Friday, January 27, 2006

6 videos from Afganistan

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.: Burning series American in countries [xraasaan]:.

6 visible cutters for operations of varied against the American forces in Afghanistan and

resulted this segments within series burning American in countries [xraasaan]….

1- The invasion on rule American in state Kunar

MB 46

MB 8 b543ca1

American throwing in the mortar on rule in state Kunar

MB 63

MB 10

3- Explosion carrying soldier American in state Kunar

MB 44

MB 8

4- Martyr operation in turning of the capital as camels

MB 84

MB 14

5- Explosion motor American in state poured Kunar

MB 58

MB 10

6- Seated bombing [mtshdaad] American in area casked

MB 18

All the cutters [aalmry'ytaal]6 in format rm

Word of umbilical cord the folders of she opened sahab

For continuous elimination the series .....

Big Allah and the Izzat [llh] and his messenger and for insured

.: Burning series American in countries [xraasaan]:.