Friday, January 27, 2006

Denmark is next - BOLO Denmark!!!

****I have had several emails calling me a terrorist. I am not a terrorist, I search out terrorists and post and translate their rantings. I HATE terrorists, which is why I try to show them for what they are. Please stop sending me hate mail, I am one of the good people. If you read my blog from the beginning you will understand my goal. I'm just the messenger here, not the person sending the message. If not for this blog you would probably not know of the threats to Denmark right now.
Please stop sending hate mail! The original message that I found can be found here:
Send them your hate mail, it is who it should be directed towards.****

Although posted 2 days ago, I take this very very seriously, and I think those in Denmark should also.
Although the images come last in the posting, I'm putting them first here, for dramatic effect.

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]
The prayer and Al-Salam on the envoy of mercy for worlds [aaldhY] strove [fY] Allah truth of the jihad
[waaldhY] met tough difficult [fY] way the exit of coffee from the darknesses to the light
So indeed bone of messenger Allah – peace be upon him – in our high breaths than dome of the orbit, and will not obtains from her like this [aaltwaaqH] coward (and delicious my the sky spits on on him to wipes direct him afterwards), and to are who means us here our duty of we towards denominator of the prophecy, and the triumph for pleurisy of the messenger – peace be upon him - [waaldhbb] about his established noble.
So this calling to all insurer in Allah and his messengers, to all turning love beats for discerning – peace be upon him -, and to all Mohgah [ttHrq] eagerness to him, to all muslim knows that he had it not been for messenger Allah – peace be upon him - hit [HyaarY] in [dyaajyr] the darknesses, and for nor messenger Allah charcoal in fire hit [jhnm], to all muslim his depths says from of turning: Redemption for messenger Allah myself, and redemption for his breaths refused and illiterate, to all muslim be noisy [jwaanHh] glorification and reverences, and tributes and sanctifications for messenger Allah – Allah prayed on him
Peace – this calling for victory of the prophet in front of this [aaltwaaqH] obscene [waaltsfl] indecent, and be soft executes all jealous to be new for him place and standing, and to exerts in him strove even though decreased, and as to many blessing so he in little truth the prophet and to knows these and blessing [ylHd] to them great their felony and pick them on feelings Muslim, and to teach that standing of the prophet – peace be upon him – in selves conceded bones of which envision, and the touch in her dangerous of which afford
To taught us the experiments that language [aal'isthjaan], and messages of the condemnation not [tjdY] benefited with these
You that the sin this bitter big than to erases her pale apology.
Therefore. So indeed our message for they [waaltY] spread her [fY] their signers the reply carries [aalHqyqY] [aaldhY] [ntmnaah] and call to him
Until the horror and the fear from the coming revenge live not impossible
Put her between support you for who desires [fY] victory of messenger Allah [e'sY] to her investigation see about what close
To teaches these that the muslims will not leave this occurrence passes this way without punishment and indeed tomorrow for his observer for kin will and teach who wronged ['aY] overturned overturn and the peace on you and his mercy of Allah and Barakat

[mnqwwwwwwl] from forum the loyalty about battalion of the jihad of the informations