Friday, February 03, 2006

A call to stop the hemorrhage of Iraqi blood

How refreshing!

Statement of number (10) issuer about front the Iraqi conformity around the national campaign for stop of hemorrhage of the Iraqi blood

To already informational Al-Khobar first in most of the canals of the Arab and the universality in hive became [yzfwnhaa] to the scientist [bsfk] Iraqi blood of innocent and the scientist [ylwdh] in the silence and conceded in stupor and Iraqi not around to love nor strength.

Loyalty for motto who observed in him (in the our safe conformity received) so indeed Iraqi front the conformity rises now in the national campaign for stop of hemorrhage of the Iraqi blood and she campaign [UU] continuous hard worker seek in her [btDHaafr] our efforts with efforts all benevolent from sons our of country to limit say good-bye to consequently the hemorrhage.

[maakaan] the occupation in day from the days of substitutes suitable for tyranny [waalTGyaan] and lead warned thereof early in time opposite which active our in her before collapse of the political system, and delicious my witnesses him Iraq today from deteriorating status security

He mere collection of result and foregone conclusion become aggravated because of sins of the government and abusing her of intentions and she consequently the complete occupation the accountability divides with while occurs. [waalmsthjn] at some the parties and the entities

The politician that she hit in mute and the dead become quiet as not the criminal actions denounces when not repairer of the politician or her electoral advertisement touchs her, [k'anmaa] the blood of he other than the blood and the soul of she other than the soul which her character [aalbaary] became strong

Be exalted. So did not condemnation for butchery of Fallujah or Najaf hear nor for destruction of the mosques nor to seizing the hundred from the innocents nor for detentions which lengthened ten the thousand from the innocents also, in the time who did not shortens in him front

The Iraqi conformity about condemnation of all kinds of the crimes and with no exclusion, where did not mosque separate between nor [Hsynyt] nor church nor paved [llSaaby't], and blame separate between innocent from all sons of the branch and as to for de our condemnation [AA] clear [AA]

For each explosives-laden which the innocent Iraqi targeted.
Likewise the threats self of the sectarian tincture denounced whoever her continuous source and our statements in this respect welfare of witness on what say.

That front the conformity of the Iraqi resolute on the new beginning in project for Iraqi stop the hemorrhage begin him [baalmTaalyb] coming: -
1- Claimant of the army in the spreading Baghdad instantized for guarantee protection of inhabitants of city.
2- Helping ousting minister interior and growns-up his.
3 - interior commentary of tasks unities of ministry which the pursued innocents in pilgrimage of the terrorists targets.
4 - armed solving the militias.
5- Stopping campaigns of the random detention.
6 - the set free about all the prisoners in the umbilical jails and overt the follower for government.
7 - the set free about all the prisoners in jails of the occupation nor expression of the women.
8- Claimant of the forces occupied in spreading details of the investigation who jail occurred around [aaljaadryt] the umbilical cords and remainder of the umbilical jails.
9- Apology of the forces occupied and the government and compensation of the families of the afflicted in photo suitable.
10- Provocative stopping the programs of the sectarianism which broadcasts her space canal the Iraqi.
Indeed in front of the government and forces of the occupation of opportunity [UU] to fulfilling this [aalmTaalyb] nor be necessary to period lengthens that situation lack of the response fulfilled so indeed us wills all the political eyes call and national for standing in rebellious big civilian on level of the trains until the security returns happening to Iraq and Iraqi and to trip of the thousand inclination step starts in (
Isn't it the morning in kin) (Houd: 81)

Iraqi front the conformity 2[mHrm] 1427[h] February 1, 2006