Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Baghdad sniper strikes again.

As far as I know, the Baghdad sniper and the Fallujah sniper are two separate people. Who knows for sure though. Anyhow, jihadi news agency 76news is reporting that the Baghdad sniper has killed another US soldier.
We will catch you bastard sniper idiots, and it won't be pretty when we do.

Agency of truth/special

Correspondent of truth in area mentioned [aalDlwe'yt] north of Baghdad that sniper [aalDlwe'yt] succeeded yesterday in American hunting soldier and want him casualty during walked him within patrol of infantry man Kent the city wanders in.

* and the correspondent of footsteps about eyewitness that the patrol said and after falling of the soldier [Srye'aaAA] capability specification of place of the gizzards and tried

The arrival to him hit him entered and reference set the which with him in intense clash in the light weapons with the American patrol [waajbrwhaa] on the withdrawal to facing of the gizzards and blessing fails in with him.
Witnesses the view and they from sons of the area that sniper confirmed [aalDlwe'yt] spreading the horror in American rows the strength of the existing in the city and which stay over cautious very in her movements and the incomes avoids in a lot of streets of the city [w'aHyaay'haa]

Said that sniper [aalDlwe'yt] symbol in the city stay over and sympathy and interest and estimate of families of the city acquires in who the orders on hand of soldiers of the occupation tasted who difficult status because of the armed operations pass in which executes her against them the armed groups in the city.

Appears that phenomenon of the hunting cities become famous in several from aspects of Iraq and meeting this phenomenon of sympathies big at the Iraqi for different their spectrums and their belongings especially after visible currency the issuance (sniper Baghdad) who exciting details about American hunting the soldiers before Iraqi sniper discovered about.