Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sunni vs Shi'ia and a warning to Al-Sistani

This was posted on Jan 6 2006, so it's been a couple of days. I haven't yet seen this posted elsewhere though, and it's pretty important considering what's been going on in Iraq since the day before this was posted.
It includes a strong and violent warning to the Shia and to Al-Sistani - the Shia Iman.
There are several photo and video links included. I haven't yet watched them/seen them all, but I'm sure they're important as well.

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

The prayer and Al-Salam Al-Salam on honorable sender Mohammed attic of the prayer and Al-Salam Al-Salam

[hdht] military operations of photograph in the photos and the video of the video against forces of the alliance [fY] all aspects Iraq

[hdht] [hY] organized names [aaljhaadyt] on the arena Iraqi battalion of revolution the ten

The army [aalaaslaamY] [aale'raaqY] - army helpers of Sunnis - army of the militants - army [aalraashdyn]-
Group helpers of the Kurdish Islam - resistant organizer [aaltrkmaanyt] military [fY] Iraq with first tape of video have fun
Organization seated the jihad [fY] countries AlRafidayn - group of the brigade green - helpers party of the expedition - army of the group Mansoura

Arabic organizer the resistance the umbilical soldier of the internationalism - group of the fighters free -
Group of the fighters Arabic [fY] Iraq - army family of Sunnis and the group - group of the banners black - first battalion Abu of the friend - battalion [e'bdaallt] [e'zaam] - battalion of age Bin the speech - battalion of invasion [aalaaHzaab]--

Iraqi movement the resistance of the patriot [aalshre'yt]--[jmaae't] [mjaahdY] Fallujah - battalion [aalrSd]-[ktybt] the anger [aalaaslaamY] - group [mjaahdY] Karbala and group [mjaahdY] [tle'fr] and group [mjaahdY] Mosul and group [mjaahdY] Basra-- Group of the organization [aalsrY] [fY] Iraq - group of the jihad [aalaaslaamY] [aale'raaqY]

Iraqi organizer the resistance --Group truth of prisoners [aale'raaq]--

Allah promise and the Arabic people promise and Islamic Islamic on escalation volcanos of the armed attacks and the martyr martyr against forces of the alliance and the agents of the agents and the spy of the spy

On on Shiah and on on referential their that participate with us [fY] duty of the jihad and not not straighten in protection of forces
The alliance

Divide great Allah swear in great Allah swear in great Allah swear in [yaa] [systaanY] that did not makes [aabnaau'k]
Shiah stop about protection soldiers of the alliance --So wills straighten in extra from the martyr attacks condensed very against Shiah

To Saddam Hussein took [waae'waant] [fY] the jail -- This [me'naat] that truth Shiah returned follow them

As long as you avenged from Saddam Hussein --So on [aabnaau'k] Shiah that cooperate with us [fY] accomplishment duty of the jihad
Like their brothers of the Turkman and the Kurds of the Kurds and this this last warning of lac [yaasystaanY] and to that did not listens to our warning

So wills Shiah without mercy burn. .[bdwn] speech, without compassion, without [raaft], without understanding,

On you that acquaintance [yaa] [systaanY] that America will not graduation of Alan from Iraq --For that she if take out from Iraq

So wills small America to several states by means of the religion divides [aalaaslaamY] and in means by means of the party [aalnaazY] the fairs for permeative [aalyhwdY] [fY] America

This this [me'naat] that our combat against forces of the alliance [fY] continuous Iraq of all second without negotiating without mercy without compassion without speech, without negotiator [t] for period of ten the years and the years of the years and blessing from possible
To combat against forces of the alliance continues our [fY] Iraq all second for period of close friends of the years

… Great Allah Allah will not America negotiate with until if knelt the scientist on our antiquities of million the ages

Great Allah will not America negotiate with until if inhabitants the land of the crucifixes and their aids from the spy and the agents of the agents was [fY] 180 state around the world against
The militants [fY] Iraq

Great Allah Allah will not will not will not will not rule build military American one [fY] Iraq until if was
Inhabitants the land of the crucifixes and the Jew and servants of the Jew [fY] governments of 180 state against the militants [fY] Iraq

We the scientist fight [aalSlybY] [waalShywnY] and the spy of the spy and the agents of the agents and confederate types types strange with the Jew
[fY] Iraq --Not for debt of friends --[aaSdqaau'naa] Alan their their honorable Sunnis simple of the countries qualified [fY] all aspects Iraq and the world of the world

On you on you that [txdh] your decision be soft [yaasystaanY] [fY] less from little hours very -- If did not straightens Shiah

Cut off you soldiers of the alliance [fY] possible speed become remote so wills military attacks double our against them [fY] Iraq

Without mercy ---


Burning [aalyaat] American and killing of killing from in her between sons Iraq --- Military organizer the resistance [aaltrkmaanyt] [fY] Iraq

Photos hunting of rabies [aamrykY] [fY] Iraq --Arabic organizer the resistance of the international secrecy [fY] Iraq


Operations [jhaadyt] against forces of the alliance

Army family Sunnis and the group of the group

Photo burning of following car for hook [bryTaanyn] [fY] Basra

Group helpers the Islam and group of group of the militants Arabic [fY] Iraq


Portrayed and assorted videos videos military against forces of the alliance

By means of Arabic organizer the resistance of the international soldier and group group of helpers of the Islam and the army of the army [aalaaslaamY] [fY] Iraq and army helpers of Sunnis boiled and army boiled grown-up and boiled army the militants and helpers of helpers of party of the expedition





Photo of rabies [aamrykY] blood wipes [zmlaau't] the casualties until hides [xsaartt]