Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Pictures of militants of AQ in Iraq

Plus a couple of new 'signature' montages.
Strange, as I would think intel would be able to gather some information on this people from these being posted. Not too smart I'd say. But then what the heck do I know, I'm just a girl.

Photos for militants in Iraq [lY] organization [aalqaae ' dh] lions of the unification

Men men of men and the men few this time

From [aalmuu'miniyna] [rijaaalUU] [Sadaquwaa] what [e'aaahaduwaa] Allah on him so their blessing from accomplished like him and their blessing from waits and what [baddaluwaa] [tabdiylaaAA]
Nor [tswaa] your brothers of the militants from Saleh [de'aay'km]

Big Allah
[wllh] the Hamad

Allah who not god not to he to heads cuts [TwaaGyt] the land on hand of custodians Allah eyes Osama in not to from notifier [e'naa] despots ** on land Al-Jazeera our rulers

That our eager swords ** and will not sheathe until [yrtwyn]