone.

So indeed we said strengthened. Not call upon nor Allah fear revenge. Nor repels us about the oppression and the injustice of thing. You he tongue prevented you who pronounces thereby!

Punching say: Allah strengthen and tough than you. Allah not fights. So not carry you strengthened you on the Izzat in the sin, people said returned blame be oppressive and become arrogant and wronged before what say him you now, you said rose about them: (so as for returned [faaastakbaruwaa] in the land [biGayri] followed [waqaaaluwaa] from tough [minnaaa] strength ['aawalam] see that Allah who their character of he tough than them strength [wakaaanuwaa] in our paradigms [yajHaduwna]) separated: 15.

So not deceive you dumb Allah dreamt, and his patience on you, so Allah rose give time nor neglects. Nor visciousness of Allah except the people guarantees losing, you said rose: (['aafa ' aaminuwaa] visciousness Allah so not visciousness of Allah except the people guarantees [aalxaaasiruwna]) the customs: 99.

After, so indeed flag this who presents so indeed the duty hovers on you. Completeness of the apology. Accounting of the produce. Important their site was. Lack of repetition like this aggressive verbs abominable which [twGr] the chest, and the spite and the grudges between the people increases, [wytwaarthhaa] the generations after.

Representative about the riot [waalaae ' tSaam]:

The informational observatory of the Islamism in London.

Sheikh/Abd the patient Munim Mustafa “Abu foresight [aalTrTwsy]”.

May 20, 2005.

the text of the translator to English

To the U.S Ambassador in the U.K:

No doubt you have learned how your soldiers and interrogators at the camps of Guantanamo Bay have dived even deeper in their excessive underestimation of Muslims faith and sanctities by violating and dishonouring the Noble Qur ' an. Unless it proved otherwise, this kind of degrading behavior, as we believe cannot take place without it being sanctioned and authorized by the power in Washington.

Hence, the power in Washington as well as president George Bush are fully responsible for all actions perpetrated by their officials in Guantanamo Bay, Abu-ghraib prison in Iraq and other places. These irresponsible acts will rather cause harm and widens the gap between Muslims (excluding their governments) on one side, and the American administration with their oppressive policy towards Islam and Muslims on the other side.

Be informed that survival and continuity of nations are based upon justice. Whereas, tyranny, aggression and arrogance will surely lead to destruction as well as punishment of God in this life and the Hereafter. God said: (And how many a city have we destroyed that was insolent in its [way of] living, and those are their dwellings which have not been inhabited after them except briefly. And it is we who were the inheritors. And never would your Lord have destroyed the cities until he had sent to their Mothers [i.e principle city] a Messenger reciting to them our verses. And we would not destroy the cities except while their people were wrongdoers) surah: 28, verse: 58-59.

(And those cities we destroy them when they wronged, and we made for their destruction an appointed time) Surah 18, verse: 59.

(And when we intend to destroy a city, we command its affluent but they defiently disobey therein; so the word [i.e.: deserved decree] comes into effect upon it, and we destroy it with [complete] destruction) Surah 17, verse: 16.

Allah ' s way is that oppression and transgression always lead to destruction.

If you claim that you do not fear Allah ' s revenge because you have more power, we say that Allah is more powerful than you. He cannot be defeated, therefore let not your power deceive you, you have an example in people of Aad [a vanished nation] when Allah said: (As for Aad, they were arrogant upon the earth without right and said: “Who is greater than us strength?” Did they not consider that Allah who created them was greater than them in strength? But they were rejecting our signs) Surah 41, verse: 114.

So do not be deceived by Allah ' s forbearance and do not feel secure from the plan of Allah. Allah said: (Then did they feel secure from the plan of Allah? But no one feels secure from the plan of Allah except the losing people) Surah: 7, verse: 99

Finally, we urge you to apologize sincerely, punish the transgressors and not to allow this kind of action to happen again.

On behalf of the organizers:

Islamic conservatory center in London

Shaykh: Abdul Monem Halimah “Abubaseer Altartousi”


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Green zone attack happening now


The resistant area green under fires Alan Heard since less from ten minutes roadsign explosions and exchange of gunshots [naarmn] inside and outside outside the area black

The worry grant victory the militants in your way

Will carry out you will fulfill you in the details when her roses

Sniper [aaljaadryt] The signature Organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn

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Element of Central Intelligence Agency seized

Very interesting if true. They have pictures etc. so who knows. In the video they show the passport of the guy they have, but the only word I can make out is Malta.


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9 soldiers killed near Fallujah


Killing and injury of nine American soldiers after explosion in district of the Jubail in Fallujah

Thinker of the Islam [special]: American refill explosive at military passage queue exploded in [aalsaae ' h] second after noon today Friday near mosque the prophets in district of the Jubail in Fallujah, where gathering of number of the soldiers American near the mosque as their custom all week in observer of prayer Friday and what speaks in him the speaker.

Pondered [nql] correspondent of the Islam in Fallujah about eyewitness that the refill American passage the queue of the infantry man exploded at near that refill which were hidden apparently under stack from the wreckage., and American killing six soldiers afflicted to.

From his side the Iraqi chief on week that the explosion mentioned killing resulted in [w ' iSaabh] nine American soldiers, and exposure of one stricken to amputation in the leg.

Forces the occupation of the place surrounded and arrested more than 20 serous whereof were connect in ill-got courtyard the mosque external because of congestion in the serums

While helicopters and foot of number of carriages descended [aalhmr] quickly to place of the incident and raising of the bodies in the middle of dense releasing for fires rose in on surroundings [aalmnTqh] [l ' ixaafh] the serums.

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Sunni Army attacks on the road between Kirkuk and Tikrit


Helpers of Sunnis boiled/destruction [hmryn] for cruciferous facial paralyzes on road Kirkuk - Tikrit (Friday)

Helpers of Sunnis boiled/destruction [hmryn] for cruciferous facial paralyzes on road Kirkuk - Tikrit (Friday)


[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

Praise be to God of many the scientists Nasser the militants and mighty the apostates and the crusaders, and the prayer and Al-Salam on [aalDHwk] deadly represent us Mohammed and on his family and his befriends and blessing and except him and in acne:

Said rose (decreased [lilladhiyna] [kafaruwaa] will win and cram to [jahannama] and how evil the bed) [family ages of the paradigm 12].

In completeness of the hour fourth of dawn of day Friday June 3, 2005 stature collected from militants of battalion of bright Mohammed in explosive explosion refill on American queue and that on the freeway between Kirkuk following Tikrit in the proximity from aspect of the rationality for conservative Kirkuk and afflicted practical to destruction the part of the Imam [llhmr] first and the part of the successors [llhmr] second ((and lead watch her the people [b'im] assign them illusion occur them to military Al-Qaeda in airport Kirkuk))
Killing already in this operation of four crucifixes Panama wounding of four other [fllh] the Hamad [waalmnt].

Allah prayed on represent us Mohammed and on his family and accompanied him and peace

The military organization to boiled helpers of Sunnis
26/ Spring second/1426
3/ June/2005

Bringer of good news of Sunnis (army helpers of Sunnis)

The source: Thinker of the calculation (forums net of the calculation)

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Latest AQ in Iraq magazine out.

Will try to translate the magazine and upload it here later. It's a 40 page PDF file, so it might take a long time to get up here.

also can be found at

Carried [bsre ' tmjlt] new peak of the hump the equipments in organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn

Magazine peak of the new hump the number (Friday)


[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

Carried quickly magazine peak of the new hump the number (not working - neos) (working - neos) (working - neos)

['abwmysrt] Iraqi (the divisions the informations in organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn)

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Assassination of Shiite cleric Ali Abdel Hussein in Basra


Assassination one of commanders of legion of betrayal

Assassinated [aalmqaawmh] Iraqi this morning Friday on Abd the Hussein of commander of the political organization in forces legion of full moon cooperative with the occupation.

Pondered [nql] correspondent of the Islam about eyewitness that four armed profound Abd the Hussein from the age of 40 year in front of his attacked on house in in the middle of city Basra south Iraq [w ' amTrwh] in shower from the fires.

Pondered correspondent indeed the armed attack said the Hussein in the situation ended in death Abd.

Correspondent until the casualty of he Imam indicated our what knows in “[Hsynyt] the Zahra in Basra”, and antecedence lead for him that previous time announced in during more than press conference that he Iraqi determinism of class the sides about the north sees and middle for his Islamic erecting republican specializes [baalshye ' h] only, on border [aade ' aay ' h].

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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Sunni Army suicide carbomber at queue near American consulate in Kirkuk


Helpers of Sunnis boiled/martyr operation on queue from the laborers in the American consulate

Helpers of Sunnis boiled/martyr operation on queue from the laborers in the American consulate (Thursday)


Helpers of Sunnis boiled/martyr operation on queue from the laborers in the American consulate in Kirkuk

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

Praise be to God of many the scientists Nasser the militants and mighty the apostates and the crusaders, and the prayer and Al-Salam on [aalDHwk] deadly represent us Mohammed and on his family and his befriends and blessing and except him and in acne:

Said rose ([ul] [lilladhiyna] [kafaruwaa] will win and cram to [jahannama] and how evil the bed family of ages of the paradigm 12

In operation specific new [baaGt] one of the brotherhood martyr in the hour eighth and the half of this morning from explosion his of car on queue from motor civil following for consular American in city Kirkuk and afflicted

The operation to burn of three cars and killing more than ten crusaders from laborers of the American consulate and the special protection in her from the apostates and that in live entrance Arafa (and he district special lives him [aalnSaarY] fulfilled him headquarter

The American consulate and the British and plenty from growns-up [aalmswu'lyn] in the deserted parties Kurdish), [wllh] the Hamad of losing the American forces received in this practical cuff [laatnsaahaa] where occurrence of the explosion in the proximity from their fortresses

Indeed us in the time who our brother bled to what was [ybtGyh] and Allah ask [e'zwjl] to receives him from the martyrs say for each from income this cities to her religion changes and her family kills and violates expanded her [b'inaa] for him and for blessing aid him from deserted in the observation post

Will not calm down until extract you or perish without that, and big Allah [wllh] the glory and for his messenger and for insured.

The military organization to boiled helpers of Sunnis
25/ Spring second? 1426
2/ 6/2005

Bringer of good news of Sunnis (army helpers of Sunnis)

The source: Thinker of the calculation (forums net of the calculation)

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Everyone to Iraq!

This seems to be the gist of this posting. The poster believes part of Al-Zarqawi's latest message said for every jihad man to make his way to Iraq to fight.


Our commander Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi requests [twaafd] the men to land AlRafidayn (so live on the jihad

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

In word of Sheikh Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi last before little days and she message of soldier to prince…. Our commander rose Al-Zarqawi in the stimulation on continuation of flow of the youths [ll'anDHmaam] to rows of army Muslim in land AlRafidayn (organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn) and confirm that this one of the weapons strong which uses in this war for victory followed on invalid the eye ........ and blessing word will return for will be new what say him here correct…

From this starting point call myself [w'iyaakm] in indeed prepare [ll'anTlaaq] to land of the jihad after [tysyyr] Allah be soft until the battles of side wade to near with our brothers who [sbqwnaa] in this great hippodrome…

The Muslim men in all place in the direction to Iraq until graduation of word incite from [qaadaat] the jihad there [baaktfaay'hm] complete from the men of the heroes .....

This and Allah know and wise…. Nor god except Allah [wllh] the Hamad and the thanks ..........

Allah and peace prayed on represent him Mohammed and on his family and befriends [aajme'yn].

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5 killed in suicide attack in Baquba


[yaan] from organization Al-Qaeda adopts practical martyr which Hussein targeted [aaltmymy] in Baquba

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

[yaa] many seats the throw of jump of the feet

Praise be to God of many the scientists and the consequence [llmtqyn] nor jogs except on oppressive and the prayer and the peace on Imam of the militants represent us Mohammed and on his family and his befriends ['ajme'yn].

As for after:

Rushed [lyth] from [lywth] battalion innocent Bin possessing martyr following for organization Al-Qaeda in countries of AlRafidayn in area Baquba today Thursday 25/from other spring 1426 corresponding June 2, 2005 so rose this brother Al-Ansari have mercy him conservative Allah in attack heroic on deputy chief of council [dyaalY] Hussein heights [aaltmymy] so as land and dawn and Allah accomplished hereunto [aalTaaGwt] and killing four from his protection [wllh] the Hamad [waalmnt]

[fhnyy'aa] lac of the testimony [yaa] brother of the unification and received you Allah in the martyrs and good blessings of profit sold you indeed Allah wanted rose.

You [yaa] guilt cruciferous this your destiny and this governing Allah rose in you blame [waalytm] the Jew [waalnSaarY] and law changed Al-Rahman be exalted and rose [faabshwaa] in what [ysw'km], and to painful the afterlife sufferance quantize in.

Your brothers in organization Al-Qaeda in countries last AlRafidayn in their jihad and their combat of jogs Allah rose until the countries and the worshipers masters Islamic law Allah.

Big Allah of big Allah. [wllh] the glory and for his messenger and for militants.

['abwmysrt] Iraqi.

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Jihad instructional videos posting


Big Allah (video)… cycle of the telescope and the saw for militant the beginner!!

Big Allah of cycle of the telescope and the saw for militant (the beginner) [baalfdyw]

On three parts

The part first [4.50 mb]

For loading (pressure here/ Or. (pressure here/ Or. (pressure here/

The part second [2.83 mb]

For loading (pressure here/ Or. (pressure here/ Or. (pressure here/

The part third [4.60 mb]

For loading (pressure here/ Or. (pressure here/ Or. (pressure here/

Footsteps about our brothers of the highborn (AlGother) his cuttings Allah his welfare of the taxes and conserving from all hated


From their issuances [aalsaabqh]

Cycle in the connections for militant the beginner. (video)

Exercises for militant the beginner. (video)

On [jz'ayn] and details the exercise in the writing beside folder of the video contains on.

Reading of the instructions be necessary in published firstly then spectator the video for detail of some the orders.

The part first [one [myqaa]]

For loading (pressure here/ Or. (pressure here/

The part second [6 mb]

Division to four departments was complete his to loading simplifies his. All vow [1.50]

(the department first/ (the department second/ (the department third/ (the department fourth/

Or from connected other

(the department first/ (the department second/ (the department third/ (the department fourth/

After loading of the departments the four the stressing open about them in volume one
Then the different folder pressure on about them and who he (folder of the accumulation for this parts)


Lastly not say apart from Allah in our brothers of the Fadil and benefiting blessed in him and bestowed him [maatmnaah] next other than arranged

So blessings in they and Allah from moved and converted the lines to verbs

Allah ask to reconciles them and their feet secures and repays threw them and keeps them between their hands and from their back

All what [aaSdrwh] he hit [yaamn] the sitting because of fewness the practice of blessings of lac of you be impossible in [yaa] deadly beginner in the jihad and orders

[e'sY] Allah to benefits [bmaaqdmwh] make brotherly us generous

[fwaallh] [laanrY] in you [yaaqaae'dwn] except you you darling and our said our prince (Abu [mSe'b] [aalzrqaawy]):

[maa] were crippled or blind so excuse me *** or matched from [Dnaa] did not [ystTe'] cross-eye!

Spreading contributed in his your cutting Allah welfare


Big Allah

Allah blessed [fyky] [yaa] his commando and making in your distinctions and ease me and the felicity feel in that am first of reply hereunto the good subject

<<[daaxl] width

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New video of the attack on Iraqi national guard in the south of Baghdad


[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

The informational department

For organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn


Tape of the attack on following dominance for guard pagan in the tangerine of south Baghdad

To loading of the tape choose either the ties [aaltaalyh]

Big Allah and the Izzat [llh] and his messenger and for militants

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New forum site

I can't register because I don't know a jihadi's name, tried so many from several forums but a no go.

Was alerted to this site via the Tanthem-alqa3edah Yahoo! mailing list/group

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Something coming part 2 - Osama executed expedition!!!

Here's the other post that appears to go along with the posting directly below. The two posts were found on different forums, yet appear to belong together. Replies to the thread are seperated by ______________


Osama executed expedition!!!

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

The militant the angina of Sheikh of fathers said Musab Al-Zarqawi in his last message for his prince Osama refused Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Laden - kept them Allah all commanders and soldiers -: O God expedition executed Osama ask Allah rose to keeps you and extends in built you and makes you throats of the runner pronged in and to lac in the testimony and we seals [bntDHaar] your orientations and your matters .....


Expedition executed Osama

The solidity and the tradition of the prominent feature for scientists was, and the ignorance and spreading of the novelties [waalshrkyaat] the feature prominent for swimmer, and the amusement and the engagement in the prominent pleasures the feature for rulers, [waaltrbS] and the onslaught on nation of the Islam of the feature prominent for jogs.

This way Islamic situation the nation in beginning was horned the one ten the abandonments. Shade this situation on what he on him from the deterioration to the decline, [wtkaalb] the jogs on the nation, and fight princes of the succession Turkish until machine to empowering of Jew [aaldwnmt] from keys of the wisdoms in house of the succession.

The succession fell, and tumble with her Islamic fear the nation of the ossicle, and dared ['ae'daay'haa] on her and kept on decrease her from her edges, and the war rose worldwide first, then second, and division jogs of the nation this nation torn and Samoa her family abusing of the sufferance.

Stature of revolutions leads her the scientists [waalde'aat] against the occupation [aalnSraany] for cities Muslim, and to multiple of the faith and the certitude in Allah are, and spread of the novelties [waalshrkyaat], and the disarray intense - which the feature were truimphant on the nation - solver without the empowering for this revolutions [aaljhaadyt].

The jogs saw that he from generous robbery benevolent the hypocritical nation Islamic and her humiliation about road and the agents from sons this nations so the their did on empowering for some chickens who [trbwaa] in countries of the hamlet from who the religion sloughed about, and for guarantee of stay these in little cost, work of the jogs with hypocritical on war of the educations Islamic and conceded plucking of the Islam from hearts.

The enemies succeeded whatever success, and forest of Islamic Law as method for life from general life and special (except remainders of people get lost in that turmoil), and assumption of the agents and ignorant that the spiritual Islam as strength disappeared to other than return.

In this crucial times from Islamic date the nation fiducial bomb exploded nation returned for some considering her and her dignity, and Kent that bomb as that she wrought conceded heads put on [twqDhm] from blank their tall: Your hill she of the Afghan war – the Soviet, or the Afghan jihad first.

Started this Afghan war against the communist of the disbeliever which keys of the governing in Afghanistan dominated on. The spark were first of comprehensive as camels released her brigadier complete the law of Sheikh “lad Mohammed [nyaazy]” Afghan Al-Azhari have mercy him Allah, and fast what fire of the envy on the religion in youths spread comprehensive cable from students of the knowledge of the Islamic laws and the engineers and the physicians and change them, then spread this torch blessed between sons of the branch Afghan conceded leads them group from the worlds and students of the knowledge.

What wonderful the jihad if led him the scientists.

The war in her beginning of Afghan war Afghan were, conceded war the youths against the communist apostates from sons Afghanistan.

Afghanistan took the war in the spreading until uncle all her. Muslim ears of news flowed to this Islamic war which [yre'aahaa] and carries enlarge her Afghan sons the movement Islamic, [ftwaafd] the youths Muslim on shyness to this land the militant her of family.

For what the Soviet state in her interfered forces in [xraasaan], sickness drill of the horse voted in radiant the his scientist of the Islams and Maghreb [waantfDH] conceded her fire lights and hearts the enthusiasm of inviter of the jihad enkindles in their and renewed went him Sheikh the jurist of the militant “Abdullah [e'zaam]” have mercy him Allah and his acceptance in the martyrs.

Battalions of the unification rushed not object twish on, and lovers the poplar sons of befriends of the messenger of peace be upon him flew to [xraasaan] [lnjdt] their brothers, and opening for youths of the nation of door from doors Heaven [fthaaftwaa] on him from all hunchbacks and greenhouses.

For [maa] family of the jihad from the helpers in Afghanistan increased, stopping some [aale'qlaa'] from sons the wakefulness of stand of contemplation and kept on observe to suspensive from distances several. Indeed her historic opportunity. Islamic juice the wakefulness. Youths slavery of all appetite be liberated from [wTaaGwt] and spot gather in one Basem the jihad. Youths the fear defeated, yet the life defeated.

In this swift instants from date of the nation, stopping these [aale'qlaa'] their sights glance in to radiant and the Maghreb so if in the nation Islamic torn and defeated on her order.
Why not exploit this situation!!
Why not organize these men, in this time, fulfilled this insulated spot about the world to forms this organization of kernel for project of jihads the Islamic nation liberates and returns her past have fun [aaltlyd]!!
Why not formation seated Afghanistan for practice youths of the nation and their education of education [jhaadyt] scientific fiducial!!

Prime youths of the nation, ['auxtyr] from them their prime, so as you rule Islamic Jihad in leadership lion from lions of the Islam, yet “lion of the Islam” in his time: Sheikh Osama Bin Laden.

If our sight to situation of the Islamic nation in the centuries the three last and compared her in solver of the nation before the delegation so indeed us strange correspondence of house of the periods upholstered: Polytheism, and novelties, [wxraafaat], and decaying, and injustice, and enslavement.

Internationalized [e'DHmY] (horseman and Roman – British and frenchify and America and Russian and the mongooses), contempt for life humanitarian (and in special the Arabic type between the nations).

Islamic delegation the wakefulness to educations spreads this great religion between the human being, and expedition the prophet of peace be upon him in islet Arabic to burden of notification carries sons Al-Jazeera this [aalrsaal] great for people all.

The Islamic wakefulness tepidness after termination of the Afghan jihad and fight of the factions hit Afghan, you Allah hit Companions of the Prophet Mohammed Ridwane on them some the tepidness (the timed) after death the prophet of peace be upon him, and to Companions of the Prophet Mohammed are was in them examples ['abwbkr] who will kept represent us peace be upon him, that will which kept for this nation feared her and her standing between the nations:

So in age early - did not transgression the twenty - matter of messenger Allah Osama Bin army increased on, between his individuals and his soldiers of first Abu and age.!!

Navel of hum between the muslims their increase of the order estranged from, [waastkthrwaa] on the young boy, Osama Bin increased, Emirate of army in him Sheikh of the helpers and as faithful emigrant.

Whispering reached their messenger Allah peace be upon him, so height of the forum, and praising Allah and double on him, then said:

“that some the people Osama stab in Emirate Bin increased. To Emirate his stabbed in of fathers before. That Abu was his [lxlyqaa] for Emirate. Indeed Osama [lxlyq] have fun. That he for who loved the people to after his fathers. Indeed me to hope that is from good your. [faastwSwaa] in him benevolent”.

Peace be upon him died messenger Allah before the army to his moves purpose and but he was Turks his will of the [Hkym] for his already befriends: “Osama executed expedition. Osama executed expedition.” (men around the messenger \ immortal immortal Mohammed).

In afford vision sharp, and in determination [aalSddyqyn], and in determination insured certain in promise many the scientists, matter successor messenger Allah peace be upon him army Osama in the dependence on Allah and invasion the strength [aale'DHmY] western (Roman) in injuring house her striking in accident the wall speech who did not distances this delegation prophetic and frightening their for him in the jogs surrounding in house the Islam, disassemblies that truthfulness Allah the friend, so planting the horror in hearts jogs the religion – close from them and far – until returned army Osama and lead scared the crows and deserted, so as you triumphs armies the faith afterwards follows leads her sword Allah fathers sound immortal Bin new and brothers his from befriends messenger Allah peace be upon him.

Observe to this strange correspondence between that period and happening our who live him:
For [maa] the tepidness be about to who the wakefulness hit definite death converts to, glory executed Allah his and rose – on pot from him – army Osama once again to the horror in hearts jogs of Allah from the disbeliever and the hypocrites plants, and the hope in hearts broadcasts insured.
Allegation discouraging (nor similarity between these hypocrites and between befriends messenger of many the scientists) that this ball will be and the Islamic nation pay attention on, and said some them that these militants from lowliness of the age nor leadership of the nation repair for.

To were they say for:

“that some the people Osama stab in Emirate. To Emirate stabbed in changed him from the youths conceded before. That were [lxlyqyn] for Emirate. Indeed Osama [lxlyq] have fun. That he for who loved the people to the nation in this time. [w'inaa] [lnrjwaa] that is from good this nation.”

To already first Osama of supported before state and government was leads her the friend in ministry so clarify, and second Osama aided him insured Allah in government Islamic in leadership of men (calculate them likewise and noble Allah their) leads them man of beating for world methyls in the loyalty and faithful conserving the neighborhood of the courage and turned me for the sake of victory this religion.

To Kent already the friend assigned the strength glances [aale'DHmY] eastern representing in the Persians, and the strength [aale'DHmY] western representing in Roman, and to are my son patient his from hypocritical fast what the debt withdrew about [w'ashGlwh] some the time about the devoting for deadly worldwide strength the hamlet, disassemblies in sword of sword Allah cure for headache these miserables, so their religion returned to [qaane'yn].

For how much played these dimwits from the hypocrites and the apostates in present and Islamic future the nation, and how much projects disable from [jhaadyt] educational, and not for these medicine successful nor generous than swords Allah removes all and beetle for devil or doubtfulness and doubt in their hearts towards this great religion.

Indeed rule of the jihad today fortress of clays not trains in him group from the men on some the weapons Haditha.
Indeed her worldwide rule, educational rule, spiritual rule.
Indeed her project of nation.
She gulf rule not or Arabic [mwtwr] her befriends or defeated on their order not be new to shelter or refuge love.
She restricted rule in mountains not Afghanistan her liberation requests.
Indeed her Islamic rule of universality.
Indeed her integral point of beginning for civilized departure project.
Indeed her rule ores the males for leading of men imports their carry them their celestial empowering the straightness in the land.

Indeed role seated the jihad of he in his self peace be upon him of day that expedition of the friend in insured battalions for invasion of the states turned city of messenger Allah [aale'DHmY] and liberation of the mankinds from slavery of the mankinds and blessing wronged him and neighbored him, his liberation from illusion [aaldwnyt] to life clammy yet the favoritism.
His liberation from the strength proficient the authoritarian on the necks to the free mankinds forms in himself fulfilled financed him his debt fulfilled. Liberation of the human from parchment of the appetites and the His Highness in him to humanitarian life which generous his Allah in her.

Line not for this Al-Qaeda that formation in the city:
Losing peace be upon him were Al-Qaeda in city of messenger Allah, then Kufa in reign of the grown-up successor moved to “on Bin fathers demanded” bruises Allah about him, then to Damascus in reign of the succession [aal'amwyt], then to grim Baghdad in reign the succession, then to Egypt in reign [aalmmaalyk], then the Ottoman Constantinople in reign the succession.
Her she mountains [xraasaat] the banner pick up to nation adopt for fortress rule for departure is [ktaay't] the unification liberation of the self and the land and the succession returns grown-up in permission suggest doubt her.

Indeed this Al-Qaeda [aaljhaadyt]. This civilized project assistant needs to insured and their assistance and their corroboration in the breath and the money and the word and the praying.
Indeed this eruption not strong alternative that formation in her beginning until the propelling continues in.
Not alternative from assistant of the nation for this rabbinic eruption.

To glory already gathering Allah his and the economic jihad and the fighting jihad in his rose between book, so said “The (true) believers are those only who believe in Allah and His messenger and afterward doubt not, but strive with their wealth and their lives for the cause of Allah. Such are the sincere.” (15 AL-HUJRAAT)

This great paradigm gathering in her folds of secrets of the faith and mental family of the jihad, comprehending:

1- insurers in Allah and his messenger.
2- Lower hearts of doubtfulness in Allah not in their fulfilled and counted him.
3- Strive in puerperal their.
4- Their moneys strive in.
5- Rescuers in their intentions.

These their truthful. These their the religious of truth. These their the laborers consequently the religion.

To already “inclusion Allah for [mn] his way came out in not jihad in ways and faith take out except in me and ratification in my messengers so he guaranteeing on to enter him Heaven, or returned him to his house who take out from him in what wage or prize obtained from…” (see him muslim from narrative of fathers of kitten).

So if was “from conceded killer in way Allah from man of hiccups [naaaqtII], and traveled for his Heaven” (Abu David \ correct). So indeed him “from losing prepared invador in way Allah invaded, and from behind invador in his family all-right losing invaded” (agreed upon on him)

Indeed the matter choice in amount what he test and testing for loyalty not and the patience and the certitude in promise Allah who not leave behind and counted him:

About fathers ['amaamt] Allah accepted about him about the prophet of peace be upon him said " from did not [yGz] or invador prepares or invador in his leave behind family all-right hit him Allah in disaster before Judgment Day " (see him correct Abu David in predication)

About him said, peace be upon him said messenger Allah: Generous the charities shade of marquee in way Allah, [wmnyHt] servant in way Allah, or malleable stallion in way Allah " (see him Al-Tarmathi and correct narrative goodness said)

Indeed like this civilized project who pick from him human the freedom and the security and the safety [lxlyq] in to is for him his great fate at Allah of glory and rise, so casual dress of the expenditure in the jihad not [kGyrh] from the charities, so about fathers Massoud Allah accepted about him said peace be upon him came man to messenger Allah [bnaaqt] [maxTuwmat] [any [mje'wl] in headed her [aalxTaam]], so said:
This in way Allah, so peace be upon him said messenger Allah: “lac in her Judgment Day seven hundred [naaqt] all her [maxTuwmat]” (see him muslim), and about fathers salutes [xrym] Bin elapsed you Allah accepted about him said, peace be upon him said messenger Allah: “from books spent fee in way Allah for him seven hundred weakness” (see him Al-Tarmathi and narrative of goodness said)

Indeed him disgrace on nation that some her is structures date in the blood write her and with that not progress for they of the nation valuable [aalDmaadaat] which stand counterfeit them.
From the sin on family of creed that their brothers is debt and gown for their creed and slogan for their armed for their glory and with this so indeed sons financed them not they present for the food appraized, nor they in piece the garment fulfill for which covers [e'waarthm] and long for them bad [aalqr] and free, and in bite of the nutriment which their bellies fill up, and specifying their on the standing on their feet.

Indeed thousand the muslims who their indictments cases of the Islamic scientist [tnaaTH] the zipper Izzat, [wtbaary] Gemini [shmwxaa] and labryrinths and news of people be proud in enforce payment valuable and cheap and the self and valuable in way Allah, governor on their debt and maintenance for their widths and protection for diligent their.

Indeed the people hear every day on screen of the television or through devices the photographer stay and audible and legible what Al-Sadr freezes and the turning relieves, and to are ['aymd] sharp their his hand to traveled him to outlay of day in the week take out contributes in him to Islamic establishing of rules the nation!!

['ays'al] conceded themselves how much from ocular the weeping from awe Allah in depths of the trenches of peer from [EEmaaqhaa]!! How much who the men [aalmtwDy't] splinters of the mines and she flew with disbelieving holes plunges!! How much who the orphans leave behind on favored all penetration?

[yaa] [me'aashr] conceded:
Indeed this he time the suits and the donation. This she the opportunity golden which as long as [aantDHrtmwhaa] on free than [aaljmr]. Men the men not as. Choice of character Allah in this time. Militants from sons of befriends of messenger Allah supporting of glory build this nation in lactate of the mixed limbs in blood flows as the water

Not Allah about eyes distanced [GTaarft]…. Jinn if mankind installed if lowered

So not let down kill you in this historic times “Spend your wealth for the cause of Allah, and be not cast by your own hands to ruin; and do good. Lo! Allah loveth the beneficent.” (the cow: 195)

[yaa] [me'aashr] conceded:

[aastwSwaa] in army Osama welfare. “Osama executed expedition. Osama executed expedition”

His books
Hussein Bin Mahmoud
24 Rajab 1423 for migration

The Islamic front informational of the universality
Divided the spreading and the distribution

Look-out for news of the militants and instigation for religious

That this nation [tGfw] and to are not sleeps

Get sick and to are not dies

So not [tyaaswaa], will return become strong you in ear Allah

Big Allah - [wllh] the glory and for his messenger and for insured and to are hypocritical [laaye'lmwn]


Allah blessed in you (carrying the truth)

Believed and Allah teach in indeed the militant Abu [mSe'b] supporting from the commander of the militant requests Osama bin Laden

Wish only that the militants in Iraq their rows unify and banner of the jihad in organization fight under Al-Qaeda

Army helpers of Sunnis wish from and changed her from armies of the militants that not organization be stingy on Al-Qaeda

In the intelligence-related information and that participating yen cooperation so the goal is in their one


Al-Salam on you and his mercy of Allah and Barakat

That I [aabaaye'] graze him

[aabaaye'h] in all [jwaarHy]

[hnyy'aa] [ll'amh] in delegation of Sheikh graze him

O God expedition executed grazed him

Truimphant Allah on his order and to more the people are not know


That land AlRafidayn she land fertile [l'astnzaaf] the enemy American more from her please [l'aqaamt] the succession and lowness your for nature the war in her (war the streets) and which makes the jog exposed fulfilled goal the militants [aaDHaaft] [l'ae'aaqt] the buildings [ll'alyaat] and flying ...... and to end appeared army Iraqi rejectors in disease the enemy breathes and pick up selves his and become the beating and the depletion he Iraqi (jihads) Iraqi (rejectors) of which calls in this solver completion the plan before Sheikh graze him and he in rushing targetting America in injuring house her [waayDHaa] assassination heads the defection in islet Arabic [khaayf] and brothers his and change them…

That role of the militants in land AlRafidayn he depletion the jog in fate the possible and in what that he the Iraqi depletion Iraqi became quantitation of the plan be necessary from there before expedition grazed him (O God expedition executed grazed him. O God expedition executed grazed him… O God executed sell grazed him..[EEmyn]). The wisdom at that he attempt of the militants of Muslim saving of atomic destructions the bombs so the American enemy degrade vile not [ytwre'] about beating countries of the ritual consecrations or change him from countries conceded virgin your [aalqnblh] therefore exhaustion of the enemy and making be necessary his collapses from interior until not becomes easy for him use that roads [aalxsysh] ...... and Allah teach


Your cutting Allah thousand carrying welfare brothers of the truth

O God expedition executed grazed him. O God expedition executed grazed him… O God expedition executed grazed him. .[EEmyn]


Allah blessed in you brothers carrying

Hussein blessed writing Allah in the brother of the article of Sheikh Bin Mahmoud

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More posts indicating that something is coming

This is really long, but if you have the stamina, read it through, slowly. It's important.
There is also another post that appears to go along with this that I'll post next.

I've bolded some interesting pieces below.


((the surprise big)) In speech Sheikh of fathers Musab Al-Zarqawi kept him Allah [the ring first]

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

((the surprise big))

In speech Sheikh of fathers Musab Al-Zarqawi

Kept him Allah

((message from soldier to his prince))

[the ring first]

Praise be to God goats of the Islam in his victory, and degrader of the polytheism in his subjugation, and bank of the matters in his matter, [wmstdrj] disbelieving in his visciousness, who the days of states in his afforded justice, and making of the consequence [llmtqyn] in his casual dress, and the prayer and the peace on from superior Allah his landmark of the Islam in CIF and in acne

So this expanded analysis for speech of prince of organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn ((message from soldier to his prince)) Write him by virtue of Allah and forms in rings first between support you and the second [n'ajlhaa] to when close,
ironing read reactions cruciferous who started the beetles [ynxr] in brown their collapsed fulfilled information [aalmqhwr] defeated, of which their performed in worry to slowness reply the acts, and he order natural and obvious blame [ytlqwh] from the surprise and the shocks of which deprived their bank the leadership alleged and darkened on them the concentration needed for accompaniment what renews from occurrences, and far her was formed the ring the afterlife countenance the plan drawn for enemy, and ask Allah the acceptance nor call in him preservation yet he either correctness or truimphant correctness or opposite him, so blessing found welfare so to praises Allah glory his, and blessing found other than that so the praying be soft in the forgiveness and the mercy from [aaltwwaab] merciful.
Noticed: The patience in the reading and the scrutiny of deliberation hope so speech of Sheikh not Al-Zarqawi [wdlaalaath] of which passes on her [mrr] generous and blessing custom and blessing of custom tasted granted.

((the surprise big))

In speech Sheikh of fathers Musab Al-Zarqawi kept him Allah

[the ring first]

((the current occurrences))

1 - fast movement inside the political surroundings of the Iraqi, and surmounting for difficulties, for the sake of the appearance in front of the scientist in appearance of the state which be opened about her dust of the war and the battle, and crowning was this Iraqi moving in the government; Which world endorsed for that she harmonious compatible between year and sect and as reply! .

2 - administration Bush moves [srye't] steps fast inside medium generally - for addition and they the accomplishment Iraqi in joining to [baaqt] democratic and the changes in societies western Kent control in handful from iron, and other Arabic what ended under the occupation, and democratic she work their the occupant and big worry their and informed knowledge their, and last endorses lying - this regime until harvests Bush and aids his what ['araadwh] their to yields give the impression and imagine - in dollars the branch American - propelling the taxes - so increases influence above influence his in front of the branch defeated on order his - who pays all the price and delicious my searchs about opposite the security and the luxury of course or the puberty American FALSE.

3 - exit Syrian from deporting bricks and termination first to final liquidations of glass of the scientist started! For onslaught on Syria, beginning from demarcation the borders with bricks, will and what create from problems to Turks Hezbollah the rejectors only in the from street political the Lebanese, with no support or designator from Syria, and not in front of him welfares apart from to lie down - as brothers his the brothers refusing in Iraq and to observer and continuation the pressure on the lion for protection the borders with Iraq and as that he not the protector have fun - and what includes him threats - will not intervention in space the execution at least in the kin - and to are is complete use her for coverage Bush in solver incidence any relapse teaches in her blessing their their in interior the American.

4 - states of the allegiance absolute for crusaders as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and Jordan and Egypt - [thlll] for regime Iraqi new, for projection legitimate on him in front of the international global system and visible the people for lightening of solitude of the tension.

5 - the militants of methyls Arabic strikes strong in islet after the last occurrences be exposed to and in special occurrences [aalrrs], and in next this lose them the dominance on Hungarian the orders [waalmbaad't] in the verb not reaction the.

6 Sheikh Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi sound recordings exports not informational surface occupies expanded on the level of the worlds - proportional and American humming the information and his tails about news other than assured about injury of Sheikh Al-Zarqawi during and his horses in Ramadi and the attack on her.

7 - American beginning some the movies from kind the Action in occupation of wipers informational grown-up in publications of the news and last her occurrences and battles Al Qaim - dear her Allah - which did not spectators be new to games role the stock exchanges of for each spit of American soldier in front of lenses of the camera go for.

8- Chest of orientations the informational circles for cruciferous devices the inquiries of the enemy in beginning of spreading raised from all what reports dwarfing role organization Al-Qaeda and marginalizing of the cerebrations which [ytbnaahaa], and say good-bye to him in digit the agent other than the recruited to minds of the admirers from the youths establishes in Arabic and conceded necessity removing of the allegiance [lhkdhaa] organization in this photo from the multiple! Connection of photo reports that organization of Al-Qaeda what he apart from victim game universality his role performed and ended.

9 - the genealogical success for crusaders - on the electronic front informational - in worldwide beating important of forums of the cerebration the jihads on the net; Who idealize at the same time - the informational front consequently the organization.

10 - permission! In analysis the circumstances or the occurrences the nine previous plateau that there Allah glutton American showing the triumph [aalmwhwm] alleged - who lengthened wait on the arena Iraqi especially, with multiple illusions - for information the jihads in front of the information the crucifixes the his west [aalmqhwr] -, so the supporters for organization Al-Qaeda pass in solver from lack the stability with escalation the in directions informational to the diminution and the dwarfing and the reduction from matter role organization Al-Qaeda, and in special after occurrences and battles [aalrs] and detention brothers our refused the gaps Libyan disassembly rejoice him and delicious my he truth not members leading in the organization you alleged [aalmrjfwn] and in reason lack [twaajd] the information the jihads on the screens small which stay over bewitches the million and transformation their self painful and self the north.
The demand of permission!

Strong blow from the heavy rifle the information cruciferous the west draw the attention - despite him [e'nh] and crisp ironing shakes his, and lowness your either in direct strike to grown-up symbolize having heaviness in the struggle, or in strike informational astounding and other than expected nor taken in the according to; Not affectation a lot of the money and self of dangers less!

The result of permission!

Informational blow intelligent [yHykhaa] and knits her conceded brain of monotheist of militant, to is - by virtue of Allah and his pool and his reconciliation in such a manner that the her informative lenses of defecating in chest her of publications and her makes statements and despite her [e'nhaa]

The stage first
((the plan))

1 - the announcing about injury of prince of the organization and not his his consulted deputy or one
[wmqrrbyh] and the goal of the paving for blow informational big in chest the registration of the roadsigns by virtue of Allah rose

2 - chest of the registration sonic afterwards - and detail will come consequently in virtues of the tape informational in permission Allah and the goal: Interested reassuring and the followers and on their head commanders the organization in leadership our of Sheikh Osama bin Laden - kept him Allah - and catalysis of determinations [aalmnksryn] and treatment victims of the hearts whereof de remained for their feeling in meaning of the jihad in way Allah.

You that and strength and fall him by virtue of Allah form of cuff - resonant and on negligence - on face Bush be about to that formation in strengthened her as invasion [jmaadY] the afterlife [invasion September] blessed in permission Allah -.

3 - formed of the registration sonic:
The skillfulness Kent this bitter Abu not in roadsign of Sheikh Musab Al-Zarqawi for selves insured and according to - yet single Kent in the divisions the informations who writing and formulation supervized on this word, comprehending rightly horsemen this strike blessed, and clears up this in her virtues which be about to that [txlw] from the blemishes.

So from the virtues:

['a] - loved cut grain writers in the tears and the blood between soldier his of prince in Allah, and knowledge that this road and this grain of he [maa] sell in him the selves and ulceration in him the wounds and increases in him far pains [wlwe't] the longing, so the love of verses excrete have fun flavor of Heaven and her palaces and shine of the victory and the empowering in the life

For that bone of longing from you grammatical *** so in hearts from the eagerness of fire

Perhaps Allah gathers after showed *** union be soft and get close the shrine

In says [llh] revolve him: surgeons by virtue of Allah - light your as mentioned the informational brotherhood in the department and here complete giving the credibility for vow was complete the informatory and indented him on the only information cruciferous the west as source and befriended alleged [wwhmwaa] - for news organization of Al-Qaeda in Iraq - yet and to [nql] - for news organization Al-Qaeda in areas of the world according to plan envisioned for drawn.

[j] says not unsealing of muzzle: and your soldiers line - by virtue of Allah - wonderful the photos in the redemption and the sacrifices and the defense about [HyaaD] this debt [waaldhb] about widths conceded in city Al Qaim land [aalnzaal].

Word noticed and your soldiers to the horror in turning enters all hypocritical shade hums that Sheikh Osama became only in the field and what [aaltj'a] to appointment [wmbaaye't] Sheikh Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi except he blame in him and raise him and his group from [tshdhrm] and separation and chaser and pursued - [xsy'waa] and failed and lost -.

[d] - cut the General the crucifixes [haalk] drinker the wine added soul [wmtnffsaa] for speech as a whole, and lowness your in comparator her and binds in happening and sincere date the Islam and Muslim and battles and invasion - because of refused ignorance - and which will penetrate walls the magic the informations - [aalmwhwm] - practiced on all muslim and Muslim in order to forget days the Islam first, and this penetration plants hope and glimmers from countenance the victory for any listener this feeling alternatives his and perception for Islam his, hit him bewitched and dressing dressing and heart for truths [wtGryr], so annulled this story by virtue of Allah - magic the information, yet and for opens not exaggerate indeed said indeed her - someday - will study the story for their infancies our [k'anmwdhj] measurements from the era modern who not differs in him directed the hamlet ugly about era the prophecy.

Him - and says [llh] revolve him: and truthfulness already book accompanied the familial war of the second and he from ancients the American warriors in Vietnam when said indeed America the blood delivered in and the blood nursed [w'athxnt] the blood [wte'mlqt] on the blood and to wills the blood sinks in and for indeed was [yaa] our Sheikh umbilical cord of dog already my son yellowish Bush capture our brothers of Libyan Abu vulva so to lead [saa'h] [maa] soldiers in Al Qaim prevent in his and remaining my AlRafidayn please.

Fulfilled this words of cuff to [mnaafqY] Arabic who think that the militants of ignorants not [yfqhwn] except load of the weapon and terrorism from colors them, so this cruciferous martyrdom from book American of veteran [yxsf] in mother their of heads to deep depths of the clay.

and says not unsealing of muzzle: our prince of the darling.
Indeed the enemy in reconciliation Allah walks you drew for him, and that we - by virtue of Allah - be about to to the angina master on him, and indeed the plan walked - in matter Allah - you promise have fun, so indeed her results will appear for each this eyes in [maa] all muslim eased [wysw'] all disbeliever and hypocritical and indeed me to calculate that the plan drawn connected you or in her road to you.

Peace be upon him said messenger Allah while be true about him:

victory in the horror propellent month

Nor his wounds increase on - [fdaah] qualified and our moneys - [f'anY] be soft that!

[fhaahm] grandsons Companions of the Prophet Mohammed [w'axlaay'hm] in the jihad, Allah execute matters of messenger - peace be upon him - political in the letter the one, so not the jog removal appraizes this sentence nor be possible him that [yfqh] [me'naahaa] nor be possible him the reduction or the underestimation in what behind her and indeed tomorrow for his close observer.

[z] said [llh] revolve him: and had it not been for what presented him and presents him the rejectors grandsons of son of the colocynths and on their head Imam of the hamlet and the atheism Al-Sistani, to situation was my son the yellow other than what the nation sees today, and this what represent him on him Thomas American Fredman the writer in newspaper New York Times! .

[wlyxs'a] hypocritical talking [waalmrjfwn] spiteful who the militants of the living in last planet accuse, and mothers of the rejectors [aalkfrt] deserted; So not role from statements their indicate on their of friend and loved their Fredman! , and to white befriends the turbans become quiet who what ended grandsons son of the colocynths of security and safety and reign and peace hope from, and to teach put to sleep them their partners in self of the role who reminded him Thomas Fredman.

[H] - American statement of the General Mayors and the officer puts [aalsaame'] in truths from mouths [aalmnhzmyn] who say this, and think that we will not introduce, so determinations in their rises our wounds who all direction and direction their of spiteful information the crucifixes contradicts [waalmrjf] and untrue.

[T] - except [nql] statement [haalk] magnificence Al-Talibani in the end was wonderful [maa] mentioned in end the message from occurrences, and mentions us this in photo man attend present so enwrap her parallelled her and what remained on him apart from accuracy the lock on adornment her so not break up nor presents and continues in splendor her, [fqwlt] Al-Talibani makes the listener - ['ayaa] Kent separated him - puts Al-Talibani on head faction the occupation and indeed all what reminds in the information from that occupation Iraq was the way only to raising injustice [aalSdaamyyn] about the branch what he pure slander [fhaahw] that gold Baathist disbeliever deserted, to comes the occupation in agent clarified hamlet and fathers defection and apparent so neighbored.

Me - O God Osama executed expedition ......

Magnificence of the likening; Be about to that explosion hearts the supporters [lqaay'dmsyrtnaa] and crown the pottery above heads Sheikh Osama and befriends from the happiness and happy, losing came the likening to melts bitterness the hearts from fewness the Nasser and designating and lateness the empowering, and in hive for each insured truthful for steadiness on the path, valium not deep-black than day refused virgin bruises Allah about him, so day father first combats [mtwaalyaan] in the sides and the north, and fewness in the several and the equipment and the men, as for today so the Islam on Bekaa the land spread and the victory [fY] addition [mDTrd], and the men became several and equipment, and for that so indeed expedition Osama victorious not impossible whoever the triumph whether was as befriends the furrow and he the winning big, or that victory our known and he the opening shown.
In the end

The opening paradigms for tape gave what follows her horrible credibility [whY] opening from Allah on the brotherhood in the divisions of the informations Allah perpetuated opened him and his assistance

The virtues ended… as for the blemishes or [aalrzaayaa]

So she summarizes in words

The Kamal [llh] - unify him not partner for him -
The stage second of the plan

Come you in her - in permission Allah - after when close and that indeed Allah was fate already and kept in our ages of remainder
Waited in her

Countenance of the plan drawn for enemy
the expected blow doubled

His books
Sword of the religion [aalknaany]
Sword of the Islam rich

Allah pardon about them and transgression in his favor and from him and honored him

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Saudi Arabia security forces shot at by jihadis


Big Allah… militant two from forces the security hits and [ylwdh] in the escape of course

Canal Al-Jazeera:

Released armed the fire on forces of the security in north of Riyadh so two their hit blessing and for if for if in the escape.

Hebrew canal:

Riyadh - [aaf] in

Saudi policemen in slight wounds hit this morning Wednesday 1 - 6-2005 in area 210 wound north of Riyadh in bullet distances armed to the escape in car hurted in, on what France Press announced interior the spokesman of ministry of Turkish Mansour for agency.

The spokesman that the car clarified Kent walks quickly and her stirrup rose who did not number in gunshots of the fire on patrol for police determines their so her slight wounds followed in two from individuals the hospital transported to.
Dropping of the incident on the road between Riyadh and fragile. The Turk said that armed so desert area see to adjacent and devices of the security straightens current in the research about them.

Fragile area witnessed which blockhouse for extremists considers the Islamism in insider April/intense April opposite of killing her defects of 15 activist resembles [baantmaay'hm] to organization Al-Qaeda the terrorisms in hands of elements of the security.

Continued this facings from 3 to 5 from April/many April and Kent of violence since the campaign which raided her forces the security of Saudi Arabia against the extremists who may executed since/May 2003 series of assaults westerners targeted valued in the kingdom.

Between the activists [aal]15 who April killed in beginning/Saudi April Saud [aale'tyby] who considers him the authorities leader organization of Al-Qaeda in Saudi Arabia and Moroccan generous slave [aalmjaaTy] who resembles that he the rational persons arranged for white agressions Madrid and Casablanca

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New/old site?


Didn't find anything too interesting. The Guest book seems to be the most current page.

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Statement from organization Al-Qaeda the martyr operation in the middle of the jog in the airport adopts today


Statement from organization Al-Qaeda the martyr operation in the middle of the jog in the airport adopts today

Statement from organization Al-Qaeda the martyr operation in the middle of the jog in the airport adopts today (Wednesday)


[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

[yaa] many seats the throw of jump of the feet

Praise be to God of many the scientists and the consequence [llmtqyn] nor jogs except on oppressive and the prayer and the peace on Imam of the militants represent us Mohammed and on his family and his befriends ['ajme'yn].

As for after:

Rushed [lyth] from [lywth] battalion innocent Bin possessing martyr welfare of the battalions in ninth of morning this today 24 from other spring 1426 corresponding June 1, 2005 so crown him the pagan airport where pillars cruciferous and rules corrected invaded them make brotherly us in injuring their of house,

Exceeded make brotherly us the security partitions and income in depth of the airport [mhllaa] and magnified and waiting [wmtrSdaa] for their gathering.

So livelihood our brothers of the highborn of gathering came for more from 25 car for crusaders so mast middle their [wwfjr] and Allah accomplished on them and dammar.

The crusaders challenge that their defeat endorse this so until instant of writing alpine and the contributing roads to the airport already [Gulqt] and seat.

To ambulances the and the extinguishing of hurry are wrote her for footsteps killed them and putting down of the fire which ate them.

Lateness in showing already our alpine and the operation until summary their make sure from of losses only our sources from inside rules of the jog.

Will come you in extra from the information solver her of arrival in permission Allah rose.

This your destiny [yaa] from Allah expiated in [wEEdhytm] Muslim dishonor in the life and to great the afterlife sufferance quantize in.

Your brothers organization Al-Qaeda in countries last AlRafidayn in their jihad and their combat of jogs Allah rose until the debt is all him [llh].

So either to the victory above [aal'anaam] and either to Allah in immortal.

Big Allah of big Allah. [wllh] the glory and for his messenger and for militants.

['abwmysrt] Iraqi (the divisions the informations in organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn)

The source: Thinker of the calculation (forums net of the calculation)

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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Commander of Iraq Army in Al-Anbar assassinated


In hive "" assassination commander of the Iraqi army in Al-Anbar ""

In hive "" assassination commander of the Iraqi army in Al-Anbar ""


Al-Anbar assassinated the Iraqi resistance in governor before little Iraqi commander the army the designating before the occupation of the brigadier Taha Yassin to circulated [aalqysy] in attack in car bomb explosives-laden leads her commando on his convoy.

[nql] of correspondent 'thinker of the Islam ' about Iraqi source in the army and from the persons of the survivors from the attack that the attack Yassin resulted in killing their commander of the brigadier Taha [aalqysy].

This and male our of correspondent that the attack of dropping at intersection [hyt] modern.

About thinker of the Islam/and the Arabic country the country
Big Allah and the Izzat of the Izzat for muslims not for apostates the rejectors

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Another new to me site

Found this one by going backwards on the URL for downloading the latest Zarqawi tape. The site itself hasn't been updated it seems since 5/7/2005

The link to the tape was\~aqcorpo/audios/zarqawy/sefae.wma

and I ended up at\~aqcorpo/

A new Al-Qa'eda in the land of two rivers site.

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Some jihadis believe new Zarqawi audio is fake...

Some people agree, some do not. The original poster of the thread is called "Announcements" below, he replies to the thread once. He gets several comments, all seperated below by ___________________


This fabricated message (Al-Qaeda) not continues across the sonic Internet
[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

The honorable brothers/Al-Salam on you

The sonic message Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi not correct, the matter [fY] his summary not promise not to that investigative works for correction of the scandal is [aaltY] fell in her before, in to Al-Zarqawi wounding

Agents of the entity ([aalShyw] [SlybY]) wanted that water keep direct them in front of reigned them [aalaamrykY] after the scandal resonant [aaltY] signed in her

Al-Qaeda: Not continues between [aae ' Daay ' haa] through (the Internet) and the Sheikh of the militant (Osama: Kept him Allah) renewing the field of hour in hour knows without the need to messages ([aantrntyt]) and this knowledge did not reachs him American and their tails

For importance of the subject, and for lack of fall honorable [fY] trap (the stray rabies) was complete the reference

Al-Salam on you


Allah guides you [yaatbaashyr] all your news walked him not to this 0 and blessing said that the Internet knock of the continuity and blessing not from said that the Internet he of the method [aalwHydh] between them 0 [waaysh] the proof on that she fabricated his 0 terror from reason their notable water kept [yfbrkwn] the word which rejoices and piety of the militants and increases them steadiness 0 hope only proof on that she other than correct his 0 mountain of one


[yaa] brothers not [ndry] what members happens for every day [ntfaaj ' a] in strange analyzes strange his [hdaakm] Allah


Al-Salam on you and his mercy of Allah and Barakat

Brothers generous announcements bey blessed Allah from less from 10 minutes of daughter-in-law sitting with one of sons of uncle of the militant Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi his victory Allah and lead confirmed for me that the roadsign vote him he.
[w ' aHbbt] to punching broadcast this Al-Khobar to rejoice in him.

O God worshipers of the militants in all place grant victory your ['allhm] [EEmyyyyyyyyyn]



You strawy your analysis on that Al-Qaeda not continues across the Internet

This this correct

Word word of the commander of fathers Musab Al-Zarqawi also not reverse says in this, so in the important word phrase blow up what went follow him, where the commander for his says prince what [me ' naah]: That the drawn plan connection already to you or in her road for arrival, and this this proof on that the continuity other than exclusive on the Internet

Either why permission this overt message, so the intention in her general reminding and the enemies of the enemies that Sheikh Osama bin Laden kept him present Allah in Iraq, and that that what occurs there in his matters and under under his intendance, especially after the informational roar which injury the commander of fathers accompanied Musab, farad to reminds from this during this message that he soldier not except [y ' atmr], so indeed hit or until killing God forbid, solving in place of him other soldier

Then that you says that announcing the injury lie and scandal of scandal and not not run what, and this this other than correct, losing the commander secure in spoke him that the correct injury, and that he that he the verb hit in, and but she hit her slight injury, and all all [maa] resulted about her from analyzes and widespread widespread not basis have fun from the health

So generous acne to the word brothers, and listened listened to her in complete listening, will and know will know that you went afar this bitter

Received my salutations


The roadsign of he voted him. The style his of style. Kept him Allah


Strange pass you [yaa] begins the magicians and the priests believes and the truth lies happening


Mentioned analysis very hit him also other than assured

For that them know that Al-Zarqawi will deny this word about himself and I first [maa] the speech heard surprised is the continuity about road of the knowledges is even though was likewise [lqtlw] from years

Allah know
O God expose lying of the knowledges
O God expose lying of the knowledges
O God expose lying of the knowledges


Not say except: O God announcements forgive for, and guide [i] turning his
[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

The brother [aalmfDaal]/announcements - [hdaah] finance him and blessing all evil his of refrainment and hover him [wwqaah] -

Al-Salam on you and his mercy of Allah and Barakat and after:

So what [e ' saany] to brothers say generous??!

Shock in your already article this and your analysis, who not ['axaalh] except efforts [II] personality [II] pure [II]!!!

So if the order was likewise, so frying - in Allah on you -: [maaaalfaay ' dt] requested from writing this subject??! [aaldhy] - [w ' aym] [aallh] -

What benefited from him except that expecting and the fear who befell me at views for address of the subject, and lingual [ylhj]: O God peace of peace.

So for what the subject read - and the praising [llh] on all solver - fewness: O God announcements forgive for and guide [i] turning his, losing spreading mistook in this subject who if did not harbors in him except the horrifying for his brothers in the forum to sufficed in him caused [AA] notable [AA] for his abstinence about his writing and the satisfaction in substraction [maahw] useful and useful - you she returned him Allah blessed in him -.

Lastly say:

Feared [yaa] ['aHbaabnaa] Vienna, fulfilled from comes consequently the forum of expecting [AA] follower [AA] news his brothers of the militants, so idealizations surprises in this subject who makes him in they [II] and grieve [II] tough - and he subject effort rushs from [II] persons of hoarseness from writing.

As for [maayte ' lq] in matters and news of militants [aale ' raaq] - ['ae ' zhm] Allah rose -, so wail know all [AA] that there committees [AA] informational [AA] she from small spreading the news straightens in very [AA] about the militants, [fmaar ' aykm] in news hangs [baaldhbaaH] - [HfDHh] Allah and his victory -???!

So if the matter was likewise so the brothers hope from that substraction of subjects slow in the militants hangs in and especially [maakaan] from her underage [AA] his knowledge after [aallh]-[te'aalY] - on the militants in valuable their, or from communication was on [II] in worry, and as that [maakaan] in him analysis [AA] for news or [maashaabhh].

Allah on Mohammed prayed and on his family and accompanied him and peace.

Al-Salam on you and his mercy of Allah and Barakat.

At last [AA]:

I against America until elapse *** the life raved and raises the balance


Allah guides you [yaatbaashyr] all your news walked him not to this 0 and blessing said that the Internet knock of the continuity and blessing not from said that the Internet he of the method [aalwHydh] between them 0 [waaysh] the proof on that she fabricated his 0 terror from reason their notable water kept [yfbrkwn] the word which rejoices and piety of the militants and increases them steadiness 0 hope only proof on that she other than correct his 0 mountain of one


To writers in the reply of number already 8 that he possible analysis to writers of the commentary after reputation are about [aalklmh] in methods of the knowledges and after what heard her from him direct say
Not be possible that is fabricated the roadsign voted him and the speech not creates in him any repairer for enemies yet all him thunderbolts on American and from allied them


To the participative brothers/punching cut the thanks

Firstly I believed that some the participants other than followers of subject Al-Zarqawi from news spreading of lie of the wound first to our day this and what her befriends from reply

After lie that Al-Zarqawi wounding and footsteps to outside Iraq, denial was complete that official and reported that Al-Zarqawi did not hurts and that he practices did him [aalmydaanY] [waalHmdllh]… the order ended hitherward

Then movie came in [SwtY] (said that she message) from Al-Zarqawi to (Sheikh Osama) kept him Allah rose, says [yTmnh] in her that his slight wounds

The man did not hurts from arrive him never, and to proved that, so how [yaa] sees believed the some that (Al-Zarqawi) message to Sheikh sends in (Osama) kept him Allah across (the Internet) [lyTmnh] on screamed him

If the crazy spokesman so on the listener that wise is, I the announcement not against [yaa] [aaxwtY] generous, and call thereby always, and I from the preachers all-right [waalHmdllh], therefore be necessary on you that not sign [fY] [aalaafxaax] [aalmnSwbt], and sink [fY] spanned water of the enemies

Either for Fahad plateau: Say this year 2005 he year destruction [aalTaaGwt] in ear Allah [shy't] mother refused, and general the great occurrences and the succession, and wills mother sees in assign you that Allah wanted what ['aslft]

Al-Salam on you


[wmaalDyr] in sending [aalzrqaawy] message across the Internet accuse of lying in her widespread.?

I not be about to understand this mentality which thought in her, and this strange analyzes!


Want on you legume of the messenger (lying of the astrologers even though tell the truth)
Why not questions answers on previous who proposed him on you…. What say you in the narratives which and defection about the messenger and which defection and hamlet reports in from the priests and the magicians tell the truth. Indeed you and Allah indeed ['aSrrt] on what you on him so indeed me Allah on your witness hamlet and explored you about religion Allah

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Prince of men - Al-Zarqawi

I most definately do not agree...posts to this thread are seperated by ________


[llh] bottom [yaa] prince of the men! Yes brand you new prince of the men [yaa] Abu Musab

[qrt] your earshots [yaa] muslims in hearing of roadsign our of Sheikh and our darling of the angina Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi and he says ((loved to feel reassured you)) Big Allah… praise be to God blessed plenty good praised in him.

For each stubborn Bush our Al-Zarqawi!
For each stubborn Bush our Al-Zarqawi!
For each stubborn Bush our Al-Zarqawi!
For each stubborn Bush our Al-Zarqawi!
For each stubborn Bush our Al-Zarqawi!
For each stubborn Bush our Al-Zarqawi!

In poison of Allah and the praising [llh] and the prayer and the peace on messenger Allah…

Praise be to God who [Tm'annaa] on the prince “the angina” [waaGaaD] his enemies in backs vote him who [Tmy'nnaa] on screamed him and sickness in our earshots [lynbhnaa] in coming and to hearts and our stirs our bodies who accomplished on her dull and the damping-off… for propellent about our orthodox religion ......!

[llh] bottom [yaa] “angina” that you ascertained and safe indeed road of erecting followed and the nation to her religion of dyed amusement in the blood returned, his pioneers of men tell the truth what Allah promised on him, cheap souls and their blood exert their in [mrDaat] Allah, not pay attention [baalmnaayaa], [ybtGwn] the death [mDHaannh], their example at that befriends the prophet of peace be upon him of fils prevented you [yaa'amyr] says:

Not pay attention when muslim kill on any cracked was [llh] demises

That in self of the god and indeed [ysh'a] connections of limb blesses on [mumzzae'i]

[llh] bottom [yaa] prince [aalrjaallaa] fears you threats oppressive ([aaqtlwh] or [Hrqwh]) .....!

Nor alarms you what become deaf them in him the enemies from the named and the nicknames. (indeed these [lshrdhmt] little) .....!

The terrorism and the extremism (indeed me frightened to your debt changes or to the land of the decaying endorses in)….!

[fHyyahlaa] in the terrorism indeed enemies of Allah and his was for messenger, [wHyyahlaa] in the extremism indeed acnes was in and innocent from the hamlet and his family.

Any her the walking to Allah, fixed on the truth never. Not budges!.

Any her [aallyth] who path of the freedom cracks, [wtjtrH] the light from [djY] the darknesses!.

[yaa] from stand of stand [aale'z] high in his calamus of the injustice [waalTGyaan], endurance your of Islam in your hearts, and your your Quran in turning, and your fire in issued you!.

[yaa] from not thorns or ordeals pay attention in, so the rows advanced and led her prince the mouths protect, and not in front of you except Heaven or the victory!.

(mother calculated that Heaven enter and for what Allah teaches who strove from you and teaches patient).

[yaa] prince [aalrjaal'asmytk] in prince of the men be soft [aalrjwlh] [txjl] from excess brave your [llh] bottom [yaa] angina.!

As that I [baalSHaaby] good Bin Allah return bruises about him addresses you his greens.

To the heels sharpened on our wounds bleed and to our feet are on dripped the blood

Big Allah.

You the nation. Which burden of nation carries the surroundings to the surroundings extends from!. ((for that you man in his mother))

((indeed Ibrahim nation was [qaantaa] [llh] orthodox and blame [yk] from the socializations))

To [lyth] the hive, and horseman [aalwGY] any her free, who did not the lowness pleases in or in the slavery. [yaa] from acquaintance that the life of house of exam [waabtlaa'], and to insured free on him to traverses this exam successfully and faith, [waaHtsbtm] that at [baary'km]!.

[yaa] prince of the men…!

Peace. Any her the insurer, who America challenged injustice, which [thaawt] for her male of thrones FALSE. What shelf of lac [jfn]. [tmlu'w] the life in “the love and the war “:

Grain Allah and his messenger of peace be upon him, and war from Allah exceeded borders, and the bad and the subjugation and the injustice in all place planted. Encircling in turning your the insurer above the cloud, and your Islam promotes the people maneuvered to, and fire [tlfH] [aaljbaabrt], who discovered counterfeit them and their mirage and their deceit and their hamlet and their darkness and their exiguity and irregular their!.

[yaa] torch of the light and the light, who [aaftdY] ['alaamt], and to the enemy of lesson and lessons channeled. The new dawn of the comer grates in!.

(and who Vienna strove [lnhdynhm] our ways and indeed improving Allah shines)

[yaa] prince of the men…!

Any her the clutch on [aaljmr], any her the squatting buzzard on chest of the despots and the devils, who allege that the betrayal of bey, or the holds on you in arenas of the jihad. Will end and be exalted them and horror their and their terror. So if new pains gulp her in your capture of some men, [fyHaar] the one in discrimination of the real prisoner of war:

Is he you mother your of executioner!.

(hearts will find in who the horror expiated in what Allah make a partner in except descends in him sultan gestured them the fire and how evil [mthwY] oppressive)

[yaa] prince of the men…!

Allege that them [sythnwn] highness your, and lights will veil become strong you. Nor know that became strong you defiles your hides in of Islam who between engaging your, and that you method make a living Allah became strong and all his be exalted in details, and that you when your road chose, plant in your brain that all [jll] in easy way Allah, and as to sufferance in way [rfe't] this religion and became strong him simple be possible, and that you the afterlife in the life bought, and the paradise in the breath become in her nor fears [lwmt] fit, nor arrogant arrogance strong call upon!.

(mother calculated that Heaven enter and for what [y'atkm] like who left from before you touched them [aalb'asaa'] and the hound and shake until the messenger says and who believed with him when victory Allah not to indeed close victory Allah)

[yaa] prince of the men…!

Not to suffices you became strong that you jumped when [T'aT'at] the heads?!. [waashr'ab] your neck when the necks yielded?!.

[waantSbt] rose you when the statures knelt?!. .[wsmt] your front when the collectors in the lowness and the disgrace dusted?!.

Was patient and patient when [thaawt] the determinations?!. .[wTaae'nt] the enemy and stabbed him when [tksrt] the swords?!.

Obeyed at that all him to Allah negotiated became strong and be exalted:

(and are patient so indeed Allah not wage loses improving)

[yaa] prince of the men…!

Not to suffices you dignity, that you the rows in time of the lowness and the letting down advanced?!.

Ring high in the sky of day the vaults filled in afraid defeated [aalmnhzmyn]?!.

Accepted that formation of martyr on the people, and solid rope Allah adhered in, to forms financed you, and helped you. From grant victory you other than Allah glory his and rose?!.

(and truth his jihad of he strove in Allah [aajtbaakm] and what making on you in the debt from critical creed your fathers of conceded Ibrahim he your poisons before fulfilled this to the messenger of martyr is on you and martyrs on the people are formed [f'aqymwaa] the prayer [wEEtwaa] the charity and Allah adhere in he finance you so yes [aalmwlY] and yes the helper)

From that who not his lac to make room of place between engaging, and calms you in turning his the cracked afflicted?!.

[yaa] prince of the men…!

[yaaHfyd] Saad [waalmthnY] [yaa] from catalyzed [aalThr] in the insured hearts, and the tear in the eyeballs which melted, after love of the hearts melted in your [aalxaashe't]!.

['anbkyk]. Mother cry this nation which repressed and lengthened [kbwthaa]?!.

['anHzn] lac. Mother sadden to prevented which to her became?!.

['ant'alm] [l'aSaabtk] or rejoice you ['aw'istshhaadk]. Mother for nation of chained prisoner of war in the lowness and the multiple [waalaastkaant]?!.

[waa] heart heat any her the darling. [waa] [jmr] chest who call:

[waa] his retaliations [waa] his Islams

[waae'zt]… nation buried headed her in sands of the dishonor and the disgrace!.

[waa] dignity of people and afflicted himself in soil of the letting down!.

[yaa] prince of the men…!

Peace. Any her the resisted, and what Al-Salam possess!.

Peace. [yaa] from not obtains tight from you. In you veins Allah beats in male!.

Peace. Hit, from [lDHY] ['ade'yaa'] the freedom and truths of the mankinds, and deceptive tradesmen the principles!.

Peace. In Allah [e'lwt], and in him features, and in the male Al-Hakim ['anst], and in the rentals great won!.

Peace. [yaamn] assign you blocked the Islam “Osama” in prince of organization [aalqaae'dh] in countries AlRafidayn hope you call for me I Abu Zubair [aalmqhwr] in to Allah eases for me road of the arrival follow you ['aqsmlk] to clean until present you which dust in way Allah and dutiful servants for your am orders.

Peace [yaaHfyd] Saad [waalmthnY], and immortal and the meaning [yaah] ticket Abu Abdullah when said:

[yaa] grandsons Salah the debt that I and Allah share you your worries, and your poetries feel in, and delighted your on what you in him from jihad, and knowledge Allah if way to your found arenas what sat

(decreased [yaa] worshipers who believed feared suggest doubt you [lldhyn] ['aHsnwaa] in this good life and land of wide Allah grow fulfills patient lease them [bGyr] account)

Peace. Hit [aale'laa] and the abundant paradise and the rentals in ear Allah, [wl'ae'daay'k] the loss and the disgrace [waalshnaar], and the falling and evil of the consequence, [wsqr], and dear sufferance God!.

(then rescue who feared and oppressive heralds in her cadaveric). (day not benefits oppressive their forgiveness and for they the curse and for they abusing the house)

[yaa] prince of the men…!

Peace. The Izzat hit [waalrfe't], and for your jog of the misery and the field!.

Peace. Any her the horseman, and you the walk to the immortality and the divine happiness ate [aalsrmdyt]!.

Peace. Any her the winner [brDY] Allah became strong and wander, and eternal in deflective than blossom. While your executioners will immortalize in what befitted in oppressive the produce sinful!. Then scientist of the absence and the testimony return to, so the shown damage taste!.

(their string demonstrate on her [xaashe'yn] from the lowness hidden eye look from and said who believed indeed losing who lost themselves and their families Judgment Day not to indeed oppressive in valued sufferance)

Not to any her [aalraan] on the negligent hearts when beget?!.

Not to any her the black smoke who the horizon fill up when [tnqshe']?!.

Not to any her the subjugation as for time of time oppressive?!.

Not to any her the dead hearts as for time time of the power?!.

As for time for nation great. As for time be soft. To expel this [aalhwaan]?!.

She trained [aalhdaat] [aal'abaat]. This [e'zaau'naa], and he road replete in the thorns [waalzqwm] and the colocynth. The patience [waal'asY] [waalmnwn]!.

She Allah trained [yre'aahaa] and keeps her. This [rjaau'naa]!.

She all easy heat to house of the immortality trained. Steadily and certitude!.

([wlnblwnkm] until the militants know from you and patient [wnblw] your news)

[yaa] prince of the men…!

Any her the militant. Any her the resisted. Any her the mountain of the [shm], who obstructs in him the mouths, and fears in him [aalmkaarh], and loads them their his religion and as many kill him on endorsed him who not follow. Calculate you from who are first of Allah enters Heaven from character of Allah in ear, and from first who salutation of the owners deserve generous.

So this messenger Allah peace be upon him bring good news you, when the insurers of the militants describes - and calculate you their blessing - so says:

(is [tdrwn] first of Allah enters Heaven from character?. Said: Allah and his messenger teach, said: First of Allah enters Heaven from character:

The needy and the emigrants, who they the mouths obstructs in, and they fears in [aalmkaarh], and dies sharp their and his pilgrim in issued him not can judiciary have fun. So Allah says became strong and be exalted for who his angels wants from: [aay'twhm] [fHywhm], so the cadres says: We inhabitants [smaay'k] and chose you from your character, ['aft'amrnaa] to come these so hand over on them?!. Said: Indeed them worshipers were worship me not make a partner in me something, and they the mouths obstructs in, and they fears in [aalmkaarh], and dies sharp their and his pilgrim in exported him not can judiciary have fun, said: So come them the angels at that, so enter on them from all door: Peace on you in what were patient, so blessings [e'qbY] the house)

God hope the Aziz, that formation this prevented you and Judgment Day prevented, and call him became strong and be exalted to makes [jhnm] [mthwY] for your executioners and oppressive your, and to eat strong in the land!.

(for they from [jhnm] bed and from above them above them gouache and as lowness your cut me oppressive)

The end fulfilled:

Ask you in Allah who [laayxlf] the appointment [yaa] prince of the men…! That read this article or arrived you that Allah rebuff to eases for me in the arrival follow you in ear of dutiful Allah I your servant “Abu Zubair [aalmqhwr]”

I on debt Abu Musab. Say what says and call for what calls to him.

So to the peers take out to says other than that so his peers will break.

To take out [aalbryk] to says other than that will so be devoted you on him.

To take out [aale'waajy] to says other than that [fl'ae'wjn] his neck.

To worlds of the sultans take out to say other than that in order to damnable their faith and satisfaction.

Your pulps [yaa] Abu Musab. Will take out myself in ear of close Allah…!

[wwaallh] that I on close certitude will very emerge on us blocked “Osama” will and direct you [yaa] any her the single commander the fields military of the prince of the angina [EEEEEEh] what beautify [Tlaatkm] [zydwny] [Tlaat] [yaa] princes of the jihad what your sounds become beautiful and what your cuffs become beautiful [l'ae'daay'km].

So to the meeting close in ear Allah with the lions of the heroes…

[wb'antDHaar] prince the militants of Sheikh graze him Bin Laden kept him godly Allah his

To broadcasted little follows the agitation of load

Not [baas] in the magnificent death if bar

Magnificent; Not [baas] in the death if bar of the wheel.

O God this day from your days, so hearts youths of the Islam and their forelocks to the jihad in your take in way.
O God their belief tie on their feet jumped, and seats threw them and thousand between hearts their.
O God lower bundle you on your worshipers of the militants in all place, in Palestine and Iraq and the skewers and Kashmir and Phillipines and Afghanistan.
O God vulva about our brothers the prisoners of war in jails of the despots, in America and Guantanamo occupied Palestine and Riyadh fulfilled, all place fulfilled, that you on able everything.
O God suggest doubt emptied on us jump our were patient of antiquities and grant victory us on the people disbelieving.

{and truimphant Allah on his order and to more the people are not know}

Connected O God and peace on represent us Mohammed and on his family and accompanied him ['ajme'yn]
Last put us that praise be to God of many the worlds

Your servant: Abu Zubair [aalmqhwr] “Saudi [mqhwr]”

O God keep Abu be soft the militant Musab Al-Zarqawi

Keep son be soft our Sheikh of the militant Osama Laden

([yaaa] any her who believed from withdraws from you about his debt so wills Allah in people comes likes them and like him ['aadhillatII] on [aalmuu'miniyna] ['aae'izzatII] on [aalkaaafiriyna] Allah strive in way nor fear [lawmata] fit that favor Allah comes him from wants and Allah [waaasie'UU] knowledgeable)

Big Allah

Allah blessed in you brothers [aalmtwthb]

Conserving Allah the soldier and the prince

For worry seats threw all from threw on the occupier

[yaa] prince [aalrjaal'asmytk] in prince of the men be soft [aalrjwlh] [txjl] from excess brave your [llh] bottom [yaa] angina.!
O God keep Abu be soft the militant Musab Al-Zarqawi

Keep son be soft our Sheikh of the militant Osama Laden


Big Allah

Allah blessed in you brothers [aalmtwthb]

Conserving Allah the soldier and the prince

Real prince!

Abu kept Allah the prince Musab Al-Zarqawi and the Sheikh Osama and all [e'lmaay'naa] truthful who [laayxaafwn] in Allah [lwmt] fit

O God keep Abu be soft the militant Musab Al-Zarqawi

Keep son be soft our Sheikh of the militant Osama Laden

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