Tuesday, February 07, 2006

February 9, 2006 Fasting day?

I can't find anything this would be in regards to, ie, islamic event, holiday etc. But it seems they want people to fast on Thursday and to pray for the destruction of their enemies. Could be something, could be nothing. Remember Friday is supposedly Embassy burning day, so it could be in regards to that.

Urgent. [e ' aajl]

Al-Salam on you and have mercy him Allah and Barakat his

That Allah wanted wills the Islamic nation on fasting congregates Thursday

He day [e ' aashwraa]

10 prohibited 1427 [h] - February 9, 2006 [m]

At the breakfast unification hope this praying:

O God this represent us and our darling mouse of miracles becomes easy our appraized you in destruction from become easy him…

O God the land shook from under their feet and let down them and your darling grant victory and take them capable taking dear

Statement mention Allah rose:

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

(indeed who Allah and his messenger of cursing hurt their Allah in the life and the afterlife and they sufferances count for outrageous) great truthfulness Allah

Our according to Allah and blessings of the agent

Make brotherly you in Allah sword Allah


On you Al-Salam brother of sword Allah

In permission Allah the all [HySwm] Ashoura….

Praying [aalSaaymyn] [mstjaab] in permission Allah ......


In poison Allah Al-Rahman the premolar

Your cutting Allah welfare on the ticket

Likewise day [taaswe'aa'] to say the Mustafa of peace be upon him

(for indeed the coming year live to [l'aSwmn] [taaswe'aa'] and Ashoura) so Mohammed died the messenger peace be upon him

So to we cover and execute the will

Likewise violated the Jew of cursing their Allah became strong and be exalted

Allah blessed in you O God [qyD] to the pig massage from notches [e'nqt] O God [qyD] to the paper hits from explodes her


The writer: Abdullah the militant Allah blessed in you O God [qyD] to the pig massage from notches [e'nqt] O God [qyD] to the paper hits from explodes her


Different forum, another thread about fasting day.


[bs] merciful Allah Al-Rahman

The brotherhood and the sisters [aalaafaaDl]

Be decided tomorrow according to program of the campaign against the generous messenger

In fasting of day tomorrow Wednesday on considering that he day of Ashoura and fasting Thursday approached us to Allah rose

All the brotherhood of the supplication and the praying to Allah request from rose in those days that [yxsf] the land in all jogs of the Islam and thorn of the militants strengthens and Mohammed have mercy nation [aajme'yn]

The hope from the brotherhood of the observance?????????