Saturday, February 04, 2006

2/10/2006 - Embassy burning day

Inspired by the burning of the Denmark and Norway embassies in Damascus today, the forums have started to spread the message that after Friday prayers on 2/10, it will be time to burn embassies. What a brillant plan eh? All in response to CARTOONS.
Does anyone remember such hubbub when 4 planes were hijacked and 3000 people killed in the name of their religion? Nope didn't think so.
I'm steaming at this point. So mad I could....[fill in the blank yourselves]

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

[qaaatiluwhum] tortures them Allah in your hands and pierces them and grant victory you on them [wayashfi] [Suduwra] people [mmuu'miniyna]

Violence of the repentance

Why not their embassies burn you sons benevolent Al-Sham family of the jihad did.??

What who strengthens us [yaa] muslims from self of the verb.??

Why not the youths gathers conceded all at the embassy Denmark in his country then burn her on from in her.???

['atxshwn] the jail.?? Mother the killing fear.?? Mother the people fear.?? So Allah be true that [txshwh] [yaa] muslims…

[yaa] loved his this victory the prophet peace be upon him so blessing his of victory victory of Allah and his lost messenger and insured…

Not to likes to call you represent you on his trough of day [aalqyaamh] and lac says [te'aal] [w'ishrb] your intestine from the trough of garment and peaces on turning…???

Not to likes [yaa] muslim [yaa] gentle militant that formation for Mohammed in my father of he and my mother in [aaljnh] peace be upon him.??

Not to likes to the prophet of peace be upon him and his sits with befriends in [aaljnh] [ttsaamr] with them day ask you why act [maa] did so says to love

Safe in Allah god and in the Islam of religion and in Mohammed peace be upon him of prophet .[f'intSrt] blame safe in him. So lac says from around you bring good news [baaljnh] and in the immortality in her. Plug established and verb [yaa] brother of the unification.

[yaa] muslim [yaa] Abdullah this embassies Denmark all countries spreads in Muslim film not make her fire burns on them you Al-Sham occurred in…

Started [yaa] muslims [yaa] grandsons of the prophet [waalSHaabh] and the embassies gather on [w'aHrqwhaa] on from in her so indeed your appointment on trough of the prophet of peace be upon him in permission Allah rose

Straightened [qwmt] man one followed you spoke us and sharp his and to day determine gathers in him Muslim in regions the world of the Islams in front of the embassies Denmark for burning her…

To the spreading in messages of the mobile phone start in this [aalrsaalh] and as lowness your in the forums all the signers fulfilled followed you beginning [aal'inTlaaqh] from Al-Sham and seal her in permission Allah rose in American embassies

[hyaa] [yaa] sons of the gulf [wyaa] sons insisting and Arabic Al-Sham and the Maghreb victory your gelled for of religion and represent you [w'ije'lwnaa] fire [tt'ajj] from under feet cruciferous

The Islamic scientist the embassies gathers on Denmark in day one and in timing one for her burn on from in her to knows disbelieving that [nHwrnaa] without [nHr] represent us Mohammed peace be upon him and the Islam and his echo family in [mshaarq] the land [wmGaarbhaa]

Big Allah and the Izzat [llh] all

Remained to designating specification day is complete consequently the worldwide gathering and see that time is in the embassies worked and the time of morning forms nor specification stays except today only

[baalnsbh] for his process of the burn so she simple

Gallon in oozes and torch his of fires (([wlaae'h])) Pours her on the trees [aalmHyTh] in the building and as lowness your cars [aalsfaarh] and burns her Palmer his and dependence on Allah leave her worry in the life flames in before [aalEExrh] in permission Allah rose

Unified specification day your of custodian of the appointment want after ['isbwe'] from now to takes the subject his of truth in the spreading and the spread

When his specification is complete unified format for spreading will determine his across the mobile phone and the forums and all the sites [aalEExrY]

So to boredom and Allah from the speech and the festivals already our [aalxTaabyh] and change her from the wounds who not enriches nor brand from hunger

[wllh] revolve you [yaa] family Al-Sham on what their in him from unhappiness and misery imposes him the disbelieving regime the helpers except that them [tHdwh] in insistence [we'zymh] and glory and generous his so refuse except
Victory represent them peace be upon him

Determined today [yaa] loved his

Make brotherly you from island Arabic will and form first of the mobile phone spreads on and specific specification day to [nqf] wait in him his serious stand for our religion and represent us peace be upon him

For flag burn of the embassies and the dense [twaajd] the line and the soldiers of opportunity of the arrest on the subject will lose on and advize likewise [baaltlthm]

Any [aallthaam] on the face or status of mask blamed the burn and I in permission wants Allah rose [s'atlTm] between the audiences will and start in her in permission Allah rose

[hyaa] [yaa] brothers designating specification day want [yaa] loved his and be possible you Allah welfare

['arjwaa] [nql] the subject of for each participative forum you in him [yaa] brother of the unification if allowed


Allah blessed [bHrqtk] and your envy
Brothers of the darling spread this big subject in collected from the forums and schedule an appointment and hour
On that your week is after you said and generous that Friday is after prayer and not necessarily that office hour for embassy is
Until not excitement of the police so arrests our brothers
Nor benefits that if top in spreading the subject without specification of the time so the subject on basis spread that prayer is after Friday

Kink of the brothers honorable on site fixation of the subject and the advertisement help in for him
So voted them audible more


Hope from not to [x] his modification of the subject and making in date 10 \ 2 \ 2006 any day [aaljme'h] coming spreading of the subject in all the forums consoled and faithful your Allah in you


Allah blessed in you ['axY] [aalbtaar] wish to execution can this order and I propose to spreading of the subject is complete not [fY] the forums only and to are on [aalbaaltwk] also just as occurrence days of riot of the church Egyptian


Nor forget to mention not to [x] that he be necessary on us burn embassy of the Denmark not only yet all the embassies [aalme'aadyh] for Muslim on that formation [aalsfaarh] not to [mrykyh] she not to followed and the fixation hope [yaa] supervisors


Allah blessed in you make brotherly me and kept you Allah blessings not her alternative from spreading across the forums and across his messages of the mobile phone in big photo until spreads to big possible number