Saturday, January 28, 2006

Ignorance is bliss

Not that it should matter what people think, since they cannot read (see the description of this blog, duh) but I thought best to put this out there, just in case a literate person happens by.

I am not a muslim, nor do I follow islam.
I am an American and love my country.
I think extremists of all kinds are one of the biggest reasons for the problems of the world.
On 9-11 I woke up, and decided to start watching and translating what islamic extremists were saying in their forums.
I can not afford to pay a translator. I thought paying the $200+ out of my own pocket to buy systran was enough. Besides that if you had a clue, you could go to the website itself that is linked in the title of each posting and pay your own damn translator and translate the islamics yourself.
You my friends at the uk.politics group linked in the title should learn to read and think before posting ignorant comments.