Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Threats to Denmark and Danes continue

It's difficult for me to believe this is over 4 month old cartoons. Posts separated by

For him big…. Warn [yaamslmyn]. Warn [yaamslmyn]… urgent urgent

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

Warn [yaa] muslims so to cruciferous spreading photos of caricature in the papers want from Denmark around [aasaay ' h] to the generous messenger Mohammed ([S]) ['ilxShaa] in next points

1. For acquaintance range of strength Muslim after mental contracts from war and informational (from the defects of the canals Rutana [w]mpc and change her from the canals of Arabic (Hebrew)) and her wars against conceded general and opposite of tongues special, if Kent the result that there reaction so that them will fight this Arabic verb even if criticism was.

2. For status of some the states Islamic which cutting the economic Denmark and political or her people the photos in basket of the exported states for terrorism or the extremist get angry from, and on this basis beating is complete this Islamic states and her people in all the possible methods.

So cruciferous beating all the services in all place be necessary, losing boycott of the cruciferous merchandize not, pay attention hit them and kill them and slaughter them and that the victory for kin of establishing Allah

Big Allah ...... big Allah

From supports me on this speech hope from him to I writes with you

Al-Salam on you and his mercy of Allah and Barakat

Built [aale'aany]



Allowable very and Allah, brothers!!! Our enemy of top in the malice and the visciousness!!!

Allah blessed in you.


Big Allah of big Allah Allah financed us nor [mwlY] to love

Killed us [fY] Heaven and killed them [fY] the fire

With you with you with you with you with you with you with you with you with you with you with you with you with you with you with you and with us Allah glory his


With you


Great Allah [hdaa] what believe him
Am complete us that am [baaldnmrk] and headquarter of the pigs plunge [waadbHhm] and Allah [saaHwlhaa] to massacre opportunity of she what after her opportunity victory of the messenger of peace be upon him report you doors and my mother [yaaHbyby] [yaa] welfare of character Allah.