Sunday, February 12, 2006

The experiment has come to an end.

Although started less than a year ago, it is time for me to stop moving forward with the experiment called Tracking Al Queda.
It's been a great time for me, a learning time and a healing time. 9-11 affected me, as it did many Americans. I desperately wanted to do something, what I found to do was to translate and disseminate information found on the arabic forums. I didn't catch any terrorists and I didn't stop any attacks, but in some odd way it helped me to heal, to get past the horrors of that day.
It's now time to move on, to really get past that day, to live life in the future, not the past, to concern myself with those I love around me and not those far away who may want to kill me.
Thanks for sharing in the experiment, even if just by reading. Many of you probably have no idea the joy you gave me just by visiting the site, even if you never stopped by again.
Thank you and peace to all of you and yours.