Sunday, January 08, 2006

Car bomb attack on Iraqi police video

The date on the video says 11.14.2005 but who knows when this actually happened.
Bomb goes off on a crowded street - the fear from the civilians is unreal. I can't imagine what kind of hell they live in.

Organization Al-Qaeda: For endurance movie for explosion of car bomb on patrol for police the apostate (sharp)

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym] [yaa] many seats the throw jump of the antiquities of praise be to God of many the scientists and the prayer and the peace on represent us Mohammed and on his family and his befriends ['ajme'yn].
As for after:
For endurance movie [ltfjyrsyaart] explosives-laden on patrol for policemen deserted in area of new Baghdad.

Ties of the movie

Big Allah of big Allah. [wllh] the glory and for his messenger and for militants

Iraqi Abu easiness (the informational department in organization of Al-Qaeda in countries AlRafidayn)

The source: Thinker of the calculation (forums net of the calculation)