Monday, January 23, 2006

GIMF's Jihad Academy ready for download

Allah is great Allah is great, await for the first Jihad production of a kind "JIHAD ACADEMY", it's a movie that portrays the events of a single day for whom struggle in Allah's cause, while the channels of fornication and prostitution portrayers the detailed days events for immoral guys and girls, and describe the details of their wrong deeds to poison this generation of Muslim youth and to produce a more dissolute generation.

While they do this, our visual production "JIHAD ACADEMY" has come, to restore things back to order, this film focuses on the events of that day for our Mujahideen brothers from dawn till late night so that the youth of our nation see how they live – may Allah support them-.Their dawn is killing and overstraining the enemy, their noon is grants and gifts, and their afternoon is setting ambushes for the enemies of the LORD of the heavens and the earth, and so they are in a struggle till late night through dusk and early night.

The film also includes various Jihad attacks in different times of a day that heal the breasts of those who believe and enrage the infidels along with the hypocrites.

So be prepared O' brothers in faith to live a whole day with our beloved and pious Mujahideen brothers, live with them the details of that day.

So make sure that you see it and to distribute it as much as you can and our final prayer is: praise to Allah the LORD of the universe.

التحميل Download

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