Sunday, January 29, 2006

Muslims begin ping flood attack against Jyllands-Posten

So far the leading newspaper in Denmark's website is still up, but it seems there is a concerted effort to take down the site via a ping flood attack.
Please see the translated posting, and the site it leads to below.
It does appear that is aware of the attack from this report at their website

All the brotherhood qualified in hope you special hope existed you suffices us the participative conditions not in big number from the devices want only

[wsnbdaa] the attack on signer of the newspaper [aaldnmaarkyt] [wlne'lmhm] that accident of messenger Allah not in easy not the lengthening wanted on you

To all clear thing harbored and well known and formation of the attacks wills daily

Start from [aalsaae'h] 10 evening in timing (Riyadh) and follow

[aalsaae'h] 12 morning or until is complete signed closing

As long as we present all what [yftHw] signed wills is complete his destruction

Until official apology for muslims see and successful Allah

Process of the participation in the daily attacks

Will be new him in the special page in the attack of knowledge that the brotherhood in room of the helpers connected participate us

Acquaintance process of the attack wills here in the detail of the brotherhood and the sisters can to participates

************************ wish that [laayxyb] thought in you [yaaaahl] the calculation and the loyalty the loyalty and the helpers of the helpers

Spreading hope her in the forums

Movable from the calculation

Make brotherly me today in permission Allah wills the attack on signer of the newspaper straighten in Denmark

Which messenger of the highborn mocked from our and today the work try in what teach [e'sY] Allah

To reconciles the all and makes him in balance good his Judgment Day .....

Information about the goal: -

Forside Jyllands-Posten

The address/

Numbered [aal'ayby]/

Signed strength/non-trivial his underestimates in him.

This simple information benefits us in time of the attack.

[aal'an] wills explanation of 4 knock for attack straighten in [wyaaryt] the all learns the four knock

For that she easy very and time of the attack generous use of the four knock in self of the time

Until the big performed is beginning of the explanation straighten in for first process: -

The process first: -

She process simplify all what on you he opened this page

3 times at least and leave her and she update straightens in himself

First in first and she tough pressure on the Seafer caused and names

Page of flooding over….

Pressure here to the page opened.

The process second: -

She also easy and explained in the photos…

The stressing on button of screen straighten in or start. Like the photo…

Then choose Run or operating in [aalwyndwz] Arabic.

Writing straighten in this order

ping - t

Then pressure Ok

On little lac open 5 windows or 8 repetition means [haale'mlyt] 5 or 8 times [waartkhaa] does.


The process third: -

She in program beautiful and simplified also rises -->battle pong pro

Wills explanation of the program in the photos straighten in also continue.

After so as the stressing of the stressing about the bookbinder the program open like [maahw] present in the photo.

Went the next program on the form opens the statements do like to in the photo.

Opening build in at least 5 windows or 8 and leave her does…

Loading of the program


The process fourth: -

Last and the favor and she about process of program --->EVIL PING

[nshwf] the explanation in the photos…

After opening of the program the statements put like aquatic present in the photo [aalqdmt].

Open 5 or 8 windows and leave her works….

Loading of the program.


['ashwf] [yaa] brothers that forbidden Allah everything clear wanted [aalmHaadthh] in [aalmaasnjr]

Special hope all one works and after signed destruction went the announcing is complete about that…

The hope lack of the stoppage not to when your notification is complete thereby…

With salutations signed and forums --->sOoFaA