Monday, January 23, 2006

Is it true or is it a lie?

This, to me, is an important thread, if only for some insight.
First, the originally posted message, posted by a member calling themselves, The Only Way, has been around for quite a while, so he's not a one-off. The response to the message is what I find most interesting. The other members want to know immediately what the source of the information is, telling others not to spread the information and then getting to the point where they say that an honest forum would delete the thread all together, so as not to spread the information to the jewish.
The original posting itself is intriguing as it seems to say that Zarqawi is going to change the name of Al-Qaida in Iraq to something else, due to Osama's recent message. It also claims that the coming attacks on America are dual attacks of suicide bombers and of weapons.
I'd like to hear others thoughts on this thread, hopefully it will not be deleted. And I hope the original poster will respond.

With that here is the thread, all posts separated by +++++++++++

The praising [lllh] and the prayer of the prayer and the peace on messenger Allah and on on god and his befriends and blessing and except him and the CIF of the CIF and [aalaarhaa] in on all disbeliever of liar, either after adducent source from Al-Qaeda confirmed in to Sheikh Osama bin Laden kept him Allah he [aalldhY] order in formation of council

Deliberation of the militants [fY] Iraq and in removing in removing of name Al-Qaeda [fY] countries AlRafidayn and in unarmed in unarmed her prince refused Musab Al-Zarqawi on to the council man from the militants assume command [fY] Iraq and he of he [aalldhY] matter in union the factions and the battalions of the battalions who Allah fight on book Allah and age of year of messenger .[wwqe'] designation Abu Abd the uteri

[aalbGdaadY] prince on the council and confirm confirmed exporting in to Sheikh wonders in group of helpers of Sunnis showed his and [e'aatb] some [aalsh'] refused Musab Al-Zarqawi on his expansion [fY] the operations [aalstshhaadyt] and his reply his of reply on Sheikh Abu Mohammed [aalqdsY], and add added exporting that from possible moving refused Musab Al-Zarqawi to yogurts to opened front

New there [lmqaare't] the Jew and sclerotic sclerotic, and confirm confirmed exported himself in to the coming attack on America dual attacks between martyr attacks and the weapon of the weapon will be in [aaljrthwmY], this produced what knew him by virtue of Allah the hope lack of exporting request and praise be to God praise be to God of many the worlds


Brothers what source this information?

She information strange miracle!!!!!!!


Brothers THE ONLY WAY injections think from to request exporting and special in notification as this Sheikh of the jihad hangs in Allah blessed in them

Otherwise not [tte'jl] brothers in spreading this way notification Allah blessed in you


Not [yaa] brothers ................ pardon

Not exported alternative from male ................ and special his in male this orders


[yaa] brothers generous with respects of lac except that I not believe this Al-Khobar so the hope [aaltthbt] from her health of the news and the statements before spreading.


Brothers generous not [nql] be possible this grave information without source and except except so deleting will be complete her ironing not formation of source for confusion and the rumors of the rumors
So hope from you exporting male
Live your Allah wait your reply


Excuse of brothers even if Kent means this correct information (and suspect at that) so not be necessary never spreading her, yet her secretiveness be necessary until the her orders prince in spreading, [faatq] Allah, and remind exporting indeed daughter-in-law befriended


Al-Salam on you: After
That this pure speech he of lying and falsification and fabricating
Hope from upright on the forum of deleting this lie otherwise so from the potential that Hebrew canal resulted and take her the speech and spreads him and say
That this speech spreading on signer already [aaslaamY] many what hesitates on him rigorous Islamic
The stimulation hope otherwise [fly'atynaa] in exporting


Allah blessed in you brothers your of wounds correct hundred percent

The brother befriend of the worry of the behavior and deleting of the subject hope from [fwaallh] not this way Abu writes about Sheikh Musab Al-Zarqawi nor hereby the style nor this way princes of the jihad deals while between them!!
Where the secrecy in the planned?

Alan the Lebanese boundaries sees all her [mstnfrt] Abu waits arrival of Sheikh Musab Al-Zarqawi so Hill comprehends this?!