Friday, February 03, 2006

The horrible strike - a nuclear fantasy? GIMF

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Williams is a reference to the mythical Rakan ben Williams whom to quote

is “born and raised in the West; has studied in its educational system; prayed in their churches; drank alcoholic beverage; ate pork, and hated Muslims.
But then he secretly became a devoted Muslim, adopted the philosophy of Al-Qaeda, and now he and his alike are wandering in Europe and the United States, gathering information and planning their next attacks. “

“the horrible strike. ^[$] Williams and his brothers Bin Laden move against America in matters


[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym] .....

The horrible strike.

^[$] Williams and his brothers Bin Laden move against America in matters [$]^

The ring first

Indeed praise be to God praise him and seek help him and seek guidance him and appease him

[wne'wdh] in Allah from bads ourselves and blessing bad our works, from [yhd] Allah mouth for him

from misleading and blessing misguides so not [haadY] for him….

Praise be to God [aaldhY] making for Islam men from all hunchbacks and greenhouses, and making

for him helpers from all people and color…

The prayer and Al-Salam on from the announcement in Heaven and the terrorism from the fire

initiate in and urgent princes the world in his summoning message to unification of Allah and

shaking off of the polytheism from brains of the human being. Warned them from consequence

refusal of invitation of the Islam for that he comer to their kingdoms [shaau'waa] or refused….

O God prayed and peace and blessed on him and on his family and accompanied him and from followed

him on his straight panting to Judgment Day.

Then either after.

Responses the followed and the analyzes for word the brave lion of commander of the militants

spread and inexperienced this religion [fY] this strange era, and eat her were make sure that the

man of man.

Not the joking knows for that all live his be new, nor comprehends to speaks in what not teaches…

Became the all either [fY] solver of expecting for strike coming

Or last forgetfulness his try of words [aaltY] striked [fY] their throats and hit them in torment

Made them pains of the page twist from and frightened from speech of the man

[aaldhY] still deduction throne of the strength just as they rises also rise this throne .....

Excerpts from our read hardheads and from about them, and blood clot of commentaries simple [fY]

subject before this, but did not feel that we the message her gave of truth [aaldhY] deserves him

Received look to years continued to her then look to [aalmaaDY] [waaldhY] he our present now.

So found that this instant [hY] himself the blow strengthen from horrible coming, and the

international strength nuclear found [stT'aTY'] headed her for wounds of the man serious…

For that them self see this instant [aaltY] live her now

Result of ignoring and status of the head saw her [fY] the sands, so America [aaltY] present Kent

of the era went [jaahhaa] and gold her of shine [waandthr] her camel driver

Became the assistances from all countries of the world beg to rescues what remained from her

[fY] this instant [aaltY] live her photo for received [aaldhY] be possible that will of Allah and

his is in pot, received [aaldhY] see in him charitable delegations organized Islamic substance

hand of the pubic regions invades America preacher in the Islam and the unification have fun,

prohibited of era [aal'istkbaar] [waalTGyaan]….

Permission. The grave matter grandfather, and our acquaintance of morsel this instant and her

importance puts us [fY] liquidator prepared for changes coming, and style of the thought

[aal'istraatyjY] in all

His possibilities of he [aaldhY] makes us [fY] offered of the rows not [fY] delayed her.

Therefore [aaHbbt] that ['amyT] [aallthaam] about steps [maabe'd] this instant to day of the blow


With no prediction nor allegation in acquaintance of the absence yet he looking at the futuristic

occurrences from present reality and lessons [aalmaaDY]…

Williams means [fY] our thesaurus

[aalGrbY] conceded, the recruited [fY] Al-Qaeda, [aaldhY] did not [yltq] day Osama bin Laden, nor

Ayman [aalDHwaahrY], and blame day to Afghanistan goes or until the skewers…

Recruiting his from the degree third, ['aY] that he [jndY] from cerebrations Al-Qaeda not from

her instructional camps.

[wlyaamz] for him powers [fY] all the fields, and dares for conceded many from the services

Hit him about what close, will present big service for human [aalmDThdt] before state of the

egotism and the pride America…

Sheikh Osama bin Laden…

Small tent on one of the mountains Pakistani, in interior her weapon antagonized [wEEr] [bY]

[jY], and simple required living, and juristic books and ideological, and radios



Tied message arrives [fY] man of bathroom [zaajlt], presents Sheikh of some the loves have fun,

and the message opens…

[ythll] face of Sheikh and the reading returns, then kneels, and cries and cries and he says

[[yaarb] ask you bundle you [aaldhY] promised, so I slave poor not hope you except turning knits]

['atryd] that acquaintance of the message ['axY] [aalqaarY'].

[brothers on the net arrived across our that the arrangements the termination vie in honor on and

this instant [hY] the instant only [aaltY] be possible to stop in her if [maa] the administration

kissed American ceasefire from your eye, because the ruin will be inclusive]

Will be inclusive…. Will be inclusive….

Why always Bin Laden be devoted Allah vow??

['atDHnwn] that she ['aDGaath] dreams.

In all confidence [fY] Allah, say not…. Indeed her the truth.

Did not Osama harbors Sheikh [fY] need because the information appears on, because all the works

walks all-right solver

The jihad strength increases day after day, and the partition became [aalnfsY] [aaldhY] was thick

someday [fY] chest conceded from god of the world America

Became thin and he about to the melting.

He performed what on him and any harmful adventurer became in him and in the jihad [fY] this

deporting critical [aaltY] assimilation of the exit from neck of the glassmaker….

The genius of the phenomenalism [maazaalt] period shines from for other…

To Al-Hakim are the Islamic law, entrusts us in the warning before the war

On this Kent our wars against states of the hamlet of the apostate .....

Therefore request the ceasefire of legitimate requests was [fY] this your time and lowness

despite from certainty the all in what in them Williams from refusal administration of republican


To Allah are Islamic law he Allah legalized. Not replacement nor distortion [wllh] the Hamad


The coming message from in the middle of small America to the tent, the plenty mean and to are.

[le'lhaa] originally not mean ['aY] [shY']

To are [fY] all the cases, accident of Sheikh for ceasefire he triumph

Yet for footsteps that he he the blow big on head of the tails and the heads [aalkfryt] .....

So will not Sheikh loses [aaY] [shY'] until and indeed so hank practical or did not harbors there


So the jihad [fY] Iraq bondsman [b'aY] arrives to walls of the White House

In little from the experience and the gathering and the loneliness between the all….

Afghanistan from triumph to triumph and from spreading to spreading…

Palestine [ty'n] from abundance of the pains and flabbiness of the statuses and the ideas….


Is Kent there relation between speech [aalzrqaawY] [aaldhY] said in him

[O God Osama executed expedition] and between this speech….??


Is connection [wylyaamz'ilY] Iraq then returned once again??

The scientist formed after September 11 new and role of the helpers [fY] supporting of the


See you later [fY] the ring coming

The horrible strike

^[$] what after the mass destruction. Bye-bye Williams [$]^

His books \ sword of the religion [aalknaanY]

Indeed the years pass.

[f'innaa] on the path last.

In permission of resistant Allah.

To the worshipped suggest doubt grateful.

Liquid that [yjnbnaa] the egotism.

The Islamic front informational of the universality

Divided the enlightening information