Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Operational video of the militants in Afganistan

This video is huge. Interesting too. If you get the chance, I suggest downloading it and watching. If the links appear broken it's most likely because the jihadis haven't figured out how to correctly post links. To be sure, click on the title of this post and go to the original message and click on the link from there. This has been posted at almost every forum I've visited today, so it's getting wide distribution by them, which I also find interesting.

[your pulps for production the informatory]


Tape penetration of one of of centers deserted In leadership Sheikh of the militant [aabwyHyY] Libyan kept him Allah

To loading of the tape choose either the ties [aaltaalyh]:

MB 138

126 MB

MB 35

MB 31

MB 22

MB 21

MB 10

MB 9

MB 6 the mobile phone

Taxes Allah welfare from forearm in spreading of the movie and indicative on the welfare as subject…

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

February 13, 2006 The new embassy burning day

Well at least their giving us dates. Seems no one liked the date of February 10, so now it's on for Monday, February 13.

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

Al-Salam on you and his mercy of Allah and Barakat

Big Allah big Allah of big Allah

Big Allah of grown-up [waalHmdllh] many and first glory Allah and authentic, and the prayer and the peace on prophet [aalrHmh] and represent me [aalmlHmh] Allah prayed on him and on his many family and his befriends and peace of deliveries

['abshrwaa] ['abshrwaa] ['abshrwaa]

To spreading of news was complete [aal'ie'tSaam] great coming Monday who requested him in previous subject here in front of all the embassies Denmark in all the countries Islam from surrounding for surrounding on all the sites which know her and as lowness your was complete ['arsaal] message of mobile phone hereby the order

The remainder on you [yaa] brother of the unification to spreads and victory of the Islam and his prepares for family and to formation get angry you [llh] and for his messenger and for insured

[f'iktb] [rsaalh] [yaa] brother of the unification [w'iHtsb] lease her at Allah rose and send her in your mobile phone or [baalmjmwe'h] [aalbrydyh] [w'inshrhaa] and dependence on Allah rose

The verb started in [aalrsaalh] Allah spreads in the gulf in permission rose

Started [yaa] helpers of the unification, started [yaa] grandsons [aalSHaabh], straightened [qwmt] man one nor [ttxaadhlwaa] nor neglect in this order followed you [qwmt] not [rqaad] nor peace after her except after connects the blood of the stirrups
So the blood of the blood and the [hdm] of the [hdm]

['inshrwhaa] [yaa] muslims on all the forums

Resolved on you except [tnshrwhaa]

[wyaa] administration of net emigrant [aalmkrmh] [aalkrymh] the subject hope hope of hope of victory fixed to disagreed peace be upon him

Start [yaa] winds of the jinns

Live on the jihad [yaa] lions of the unification this so compacted you

[f'iDrbwhm] and resisted [qwmt] not to be crippled after her except between walls of Jerusalem in permission Allah rose


The appointment after prayer of the coming era Monday in permission Allah rose [aal'isbwe'] coming


Until the organized matter is more, why not pose names of the forums which spread in her this saying with connecting special the subject in her,
The hope from all from spreads her in any forum to status name of the forum straightens in with connecting for subject here until is complete follower of the order

Indeed benevolent Allah day for Islam wanted and his victory.


Al-Salam on you and his mercy of Allah and Barakat

Big Allah big Allah of big Allah


The brotherhood generous

The agreement was complete that is the appointment after prayer of the era

To books are [baalbwstr] that he morning

Hopes the elucidation


When and plenty will spread at that wanted Allah


To [nql] of the subject already from [aalHsbh] originally and returned that he the your era wrote in [aalHsbh]

The present subject verb in strange forums and likewise bright and emigrants [waalHsbh] and the his sharp loyalty and pledging in spreading of the brothers

Allah superior and know

Connected [aalfkrh] you spreading her accompany her

Here the movable subject who read him and driven back from befriend of the subject that he squeezed [wybdwaa] that the photo in her your error you appears from the correction


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February 9, 2006 Fasting day?

I can't find anything this would be in regards to, ie, islamic event, holiday etc. But it seems they want people to fast on Thursday and to pray for the destruction of their enemies. Could be something, could be nothing. Remember Friday is supposedly Embassy burning day, so it could be in regards to that.

Urgent. [e ' aajl]

Al-Salam on you and have mercy him Allah and Barakat his

That Allah wanted wills the Islamic nation on fasting congregates Thursday

He day [e ' aashwraa]

10 prohibited 1427 [h] - February 9, 2006 [m]

At the breakfast unification hope this praying:

O God this represent us and our darling mouse of miracles becomes easy our appraized you in destruction from become easy him…

O God the land shook from under their feet and let down them and your darling grant victory and take them capable taking dear

Statement mention Allah rose:

[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

(indeed who Allah and his messenger of cursing hurt their Allah in the life and the afterlife and they sufferances count for outrageous) great truthfulness Allah

Our according to Allah and blessings of the agent

Make brotherly you in Allah sword Allah


On you Al-Salam brother of sword Allah

In permission Allah the all [HySwm] Ashoura….

Praying [aalSaaymyn] [mstjaab] in permission Allah ......


In poison Allah Al-Rahman the premolar

Your cutting Allah welfare on the ticket

Likewise day [taaswe'aa'] to say the Mustafa of peace be upon him

(for indeed the coming year live to [l'aSwmn] [taaswe'aa'] and Ashoura) so Mohammed died the messenger peace be upon him

So to we cover and execute the will

Likewise violated the Jew of cursing their Allah became strong and be exalted

Allah blessed in you O God [qyD] to the pig massage from notches [e'nqt] O God [qyD] to the paper hits from explodes her


The writer: Abdullah the militant Allah blessed in you O God [qyD] to the pig massage from notches [e'nqt] O God [qyD] to the paper hits from explodes her


Different forum, another thread about fasting day.

[bs] merciful Allah Al-Rahman

The brotherhood and the sisters [aalaafaaDl]

Be decided tomorrow according to program of the campaign against the generous messenger

In fasting of day tomorrow Wednesday on considering that he day of Ashoura and fasting Thursday approached us to Allah rose

All the brotherhood of the supplication and the praying to Allah request from rose in those days that [yxsf] the land in all jogs of the Islam and thorn of the militants strengthens and Mohammed have mercy nation [aajme'yn]

The hope from the brotherhood of the observance?????????

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Monday, February 06, 2006

3 men, a few hundred $ = thousands of Americans dead

This is a plan of some idiot jihadi, thinking they only need 3 men, a few hundred dollars and they've got a plan to kill thousands of Americans and scare the crap out of us to boot. Complete with images.

How kills thousand American in a few hundred from the dollars and 3 men! Scenario September 11 the comer
[bsm] [aallh] [aalrHmn] [aalrHym]

To organization of Al-Qaeda in killing rose thousand American the warriors [llh] and his messenger through airmen civil and knives knives of fruit, cost practical almost
200000 dollar! Includes that flying tickets and cycles of cycles of the instruction,

Of course the coming blow will be painful very, and in cost and number of men ['aql].[wln] formation of the goals military as the worldwide Pentagon or politician as white the White House or economist as my tower of the commerce.
The coming blow the American people will target who war voted for once again in his election Bush,
The American people, became now aiming more than any time previous for his refusal of the ceasefire which expanded her Sheikh Osama bin Laden.
Will not reprehensible Osama bin Laden indeed Kent is hit him next civilian [jdaa].[wlhdhaa] the reason only, America excuse Osama, and said to love: Ended end.

Even though military Kent the goals coming or economic or political, for [maa] the ceasefire or foot of the warning expanded.

The expecting cost for strike: 1000-5000 [dwlaar].[flaa] flying tickets nor cycles of instruction, so permeable their American muslims in permission Allah.

Number martyr will be from 3 to five, [me'DHhm] from befriends [aalbshrt] blond or black.

The chapter: The winter, where clothes of the jackets simplifies winter and concealment of the belts explosive manual the make.

The employed substance: Explosive belt the make echoes, [mlyy'] in the nails and the substances the fast substances of the explosion .[mthl] this:

The place: Here, playground Texas for attack the American antiquity of he on way of the idealization, where the execution time of the peak is complete.

Process of the execution: One of the martyrs executes practical the explosion in one of angles of the playground, and while while the people in the escape shoves, other brother in explosion straightens himself in one of the doorkeepers, this in limit his of self enough to killing the hundred direct, to the goal are killing not the hundred only, the goal of he killed the thousand [dhsaa] you Mecca at throw of the anthraces happens in, or in event of the bridge in Iraq, of course in both the cases did not harbors there any explosions, and for that so indeed martyr third the result doubles.

Event of playground [haaysl], killing afflicted to the ten from encouraging because of simple disturbance very if what crushing shoving because of martyr explosions compared in.

The expecting result: If imposed that like this included [yse'] for hundred thousand, and to about 80 thousand spectator spectator tournaments of the top attend for, so indeed the result is formed from 3 to 8 thousand casualty increase met for if [maa] collapsing updated to layers of the amphitheaters divide.

American defection the verb: Will not Afghanistan or Iraq attacks, so eat them occupied. Nor Islamic state for her fight, will be [rdw] her verb in direction of Arabian peninsula, where change of the regime will try America there to cultural imposing the dominance on sources of the terrorism in her sight, and stubborn her Saud will fall regime of child your you Saddam fell regime, will and complete cutting will be complete the snake headed American in islet Mohammed, where child [aal'islaam].[be'd] to the weapon spreads between conceded.

On international arena the jihad: The Syrian regime and the Lebanese will fall followed, will and solve instead from her security disarray of causing of outbreak for weapon in hand unified.[sySbH] effective Osama bin Laden the man strengthened in the world gather, [wsybaaye'] prince in a lot of the burning areas.

The Jordanian regime will fall after Al-Jazeera flames Iraq and Al-Jazeera, selling of the petroleum in the east will stop [aal'awsT].[wySl] madness of the barrel to 200 dollar.

Liked me, this scenario one, potential to killing thousand American in a few hundred from [aaldwlaart], and little from the men, your weakness the ten from the scenarios similar in other styles, nor nuclear weapon to killing stipulates the thousand or hundred the thousand.

The result: Is you muslim? Yes, if [hnyy'aa] lac in commander like Osama,
Is you American? Yes. Canada emigrated to or [aal'askY], or dropping your of government on amount do on could you. So the ready blow.
As for indeed Kent your answers on the questions in high not, so excuse on your disturbance, so not whereof aid them in [maa] wrote.
Movable .....
Al-Salam on you and his mercy of Allah and Barakat.


Al-Salam on you and his mercy of Allah and Barakat

Live your umbilical Allah brothers of the highborn extremely

Your umbilical informations extremely and beautiful

After this subject appetite will cut off American about direct spectator of the tournaments in

the playgrounds in form

Will tie [baaltqwqe'] and jail themselves in the houses and her spectator across the television

Allah [aalmste'aan]

According to Allah our brothers of the militants in all place and bundle them on the disbeliever

Conserving Allah Osama bin Laden be soft Sheikh of the militant and from with him from princes of

the jihad O God Amen


Big Allah…
[wlyxs'a] Sheikh [aaljaamyt] [waalmdxlyt] [waalmtslft] who [stnfTr] their hearts from the sadness

(on discontinuance their of salaries [aalGyr] direct from their gods America)…. For will what

update him (invasion Texas) this from defection of verb worldwide…

Followed you message of warning fourth and fifth and tenth for who debt for their sold their

assumption weakly the militants…

To considers all from he sitting in his house and he in tough the eagerness for jihad to

replicates straightens in this operation in his individual on little.

Thanks on the information (the secrecy extremely). [yaa] umbilical extremely…


Al-Salam on you and his mercy of Allah and Barakat

Allah blessed in you [y'axy] on the subject ..... exciting!!

To are stubborn my question from plans for this cerebrations of the terrorist intelligent… is she

from one fighter mother from in freethinker your!!!??

Muslims lasted ['ihaabyn]….

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