Saturday, January 28, 2006

Repackage/New Al-Zawahiri video

I believe this to be repackaged, though others believe it to be new.

See for yourselves.

Be soft: - load word of the doctor Ayman Al-Zawahiri triumph of the Islam in Iraq

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

Founder of zipper for production the informatory of progress

Word for Sheikh the militant of the doctor: Ayman Al-Zawahiri kept him entitled Allah

Triumph of the Islam in Iraq

To loading of the word from the next ties:

High goodness very 156 [myGaa] mpg:

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5 -

High goodness 38 [myGaa] rm:

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 -

7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 -

13 - 14 -

15 -

High goodness 67 [myGaa] wmv:

1 - 2 - 3 -

4 -

5 - 6 -

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8 -

Medium goodness 25 [myGaa] rm:

1 - 2 -

3 - 4 -

5 - 6 -

7 -


Medium goodness 38 [myGaa] wmv:

1 - 2 - 3 -

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8 -

Low goodness 11 [myGaa] RM

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5 - 6 -


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Low goodness 24 [myGaa] WMV:

1- 2 -

3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 -

9 -



Format of the mobile phone 3GP the volume 6 [myGaa]:

1 - 2 -

3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 -


Big Allah of district on the jihad

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Top 8 jihadi forums or having fun with jihad site linkers

Ok so this is fun, but could take forever. I think I'll save it for a rainy day.
Anyhow, in the post below you'll see how the jihadis are linking some of their favorite sites through

All good, they give us 8 in the post, but it's easy to just change the numbers at the end of the URL to get other URLs, to forums and sites.

So for example if I change to I'll get the site of

Just change the numbers on your own to see all the sites/URLs you can find. You'd have to be pretty determined or pretty bored to last for more than a few though.

Ties worries you .....
Army grown-up
gangs Iraq
the Islamic army
army family of Sunnis of Sunnis
army of the militants
the Islamic front for resistance the Iraqi
heroes of Fallujah
site of Muslim Ulama Committee in Iraq


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Ignorance is bliss

Not that it should matter what people think, since they cannot read (see the description of this blog, duh) but I thought best to put this out there, just in case a literate person happens by.

I am not a muslim, nor do I follow islam.
I am an American and love my country.
I think extremists of all kinds are one of the biggest reasons for the problems of the world.
On 9-11 I woke up, and decided to start watching and translating what islamic extremists were saying in their forums.
I can not afford to pay a translator. I thought paying the $200+ out of my own pocket to buy systran was enough. Besides that if you had a clue, you could go to the website itself that is linked in the title of each posting and pay your own damn translator and translate the islamics yourself.
You my friends at the uk.politics group linked in the title should learn to read and think before posting ignorant comments.

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Friday, January 27, 2006

Denmark is next - BOLO Denmark!!!

****I have had several emails calling me a terrorist. I am not a terrorist, I search out terrorists and post and translate their rantings. I HATE terrorists, which is why I try to show them for what they are. Please stop sending me hate mail, I am one of the good people. If you read my blog from the beginning you will understand my goal. I'm just the messenger here, not the person sending the message. If not for this blog you would probably not know of the threats to Denmark right now.
Please stop sending hate mail! The original message that I found can be found here:
Send them your hate mail, it is who it should be directed towards.****

Although posted 2 days ago, I take this very very seriously, and I think those in Denmark should also.
Although the images come last in the posting, I'm putting them first here, for dramatic effect.

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]
The prayer and Al-Salam on the envoy of mercy for worlds [aaldhY] strove [fY] Allah truth of the jihad
[waaldhY] met tough difficult [fY] way the exit of coffee from the darknesses to the light
So indeed bone of messenger Allah – peace be upon him – in our high breaths than dome of the orbit, and will not obtains from her like this [aaltwaaqH] coward (and delicious my the sky spits on on him to wipes direct him afterwards), and to are who means us here our duty of we towards denominator of the prophecy, and the triumph for pleurisy of the messenger – peace be upon him - [waaldhbb] about his established noble.
So this calling to all insurer in Allah and his messengers, to all turning love beats for discerning – peace be upon him -, and to all Mohgah [ttHrq] eagerness to him, to all muslim knows that he had it not been for messenger Allah – peace be upon him - hit [HyaarY] in [dyaajyr] the darknesses, and for nor messenger Allah charcoal in fire hit [jhnm], to all muslim his depths says from of turning: Redemption for messenger Allah myself, and redemption for his breaths refused and illiterate, to all muslim be noisy [jwaanHh] glorification and reverences, and tributes and sanctifications for messenger Allah – Allah prayed on him
Peace – this calling for victory of the prophet in front of this [aaltwaaqH] obscene [waaltsfl] indecent, and be soft executes all jealous to be new for him place and standing, and to exerts in him strove even though decreased, and as to many blessing so he in little truth the prophet and to knows these and blessing [ylHd] to them great their felony and pick them on feelings Muslim, and to teach that standing of the prophet – peace be upon him – in selves conceded bones of which envision, and the touch in her dangerous of which afford
To taught us the experiments that language [aal'isthjaan], and messages of the condemnation not [tjdY] benefited with these
You that the sin this bitter big than to erases her pale apology.
Therefore. So indeed our message for they [waaltY] spread her [fY] their signers the reply carries [aalHqyqY] [aaldhY] [ntmnaah] and call to him
Until the horror and the fear from the coming revenge live not impossible
Put her between support you for who desires [fY] victory of messenger Allah [e'sY] to her investigation see about what close
To teaches these that the muslims will not leave this occurrence passes this way without punishment and indeed tomorrow for his observer for kin will and teach who wronged ['aY] overturned overturn and the peace on you and his mercy of Allah and Barakat

[mnqwwwwwwl] from forum the loyalty about battalion of the jihad of the informations

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6 videos from Afganistan

Founder of the cloud for production the informatory


.: Burning series American in countries [xraasaan]:.

6 visible cutters for operations of varied against the American forces in Afghanistan and

resulted this segments within series burning American in countries [xraasaan]….

1- The invasion on rule American in state Kunar

MB 46

MB 8 b543ca1

American throwing in the mortar on rule in state Kunar

MB 63

MB 10

3- Explosion carrying soldier American in state Kunar

MB 44

MB 8

4- Martyr operation in turning of the capital as camels

MB 84

MB 14

5- Explosion motor American in state poured Kunar

MB 58

MB 10

6- Seated bombing [mtshdaad] American in area casked

MB 18

All the cutters [aalmry'ytaal]6 in format rm

Word of umbilical cord the folders of she opened sahab

For continuous elimination the series .....

Big Allah and the Izzat [llh] and his messenger and for insured

.: Burning series American in countries [xraasaan]:.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Really really angry dude here

It appears to be someone in a mosque ranting and raving. From the postings after the original, it could be a guy in Syria who's poised to be the leader of Al-Qaida there. Who knows for sure though? All I do know is he seems to be really angry.

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

[aalHmdllh] many the scientists and the prayer and the peace on sent Ashraf and in acne:

Her he cutter video to Abu overtook the pointed [aalqe ' qaae '] kept him Allah in purpose of the magnificence

Her she Muslim Izzat

Cut address “will not sign”

His volume almost 4 [myGaa]

The time more than five minutes

Her he connecting

Connected other

Your lint of the praying

Make brotherly you Palestinian Abu age

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Jihadis english translation of the Osama speech

I found this interesting only due to the differences in translations from the other english translations, via the BBC, AP, etc.
One to point out is that here it says " blood for blood" not "diamonds cut diamonds" or "swords for swords" etc.

In the name of Allah the most gracious the most beneficent.

Peace be upon those who followed the guidance

My message to you about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and the way to end it; I was not intending the to speak about this subject, because for us it’s obvious; blood for blood, and all grace be to Allah our situation is from better to best while your situation is the opposite.

What motivated me to speak out is the repeated fallacies made up by your
president Bush commentating on the polls’ results that showed the great majority amongst you desiring a pull out of the American troops from Iraq. However, he (Bush) objected to this aspiration and alleged that pulling out the troops would give a wrong message to the opponent and that it’s better to fight them on their land instead of them fighting us on our land.

In my hands the response to these great fallacies; I say that the war in Iraq is boiling up without end, and the operations in Afghanistan in continuous rise to our side, all grace be to Allah. And the Pentagon’s numbers declare the rise of death and injuries toll, needless to mention the grave material loss and the mental defeat of the soldiers and the mounting of suicides among them. You can imagine the psychological defeat of the soldiers picking up the remains of their comrades after stepping into a mine, and after such a situation the soldier becomes between two fires, either refuses to go out of his barricade and getting punished by Vietnam’s butcher, or accepting to go out turning into a meal for the mines’ monster. The soldier is between two choices the best of them is bitter making him under extreme psychological pressure, fear, humiliation, and oppression. While his people turn their faces away from him.
Therefore, this soldier finds no other solution except committing suicide and that is what you hear about him and about his suicide; a message to you written by his soul, blood, fear, regret, and pain so you would save what you can save from this hellfire, and the solution is in your hands if the matter concerns you.

However, the news about our brothers the Mujahedeen is quiet different from what the pentagon publishes. What is published in the media is not the whole truth or the reality on the ground. What makes the doubts greater is the information leaked out about the intentions of the white house administration in targeting media stations that are trying to publish some of the truth, and it’s been surfaced lately with documentations how the world’s freedom butcher had intended to bomb the offices of Aljazeera in Qatar after bombing its offices in Afghanistan and Baghdad, although with all its setbacks.

On the other hand, Jihad is continuing, all grace be to Allah, despite all the atrocities committed by the American army and its agents, to a point where there is no differentiation between its crimes and those of Saddam’s. Its crimes reached raping women, and abducting them as hostages instead of their husbands.

As for torturing men, it reached a point where they are using chemical acids, using drills to drill their joints, and setting people on their heads till they die. Read if you wish the human watch reports concerning the grave tortures in Abu Ghraib, Guntanamo, and Baghram.

Let me say, despite all the sadistic means used, they did not break up the
sharp blade of the resistance or the Mujahedeen, all grace be to Allah. Instead the resistance is rising stronger. All the reports show that the defeat and grave failure for the cursed quadruples; Bush, Cheney, Ramsfield, and Wolfowits; the publishing of this defeat is only a matter of time, associated only with the awareness of the American people about the magnitude of this misery. And the wise among you knows that Bush does not have a plan to reach his alleged victory in Iraq. If you would compare the small number of deaths when Bush announced his fake declaration on top of the airplanes’ carrier; the termination of the grand operations, if you would compare that with the tenth of times numbers of deaths and injuries with the small operations, you would know the fact about what I say and that Bush and his administration do not have the desire nor the intention to pull out of Iraq, all that is due to their own suspicious agenda.

This takes me back to the original subject, I say that the polls’ results are accepted by the wise amongst you, and that Bush’s refute is based on falsehoods and the facts are the witness that the war against America and its allies is not anymore limited to Iraq as he claims, instead Iraq became a point of attraction and rehabilitation of power from one side, and from the other side the Mujahedeen were able , all grace be to Allah, to infringe all the security means taken by the oppressing allied governments one time after another. The proof for that is what you have witnessed from the explosions inside the most important capitals of the European states allied with the atrocities.

As for the delay in similar operations in America, is not because the incapability to pierce your security measures, the operations are under preparation and you will see them in your own homeland as soon as they are ready, Allah is willing.

Based on the above, there appear Bush’s falsehoods. However, the one thing that he avoided, and it’s the core of the polls; it’s better not to fight Muslims on their lands, or them fighting us on our land.

We do not mind to answer you for a long truce with fair conditions, we commit ourselves to it, since we are a nation that forbids betrayals and lies. Let both sides live in peace and feel safe. Let us rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan that were destroyed by the war. There is no shame in solutions, except that it will stop the flow of hundreds of billions to the ones in command and the war lords in America, those who helped Bush in his election with billions of dollars. From here we can understand Bush and his gang’s persistence in a continuous war.

Therefore, if you agree on the truce and living in peace, you will find us agreeing and responding with the same. However, if Bush refuses and continues in his lies and oppression, it’s beneficial to read the introduction of a book the **** State: if I was a president I will stop the operations against the United States by; first, I will apologize to every widow, orphan, and all those who were tortured, and I will then announce that the American intervention had ended for ever.

Finally, I tell you that the victory in this war is either ours or yours. If it’s the premier, you will come out disgraced for ever, and it’s in this way the circumstances are flowing all grace be to Allah. And if it was the latter, read the history and you will know that we are a nation that does not sleep on defeat, and that we will seek revenge for ever, and that the days and nights will not pass until we revenge, like we did in September 11, Allah is willing. And you will continue to live in disgrace and fear and in the end you will be defeated.

As for us we have nothing to loose, who swims in the ocean does not fear the rain. You have occupied our land, you have attacked our honor and dignity, you have spilled our blood, you have stolen our wealth, you have destroyed our homes, and you have smashed our security. We will make you feel the same.

You have tried to prevent us from living with dignity, but you won’t be able to prevent us from dying with dignity. Sitting down and leaving Jihad behind in our religion is a great sin that we fear. And dying under the swords’ shades is the best that we wish for. Do not be deceived with your power and your armaments, it can only make you win some battles but you will loose the war. Patience and standing fast is better than what you have, and it’s the ends what you should be watching for.

We were patient fighting the Soviet Union with small humble arms for ten years, we depleted their economy till they vanished, all grace be to Allah. You should take a lesson from that, we will be patient fighting you, Allah’s willing, till either one of us dies. We will never run away from fighting you until the end.

I swore that I will not die except free….despite the bitter taste of death

Peace be upon those who followed the guidance

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Baghdad sniper strikes again.

As far as I know, the Baghdad sniper and the Fallujah sniper are two separate people. Who knows for sure though. Anyhow, jihadi news agency 76news is reporting that the Baghdad sniper has killed another US soldier.
We will catch you bastard sniper idiots, and it won't be pretty when we do.

Agency of truth/special

Correspondent of truth in area mentioned [aalDlwe'yt] north of Baghdad that sniper [aalDlwe'yt] succeeded yesterday in American hunting soldier and want him casualty during walked him within patrol of infantry man Kent the city wanders in.

* and the correspondent of footsteps about eyewitness that the patrol said and after falling of the soldier [Srye'aaAA] capability specification of place of the gizzards and tried

The arrival to him hit him entered and reference set the which with him in intense clash in the light weapons with the American patrol [waajbrwhaa] on the withdrawal to facing of the gizzards and blessing fails in with him.
Witnesses the view and they from sons of the area that sniper confirmed [aalDlwe'yt] spreading the horror in American rows the strength of the existing in the city and which stay over cautious very in her movements and the incomes avoids in a lot of streets of the city [w'aHyaay'haa]

Said that sniper [aalDlwe'yt] symbol in the city stay over and sympathy and interest and estimate of families of the city acquires in who the orders on hand of soldiers of the occupation tasted who difficult status because of the armed operations pass in which executes her against them the armed groups in the city.

Appears that phenomenon of the hunting cities become famous in several from aspects of Iraq and meeting this phenomenon of sympathies big at the Iraqi for different their spectrums and their belongings especially after visible currency the issuance (sniper Baghdad) who exciting details about American hunting the soldiers before Iraqi sniper discovered about.

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Monday, January 23, 2006

Is it true or is it a lie?

This, to me, is an important thread, if only for some insight.
First, the originally posted message, posted by a member calling themselves, The Only Way, has been around for quite a while, so he's not a one-off. The response to the message is what I find most interesting. The other members want to know immediately what the source of the information is, telling others not to spread the information and then getting to the point where they say that an honest forum would delete the thread all together, so as not to spread the information to the jewish.
The original posting itself is intriguing as it seems to say that Zarqawi is going to change the name of Al-Qaida in Iraq to something else, due to Osama's recent message. It also claims that the coming attacks on America are dual attacks of suicide bombers and of weapons.
I'd like to hear others thoughts on this thread, hopefully it will not be deleted. And I hope the original poster will respond.

With that here is the thread, all posts separated by +++++++++++

The praising [lllh] and the prayer of the prayer and the peace on messenger Allah and on on god and his befriends and blessing and except him and the CIF of the CIF and [aalaarhaa] in on all disbeliever of liar, either after adducent source from Al-Qaeda confirmed in to Sheikh Osama bin Laden kept him Allah he [aalldhY] order in formation of council

Deliberation of the militants [fY] Iraq and in removing in removing of name Al-Qaeda [fY] countries AlRafidayn and in unarmed in unarmed her prince refused Musab Al-Zarqawi on to the council man from the militants assume command [fY] Iraq and he of he [aalldhY] matter in union the factions and the battalions of the battalions who Allah fight on book Allah and age of year of messenger .[wwqe'] designation Abu Abd the uteri

[aalbGdaadY] prince on the council and confirm confirmed exporting in to Sheikh wonders in group of helpers of Sunnis showed his and [e'aatb] some [aalsh'] refused Musab Al-Zarqawi on his expansion [fY] the operations [aalstshhaadyt] and his reply his of reply on Sheikh Abu Mohammed [aalqdsY], and add added exporting that from possible moving refused Musab Al-Zarqawi to yogurts to opened front

New there [lmqaare't] the Jew and sclerotic sclerotic, and confirm confirmed exported himself in to the coming attack on America dual attacks between martyr attacks and the weapon of the weapon will be in [aaljrthwmY], this produced what knew him by virtue of Allah the hope lack of exporting request and praise be to God praise be to God of many the worlds


Brothers what source this information?

She information strange miracle!!!!!!!


Brothers THE ONLY WAY injections think from to request exporting and special in notification as this Sheikh of the jihad hangs in Allah blessed in them

Otherwise not [tte'jl] brothers in spreading this way notification Allah blessed in you


Not [yaa] brothers ................ pardon

Not exported alternative from male ................ and special his in male this orders


[yaa] brothers generous with respects of lac except that I not believe this Al-Khobar so the hope [aaltthbt] from her health of the news and the statements before spreading.


Brothers generous not [nql] be possible this grave information without source and except except so deleting will be complete her ironing not formation of source for confusion and the rumors of the rumors
So hope from you exporting male
Live your Allah wait your reply


Excuse of brothers even if Kent means this correct information (and suspect at that) so not be necessary never spreading her, yet her secretiveness be necessary until the her orders prince in spreading, [faatq] Allah, and remind exporting indeed daughter-in-law befriended


Al-Salam on you: After
That this pure speech he of lying and falsification and fabricating
Hope from upright on the forum of deleting this lie otherwise so from the potential that Hebrew canal resulted and take her the speech and spreads him and say
That this speech spreading on signer already [aaslaamY] many what hesitates on him rigorous Islamic
The stimulation hope otherwise [fly'atynaa] in exporting


Allah blessed in you brothers your of wounds correct hundred percent

The brother befriend of the worry of the behavior and deleting of the subject hope from [fwaallh] not this way Abu writes about Sheikh Musab Al-Zarqawi nor hereby the style nor this way princes of the jihad deals while between them!!
Where the secrecy in the planned?

Alan the Lebanese boundaries sees all her [mstnfrt] Abu waits arrival of Sheikh Musab Al-Zarqawi so Hill comprehends this?!

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GIMF's Jihad Academy ready for download

Allah is great Allah is great, await for the first Jihad production of a kind "JIHAD ACADEMY", it's a movie that portrays the events of a single day for whom struggle in Allah's cause, while the channels of fornication and prostitution portrayers the detailed days events for immoral guys and girls, and describe the details of their wrong deeds to poison this generation of Muslim youth and to produce a more dissolute generation.

While they do this, our visual production "JIHAD ACADEMY" has come, to restore things back to order, this film focuses on the events of that day for our Mujahideen brothers from dawn till late night so that the youth of our nation see how they live – may Allah support them-.Their dawn is killing and overstraining the enemy, their noon is grants and gifts, and their afternoon is setting ambushes for the enemies of the LORD of the heavens and the earth, and so they are in a struggle till late night through dusk and early night.

The film also includes various Jihad attacks in different times of a day that heal the breasts of those who believe and enrage the infidels along with the hypocrites.

So be prepared O' brothers in faith to live a whole day with our beloved and pious Mujahideen brothers, live with them the details of that day.

So make sure that you see it and to distribute it as much as you can and our final prayer is: praise to Allah the LORD of the universe.

التحميل Download

Jihad Academy_VCD_290Mb

Jihad Academy_WMV_107Mb

Jihad Academy_RMVB_93Mb.rmvb

Jihad Academy_WMV_53Mb

Jihad Academy_RMVB_46Mb.rmvb

Jihad Academy_WMV_22Mb

Jihad Academy_RMVB_20Mb

Jihad Academy_RMVB_10Mb Academy_RMVB_10Mb.rmvb.html Academy_RMVB_10Mb.rmvb.html

Jihad Academy_3GP_11Mb.3gp


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ADT TV starts broadcasting today

I'm not sure what this says, but it shows a lizard with a gun continuously running.
I assume the lizard represents US soldiers.

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym].

Al-Salam on you and his mercy of Allah and Barakat

Praise be to God who according to your brothers from releasing of the industrial moon special in spreading of canal the ((A D T)).

Will form stay exclusive in permission Allah rose on [baaqty] the calculation and the loyalty.

First Al-Khobar for canal carried about important personality in her from the enclosures.

Or this connecting.

[nrjwaa] from the brothers saving of ties [bdlt].

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