Thursday, January 19, 2006

GIMF alerts to coming of movie Jihad Academy

Allah is great Allah is great, await for the first Jihad production of a kind “JIHAD ACADEMY”, it's a movie that portrays the events of a single day for whom struggle in Allah's cause, while the channels of fornication and prostitution portrayers the detailed days events for immoral guys and girls, and describe the details of their wrong deeds to poison this generation of Muslim youth and to produce a more dissolute generation.

While they do this, our visual production “JIHAD ACADEMY” has come, to restore things back to order , this film focuses on the events of that day for our Mujahideen brothers from dawn till late night so that the youth of our nation see how they live – may Allah support them-.Their dawn is killing and overstraining the enemy, their noon is grants and gifts, and their afternoon is setting ambushes for the enemies of the LORD of the heavens and the earth, and so they are in a struggle till late night through dusk and early night.

The film also includes various Jihad attacks in different times of a day that heal the breasts of those who believe and enrage the infidels along with the hypocrites.

So be prepared O ' brothers in faith to live a whole day with our beloved and pious Mujahideen brothers, live with them the details of that day.

So make sure that you see it and to distribute it as much as you can and our final prayer is: praise to Allah the LORD of the universe

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Finally, a jihadi transcript of what OBL said - Complete

Working on the translation now, will post here as soon as it's done.

Ok here's the complete transcript translated. Tough read, but you'll get the gist of it.

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]
Al-Salam on from followed the right path
Messages this to you about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and how the way [l'inhaay'haa] and blame harbored intend to happen you hereby the regard be soft this matter of determined stubborn our nor [yfl] iron not to iron and our solvers by virtue of Allah from goodness to improve and your solvers on the reverse thereof.

To are [aastnhD] worried me for modern your fallacies your chief of frequent Bush in his commentary on results of stubborn inquiries the opinion and which reported that the most the bones from you desire in clouds of the American forces from Iraq
But he obstructed on this desire and said that withdrawal of the forces wrong message for deductions gives and that he from
Generous to fight them on their benevolent land from that [yqaatlwnaa] on our land and in yen hands of the reply on this fallacious
Say that the war in Iraq ablaze with no our continuous leniency and the operations in Afghanistan in escalation for Saleh
The praising [llh] and numbers of the Pentagon escalation of number indicates to killed you and your wounds preferred about the huge losses material
Prohibitive your about collapsing spirits of the soldiers there and height attributed him the committing suicide in their yen so for how much that envision solver of the collapsing
The breaths who the soldier and he hits [ylmlm] limbs [rfqaay'h] after that the mines paved so tore them and after this
The situation the soldier between fires becomes to the exit in the patrols from his barracks of the soldier refuses followed him punishments
Strict butcher Vietnam and that output his food of ogre of the mines so he between orders her bitter puberties of which makes him signs under stressing
Myself negligent fear and lowness and subjugation and his people about him so not be new in front of him prevent not to to commit suicide and this who hear about him
About committing suicide his strong message of punching her of books in his soul and his blood and the regret and the pain [ye'tSraanh] ironing rescue what rescue be possible his
From this hell not to that the solving in your hands that was worries you their order.
Either notification our brothers of the militants so she different about what spreads him the Pentagon then indicates to that what transported him methods
The flags not the truth exceeds and what he happening on the land and of which deepens the doubt in information of alpine administration
White targetting her for methods of the flags which some the truths from the reality transports and to noon already delayed in the documents that
Butcher of the freedom in the scientist was resolve on bombing of the home offices already for space Al-Jazeera in state of region after
That her confessor bombardment in as camels and Baghdad and she on her illness of instrument your of deeds there.
From transient side last of the continuous jihad [wllh] the casual dress [waalmnt] in spite of all the repressive measures which takes her
The army not to [mryky] [we'mlaau'h] to degree did not promises there teams mentions between this crimes and bodies Saddam losing connected
The bodies to extortion of the women and captured them as hostages consideration their of husbands and to prevent [wlaaqwt] not to in Allah.
Either torture the men of losing use of the acids arrived to chemical the arsonist and use of the electrical drilling
([aaldrl]) in their cutters and if [yy'swaa] from them [wDe'wh] occasionally on their heads until the death [waaqru'waa] that [shy'tm]
The reports humanitarian which the horrors in jail speaks about [aabwGryb] and [Gwntaanaamw] and in crimes.
So say in spite of all the wild styles so that she did not resistant breakage from solitude and the militants by virtue of Allah in
Addition and strength yet that the reports the quick defeat and the failure for inauspicious project the quartet indicates to Bush
Chaney and Rumsfeld [wwlfytz] and advertisement this her defeat and the work on taking out he put to sleep liquefied time relates
To limit what metatarsal bones of the American people in volume this tragedy and that [aale'qlaa'] teach that Bush not possesses plan
For alleged investigation his victory in Iraq. Even though few today's edition the casualties compared that Bush announced that announcing
The exhibitions of the imitation silly from above flying carrying about termination of the operations big with ten
The multiples from number of the casualties and the victims who the operations killed in [aalSGrY] to truth knew what say and to
Bush and his administration not the desire nor the will for exit possess from special Iraq for their reasons of the suspected of promises
On this beginning say indeed result of the inquiry please [aale'qlaa'] and indeed objection Bush on her wrong and happening witnesses
That the war against America [wHlfaay'haa] did not remain restricted in Iraq your alleges yet ['aSHbt] Iraq point of attraction
Renewal for energies qualified and from other side the militants by virtue of Allah could that penetrate all the measures
The wish which takes her the oppressive alliance internationalized bitter after other and the proof thereon what [raaytm] from explosions in
Important European capitals the states in this aggressive alliance and either [taaxr] fall of operations similar in America did not
Harbors because of penetration your measures of the wish so the operations under the numbers be impossible will and see her in injuring your of house prevented
The termination from her in permission Allah.
Constructive on [maa] presents Bush endorses heroes of stated and to the statement are who smuggles from him, and he essence results of inquiries
The opinion in withdrawal of the soldiers of he that he from generous that not the muslims on their fight land nor [yqaatlwnaa] on our land nor
Prohibitive for debt from answered you to tall ceasefire of the period conditionally just expulsion in her so we nation ritual consecration Allah on us the betrayal
The lying to softens in this ceasefire of the eyes in the security and the stability and to Iraq and Afghanistan build who their dammar
The war nor blemish in the solving had it not been for that he prevents without flow hundred the one billion to befriends [aalnfwd] and tradesmen of the wars
In America who electoral campaign Bush in one billion the dollars supported and from here can to understand insisting
Bush and his gang on transient continuation the war tell the truth in wanted you for security and the reconciliation so her answered you and that refused
Bush except continuation of the lying and the oppression so from useful that [tqru'aa] book the state of the apostate who came in
Offered his:[lwknt] chief the operations against the United States will stop. Firstly [saaqdm] apologies of for each the widowers
[waaltyaamy] and the persons who torture be exposed to and afterwards that [saae'ln] that the American intervention in states of the world already
Ended and in final form and lastly punching that the war say either be soft and either transient punching of first Kent so she your loss
Pierce you the faithful era show this direction by virtue of Allah the wind occur and that last Kent [f'aqraaw] the date so that we straightened not
Sleep on [aalDym] and request [aalthaar] range of the age and be soft the days and the nights goes until atheistic day get excited as ten from
[sbtmr] in ear Allah and your mind continues [mkdwd] and lived you [mnkwdaa] and the matter becomes to what force and mothers of we so not
Stubborn our what lose him and the swimming in the sea not the rain of losing fears [aaHtlltm] our land and attacked on our accidents
Our dignity [wsfktm] our blood and our moneys looted and our role destroyed [wshrdtmwnaa] [we'thtm] in our security will and treat you similarly.
To tried that [tmne'wnaa] the life generous and to are will not can that [tmne'wnaa] from the generous death so the sitting about
The our stubborn jihad of the appointed in our feared debt sin and welfare of the killing what shades of the swords was under nor deceive you strengthened you
Your weapons of Haditha so she some the battles gained and but she the war and the patience and the steadiness of welfare loses from her and the example
In the rings and to patience in combat of the Soviet union in simple weapons of ten ages already our so exhausted their economy
So favored Allah after eye became by virtue of and for how much example punch at that [wlnSbrn] in your combat in ear Allah until dies
Urgent blessing and will not the struggle estranged from until escapes the weapon
Swore not die not to heat and that the death of baits found bitter
Frightened that degraded or agar
Al-Salam on from followed the right path

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More from forums re: OBL audio

Links are with their respective postings. Posts in thread sepearated by +++++++

Big Allah of big Allah indeed her the happiness big on you in his registration [yaa] brothers of the unification


Big Allah of big Allah than his registration wins in [yaa] ['aHbt]


American message to the people promises them in her in new operations in America of she in in phase of the preparing and demonstrates demonstrates on American tall ceasefire of the range\#post6752
post #37

Live your Allah brothers
O God Sheikh keep Osama bin Laden

I with Osama where family [mEElh]… as long as the mouths loads in [lwaay'y]
I with Osama urgent victories obtained… or obtained sent down with the martyrs

Biography the messenger of peace be upon him paged….So found loved the people to him Osama….Books of the dictionaries paged…. So found [aalaasdme'naah] Osama ..... Pages paged present our. So the hearts found Osama be agreed on love… will remain his perceptive for symbol of the dignity

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New OBL audio released on Al-Jazeera today

Several places around the world are already reporting on this. From what I can gather it's audio only. I'm going to focus on what the jihadis are saying.

Here's the first post I've found so far about it, doesn't tell us much though.

Al-Salam on you and mercy Allah

Urgent on Al-Jazeera

Urgent…. Sheikh the militant of Osama bin Laden on Al-Jazeera after little (sonic)

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Iraq Terror - Jihad Animation by Stick Jihad

Pretty boring compared to the first animation we saw from them. To me it ends up looking like a dance video for a new craze called "my gun is my dance partner"
Brought to you by GIMF

The width [aalflaashy] wonderful “IRAQ TERROR” “horror Iraq” The loading Download

Volume of the width 2.57 MB

Ties for watching the practice or the loading

Ties in folder compressed

Those folders last protected in word secret of she

With salutations team of the work for widths [aalflaashyt] in the front informational Islamic worldwide

Worksite team the accidents [aalflaashyt]

Team work of the accidents [aalflaashyt] he team formative from youths Muslim method designs of the accidents uses [aalflaashyt] as special addition and contributing different contributor in propelling of the information of the Islams of the electrons [wbaaqt] the continuous jihad the electrons who aims to absent role the information the Islams of victory played for weakened and for jihad
The militants, and team work of the widths [aalflaashyt] eternity for excellence seeks so the ideas which the design is complete on her she from girls cerebrations of youths conceded [ysnbTwnhaa] from
Happening the nation and her pains and her hopes and from the consecutive occurrences so the accident becomes [aalflaashy] truthful message expressed moving our of worries to many and a lot of from [mrtaady] the net worldwide (the Internet) increased on the eternity.

Team work of the accidents [aalflaashyt] ground rent on persons in their not eye yet in possibility all muslim of the contribution with us in several possible methods from her the works spread which is complete
Her design in different the her signers and the forums and raising on new ties, and in the possibility participative our in the cerebrations and the proposals which on her is complete different design
The widths [aalflaashyt], and in the possibility also blamed power of the design possesses to his works participates in with us and for any for any inquiry or suggestion or participation of corresponding across special or across our mails and signed our
The email of deleting before the administration (other than allowed in writing of the mail) - “>- the email of deleting before the administration (other than allowed in writing of the mail) -

The substitute copies and reinstating the loading in ties and the spreading contributed in and indicative on the welfare as his subject

From participation of the wage and the cooperation in the loading explore so to special signers condescends our several ties for sites of the loading contain on:

[yaa] helpers of the jihad. Allah Allah in the praying of the praying

With salutations vow the artistic information in the Islamic front informational of the universality

Indeed the years pass.
[f'innaa] on the path last.
In permission of resistant Allah.
To the worshipped suggest doubt grateful.
Liquid that [yjnbnaa] the egotism.

The Islamic front informational of the universality

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Couple of new(to me) sites

Just posting the links as there wasn't anything interesting to translate yet.

Martyr picture site

Other site

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Japanese troops targeted in Samawa

This is the 4th story down, unfortunately I can't find the direct link to the story.

Tough eyewitness from city Samawa in communication with agency of truth that bomb of the explosion reported exploded this morning periodic aimer for forces the centered Japanese in the city.

Confirmed that explosion of the refill who one of the knock fell on wreckage performed to [EEaalyt] and injury from in her from the soldiers [aalyaabaanyn] between casualty and victim.

Mentioned that the Japanese forces contributing place practical and piece of the processes surrounded to him then stature in [nql] stricken to the field hospital for her rule of the soldier in outskirts of the city

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New Sunni video

Two reasons I believe this to be a new(er) video, #1 the triagnle flag emblem is recent, within the last 2 weeks #2 the image of Zawahiri is from one of the latest videos he has put out.
There is a letter in arabic around minute 3 that I would love to see translated. Anyone?

Praise be to God number his of character and accepted accepted himself and [znt] his throne and extensions of outrigger his of words and the prayer of the prayer and the peace Al-Salam on in front of the militants and commander of inexperienced commander [aalmHjlyn] represent us Mohammed (Allah prayed on him and his family his of family and peace of peace).

Praise be to God who the informational brotherhood in the vow of the follower enabled to family of Sunnis and the group of the group from entitled establishing issuance new boiled “[tkbyraat] the feast” Allah ask to receives worked this pure for his generous face.

O God Sunnis destroyed on and killed Sunnis killed on and send us send us with family of Sunnis.
The informational office
To boiled
Qualified Sunnis and the group of the group
Loading of the film

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$100,000 offered for capture of Fallujah sniper

This actually if from yesterday. I've been away for a while, but I haven't seen this anywhere else yet, so here ya go.

After death of 15 US troops at hands of al-Fallujah Sniper, US forces offer reward of US$100,000 to any Iraqi who informs on him.

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