Saturday, February 04, 2006

2/10/2006 - Embassy burning day

Inspired by the burning of the Denmark and Norway embassies in Damascus today, the forums have started to spread the message that after Friday prayers on 2/10, it will be time to burn embassies. What a brillant plan eh? All in response to CARTOONS.
Does anyone remember such hubbub when 4 planes were hijacked and 3000 people killed in the name of their religion? Nope didn't think so.
I'm steaming at this point. So mad I could....[fill in the blank yourselves]

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

[qaaatiluwhum] tortures them Allah in your hands and pierces them and grant victory you on them [wayashfi] [Suduwra] people [mmuu'miniyna]

Violence of the repentance

Why not their embassies burn you sons benevolent Al-Sham family of the jihad did.??

What who strengthens us [yaa] muslims from self of the verb.??

Why not the youths gathers conceded all at the embassy Denmark in his country then burn her on from in her.???

['atxshwn] the jail.?? Mother the killing fear.?? Mother the people fear.?? So Allah be true that [txshwh] [yaa] muslims…

[yaa] loved his this victory the prophet peace be upon him so blessing his of victory victory of Allah and his lost messenger and insured…

Not to likes to call you represent you on his trough of day [aalqyaamh] and lac says [te'aal] [w'ishrb] your intestine from the trough of garment and peaces on turning…???

Not to likes [yaa] muslim [yaa] gentle militant that formation for Mohammed in my father of he and my mother in [aaljnh] peace be upon him.??

Not to likes to the prophet of peace be upon him and his sits with befriends in [aaljnh] [ttsaamr] with them day ask you why act [maa] did so says to love

Safe in Allah god and in the Islam of religion and in Mohammed peace be upon him of prophet .[f'intSrt] blame safe in him. So lac says from around you bring good news [baaljnh] and in the immortality in her. Plug established and verb [yaa] brother of the unification.

[yaa] muslim [yaa] Abdullah this embassies Denmark all countries spreads in Muslim film not make her fire burns on them you Al-Sham occurred in…

Started [yaa] muslims [yaa] grandsons of the prophet [waalSHaabh] and the embassies gather on [w'aHrqwhaa] on from in her so indeed your appointment on trough of the prophet of peace be upon him in permission Allah rose

Straightened [qwmt] man one followed you spoke us and sharp his and to day determine gathers in him Muslim in regions the world of the Islams in front of the embassies Denmark for burning her…

To the spreading in messages of the mobile phone start in this [aalrsaalh] and as lowness your in the forums all the signers fulfilled followed you beginning [aal'inTlaaqh] from Al-Sham and seal her in permission Allah rose in American embassies

[hyaa] [yaa] sons of the gulf [wyaa] sons insisting and Arabic Al-Sham and the Maghreb victory your gelled for of religion and represent you [w'ije'lwnaa] fire [tt'ajj] from under feet cruciferous

The Islamic scientist the embassies gathers on Denmark in day one and in timing one for her burn on from in her to knows disbelieving that [nHwrnaa] without [nHr] represent us Mohammed peace be upon him and the Islam and his echo family in [mshaarq] the land [wmGaarbhaa]

Big Allah and the Izzat [llh] all

Remained to designating specification day is complete consequently the worldwide gathering and see that time is in the embassies worked and the time of morning forms nor specification stays except today only

[baalnsbh] for his process of the burn so she simple

Gallon in oozes and torch his of fires (([wlaae'h])) Pours her on the trees [aalmHyTh] in the building and as lowness your cars [aalsfaarh] and burns her Palmer his and dependence on Allah leave her worry in the life flames in before [aalEExrh] in permission Allah rose

Unified specification day your of custodian of the appointment want after ['isbwe'] from now to takes the subject his of truth in the spreading and the spread

When his specification is complete unified format for spreading will determine his across the mobile phone and the forums and all the sites [aalEExrY]

So to boredom and Allah from the speech and the festivals already our [aalxTaabyh] and change her from the wounds who not enriches nor brand from hunger

[wllh] revolve you [yaa] family Al-Sham on what their in him from unhappiness and misery imposes him the disbelieving regime the helpers except that them [tHdwh] in insistence [we'zymh] and glory and generous his so refuse except
Victory represent them peace be upon him

Determined today [yaa] loved his

Make brotherly you from island Arabic will and form first of the mobile phone spreads on and specific specification day to [nqf] wait in him his serious stand for our religion and represent us peace be upon him

For flag burn of the embassies and the dense [twaajd] the line and the soldiers of opportunity of the arrest on the subject will lose on and advize likewise [baaltlthm]

Any [aallthaam] on the face or status of mask blamed the burn and I in permission wants Allah rose [s'atlTm] between the audiences will and start in her in permission Allah rose

[hyaa] [yaa] brothers designating specification day want [yaa] loved his and be possible you Allah welfare

['arjwaa] [nql] the subject of for each participative forum you in him [yaa] brother of the unification if allowed


Allah blessed [bHrqtk] and your envy
Brothers of the darling spread this big subject in collected from the forums and schedule an appointment and hour
On that your week is after you said and generous that Friday is after prayer and not necessarily that office hour for embassy is
Until not excitement of the police so arrests our brothers
Nor benefits that if top in spreading the subject without specification of the time so the subject on basis spread that prayer is after Friday

Kink of the brothers honorable on site fixation of the subject and the advertisement help in for him
So voted them audible more


Hope from not to [x] his modification of the subject and making in date 10 \ 2 \ 2006 any day [aaljme'h] coming spreading of the subject in all the forums consoled and faithful your Allah in you


Allah blessed in you ['axY] [aalbtaar] wish to execution can this order and I propose to spreading of the subject is complete not [fY] the forums only and to are on [aalbaaltwk] also just as occurrence days of riot of the church Egyptian


Nor forget to mention not to [x] that he be necessary on us burn embassy of the Denmark not only yet all the embassies [aalme'aadyh] for Muslim on that formation [aalsfaarh] not to [mrykyh] she not to followed and the fixation hope [yaa] supervisors


Allah blessed in you make brotherly me and kept you Allah blessings not her alternative from spreading across the forums and across his messages of the mobile phone in big photo until spreads to big possible number

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Friday, February 03, 2006

European sites hacked by muslims outraged over cartoons

Some people have way too much time on their hands.

Al-Salam on you::::::: ['abshrwaa] [yaa] muslims:::::::::::

Revenge for our messenger of the highborn and our Islam

Penetration of sites was complete Denmark new

In response to continuation of the disservice for our messenger our of children

Destroyed their houses in their hands

This French photo the paper of the penetrating

Also signed penetration of the paper was complete Denmark

Other signers [dnmaarkyt]

Al-Salam on you [nql] was complete his from several brotherhood militants their of cutting Allah

all the welfare

****** and indeed returned returned ******

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Al-Qaeda threatens Denmark

A little research shows this threat was originally made in the Alquds Newspaper
yesterday. The Brigades of Abu Hafs al-Masri, a group linked to Al-Qaeda, is threatening Denmark, telling them that the coming days will be bloody. I couldn't find the original article in the newspaper, but I did translate this post that discusses the threat.

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]
The sent prayer and Al-Salam on welfare of the prophets and ring and on god and accompanied him [aajme'yn].

Paris Arabic Jerusalem group Brigades of Abu Hafs al-Masri threatened [HfS] insisting connected in organization Al-Qaeda yesterday the bloody Denmark in war war and blessed invasion in answer to the disservice for messenger generous in cartoons spread her papers [dnmaarkyt] and her footstep about her other papers European yesterday.

Brigades of Abu Hafs al-Masri said [HfS] insisting in statement Arabic Jerusalem Jerusalem sent for: This message to the government Denmark and to all from begged for him himself the assault on honorable the character and sent. Message that not security nor stability of punching, for each from the Islamic nation of mockery took from. Indeed victory of messenger Allah peace be upon him

Essential on all muslim, and to teaches those [aale'lwj] [waalkfrt] in to the coming days war will load bloody and blessed invasion in a series of of the invasion which orthodox victory for our debt will be and to disagreed generous Mohammed on him generous prayers of Allah and his peace.

You message to the people directed Denmark said in her: Indeed your stop in face of the Islam and qualified him, and your mockery which be proud and pride in her, will not your endurance except to your grave who [Hfrtmwh] in your hand. Will not Tarawa blessing except the blood of reply and revenge to disagreed on him generous the prayer and Al-Salam.
O God christianize all from output tightened you the family [waalaaHbaab] for victory your of religion, O God not [nzkyhm] on you you their according to and yes the representative…

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A call to stop the hemorrhage of Iraqi blood

How refreshing!

Statement of number (10) issuer about front the Iraqi conformity around the national campaign for stop of hemorrhage of the Iraqi blood

To already informational Al-Khobar first in most of the canals of the Arab and the universality in hive became [yzfwnhaa] to the scientist [bsfk] Iraqi blood of innocent and the scientist [ylwdh] in the silence and conceded in stupor and Iraqi not around to love nor strength.

Loyalty for motto who observed in him (in the our safe conformity received) so indeed Iraqi front the conformity rises now in the national campaign for stop of hemorrhage of the Iraqi blood and she campaign [UU] continuous hard worker seek in her [btDHaafr] our efforts with efforts all benevolent from sons our of country to limit say good-bye to consequently the hemorrhage.

[maakaan] the occupation in day from the days of substitutes suitable for tyranny [waalTGyaan] and lead warned thereof early in time opposite which active our in her before collapse of the political system, and delicious my witnesses him Iraq today from deteriorating status security

He mere collection of result and foregone conclusion become aggravated because of sins of the government and abusing her of intentions and she consequently the complete occupation the accountability divides with while occurs. [waalmsthjn] at some the parties and the entities

The politician that she hit in mute and the dead become quiet as not the criminal actions denounces when not repairer of the politician or her electoral advertisement touchs her, [k'anmaa] the blood of he other than the blood and the soul of she other than the soul which her character [aalbaary] became strong

Be exalted. So did not condemnation for butchery of Fallujah or Najaf hear nor for destruction of the mosques nor to seizing the hundred from the innocents nor for detentions which lengthened ten the thousand from the innocents also, in the time who did not shortens in him front

The Iraqi conformity about condemnation of all kinds of the crimes and with no exclusion, where did not mosque separate between nor [Hsynyt] nor church nor paved [llSaaby't], and blame separate between innocent from all sons of the branch and as to for de our condemnation [AA] clear [AA]

For each explosives-laden which the innocent Iraqi targeted.
Likewise the threats self of the sectarian tincture denounced whoever her continuous source and our statements in this respect welfare of witness on what say.

That front the conformity of the Iraqi resolute on the new beginning in project for Iraqi stop the hemorrhage begin him [baalmTaalyb] coming: -
1- Claimant of the army in the spreading Baghdad instantized for guarantee protection of inhabitants of city.
2- Helping ousting minister interior and growns-up his.
3 - interior commentary of tasks unities of ministry which the pursued innocents in pilgrimage of the terrorists targets.
4 - armed solving the militias.
5- Stopping campaigns of the random detention.
6 - the set free about all the prisoners in the umbilical jails and overt the follower for government.
7 - the set free about all the prisoners in jails of the occupation nor expression of the women.
8- Claimant of the forces occupied in spreading details of the investigation who jail occurred around [aaljaadryt] the umbilical cords and remainder of the umbilical jails.
9- Apology of the forces occupied and the government and compensation of the families of the afflicted in photo suitable.
10- Provocative stopping the programs of the sectarianism which broadcasts her space canal the Iraqi.
Indeed in front of the government and forces of the occupation of opportunity [UU] to fulfilling this [aalmTaalyb] nor be necessary to period lengthens that situation lack of the response fulfilled so indeed us wills all the political eyes call and national for standing in rebellious big civilian on level of the trains until the security returns happening to Iraq and Iraqi and to trip of the thousand inclination step starts in (
Isn't it the morning in kin) (Houd: 81)

Iraqi front the conformity 2[mHrm] 1427[h] February 1, 2006

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New Zarqawi page linking to all his blahblahblah

See for yourselves, just click on the title. I'm not translating the page because it's stuff we've all seen before.

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The horrible strike - a nuclear fantasy? GIMF

Just as an FYI, original posts, or posts I'm refering to can be gone to directly by clicking on the title of the posts I make. For example, click on "The horrible strike - a nuclear fantasy? GIMF" today and you'll go to post that I translated.

Williams is a reference to the mythical Rakan ben Williams whom to quote

is “born and raised in the West; has studied in its educational system; prayed in their churches; drank alcoholic beverage; ate pork, and hated Muslims.
But then he secretly became a devoted Muslim, adopted the philosophy of Al-Qaeda, and now he and his alike are wandering in Europe and the United States, gathering information and planning their next attacks. “

“the horrible strike. ^[$] Williams and his brothers Bin Laden move against America in matters


[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym] .....

The horrible strike.

^[$] Williams and his brothers Bin Laden move against America in matters [$]^

The ring first

Indeed praise be to God praise him and seek help him and seek guidance him and appease him

[wne'wdh] in Allah from bads ourselves and blessing bad our works, from [yhd] Allah mouth for him

from misleading and blessing misguides so not [haadY] for him….

Praise be to God [aaldhY] making for Islam men from all hunchbacks and greenhouses, and making

for him helpers from all people and color…

The prayer and Al-Salam on from the announcement in Heaven and the terrorism from the fire

initiate in and urgent princes the world in his summoning message to unification of Allah and

shaking off of the polytheism from brains of the human being. Warned them from consequence

refusal of invitation of the Islam for that he comer to their kingdoms [shaau'waa] or refused….

O God prayed and peace and blessed on him and on his family and accompanied him and from followed

him on his straight panting to Judgment Day.

Then either after.

Responses the followed and the analyzes for word the brave lion of commander of the militants

spread and inexperienced this religion [fY] this strange era, and eat her were make sure that the

man of man.

Not the joking knows for that all live his be new, nor comprehends to speaks in what not teaches…

Became the all either [fY] solver of expecting for strike coming

Or last forgetfulness his try of words [aaltY] striked [fY] their throats and hit them in torment

Made them pains of the page twist from and frightened from speech of the man

[aaldhY] still deduction throne of the strength just as they rises also rise this throne .....

Excerpts from our read hardheads and from about them, and blood clot of commentaries simple [fY]

subject before this, but did not feel that we the message her gave of truth [aaldhY] deserves him

Received look to years continued to her then look to [aalmaaDY] [waaldhY] he our present now.

So found that this instant [hY] himself the blow strengthen from horrible coming, and the

international strength nuclear found [stT'aTY'] headed her for wounds of the man serious…

For that them self see this instant [aaltY] live her now

Result of ignoring and status of the head saw her [fY] the sands, so America [aaltY] present Kent

of the era went [jaahhaa] and gold her of shine [waandthr] her camel driver

Became the assistances from all countries of the world beg to rescues what remained from her

[fY] this instant [aaltY] live her photo for received [aaldhY] be possible that will of Allah and

his is in pot, received [aaldhY] see in him charitable delegations organized Islamic substance

hand of the pubic regions invades America preacher in the Islam and the unification have fun,

prohibited of era [aal'istkbaar] [waalTGyaan]….

Permission. The grave matter grandfather, and our acquaintance of morsel this instant and her

importance puts us [fY] liquidator prepared for changes coming, and style of the thought

[aal'istraatyjY] in all

His possibilities of he [aaldhY] makes us [fY] offered of the rows not [fY] delayed her.

Therefore [aaHbbt] that ['amyT] [aallthaam] about steps [maabe'd] this instant to day of the blow


With no prediction nor allegation in acquaintance of the absence yet he looking at the futuristic

occurrences from present reality and lessons [aalmaaDY]…

Williams means [fY] our thesaurus

[aalGrbY] conceded, the recruited [fY] Al-Qaeda, [aaldhY] did not [yltq] day Osama bin Laden, nor

Ayman [aalDHwaahrY], and blame day to Afghanistan goes or until the skewers…

Recruiting his from the degree third, ['aY] that he [jndY] from cerebrations Al-Qaeda not from

her instructional camps.

[wlyaamz] for him powers [fY] all the fields, and dares for conceded many from the services

Hit him about what close, will present big service for human [aalmDThdt] before state of the

egotism and the pride America…

Sheikh Osama bin Laden…

Small tent on one of the mountains Pakistani, in interior her weapon antagonized [wEEr] [bY]

[jY], and simple required living, and juristic books and ideological, and radios



Tied message arrives [fY] man of bathroom [zaajlt], presents Sheikh of some the loves have fun,

and the message opens…

[ythll] face of Sheikh and the reading returns, then kneels, and cries and cries and he says

[[yaarb] ask you bundle you [aaldhY] promised, so I slave poor not hope you except turning knits]

['atryd] that acquaintance of the message ['axY] [aalqaarY'].

[brothers on the net arrived across our that the arrangements the termination vie in honor on and

this instant [hY] the instant only [aaltY] be possible to stop in her if [maa] the administration

kissed American ceasefire from your eye, because the ruin will be inclusive]

Will be inclusive…. Will be inclusive….

Why always Bin Laden be devoted Allah vow??

['atDHnwn] that she ['aDGaath] dreams.

In all confidence [fY] Allah, say not…. Indeed her the truth.

Did not Osama harbors Sheikh [fY] need because the information appears on, because all the works

walks all-right solver

The jihad strength increases day after day, and the partition became [aalnfsY] [aaldhY] was thick

someday [fY] chest conceded from god of the world America

Became thin and he about to the melting.

He performed what on him and any harmful adventurer became in him and in the jihad [fY] this

deporting critical [aaltY] assimilation of the exit from neck of the glassmaker….

The genius of the phenomenalism [maazaalt] period shines from for other…

To Al-Hakim are the Islamic law, entrusts us in the warning before the war

On this Kent our wars against states of the hamlet of the apostate .....

Therefore request the ceasefire of legitimate requests was [fY] this your time and lowness

despite from certainty the all in what in them Williams from refusal administration of republican


To Allah are Islamic law he Allah legalized. Not replacement nor distortion [wllh] the Hamad


The coming message from in the middle of small America to the tent, the plenty mean and to are.

[le'lhaa] originally not mean ['aY] [shY']

To are [fY] all the cases, accident of Sheikh for ceasefire he triumph

Yet for footsteps that he he the blow big on head of the tails and the heads [aalkfryt] .....

So will not Sheikh loses [aaY] [shY'] until and indeed so hank practical or did not harbors there


So the jihad [fY] Iraq bondsman [b'aY] arrives to walls of the White House

In little from the experience and the gathering and the loneliness between the all….

Afghanistan from triumph to triumph and from spreading to spreading…

Palestine [ty'n] from abundance of the pains and flabbiness of the statuses and the ideas….


Is Kent there relation between speech [aalzrqaawY] [aaldhY] said in him

[O God Osama executed expedition] and between this speech….??


Is connection [wylyaamz'ilY] Iraq then returned once again??

The scientist formed after September 11 new and role of the helpers [fY] supporting of the


See you later [fY] the ring coming

The horrible strike

^[$] what after the mass destruction. Bye-bye Williams [$]^

His books \ sword of the religion [aalknaanY]

Indeed the years pass.

[f'innaa] on the path last.

In permission of resistant Allah.

To the worshipped suggest doubt grateful.

Liquid that [yjnbnaa] the egotism.

The Islamic front informational of the universality

Divided the enlightening information

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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Quran burning in Denmark ???

I haven't translated all of these posts, and I wonder if they are just to get muslims riled up, but there is a rumor floating around that people are going to gather on Saturday in Denmark and publicly burn many copies of the Quran.

Not a brillant idea folks, please think of another way to protest. I'll translate the postings later, but for those who want to see for themselves, here is one of the links to the one of the forums I'm seeing this from...

There is also this in an english language forum, regarding the rumor..

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Threats to Denmark and Danes continue

It's difficult for me to believe this is over 4 month old cartoons. Posts separated by

For him big…. Warn [yaamslmyn]. Warn [yaamslmyn]… urgent urgent

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

Warn [yaa] muslims so to cruciferous spreading photos of caricature in the papers want from Denmark around [aasaay ' h] to the generous messenger Mohammed ([S]) ['ilxShaa] in next points

1. For acquaintance range of strength Muslim after mental contracts from war and informational (from the defects of the canals Rutana [w]mpc and change her from the canals of Arabic (Hebrew)) and her wars against conceded general and opposite of tongues special, if Kent the result that there reaction so that them will fight this Arabic verb even if criticism was.

2. For status of some the states Islamic which cutting the economic Denmark and political or her people the photos in basket of the exported states for terrorism or the extremist get angry from, and on this basis beating is complete this Islamic states and her people in all the possible methods.

So cruciferous beating all the services in all place be necessary, losing boycott of the cruciferous merchandize not, pay attention hit them and kill them and slaughter them and that the victory for kin of establishing Allah

Big Allah ...... big Allah

From supports me on this speech hope from him to I writes with you

Al-Salam on you and his mercy of Allah and Barakat

Built [aale'aany]



Allowable very and Allah, brothers!!! Our enemy of top in the malice and the visciousness!!!

Allah blessed in you.


Big Allah of big Allah Allah financed us nor [mwlY] to love

Killed us [fY] Heaven and killed them [fY] the fire

With you with you with you with you with you with you with you with you with you with you with you with you with you with you with you and with us Allah glory his


With you


Great Allah [hdaa] what believe him
Am complete us that am [baaldnmrk] and headquarter of the pigs plunge [waadbHhm] and Allah [saaHwlhaa] to massacre opportunity of she what after her opportunity victory of the messenger of peace be upon him report you doors and my mother [yaaHbyby] [yaa] welfare of character Allah.

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Monday, January 30, 2006

A martyr's story or possibly to become a martyr in 3 days?

This one has got me confused. The thread title appears to say this person will become a martyr in 3 days. The paper was written on Saturday, so that could mean tomorrow. Then again, it kind of reads like someone who has already died.
It's one of the longest things I've translated so you know it got to me. But most likely it's just an old martyrs story, so don't get worried or anything. I'm not. It's probably that he's just been a martyr for 3 days, so it's already happened.

Biography [aalkwmndaan] “immortal inaccessible” who become a martyr before 3 days. Portrayed him [bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym] Sent praise be to God many the scientists and the prayer and Al-Salam on gentleman of Imam [aalmtqyn] and commander of the militants and leader inexperienced [aalmyaamyn] [we ' lYEElh] and his befriends and blessing [saare ' lY] his way ['ilYywm] the debt and in acne Only that swords of intestine what pencil protested for *** [yaa] regret on the characters and [aalshym]

Did not harbored once upon a time from [hwaat] the reading or the writing, nor from lovers abundance of the wounds, and to the circumstances are which pass [aaaalEEn]. For abundance urging of the brothers on in the writing about experiments with brothers [xlaad] (immortal inaccessible) and to lead was for me the balconies while request sustained to harbor him so chose for him “[xlaad] the plateaus” and lowness your in first his day from entering Iraq please, so writing of the biography hesitated in initially, but and in acne [aalaastxaart] found that hearts be pleased consequently the order, and for lowness your started the memories and the ideas
[baaltwaard] on minds in sequence, and indeed me to great Allah great many the throne ask to efforts makes this in balance good my, and to reports in him my brothers of the militants [aal'aHraarfy] all place, comprehending ['aswdw'abTaal] this nation, and hope her and her welfares, and her pioneers on road of the glory and the dignity and the close victory and the empowering in permission of permission Allah, and indeed me to calculate that brothers [xlaad] mercy Allah from benevolent these black the heroes nor [nzky] on Allah someone.

After that [mnaallh] on the militants in Fallujah in the shown victory on [aalkfrt] cruciferous [waalShaaynt] wicked and blessing from aid them from hypocritical from the Jordanian calls and the policemen of the policemen and refusing, saw many from the commanders and on headed them our Sheikh of Sheikh/father [mSe'b] - kept him Allah - that the fast withdrawal tighten you the empty city for coward cruciferous to gather killed them and their preparers which [mzqwhaa] the brothers - in pubic regions from Allah - from deadly doctrine nor expression rules of wars the neuroses.

(flag that this second triumph for militants in Fallujah for that the jog withdrew in first after the brotherhood fall 16 from [aal'abaatshy] and valuable the fathers [tshy] the one 15 million dollar increases about. Likewise likewise one from [aal]F 16 [baalklaashnkwf] [waal]RBG rifle of individuals who extend him 200 [m] only, and be equal me value this rocket of 20 dollar with what enjoys this flying from high technicalities and high altitude and special the F16 which be distinguished quickly spit and blessing her of characteristics that she the roadsign precedes nor

Her injury can except in rockets of directed to manages from [aallHaaq] in her and to Allah are above her, Allah said rose (and what throw then throw and to Allah are threw) the paradigm of mouth the jog entering of the city could.
The jog entering of the city could.
As for in the battle second so the militants could [sHlhm] had it not been for the treasons which knows him the elite from the commanders so the last brothers of general the blessed month of Ramadan withdraw September 20, 1425

So cud wisdom Allah on worship of the militants to sees them the dignities in front of ocular their truth after were [yqru'wnh] [aafy] books of the biographies. So from that your dignities happened me in her sharp commanders of Fallujah – kept him Allah - said: Allah indeed me to roadsign neighing of the horses between the alleys and the streets heard until indeed chief of Fallujah said for me: That
American ['atwh] in [aalmtrl] and said for him: We American men on horses of fight with the terrorists see means (the militants) and we the negotiating want with them any (befriends of the horses) and as for the terrorists so we will fight them…! ) his wounds ended.

With no doubtfulness that that periods and victory and mercy from Allah and in hive for they that them [e'lYaalhdY] and the light where said rose (wear indeed are patient [wttqwaa] [wy'atwkm] from instantize them this stretches you suggest doubt you in five thousand from the angels [mswmyn] * and what making his Allah except in hive of punching and to your hearts feel reassured in him and what the victory except from at dear Allah Al-Hakim) the paradigm, family of the interpretation said in say him ([mswmyn]) any on them white turbans.
Stories of the battles which lined her our brothers [bdmaay'hm] many. Not this in place of mentioned her and to are to the easy reader abstract give to contains will what mention him yearling wanted mentioned her to the denominator lengthened [bmy'] [aat] the pages and to are not regarding this subject yet we as for speeches [jll]. So I punching in pencil his of ink of the blood write throw me. [fyaa] [wyH] hearts on nation
Her men was from this hero so [maa] knew afforded him. ! [fe'zaay'y] to you loss kill in this [aal'ashm]. Hopes to Allah for nation leave behind welfare from him. Bishara my that he in permission Allah swims [wyjwl] in Heaven in results of bird of green. The prophet of peace be upon him said (from welfare what [e'] [aash] the people of man holding in rein his of Persians whenever hearing [hye'tAA] or cry [T] [aar] on him [ybtGy] the death and the killing [mDHaanh]) or you said Allah prayed on him and peace of peace.

[xlaad] the plateaus

[traah] small shorts skinny *** fulfilled his garment full of lion of the hive

If attacked him the big worries *** ['ataahn] in determination ['akbraa]

Elapse Excellency of the orders sustain *** so span of the Naim and span of the balls

So span to people raise went him *** and honor him suggest doubt him so bought

The well-bred hero

From islet Mohammed peace be upon him. From the countries which said about her built Bin the speech of bruises Allah about him (O God indeed me ask you testimony in your way in loved the Bekaa to you). Riyadh originated in and lived in her then AlRafidayn moved to land.
General child 1402 him, youth in age of the veins was. Knew him lover for jihad. His heartbeat for victory [hdhaaaaldyn]. !
From Allah on him [baalhdaayt]. So opening Allah for him so insight in his religion and lover became to the flag and the jihad qualified. So truthfulness of the messenger on him the prayer Al-Salam (. The people of miners,
Your welfares in the pre-Islamic times your of welfares in the Islam if [fqhwaa]) modern was skinny small short [aaAA]. Blocked garments fulfilled his [hSwr], ovulated [aalbshrt] and having smooth beard prominent, many the silence, tough the shyness, [bshwshaaAA] easy, if laughter did not guffaw, and as to practical men serious.

His trip with the jihad

Output for jihad in land Iraq on October 10, 1425 after was hopes to brothers in Fallujah participates his and but he AlRafidayn arrived to land after complete the militants their withdrawal of the Kamel from Fallujah.
Taught that area Al-Anbar Al-Sham promises from countries which said about her the prophet of peace be upon him for what see him qualified [aalsnn] about son transfer of bruises Allah about him said: Peace be upon him said messenger Allah (the matter will become until soldiers of recruited were formed, soldier in Al-Sham and soldier in Yemen and soldier in Iraq son of transfer said: Gurgled for me [yaa]
Messenger Allah indeed knew that so said: To you in Al-Sham so indeed her [xiyrtu] Allah from his land [yjtby] to her chose him from his worshipers, so indeed your verbs refused in right your and betrayal water from your so indeed Allah dependence for me in Al-Sham and his family) modern.

From here supervizes this his hero in beginning of entering [baal'inDHmaam] with secrecy Kent 45 brother is formed from ready for execution of operations martyr so lived with them happy live his and delicious his days how not illusion of keys [aale'z] (martyr) and afterwards that he and blessing was with him from the little brothers who chose that clash fight! ......

To are this [aalhzbr] was [yrqb] his brothers of illusion leave him in free than [aaljmr] and he leaves them [dhaahbyn] to jogs of Allah and he wander sings and his eyes [tdhrfaan]:

[ly'n] did not the land meet in ?[wmaaAA] *** and teams [b]?[nnaa] glass [aalmnwn]

So our appointment tomorrow in house of eternity *** [b]?[aa] ?[H]?[aa] affectionate with affectionate

Afterwards he organize and from remained with him to collected of second Kent not decreases about first in thing. To are [xlaad] news his listens for of brothers martyr so flag that them Allah already from on them in the shown opening and their acceptance of Allah in counter of the martyrs.!!

This way his tears stay over on assign him tough regret where that he did not harbors from [aalmSTfyn] with them, you increased direct him [aalwDaa'] in screen when knowledge that them ['ae'mlwaafy] ['ae'daa'aallh] wandered and destructions so sharp their did not enable him American Allah from queue joins 3 their showers and tank so surveying [e'] [n] first their fathers (knowledge) that the showers joins 6 individuals as for
The tank so joins 5 individuals with the loss economic from aspect of the jog. , and the other places of the jog penetrated in fixed so around her dirt swallows him the winds and tongue their of solver says:

Morning of night will make your [by'ysaa] *** as his calamus the jinx of face [aalkwndylysaa]

Compel your nose compel between [aalbraayaa] *** to replicates of nose becomes her [fTysaa]

Make prevented you [HySaaAA] [wbySaaAA] *** as solver felt her then what [tmysaa]

So becomes from you my sad doublechins *** and is in you contagious miserable

Extinguish from you the breaths of subjugation *** so not your club hears for [mHsysaa]

[e'lwj] Roman come us men *** and installed us [lnje'lkm] puree

Your towers tear down then [maa] competed to *** high competition from [yqysaa]

So her drawing becomes [xilqaaAA] and touchs me *** [ybaabaaAA] after Kent bride

[ftSfurbynhaa] [aal'aryaaH] that already *** conversion become strong her heaped [hmysaa]

So what [DHhraalmTaayaa] horse of people *** and to refill are [Hmlte'rysaa]

Jinns hurries for light [HaadhII] *** [lylq] [aalHuwrwaalqSraalnfysaa]

[yfraalmwt] blessing of fear damaged *** so know him and accompany him accompany him friendly

The martyr operation

Approached her stood [xlaad] with himself truthful stand. So resolve his of matter in himself umbilical cord on to his brothers follows in.! Then consulted me so strengthened him [wzjrth] in needy proof that the nation Islamic for your examples in field of the jihad.!? So refrained

Beginning his of eruption

Trains with secret his in beginning the order of good practices on so nucleate [n] deadly, distinguished disassemblies men between his brothers until that he admired in him the brotherhood of the commanders. [wyTrwnh] on their tongues praised and praise of mouth indeed the matter from Sheikh came/father [mSe'b] - kept him Allah - in special forming team to condensed practices train to raise level from the practices
The soldier and the legitimacy and cultural [wykwnw] [n] under difficult matters Sheikh direct for execution of the operations.
Cold [xlaad] on that one of her is of individuals.! In the verb thread for this substitute team until mast for prince this teams in rank ([kwmyndaan]) and as to have mercy him eager Allah on
Something: The military education, and the fiducial education. Did not [ynthny] he and remaining my me special individuals the team which military individuals in the strength become famous her smiling (team lions of the unification) and blame stands to this border yet cycle of second in operations of the execution in war the cities of the named entered ([aalmaarnz]) so the level gather between high in the practice
The Russian and as that [aalmaarnz] prohibitive your about the cycles of the Islamic laws [t] to restrict [aalmshaay'x]. On apiarist his of body except that he ['atqn] [waaHtrf] and [bre'] and all available kinds the weapons big her and small her, disassemblies loads on tie him RBG in the formative rocket and her quiver from 4 missiles+[klaashnkwf]+the quiver loaded RBG skinny the in the manual supply and the bombs.!
So not overworks [traah] when walks to end covered in the weapons which loads her with him in prevent him [wtrHaalh]. Combat and his fulfilled his withdrawal.!
So daughter-in-law smiled whenever ['araah] her holder and says: [aaHtsb] that at Allah with what was pain suspect from in appeared him and blessing rigor of the pain stretches him in the land nor speaks nor reports in him sharp until fewness for him ask you in Allah what bey.?

So saying whispering in ears (noons. Back).
This way knew him patient calculated nor [nzkyh] on Allah. Your befriend of jest was. .[fqd] was
Perform at [aalshdaay'd] and the ordeals. How sits and he keeps narrative the prophet peace be upon him (what from [aamry'] let down ['imr'aAA] muslim in place violates in him deprived him him and degrades in him from demonstrated him except let down him Allah in home likes in him victory his, and what from [aamry'] grant victory muslim in place degrades in him from expanded him and violates in him from deprived him except victory his Allah in home likes from him victory his) take out him Abu David.

American cut the revelation

To raised punching remind this story and after her punching of the rubbing leave [m] on him. Are that days in times
Crucial raging of the battles fulfilled hot and the airplanes American in the sky as the pigeon from increased her and will not slacks and unloading her in all savagery be stingy about [wxst] at lower doubtfulness in presence of individual one from the militants.? Was grown-up counted what approaches 23 so reply in site one increase thereon that the place not qualifies to lives in him any
Living subject and to are did not be available other than this place where that his area of equable and big very nor creates in her any screen. Lac of the expressing abbreviate (rocket one=evaporation our of bodies all).

For what tomorrow on us the night ['aHsst] in to the strange status and to there herald in to American the revelation will straighten in on us so she searchs [e'naa] from three months and in his his casual dress glory of period of the research this shelter close very from them nor [yrw] [nnaa], yet that one of flying their be about to the place collides in who we in him from tough rigor her fall and her height [e'naa] ten meters nor [yrwnaa] and praise be to God [llh].

Disassemblies from returned [t] the brotherhood at [aalshdaay'd] blame hits them addressed request from these who not [yxybaallh] [de'aay'hm] nor [nzkyhm] on Allah [baaltDre'] and the tough urging in to Allah widens what in worry of illusion (Algerian Abu Moussa - kept him Allah - and [xlaad] the plateaus) and remainder of the brotherhood alert.!

So Patna that cautious night and we for that the case at that the place [aalGyr] good coffee performs all to happy and this what warn him, and mothers indeed Kent find [Dyt] about the death so wail what came except therefore. , and indeed cock brothers of the reader was for doubtfulness afflicted thereby so your man and came to us and nest what live him and taste what taste him so not remind that on way
[aalshkaayt] ([Haashaa] [llh]) and to your elucidation are for of the photo for de .[be'd] that daughter-in-law asleep so wakefulness on roadsigns high until not listening be about to from in your side, so asked from was guards.? What this said for me: That the status started appears then [r'aw] [aa] the brothers in to the observed guard and strictness condense and as to [xlaad] tiring and asleep. , and Kent that night
From strange the nights forcefully in her bitter reply who not moving your be about to of fingers. Even though piece your of right for what ['aHsst] in thing, increase thereon the strong winds and the covered land in the ice.

Then [Gfwt] half of hour and rose [fwjt] the guards consult and think so said to love: [yaa] brotherhood what he of the status said for me what saw you that the brotherhood contradicted so their eyes read in that them [laayrydwn] horrifying my, so rose so harelip that the status not the lateness in the reluctance from the sleep be possible nor second his.! So appeasement of the nerves desired on more
From looking into the status crucial, until that we inside the room not can the exit from her for pull the bird that in that night where that I saw in her airplanes did not ['arhaa] in lives from all kinds flying the espionage and the photography and on headed her (the fly) so blessing her what length his meter and blessing her what length his 3 meters and blessing her what length his 6 meters and occurrence nor critical until that the photography colored and in accuracy high and wail under her nor creates in the place changed and to are curtains Allah be soft and conserving his and corroboration his.

Then the aviation in the atmosphere increased and ugly sound taught in her that he [aaTaay'rtaan] from C 130 well known smiling (the thunder) and in little acne roadsign of strength heard very from 3 airplanes and our custom that she [aal]16 F so started us some the brothers consult with who to precedent love in deadly to say good-bye to [x] [Tt] and my brother said for [xlaad] have mercy him Allah and my brother Moussa refuse in to
[ytDre'waa] to Allah, honor [xlaad] fast kneeling [llh] and agreed us on plan of formation on groups and in your specific ticking, then my brothers indicated on [baalmbaaye't] on the your death she year of the messenger of peace be upon him in transaction of the Ridwane [wtbaaye'naa] eloquent one [aal'axw] [t] magnified (big Allah not please except in flying) and as land of the brothers with him
Means (we not welfares be soft and to are after [ndhyq] the pigs of the sufferance and indeed did not harbors so in flying at least), and as you the hour almost the one and the half of half and still [xlaad] have mercy him Allah and his brothers kneeling Moussa refuse in [llh].?!

Then occurred [maa] were expect him. Came 3 well known airplanes smiling ([aalshynwkaa]) gigantic and the one from her 57 individual loads from [aalmaarnz].?
Wonder and Allah from these cheese makers all this to gang postponed not exceeds the twenty so reply and in simple weapons [bykaa]+2 pistol+6 hand grenades) only this our weapons+RBG+very ([klaashnkwf] illusion of armed in the equipment and to are not [mwlY] to love.

In this hour of ticket say him rose descriptive fluent situation Companions of the Prophet Mohammed in description indicates on [aalknaayt]

The stern from the fear (. In language the hearts of the throats and the assumptions think in Allah * over there the religious tried and tough earthquake shook) the paradigm
While their above [ru'snaa] direct and bar for hour lead that formation [aalthaalt] and the district blessing taking his of site inside the room alkylated, afterwards raising [xlaad] [r'ashmstbshraaAA] and straighten
In sides afterwards, the sky fall heavily on us in abundant rain very be about to the ceiling of accompanied penetrates with him the tough winds so some the brotherhood of original situations occurred from not this place for her male. Important that I turn on [xlaad] and he in my side and said for him angrily ([aatq] Allah) not sleeps said for me in the accent slang for de his (what in me put to sleep) fewness for him and in roadsign high you the sleep introduced in in like this your circumstances [fDH] of the brotherhood all.

Then stoppage of the rain and the wind calmed little and the coward pigs what [yjru'n] on [aaltrwl] except after the random combing and the beating until emptying of the place make sure from. What [ydrwn] that we [nmkr] in worry and naive styles introduce their ([wymkrwn] [wymkr] sly Allah and Allah welfare) afterwards not run what hit all.

After the difficulty of lefts and assurance until that the brotherhood [nswaa] what their in him [fbd'aw] [ynsh] without and joke
[wytbaashrwn] in the jinns and enlarge (big Allah. Doors of the jinns opened. Big Allah opening of doors of the jinns.!).

So income on us sharp the brotherhood of daughter-in-law indicated on him to sits place outside the room watchs in. So if he enters and ears whispers in and says what Al-Khobar what dumb your high sounds [UU] so said for him indeed the brotherhood ([baae'whaa]) [ftbsm] and output and what the brothers ended enlarge and the warm milk make then the brotherhood saw and lead become silent and the all
His weapon catch in and started be sleepy so turned on [xlaad] so and Allah and Jeddah his asleep and (snores) in roadsign so said for him [yaa] glory of Allah and I joke him (disturbed us) [ftbsm] and taking in sole of weapons and say good-bye to him on his belly and said for him why.?

Said: Until if your weapon pulled at any transient feel in him and rise then [Gfwnaa] all and I repeat say him rose (then mists you sleepy ['amnt] from him [wytrl] on you from the sky of water [lyThrkm] in him and goes about you [rjz] the devil and to your hearts ties on and secures in him the feet) the paradigm.

[fGfwnaa] ['i] not the your guards and lowness in completeness of the hour fourth and still the birds above us. For what be unable the descent wanted so the random bombing started in then descended and to are our place not on and to are distances [e'naa] 400 [m] [ftrlwaa] on safe village and houses storm weakened and the old women and men and the Hamad Allah on all solver of film chain their pours us
Wanted and sadness for what our brothers hit while some the farmers arrested and they escalated in and returned [xaay'ryn] ashamed from many the scientists. Tongue situation of the farmers:

Blocked on fulfilled the wars of ostrich

For story remainder. To are the witness reminded from her with our brothers of the hero [xlaad] mercy Allah.
So lac say any her the reader that I [H] the summarization compacted on more than change him and as what chief - welfare of the wounds what decreased and flirtation - and if occurred wanted so not interest in abundance of the wounds. For that the speech forgets some him.

Martyr walks on the land

Your the messenger of peace be upon him said (you martyrs Allah on this land) will so remind lac

Some his works which the brotherhood be used to on to see her on [hdhaaaaljbl] hard. Will mention her points:

- was humble (on formed him commander the veneration deserves), did not methyls in plenty from the militants see his ['awaalqaadt].!

Permanent disassemblies ransoms himself his brothers in the practice from aspect of the punishments. That for [maa] get angry on them his prince brotherhood said for and they their on head of the practice: The all the vessel ascends (carrying of the soldiers) quickly complete nor wanted ['aHdaaxaarj] motor so his blessing and Jeddah outside her will punish. The brotherhood their trainer knew on - received him Allah in counter of the martyrs - in the rigor in the punishments and subsequent killing this trained in city Mosul. , and strange that the high number big and carrying height and door door of the small vessel so how
Will ascend.! They said for for what say the climbing start the acne will start to 30 second his and the destruction of all the destruction for who was outside and in the printing (all this in repairer of the trained).!!!!!

So the brotherhood of the climbing for height cracked on high and indeed escalated so not load their can of weapons so hurried himself and in his carrying body skinny in the inclination at door and started (his brothers screams in ['aSe'dwaa] on noons..[waalmdrb] promises. )
So if all the brothers on the vessel except he so what could that [ytdaark] the time. So punished thereon.

Requested him from his brothers that formation times his of guard in the middle of the night for that he wants that not [ywqD] one after him [fyHtsb] the guard to the dawn and if said for him the brothers why did not [twqDnaa] said (['aHmdwaa] suggest doubt you and put to sleep and I relieve you).

3 - the wisdom [wrjaaHt] the rational persons which smooth Allah for him in her from goodness [aaltdbyrfy] ['idaartaal'amwr].

- good himself and capacity in god and his grain for granting and the faces tell the truth in benevolent and especially the needy from his brothers of the Iraqi militants and for how much [se'Yfy] marrying one of the militants [aalfqraa'wbdhl] for him financed him and his advice until lefts of Allah for brother and intermarried so happy for him make brotherly us [xlaad] tough joys so said for him: If owner for your saved self for that nature
The combat (the attacking [waalfr]) therefore the many money needs and says for me: Stubborn my what enriches me and I teach that he not with him the plenty and with no doubtfulness that at that and defection of narratives many about the prophet of peace be upon him in correct the Bukhari (door favor of the jihad) and likewise in book (good gardens) for who explore to returns to her.

What between us Arabic nor [e'jm] *** slowness hand of the piety of she high

Strings the spider of comprehending left *** like the flies scattered blind

Big patriot not boundaries for him *** as the sun fill up this life

In ['andwnysyaa] above skewers Asia *** in India in Russian and Turkish]

Will neigh above her equine *** and the break chain iron

- abundance the fasting of secret where did not harbors knows in him except I so the food and he demonstrates in did not eats and hides [tmraat] in his century until Morocco permits [wyfTr] on her only, and also you great favor reminded at that veins about the prophet of peace be upon him blame in what modern meaning (from day in way fasted Allah was for him Judgment Day your trench about the fire between the sky and the land) or you peace be upon him said.

- cold after his practice ended to Emirate one of the areas prioritizes? But he refused to knows or prince on one is and says: Will not care of one sustain and suffice me myself so I not thing improve (and this from his humbleness).

7-[kaan] the recital for his likes brothers and lead registered for him several hymns and special that anthem who introduced in him and as to likes him many

Machines industrialized period and the [e'jz] already circulated in the finance

[llh] men family already wake [yaa] Islamic haughtiness

The factory want to youths makes wants nymph


Difficulty in writing found this abstract about you [yaa] [xlaad], so the words unify her important abundance not can to carry out you your truth and to describes you you knew you and your custom your brothers of the militants, so be soft knows you truly except from sat with you and food and drinking with you and talking with you and smart your your puberties and your hopes and your grain for this nation, will not introduces you [yaa] [xlaad] except
These comprehending who [fhmwk] and understood them and truth from you introduce [yaa] [xlaad], and volume of the loss introduce which sustained [bhaaaalmjaahdwn] in your loss. Then indeed him not worries you not to knows you from not knows you so suffices that right Allah on you in befriends the poplar of the eye with your brothers from the martyrs and good nor [nzky] on Allah someone.

The next abstract fulfilled some the details about life will take [xlaad] have mercy him Allah and his jihad and how killing, Allah ask to receives him with the martyrs and the friends. (and who Allah killed in way so will not their works strays) the any

At last ['azf] to from leave behind be soft this hero [fllh] Abu his affectionate who was [xlaad] [yTryh] many on for San his and likes him love hornless. As that his good father of the educator which were patient [waaHtsbt] that at Allah already inheritance [yaa] [xlaad] in hearts your of brothers hurted not [yndml] except [blqyaak], [yaa] [xlaad] indeed the eye [ltdme'] and indeed the heart to notch nor say except what pleases the many.

Allah ask to gathers us bey in Heaven and ask him to makes walked you incentive for youths Muslim and for any for any muslim of bugs in his sweats of drop from blood to leave what their in him from disgrace and Allah start for victory of religion, ([aalldhynaastjaabwaa] [llh] and the messenger after hit them the ulceration [lldhyn] ['aHsnwaa] from them and great wage feared), (who said to the people love indeed
The people punching accumulated [faaxshwhm] so increased them faith and god is our allied said and yes the representative), [wllh] Abdullah revolve the martyr of Sheikh [e'zaam] while said: “indeed these who sacrificed [bdmaay'hm] and blood their brothers of the their martyrs who deserve that countries master conceded. As for these who did not [tnrl] from them drop of blood or vein on their faces so any truth to conceded governing love in”.

Make good for me in this denominator that faces of cry if ['araadwhaa] cry..[whmstAA] if ['araadwhaa] whisper. For enemies and the hypocrites. That he overflow of alkyl already and killed from loved the people to us. Look to how much ['adhaaqwkm] some our pupils of lessons in how is with us the terrorism. So you picked on yourselves so received what comes you and promise
Allah [e'l] [Y] the revenge for our brothers/[xlaad] - mercy Allah - and all all the nation Islamic so wills raise you [yaa] sponsors of the cows - in permission Allah - and and Allah not dismiss nor resign .[wnbshrkm] in to the coming victory – in permission Allah – because the Islam he of the religion who be content him Allah for human bill and methods of method.

Not to is in language O God so witness.
Not to is in language O God so witness.
Not to is in language O God so witness.

His books of the needy for pardon suggest doubt him

Shami sword the truth

1426 him/12/wrote in countries of Al-Anbar in morning Saturday 2

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Is there anyone home?

I've searched many of the forums and was surprised by the lack of discussion/announcements of the latest Zawahiri video released by Al-Jazeera today. Made me think of one of my favorite Pink Floyd songs

Is there anybody in there?
Just nod if you can hear me.
Is there anyone home?

So just posting the singular posting I did find before continuing the search.

The man said second in organization Al-Qaeda Ayman Al-Zawahiri indeed the raid which weeks one of hospitality of county targeted before [wzyrstaan] Pakistani, Kent in collusion Pakistani President of honorable Pervez, knowledge that Pakistan the raid protested on and said indeed her will not her repetition allows in.

New Al-Zawahiri in registration photographed said broadcasted him canal Al-Jazeera evening today indeed the raid killing afflicted to 18 someone in their yen of infancies and women, “in lawsuit killed him he and four from companions his, hit her did not [tnl] from him something”.

Al-Zawahiri added that he wants to understands from graze him butcher Washington - in American signal to President George Bush - that he liar not [wmnhzmaa] only, “hit him also failing and traitorous, and the disasters will pull on kill him, and that he not possesses - when the judiciary take care in on him - to presents in magnificent his even though second one”.

Future in color of the blood
You Bush accused Al-Zawahiri of that he people in the illusions extends his, and portrays for him receiver in color of the blood, masculine in the American refusal to the ceasefire demonstrated who presents in him leader Al-Qaeda Osama bin Laden as “generous exit”, in lawsuit that his countries of victor in her war on what the terrorism rises, and American request from the people and the British that [yfhmaa] that Bush and Tony Blair their they responsible about the coffins which connects them from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Al-Zawahiri if Kent of victorious the United States verb asked so why progress on the withdrawal from Iraq, and her soldiers on the committing suicide, [mtwe'daa] other Bush in battles not in Iraq and Afghanistan only, but in injuring the United States.

The registration comes after about three weeks from registration last congratulated in him Islamic Al-Zawahiri the nation in what graze him triumph of the Islam in Iraq, pampered thereon in announcing of Bush in November/last November resolved him on withdrawal his of forces from Iraq, and advising in him allied America and British in withdrawal their of strength from the Islamic states.

The source: Al-Jazeera

Make brotherly you in Allah [rydaar] [aalkwrdy]


[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym] brothers generous [rdaar] Al-Salam on you

Grated you Allah in the welfare

O God the Islam grant victory and become strong the muslims
See in this instant that damnable Bush big shiverings shivers for what tapes hears about either from Sheikh of Osama bin Laden or the doctor Al-Zawahiri kept them godly Allah their

Big Allah [wllh] the Hamad

Al-Salam on you

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Muslims begin ping flood attack against Jyllands-Posten

So far the leading newspaper in Denmark's website is still up, but it seems there is a concerted effort to take down the site via a ping flood attack.
Please see the translated posting, and the site it leads to below.
It does appear that is aware of the attack from this report at their website

All the brotherhood qualified in hope you special hope existed you suffices us the participative conditions not in big number from the devices want only

[wsnbdaa] the attack on signer of the newspaper [aaldnmaarkyt] [wlne'lmhm] that accident of messenger Allah not in easy not the lengthening wanted on you

To all clear thing harbored and well known and formation of the attacks wills daily

Start from [aalsaae'h] 10 evening in timing (Riyadh) and follow

[aalsaae'h] 12 morning or until is complete signed closing

As long as we present all what [yftHw] signed wills is complete his destruction

Until official apology for muslims see and successful Allah

Process of the participation in the daily attacks

Will be new him in the special page in the attack of knowledge that the brotherhood in room of the helpers connected participate us

Acquaintance process of the attack wills here in the detail of the brotherhood and the sisters can to participates

************************ wish that [laayxyb] thought in you [yaaaahl] the calculation and the loyalty the loyalty and the helpers of the helpers

Spreading hope her in the forums

Movable from the calculation

Make brotherly me today in permission Allah wills the attack on signer of the newspaper straighten in Denmark

Which messenger of the highborn mocked from our and today the work try in what teach [e'sY] Allah

To reconciles the all and makes him in balance good his Judgment Day .....

Information about the goal: -

Forside Jyllands-Posten

The address/

Numbered [aal'ayby]/

Signed strength/non-trivial his underestimates in him.

This simple information benefits us in time of the attack.

[aal'an] wills explanation of 4 knock for attack straighten in [wyaaryt] the all learns the four knock

For that she easy very and time of the attack generous use of the four knock in self of the time

Until the big performed is beginning of the explanation straighten in for first process: -

The process first: -

She process simplify all what on you he opened this page

3 times at least and leave her and she update straightens in himself

First in first and she tough pressure on the Seafer caused and names

Page of flooding over….

Pressure here to the page opened.

The process second: -

She also easy and explained in the photos…

The stressing on button of screen straighten in or start. Like the photo…

Then choose Run or operating in [aalwyndwz] Arabic.

Writing straighten in this order

ping - t

Then pressure Ok

On little lac open 5 windows or 8 repetition means [haale'mlyt] 5 or 8 times [waartkhaa] does.


The process third: -

She in program beautiful and simplified also rises -->battle pong pro

Wills explanation of the program in the photos straighten in also continue.

After so as the stressing of the stressing about the bookbinder the program open like [maahw] present in the photo.

Went the next program on the form opens the statements do like to in the photo.

Opening build in at least 5 windows or 8 and leave her does…

Loading of the program


The process fourth: -

Last and the favor and she about process of program --->EVIL PING

[nshwf] the explanation in the photos…

After opening of the program the statements put like aquatic present in the photo [aalqdmt].

Open 5 or 8 windows and leave her works….

Loading of the program.


['ashwf] [yaa] brothers that forbidden Allah everything clear wanted [aalmHaadthh] in [aalmaasnjr]

Special hope all one works and after signed destruction went the announcing is complete about that…

The hope lack of the stoppage not to when your notification is complete thereby…

With salutations signed and forums --->sOoFaA

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