Friday, January 06, 2006

New Zawahiri tape out, translation following...

Some jihadi was nice enough to transcribe what Al-Zawahiri had to say today. He must be getting upset that no one is listening to him.

He's probably also pissed that everyone keeps saying, that's nice Zawa-baby, but where's Osama, we want to hear from him not you. LOL

I'm tempeted not to translate this at all but to put down
blah blah blah blah allah akbar blah blah blah blah blah, because in the end it's pretty much the same!

Al-Zawahiri followers America after withdrawal of the forces promise American from Iraq ([aalfrnsyt]-['arshyf])

In poison Allah and the praising Allah and the prayer and Al-Salam on messenger of Allah and his family and accompanied him and from and except him. As for after any her the brotherhood Muslim in all place, Al-Salam on you and his mercy of Allah and Bakarat

Beginning perish to narratives start in what mentioned him twice previous from Islamic invitation the nation general and the organizations charitable and Islamic especially for relief and assistance ['axwaanhm]
Injured from the earthquake in Pakistan, and adjure them not to presentation of the contributions for government tie in the Pakistani, and eat us volume of the decaying in the Pakistani administration knows,
Eat us knows that Pakistani leadership the army of she leadership [mrtshyt], her worry stuffing her of jeeps in the moneys, and to services goes conceded in Pakistan afterwards for hell,
Eat us teaches that their party the government in Pakistan collected from the hypocrites of gathering of Pervez in the bribe.

Eat us the Pakistani date financial for leaderships of the government knows, and especially minister matters good Kashmir of neutrality, and interior minister ['aftaab] Ahmed [shbaawb], and I personal currency in field of the relief in Pakistan for relationship of six years already, and the real entrances and the exits for administration inform Pakistani, and how moneys of the relief loots, and not this field presentation her of details.

Therefore so indeed me adjure the organizations charitable the popularity Islamic, and family benevolent from the muslims, that [y'atwaa] in valuable their to Pakistan, and to supervize in valuable their on the work benevolent rescuing for injured my the earthquake, until lessen from volume the looting and the looting for moneys the relief, who not alternative that he updates, and adjure them that are patient on what obtained them from annoyances from the government Pakistani cruciferous which exploited tragedy the earthquake as blanket for justification the presence military and the inquiries American in Kashmir on boundaries Pakistan eastern in allegation relief the afflicted.

You forced withdrawal Israel from Gaza exploited to Israel recognizes in, and Allah knows that he had it not been for the military ambassador of the American in Pakistan, and had it not been for the outrageous surrender for government the Pakistani for intelligence the American, and daughter-in-law now and brotherhoods of eyes ['axwaannaa] conceded from victims of the earthquake, just as striving our before 25 year
For assistance ['axwaannaa] the militants and emigrant the Afghans, and as to ['axwaannaa] Muslim in Kashmir in her hemistichs range of the brotherhood and the lover know which harbor her in our hearts to love, yet and teach that he had it not been for Pakistani treasons the governments which strengthened ['axwaanhm] the militants from all aspects of the world from the arrival to Kashmir, had it not been for all this
To thousand the militants from all aspects of the Islamic scientist was today Kashmir for jihad flow on and for relief, and to patience are [fe'sY] Allah to opening or matter comes in from stubborn his, so become on what captured in themselves repentant.

If daughter-in-law nations console Muslim in hit her in earthquake Pakistan, so indeed me today happy her and bless triumph of the Islam in Iraq have fun in.

Mention any her the brotherhood Muslim that I fewness already punch since more than American year indeed exit from Iraq, question of time became not except, and her their now,
By virtue of Allah the exit beg and the negotiators with the militants renew, and the liar be compelled Bush for to past end November announces in that he will pull his forces
From Iraq, and but he and he the addict for lying his withdrawal justifies that the Iraqi forces good connection to level already, and that he will not schedules for withdrawal announces.

Any her [aal'afaak] the charlatan of pain making refrains about yourself mockery for life, if Kent your forces in flying her and her rockets and her tanks and her fleets [ty'n] and bleeds and exit from Iraq searchs about? So is the hypocrites and the agents and the apostates will withstand for what so hank in him what rises in strong strength [e'DHmY] in the world?

As for your schedule of the times in the withdrawal of losing put him since long time, and on you [yaa] Bush to recognizes that you Iraq be defeated in, and that you Afghanistan be defeated in, will and defeat close in Palestine, in pubic regions Allah and strengthened him.

[yaa] people the alliance of the crucifixes is acknowledg [maa] defeat in Iraq caused your, and your losses in Afghanistan, and Palestine, the reason of the bases [bmnthY] the simplicity of he that you the recognition refuse in happening, the illusions walk behind, deceives you in her Bush and Blair, happening who the recognition refuse in him he that the nation conceded will not
Please that [te'aamlwhaa] treated of the slave and the animals, and as long as did not the nation deal with Muslim on basis from the understanding and the respect will so continue disaster move from for other, and be soft your disasters end except if our houses came out from and robbery our stopped about of wealths, and corrupt supporting the rulers in our refrained about countries, as for agents
America who sold debt and dignity their have fun their of people lost time their account on hands of the nation of the militant approached.

As for tradesmen of the debt, and jurists [aaltswl] [wmrwjw] [aalxraafaat] who prevented resistant against occupied, and who transactions of the treason tied with cruciferous, will so leave them cruciferous unify them you the devil his of custodians in all hard situation leaves.

Haughtiness said “and then they the devil their decorated for works, and said not truimphant punching today from the people, and indeed me punching follow, so for what [traa't] the factions [nkS] on his heels and said indeed me innocent from you, indeed me see what not see indeed me tough Allah and Allah of the punishment frightened”.

Bush any her the liar, indeed you did not be defeated material and military only, and but you before that be defeated moral and moral, losing knew all from did not harbors American range the lying introduces, and range of fraud and western cheating the civilization, and she human rights the and the freedom and the reform speaks about, the American civilization which used [aalfsfw]
White to the muslims in Fallujah burnt, and the American civilization which December declared her external minister in ancestors that arrested [nql] for jails the legal secrecy work, and that he not courage from use of some the methods exceptional for occurrence on big pot from the information from the prisoners.

Civilization of the insisting on the lying, and the collective torture and the slaughterhouses and falsification of the elections, the elections which Egypt forges in in blessed disgrace of America and the west and the united nations, America which did not sustains what named him falsification of the elections in Ukrainian, so all her pressured in road for reinstating, and which obstructs on the last elections
In Venezuela, and but she in Egypt the edge about the elections overlooks presidential, then the parliamentary elections of the forgers, island fulfilled Arabic movie of the drawings moving who the native elections rises in, yet and in all insolence considers her step on road of the reform and the democracy.

Indeed her game deceit of the Muslim people [l'ilhaay'haa] about her basic rights in the wisdoms in the law and the liberation from occupied and maintenance her of wives and accountant her of rulers.

The parliamentary elections in Egypt which Ahmed announced the adviser [mky] vice-president tight the [nqD] [bmnthY] the frankness, that she did not intendance of the judiciary harbors under, and hit her effective intendance for minister were interior big the executioners in Egypt, the elections which America threaded her game so generous for streams Islam be associated for [ltxwDhaa]
In definitive number from the candidates, if won all them so minority in the parliament will continue, and the field for party to make room the patriot to all his crimes for her practices settlement, and for occurrence of the result which restricted her advance America, the elections which will originate about her unable parliament about any real change

Then audiences dismisses for the muslim this parliament who idealizes you, and taking all edge his already of share who deserves him, so the governing and the rule and the authorities be soft and for how much the screaming and the noise and the throats in the riot become hoarse, and the dominance on the land and the wealth and the human being be soft, and for how much the lamentation [waale'wyl] and the condemnation, and for us the freedom and the liberation and the speaking and to quantize arrested and the torture and the degrader.

Atomic Jerusalem and the weapons and the water channels and the military rules be soft, and for how much the unable armies and devices of the security [aalmstkbrt] and the military courts and laws of the incidents.

This she truth very playful which ran her American in Egypt, in cycles of the elections presidential then parliamentary, and ironing [tstGfl] the conceded audiences which [HrDwhaa] [waastthaarwhaa] and love for Islam exploit her, so dismisses already 30 seat occurred before on, and the day occur on 80 and in acne of five years occur on 100,
This way whenever improving your of behavior granted you more, until if secularists became falsity for Islam be associated, like Ordugan and accompanied him punching in undertaking of the governing allowed, and to are provided that governorship of the law forget, and cruciferous rules in your welcome in countries, and the Jewish presence recognize in, the armed in the weapons nuclear prohibited on you

Pain Rice declares in the middle of past November that democratic [nze'] weapon of the Palestinian resistance he conditions, what more like this game in sickness the untrue pregnancy of the favor in the medicine, who suffer in him the barren patient of the yearner for load in all accidents of the load until pains of the birth, hit her for regret will not give birth something.

This way what ended this streams breath of the ring since tall contracts revolves in, so the Sheikh of goodness Libyan our worldwide mercy Allah since the war of the second waded this failing experiment twice, so pressures on him British deep-rooted democratic in her allegation to the bitter nominating yields about, then dropped him in the falsification once again

As for Sheikh Salah Abu Ismael have mercy him Allah, tall befriend of the experiment and the experience in the elections and the parliaments of losing of stopping have mercy him Allah to his testimony announces in in court in case of the jihad big, that he did not [yjn] from all this tall experiments except the failure, then register this testimony historic in his book of the testimony.

As for the tragedy big so Kent in Algeria, so after that front of the rescue collected on 80% from the seats Hamitic France the freedoms and country of the revolution of the mother interfered and in blessed America land of the freedom, to the winners loads not to the parliament of honored, and to jails are for tied.

Nations Muslim, will not free elections enjoy in, and wives [mSaant], and governments of accountant in front of her people, and judiciary [mhaab] respectful, except if the Zionist occupation the crucifixes be liberated from, and blessing of the governments corrupt corruptive, and be soft fulfills that except in the jihad in way Allah.

Nations Muslim, indeed girl of the freedoms who allows in him compelled America, did not yields about him except under ballots blows of the militants in Afghanistan and Iraq and Palestine, and had it not been for Allah then sacrifices of the militants in Iraq and Afghanistan, to the tanks rushed American from Baghdad to houses in Riyadh and Oman and Cairo tear down our.

Did not [ytSd] for planned the expansions Zionist the crucifixes except sacrifices of the militants, and blood martyred, this sacrifices which tries today deaf the Arab League the old woman mute [aalshlaa'] to loses her and turns on her, so suddenly bear in her the life, and her arteries pulled in [aalmtybst] tough blood permeative American, and she which the close yesterday about contract be unable in rose her theatrical formal in Tunisia.

To gathering are have fun today all tradesmen the war and boys of America from Iraq to her headquarter in Cairo, to statement for reconciliation issue takes him the American administration of curtain to cover in him her defeat, and withdrawal from Iraq justifies her.

To are all this not folds on the muslim and her vanguard of the militant killed which repeat the cruciferous congratulating in triumph the Islam and defeat in Iraq have fun.

[fyaa] make brotherly me the militants in Iraq, the unity and the meeting gelled to until planners spoil cruciferous, [wyaa] killed Muslim progressionist and knock me doors of house holy, evaluate me your grown-up succession and spread me brigade of the unification and the jihad and extract me your truths among cuspids of the wolves.

Haughtiness said “who believed Allah fight in way, and who expiated way fight in [aalTaaGwt], so custodians of the devil fight, indeed the devil be about to was weak”, and other put us that praise be to God of many the worlds, and Allah prayed on Mohammed and his family and his befriends and peace reigned.

The source: Al-Jazeera

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