Wednesday, January 18, 2006

New Sunni video

Two reasons I believe this to be a new(er) video, #1 the triagnle flag emblem is recent, within the last 2 weeks #2 the image of Zawahiri is from one of the latest videos he has put out.
There is a letter in arabic around minute 3 that I would love to see translated. Anyone?

Praise be to God number his of character and accepted accepted himself and [znt] his throne and extensions of outrigger his of words and the prayer of the prayer and the peace Al-Salam on in front of the militants and commander of inexperienced commander [aalmHjlyn] represent us Mohammed (Allah prayed on him and his family his of family and peace of peace).

Praise be to God who the informational brotherhood in the vow of the follower enabled to family of Sunnis and the group of the group from entitled establishing issuance new boiled “[tkbyraat] the feast” Allah ask to receives worked this pure for his generous face.

O God Sunnis destroyed on and killed Sunnis killed on and send us send us with family of Sunnis.
The informational office
To boiled
Qualified Sunnis and the group of the group
Loading of the film